Dreamers & You – A New Series

Houston Chronicle: Illegal Immigrant Convicted Of Murder In Beating Death Of Former Classmate

He seems nice.

Other Dreamer Stories from your areas welcome.

25 responses to “Dreamers & You – A New Series

  1. for over 40 years. the Democrats and closet Marxist have done all they can to stand down the border protections, offer incentives to these people, stand down hospitals/schools/lenders/employers and law enforcement from taking any actions. now we have, at last i heard 1.8 millions illegal “arrivals” plus there kin. Now we are suppose to grant them something. we owe them nothing, they have spent years getting education and skill they would of have never obtain. time to send them packing! they now have the ability to make their home land great again. I’m 100% certain this collusion between Central America countries and the Marxist to implement Cloward/Piven economics and all the while increase Central America countries remittance to now at around 100 Billion USD leaving per year. This is what compromise get us, every time.

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if the US had the same immigration and border security as Israel?

      Maybe we could hire some of them to run and/or think-tank the immigration policies here, and maybe Europe as well…

  2. Asi que, un otro gringo que no pudo vencer a un latino.

    ¿Y pensé que los gringos son superiores?

    Que lastima.

  3. Small burg north of Houston was having so much trouble with liability insurance shenanigans, such an august body as the CITY COUNCIL passed an ORDINANCE that says any driver who is found without all paperwork complete (driver’s lic., auto lic., inspection, proof of insurance) gets their car towed to city impound, they can get their paperwork together and come pick it up. Result? Now 50% of accidents where a vehicle is disabled by the collision have AT LEAST one abandoned car on scene. Such cars are never reclaimed.

    • Unintended consequences of trying to do right, but it gets convoluted and abused. What else can undocumented invaders do in these situations?

      City Council needed a provision about sanctuary personnel inflicting severe financial damages to taxpayers and they failed to have foresight. Typical.

    • These are the unintended consequences of a body trying to do good, but failing the foresight to see that it will be abused or ignored or countered with desperation.

      What else can an undocumented invader do in these situations?

  4. Keep on pushing.
    Each one teach one:

  5. The Usual Suspect

    Ahhhhh!!!!!! The American nightmare rears it’s head.

  6. It’s a two pronged pincer movement against us. One is the Globalists and the other is the Marxists. They have much in common. One wants the profits, regardless of the end results, and the other wants the destruction of the West. It reminds me of Lenin when he said that the Capitalists would sell the communists the rope with which to hang them.

  7. The two Dreamers in Rockville MD who were over age and gang fucked that poor 14 year old girl in the Bathroom.

    • Two be clear, this has been a problem.
      The Jew Lawyers in MD cover it up all day.

      They make Millions.
      It’s fucking disgusting.
      And non disclosures ensure it gets covered up.

      Much like the Catholic Priest shit and Islam

  8. The highest level Capitalists and Bankers created and funded Marxism as a way to bring down the Monarchies, the Fascist states, and now the remaining Republics and Middle Classes. High level Marxists like Obama know that and cooperate. Sometimes Marxism may get away from them of course. Obama may want that or he may not. Who knows? I doubt that Hillary wants it.

  9. A lot of the Hispanics I served with were grade A Dipshits and bullies.

    Their families too. If not worse.


      Word. The elephant in the room is all of that good 11B training and combat experience in Iraq and the ‘Stan. This was demonstrated some years ago in Ceres, CA. A former Vato Loco Marine with a SKS played tag-you’re-it with the local PD. The boys in blue got hurt bad. Bieb ubrig, young man.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. This isn’t complicated:
    1. They have to go back
    2. Build The Big Beautiful Wall

    The Wall isn’t to just protect our borders. It protects the sanctity of the truth our country is not a #Shithole.


  12. That grin on it’s face is the acceptence of knowing he looks forward to being sodomized by his own and big Black Bucks.
    Enjoy it Taco,Enjoy it

  13. 1. Plug the holes.
    2. Bail out the boat.
    Always in that order.