A Special Message To All Of The Kids At The Fusion Centers

Bracken sends.

You pass it on, please.

Near and far.

(Via Twitter; see details here)

37 responses to “A Special Message To All Of The Kids At The Fusion Centers

  1. Pete, just sent you a copy of The Finnicum law suit, via hush mail.


  2. 1) The Fyrd is a Constitutional imperative.
    2) The People ARE the Militia.

  3. I’m shocked, shocked, to find out that gambling is going on in here! —Zombie Capt. Renault.

  4. It may just be that Boomer and GenX ineptitude with technology may save the world.

    I don’t think a millennial would use their official FBI e-mail to conduct illegal activity. They all know how easy it is to create a 3rd party e-mail address. Even AMcCabeFBI@ yahoo.com is better than your official FBI address, dumbass.

  5. Here’s a link to the latest fiasco from our betters in the gubmint peace keepers . Makes me feel so safe !

  6. Like small children in bygone days, someone’s kids need some wall-to-wall counseling out in Dad’s woodshed.

    Supper will be eaten standing up for some time afterwards.

    • Bonus points: print that quiz up on postcard-sized cardstock, and hire some hard-working DACA Dreamer kids to slip them under every car’s windshield wiper down at the local Federal Building.

      Lay in a supply of popcorn.

      Stand back and watch.

    • Dancing lessons at the end of a rope are FAR more appropriate.

  7. Brother Antony

    Dear Mr. Bracken, this Brit would be grateful if you ceased and desisted from using the appellation ‘Shithole’ because it only serves to draw attention to my deeply enriched capital city and deters tourists who might be so stupid that they would be inclined to come here and risk being knifed, run over crushed by trucks, burned with acid, raped or blown up.

    Yes, Londonistan may now be occupied by the low IQ, deviant, mongrelized dregs of the third world, but we are told they are here to help us built a bright new future, so please come and bring your dollars with you because Sadiq desperately needs them to fund his pension, his future political ambitions and to support all of his extended family.

    Thank you for your co-operation.

  8. I listened to one of the podcasts with Dave Cullum a few weeks back and he made a statement something to the effect of there are over 300 million firearms in private hands in the US with over 1 trillion rounds of ammo and if gun owners were the problem in this country, they (the left and the establishment) would know it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That is true to an extent, but it presumes that all gun owners are in opposition to the current trajectory. Many, maybe even most, but definitely not all, are – at least to some degree.

  9. Bracken is brilliant-as always!

    • Yes, Matt Bracken is brilliant, yet he steadfastly refused to name the Jew as the primary problem.

      Without the Jew, the Muslims and niggers would never have been the problems they are today.

      • Usually means they have Jewish family members or a significant amount of Jewish blood themselves. Americans still have the 1st amendment, we should be using it at every opportunity.

        Communism is built and maintained by Jews. Jews have a passionate, visceral hatred for Christians. The Holocau$t is a big lie, there weren’t enough ovens or coal to turn 6 million bodies to ash.

        With Jews…you lose!

      • While I appreciate that WRSA is a 100% no-holds-barred free speech zone, your Evil Jooooo fixation makes you sound like a fucking retard. So, the evil Jews tricked those 19 Muslims into hijacking 4 jets and flying them into buildings? Or into a field when they were stopped.) Yeah, 9-11 must have been run by the Jews.

        And of course, those evil Jews tricked the Muslims into wiping them out of the Middle East in the past century, except for one tiny nation, Israel. And the Jews tricked the Muslims into practicing an expulsion campaign against the last remaining Jews in Europe. (The ones who escaped your Uncle Adolf.) Pretty clever of those Jews to do that! That really shows how the Jews control everything! It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the 1,400-year-old jihad war plan contained in Mohammed’s Koran? Nah, couldn’t be. Everything bad in the world, it must have been the Jews!

        Here is a recent speech by a Jew that I agree with 100%. I would stand with Dan Greenfield over you and your kind any day of the week. Tell me what you disagree with in this speech. If you fall back on “It was written by a Jew!” you will only expose your retard-level Jew fixation.


  10. If Andy McCabe had testicles, he’d be dangerous

  11. Hadenoughalready

    I wish someone would give KJU the lat. long. coordinates for DC? (just a thought, of course)

  12. Graham, Collins, and Sessions should brush up on the dustup betwixt Truman and MacArthur on ‘who is boss?’

    Question is…when/if Trump will have his ‘Truman Moment’ and execute a ‘Night of the Long Knives’ on the DOJ and FBI heads draggin’ their feet on providing emails, txts, docs, and evidence to ‘We the People’ as represented by the house and senate judiciary committees?


      Agreed, My fantasy would be for the POTUS to march into the FBI building, among other Deep State Hives, with a squad of USMC Military Police. The perps would be taken into custody and all of their memoranda, etc. would be confiscated and handed over to a Special Prosecutor and a newly-empaneled Federal Grand Jury.
      The remnant left standing with their mouths open and pissing their pants, would be lining up on Monday morning to sing like canaries and cut deals. Then, he could go to the Pentagon and arrest every field-grade officer who has EVER attended a Bilderberg conference and hold them on treason and sedition charges. Like I said, it’s just my fantasy.

      • Randolph Scott

        Very much like mine except my in fantasy Martial Law is declared in the zones of their buildings, arrest everyone and start questioning everyone, no fucking lawyers are allowed, a lawyer show up- a lawyer gets arrested. Bottom line these fucks get executed by the military. No funerals, dumpster trash that gets hauled to the landfill. Just a great fantasy.

  13. My Meme for the day, (keeps the dirty stinking commies at bay):

  14. Haven’t seen Mike around for a while. Hope he is OK. I stole the image of Trump that Mike had originally drinking Liberal tears. I just changed it up to deep state blood and some red instead of blue, pasted it to the larger image, added an extra line of font. Thanks Mike.


  15. Was at a local Chik-Fil’A not to far from the Swamp last Week… there is a local Infestation of department of just-us Worms, and one was wearing a Jacket that Identified it as one of those Non-Constitutional ‘agents’. After they started eating, I walked over and Politely asked, “Is this a Meeting of the seeecrit society to Eliminate Donald Trump?” Two of them spit out their Food, and all five of them Jumped up and almost Ran for the Exit…

    They are Skeeered. Act Accordingly.

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  17. Mr. Bracken,

    What about a meme theme that’s like a dating game, but personifies each country? A couple things about the country plus a “something most people don’t know about me” statement.

    For instance:

    “Hi, I’m America.

    I like playing hide and seek with 20 million strangers from Mexico, enjoy guessing friend or foe with my public servants, and one day hope to be more like Europe.

    One thing most people don’t know about me is that I have no intent to pay back any of my credit cards.”

    Just an Idea. Mr. Bracken could probably do a really good one for Sweden.