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  1. I am taking my first courses that discuss Islam at a major university in Baltimore.

    I’m less than enthusiastic about whats to come.

  2. I’m a racist white man. And if you’re white and you’re not seeing what is, you’d best unfuck yourself. Black oppression is a fantasy. White oppression is a fact. Gather weapons and ammo. Prepare to defend yourselves.

    • amen Blue Ridge. after being a fireman in southern calif for over 30 yrs, and 3 of those spent in south central LA, i’m here to tell you that you aren’t wrong. plan accordingly people. or perish.

    • I grew up in Baltimore.

      The Blacks are 100% working together and could care less about Wypipo

    • If black oppression is a fantasy, than white is also. So is all oppression fantasy?
      Perhaps a persons mind is the deciding factor on “living in a “shit hole.”
      The absolute Truth is what is being oppressed.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “If black oppression is a fantasy, than white is also. ”

        You’re gonna need to show the math on that one.

        “The absolute Truth is what is being oppressed.”

        This one, too.

  3. I remember when rap “music” first became big. I was very young, but it still made me uncomfortable and I absolutely hated it. The thug worship that came with it confused the hell out of me. I was into warriors, like samurai and knights. The idea of engaging in violence without discipline, honor and restraint made no sense to me.

    This country sucks and its culture is absolute garbage. On some level, I realized this when I was 10. All the adult boomers around me either didn’t notice or thought voting Republican would fix everything. Boomers suck.


      Mr. Frosty: Here is one Boomer who DID realize it. Even before my military service(1969-1971) I saw it. It blossomed and bloomed(or rather swelled and festered) from the middle 1950’s to the present day. I saw it as a Peace Officer and later as a school teacher. The “Rap Music” genre had its genesis with Rock and Roll, which is also a Negro expression. Find some unbiased history, if you can. A right-wing periodical called American Mercury detailed this degenerate type of music/message in the early 1950’s. The white teenagers aped the blacks(pun intended).
      No one wanted to be called a racist during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Even after Watts#1 in 1965, the Greatest Generation scooped up their boomer kids and moved to white burbs in adjoining counties. Dad bought a little Honda car and commuted. The trouble was, their boomer kids had been thoroughly indoctrinated via the (((media))) and the (((entertainment industry))).
      Their thug ideas expressed in their music make no sense to you because of your upbringing, morals, and world view. It makes perfect sense to them, which is why places such as Baltimore, Chicago, LA, Houston, Atlanta, and other deteriorating Blue Hives have become concrete killing grounds. And now, they are VERY interested in us. So ask yourself: Cui Bono? Who is doing the whole “divide and conquer” behind-the-scenes orchestration? As Dr, Zaius stated in PLANET OF THE APES(1969 version).: “…you may not like what you find”.

      • One of the first musicians who fell from grace may be responsible for much of what we are seeing.
        Now i look at much of the music i grew up with and can see his influence.
        Culture has been a ground of attack, all music, including “christian “, country etc. Still is. The difference for me and many of us is hind site. Now we can see it with more clarity.
        Many times i can see the good and the bad within the music.
        Ape not kill (murder) ape.

    • All the adult boomers around me…
      That says a lot more about the company you kept than it does about an entire generation.
      So, just curious, but how many of the ones around you ran the music industry then…?
      Oh, shit, sorry to bring reality into your magnificent masturbatory fantasy about how everything bad is someone else’s fault.
      And since we’re getting all historical, how many of the little fuckwits who were your contemporaries were buying all those rap albums?

      • Boomers are delegated to meme duty. How’s it going…

        • Who’s that tap, tap, tapping on the lap top more?

          Morons never, ever, tap no more.

        • The Walkin' Dude

          Not even plebbit-tier memes from the “expert”

        • Xers and Millenials are still on pants-wetting duty. We can hear how that’s going from yards away:

          Call us when you graduate to potty-trained, and able to handle greater responsibilities without needing a changing first.

          • Mountain Cracker

            Did you read my other response where I told you to go fuck yourself and die faster? Let me re-state, go fuck yourself and die faster.

            • Wish in one hand, and shit in the other, and see which one fills up first.

