Ermagard! Not The NYT!!!1!

Maybe it’s not the flu.

Maybe it’s the Rage Virus in early stages.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. So I get on to the site this morning while I’m eating my breakfast – and at the the top of the page is the Meme 101 post. I read that – then I scroll down. I run across this story about how the proggies are now going after the NYT as a bunch of Nazis.

    I think to myself : ” Do I really have to use all that great information in the Meme 101 post – it appears they’re doing it to themselves now!!?.

    Maybe with a little prodding we can get the proggies to go full retard on the NYT and drive yet another leftist propaganda mouthpiece into the dust.

    I love waking up to shit like this on a Monday morning.



    It would appear that Sarah Kendzior should be nominated for the Rosa Luxemburg(sp?) Memorial Award. It should be presented to her by the Messrs. Rocco Lampone and Albert Neri.

  4. This is the revolutionaries of the left eating their own again, in order to purify the revolutionary position and dogma so as to prepare the battle ground for their all consuming fire to come. Lenin had to do it to both keep his revolution alive and always targeting some one to eliminate. That way, the targets keep changing and moving, and few are watching you. But if they haven’t got their pure ideology out front yet, just wait a while, and the range of their insanity will be well known, horrific, and in progress. They want people liquidated not so much for what they believe, but for what they ARE. Lenin and Stalin both let the murder machine run on, even when people were being liquidated that threatened them in no way. This also served as a warning to anyone not murdered that they could be shot for any reason, or no reason.