SWJ: The Mouse Clicks of August: Hybrid Warfare, Nation-State Actors, and the Future of Cybersecurity

A think-piece for your Sunday evening.

All well and good.

But just think if the big smarties in the FBI Deep State Coup had followed the same rules Joey Baggadonuts and his LCN associates followed up until the Eighties:

– NO PHONES. Even pay phones can be tapped. Important meetings are held face to face at locations that are hard to surveil, during a walk-and-talk after everyone shook surveillance en route to the meet point.

NOTHING written down. Ever.

NO ONE looped in w/o the say-so of a trusted associate, who has vouched for the new guy with his very life.

NO EXCEPTIONS to the rule above, both as to loop-ins and what happens when the guy you said was OK turns out to be a rat.

NO COOPERATION WITH THE AUTHORITIES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES: Your family might or might not get help from the organization while you are in the bag, but you do not ever talk to the Man, lest you make yourself into the most-hated of creatures: a Rat.

NO MERCY AND NO ESCAPE FOR RATS: Snitches are bitches that wind up in ditches. Usually after some gentle blowtorch work, both to help the cheese-eater recall exactly what he told to whom and pour encourager les autres. See also the noted monograph, “Drano and its use on mucosal tissue in counterintelligence interrogations”.

NO FAMILY INVOLVEMENT: Someone in the life never has a spouse or kids in the life. Makes it too easy to squeeze Tommy No-Shoes if wifey or Little Tina gets a ticket to women’s prison.

NO WAY OUT: There is no retirement plan. You stay in the life ’til you die or you become so screwed-up so as to be nonfunctional to the organization.

Funny thing.

The place where The Elites are weakest is in meatspace.

The place where the global intel crowd and the meat eaters are weakest is in meatspace.

The place where the Red cadres, their enforcers, and their supporters live is in meatspace.

People live and die in analog.

Not digital.


Can you be smarter than the upper echelons of the FBI have been over the past two years?

15 responses to “SWJ: The Mouse Clicks of August: Hybrid Warfare, Nation-State Actors, and the Future of Cybersecurity

  1. Your criteria eliminates everyone essentially.

    Good job.

    • criteria eliminates everyone essentially

      That’s not the fault of the criteria, which continue to work as well as they always have. Apparently conservatism didn’t conserve this military-type capability, either.

  2. Daniel K Day

    Who was the bloody mess in the first photo?

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    Ah, yes! Meatspace. Funny and unexpected things happen there. Just ask La Cosa Nostra, who plays for keeps. Frankie the Cripple is said to have partnered up stateside with LCN during the WWII festivities, altho Adolph’s Operation Pastorius made it by “our thing” by using a Nazi sub to deposit sappers off NYC. But one sapper squealed and ratted out the bunch!

    Funny how lovable Big Dem Frankie fried most of the invaders in DC’s “old sparky,” but spared the ‘rats.’ Cost of doin’ business in tough times. Meatspace.

  4. Excellent and True

  5. Meatspace is hard. Meatspace does not require a huge budget. When you are a fed your worth is based on how much money you control. Tech costs money and is much easier to do.
    2 Gorillian dollars to build the capability to hoover up every electronic communication in the US, but they cant manage to find anything worse than some old dudes in Waffle House plotting some bullshit clown shoe plan.

    • but they cant manage to find anything worse

      That they decided to publicize with the mainstream media. I’m sure the crossdressing director collected all sorts of useful blackmail material, but they haven’t released that either, have they?

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. And (like I’ve been writing here for a few months) no watches that aren’t a windup.


    • Are those kind of watches even made anymore? Even timex stopped selling its old windup classic.

  8. ‘The List’ of attributes provided in this post are right out of communist cadre ops manual. Others I might add.

    Only one member of a cell knows any 3 other cells singular member.

    All cells assume compromise if communications is lost with a member cell.

  9. Who do you love? Who do you trust?
    You know how to keep a secret between three men? – kill the other two.
    My course of action is known but to myself and God.
    Even my wife doesn’t know when I go walk the dog.