Leninism And Bioleninism

Opiate of the masses?

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  1. I would give a formal socialism in the US 20 years. After they confiscate all the money and burn thru that in year 1, the next 5 years look like easy street. Then the collapse happens, very much like VZ is in right now. Once the dust settles it either the enlightenment or dictatorship.

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  3. Pretty good take on why we got what we got. I think the Long March idiots have too many weaknesses though, to ever pull off their bullshit.

  4. Why is the Lenin skull wearing swaztikas on the collar points?

    • A swastika is on deadcommies right collar point, the commie hammer & sickle is on the left point; best guess by me is that the parasite class is depicted as using both forms of collectivism in an attempt to bamboozle and then murder their low status groupies/cannon fodder if they don’t prove useful as cannon fodder.

      Also there’s really no difference in the end results of socialism and national socialism..same human hating ideology packaged in a different fragrance inhanced shitwrapper.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  5. As Ken Royce mentioned in his first book, “Goodbye April 15th!”, there will never be a human face to socialism (communism) as socialism is an inhumane farce driven primarily by envy. And as the linked article states, politics, especially socialism /communism was created by marx and his ‘decendants’ to appeal to ‘low status’ people, and to use them as a engine of destruction against marx’s enemies and enemies of his later followers.

    What the article doesn’t state is that the parasite class doesn’t care which flavor of collectivism the tax sleeple go rah! rah! over as long as it’s one that they control and their enimedia tentacles can continue to feed them both propaganda (couched as ‘entertainment’) and control software via indoctrination.

    What they DON’T control is where the dirt people wake up and start seceding first with their minds, and then through physical means.
    This make the parasite class irrelevant on a daily basis and with each new small day to day victory of self-ownership and secession they cause the parasite class’s mirage of legitimacy to disappear. Whether it’s called ‘the honorable resistance’ as mtnforge has described it or anarchy/voluntarism as i do, isn’t so important as the fact that we’re making the parasite class weaker and weaker in our lives and so we become stronger and more free.

    They ‘need’ us,…we don’t NEED them!!

    And it drives them batshit crazy..which is a beautiful thing!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • You are correct, Sir! The appeal of Socialism is rooted in envy. I tell people, Socialism is NOT an economic system. It is a control system and it works exactly as intended.