Robb: Why Social Networking Will Get Worse

Controllers gotta control.

People live and die in analog.

Meatspace matters.

Even to cyborgs.

15 responses to “Robb: Why Social Networking Will Get Worse

  1. Hadenoughalready

    May he be struck by a flesh-eating disease upon his face and crotch.

  2. How long until the MZ-AI decides that the human race is redundant?

  3. Andrew Everett

    What’s are these pieces of shit doing at Vicksburg? Gloating?

  4. Deep down most social media sites are nothing more than electronic voyeurism.

  5. He’s like having your little brother in grade school discuss and plan your life after you’re finished with school. Or your maiden aunt.

  6. That boy ain’t right in his mind.

  7. Posted on Faceberg site, just so I get the word out. Zuckerberg should resign and turn his empire over to his oldest daughter.

  8. wendystringer48088

    @ drdog09
    “Deep down most social media sites are nothing more than electronic voyeurism.”

    Pretty much.

    Facebook has been a useful tool for finding and catching up with old friends. But after all the hellos and how you been doings you realize that people fall into one of two camps and most of them are in the other camp.

    People do like to post status updates of themselves and their kids doing fun, interesting, creative stuff. But then you see something else that someone posts or shares that insults you for your beliefs or something you stand for.

    Then you realize that it’s time to log off the Internet and shut down the computer and get real things done in the real world.

    Like playing video games in the computer era before the Internet social media at some point you finally realize that you have wasted enough time with mindless escapist fun and have to jump back in the real world and do your real world stuff.

  9. wendystringer48088

    Fake Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Posts

    Usually with the theme that he is not a real human and is himself or was assembled by aliens.

    The best ones, although obviously fake, do make a solid point and stick it to the target pointing out his hypocrisy between his public statements and his personal and business actions…

  10. He’s a Jew, did you expect better?

  11. What, someone think peeps will barely even remember what facebook was in 2040? I’ll fade that action. “It can’t be stopped! It can’t be stopped!”

    Afraid of Zuckerberg of all people. Damn, that’s something.

  12. wealthy farmer

    Zuckerberg means “sugar mountain” in German, and it’s interesting to note how relentlessly the Ashkenazi german jews took patronymics that denote wealth or money. Gold, Goldman, Silver, Silverman, etc. He outright stole the Facebook concept from the Winkelvoss twins, who were developing an electronic version of Harvard’s printed ‘Facebook’, which was a dorm directory with face pics and phone numbers. Zuck is, IMO, a not-very imaginative little troll, kinda ugly. Facebook is just a surveillance tool, nothing else.