Lind: His Majesty’s Birthday

Travels with Kaiser Wilhelm II.

To hell and back.

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  1. JUST to keep the record straight…..It was 60* yesterday and 55* today in Cleveland (in January)

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Currently reading Dante’s “Divine Comedy”. It makes you think. VERY subversive book.

  4. Yes, it has become clear, those of the world are in every possible way circumventing God, Yahuah Alahim.
    His image His power and the gifts He has given us are being ridiculed , mocked and destroyed daily, with little or no thought nor repentance. Many claim to know Him, yet by their actions they do not. When we seek Him we are also to put on the new man. To seek Him we are to desire to put on this new man.
    And yes at times i fail miserably, but He allows me to catch it and realize i have gone to far.

    • Whomever taught you Hebrew missed all of their lessons, you come off like an idiot. Go to a real Hebrew school to learn real Hebrew and you’ll be enlightened. Just saying…

  5. Give me back our Kaiser. We had order then.