              And try to remember which was which before you go back to sucking your thumb.

          • Sigh… When adults turn back into kids. Tough experience for all, but a realization nonetheless. Know your role.

      • All the boomers I know are Millenials or Flower Children.

        You guys invented the 1960’s revolution and screwed this country.

      • I can show you in Baltimore that the boomers let a bunch of sicko jews run the school system into the ground.

        They also flooded our streets with Muslims, Hispanics(a braindead, but hearty people), and pain pills.

        And I pay 43% Taxes.

        Explain how that isn’t a boomer problem?

        Hey remember when the millennials launched the GWOT?

        O wait… we were 13 years old…

        • I will explain how you paying 43% tax is not a Boomer problem.

          It may have been the boomers that set that in place, but its your fault for continuing to live in a place that you frequently deride and denigrate.

          You (and I mean that in the general sense) are responsible for your own situation.
          I keep saying this to anyone who has eyes to see. You cant blame your condition on others. They may in fact be undertaking actions that diminish your place or position, but its your or our continued acceptance of that condition that has us in the place that we are in.

      • “Boomers” didn’t pass the Voting Rights Act nor the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, the “Greatest Generation” did both of those things. Lyndon Johnson was a hardcore New Dealer as was Richard Nixon.

        My own father fought against both of those laws to no avail.


          Word. The whole concept of voting oneself money from the public treasury was conceived by Frank The Cripple and his staff of Parlor Pinks. You Boomer Haters need to read or re-read American History. The GG and their parents drank the Red kool aid and sold this country down the river to creeping socialism.
          And BTW, I paid into the system since I was 17 years old. The Leviathan takes every dime of my SS, which I pay taxes on, to cover my Medicare premiums. I still get dunned almost $400.00 a year extra. I wonder how much I could have made if I had saved and invested that portion of my honest earned wealth which was “lawfully” confiscated?

          • It’s too hard for them; it didn’t come in a twit tweet, there’s no pictures, and it happened before they were born, therefore the Baby Ducks don’t know about it and can’t figure out where to learn.

            Pussified lackwits, still pissing their diapers and waiting for momma to come change them.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            Yeah, the Silent Generation and the Greatest Generation (taken as a whole in both instances) started a lot of this stuff. The Boomers (again, taken as a whole) then hit the throttle when they got into positions of power. Gen-X, being numerically small, hasn’t had much influence on the political landscape (again, as a whole), since they’re heavily outnumbered by the preceding Boomers and the following Millennials. It remains to be seen what the Millennials will do when they take the reigns, but early signs are not inspiring.

            Every generation has had plenty of folks who did not approve of the Collectivist direction that the country was taking, but to date, none have been overly successful in changing it.

        • One needs to look at when there was access to quality information, knowledge, and experience that was readily available for realization to occur. 30s 40s and into the 50s it was a pretty large task to try to make sense. Get into the 60s 70s and 80s, this was all very accessible but took work. 90s into the present day, there is zero excuse. However, present day, the complexity is such that sense is beyond human capacity.

          Human conditioning is an issue. Logic is required.

          Comfort level is just too high. This is changing.

          Although abstract, the “derivative” is real.

      • Thank, again, Aesop.

        Unerring and hilarious!

      • Yea, silly me, I wanted guidance and knowledge. Boomers were the first generation to be wards of the government and corporations. Adult children raising children, so everything I was taught was useless and I never looked up to my parents or teachers. Their version of Christianity was weak and feminine. Their definition of “freedom” and what defined an American were flat out wrong. Everything they told me about relationships was completely false. On some level, they knew it too, but they were all about “not rocking the boat” and “going along to get along.” Our current national paradise it the result of that attitude.

        I can casually walk up to almost any GenX or Millennial and small talk about how terrible boomers are. The only people that disagree are boomers.

        • What a shocker: your fellow slackers are as stupid and lazy as you are, and can’t wait to palm responsibility for their wet diapers on momma.
          At age 20 or 30.
          After all, they still live in her basement.

      • Mountain Cracker

        Well well well, where to start…spoken like a typical boomer. As long as you got yours, fuck all those who came after you right? What if your industrialist parents had the same attitude? They survived a depression and a world war only to coddle your sorry asses so you wouldn’t have to bear the same burdens. Look what that got us. Who gives a shit that every generation that has succeeded you has a LOWER standard of living than you right? They owe YOU right? It’s all about ME for you.

        Let’s talk trade, opening up trade with communist shit holes like China and Vietnam, (who shredded our guys wholesale) has made wages stagnate and DESTROYED american manufacturing. That’s Bill Fucking Clinton – BOOMER. Your generation’s environmentalism and other such nonsense has made heaped an unbelievable burden on us, causing rising fuel prices that affect everything. The value of our fiat dollar is in the tank. Don’t think that won’t catch up with us.

        Let’s talk culture. Your feminist counterparts – JEW BOOMNERS – tore apart the fabric of the family (the basis of society) and rendered men as indentured servants in “Family Courts” across the country when confronted with the skyrocketing divorce rates in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Did you hear about the Gen X’er who SET HIMSELF ON FIRE rather than face family court? No? Not surprising, again, it’s all about YOU. Thanks for holding the line on that one.

        I have PLENTY more, but the behavior of your generation as a whole has set this country on the path it’s on, fiscal insolvency (it’s mathematically impossible to pay our debt) and potential civil war that will affect EVERY succeeding generation. THAT’S YOUR LEGACY. You’re like the selfish spoiled American women you produced “man up and take our abuse, otherwise you’re a pussy.”

        That’s where “you touched me” motherfucker. I’m a wage slave that never gets ahead, I don’t have access to the capital you had a generation ago. The administrative burden of opening a business in this country is obscene. I struggle to raise my kids and keep them form being indoctrinated as a Communist idiot in the public schools. Did you have to deprogram your kids daily? Retirement with your khaki’s rolled up, boat shoes in hand, walking on the beach is for the the boomers. I will have to work until I die, or are unemployable, or am so physically broken down I can’t do anything.

        So much for your socialist utopia, FUCK YOU BOOMER, I DON’T OWE YOU A FUCKING THING. Die faster.

        • The Walkin' Dude

          Won’t be long, they’ll croak for lack of Matlock re-runs.

        • lastmanstanding

          Wow…just wow. While much of what you say it true, many of us have had the same exact shit shoved down our throats. We however, chose to puke it back up “by whatever means necessary” and blow through it best we could. We made huge sacrifices along the way with less than zero guarantee that it would pay off. We found a way to tell the system BFYTW. Let me also say that it is an ongoing battle that will never end as long as you live. Accept it and be better.

          You act like you are the only fucking one that has YOUR life. Welcome to the real world. Get some sack and deal with it.

          Your life begins with you.

        • Where the fuck do you think you are? And what the fuck is your malfunction, fuckwit? What makes you think it works differently for anybody else?
          Did Momma tell you everything you did was art, including your dirty diapers? And then the big mean world turned out to be different?

          Quitcherbitchin’, suck it up, and learn to make do for yourself.
          Like everyone before you did.
          Anybody ahead of you who “got theirs” fucking earned it, they didn’t sit and shit themselves because it wasn’t delivered to them on a velvet cushion.

          But thanks for telling me about the Gen Xer who set himself on fire.
          Hopefully, the idea catches on.
          Nobody anywhere, least of all around here, told you that you owe anyone anything.
          Just quit trying to lay the consequences of your lazy shit on everybody else. You made your own bed, you sat there with your thumb up your ass and your phone in your hand, and can’t figure out why the world’s not your oyster.

          Welcome to reality, snowflake.
          Get used to it, and figure out how to make do on your own.
          Or just kill yourself, I don’t much care which.

          Your whiny shit was old and weak bullshit in 1968.
          Plus ca change

          • Mountain Cracker

            Say it with me: go fuck yourself, die faster.

          • Mountain Cracker

            Oh and you’re delusional if you think you had to deal with ANY of that. You lived at the height of the civilization fuck-face. Go fuck yourself, and die faster.

    • “The idea of engaging in violence without discipline, honor and restraint made no sense to me.”

      At a very young age?

      Do yourself a favor, replace violence with action and take it easy on concentrating on “warrior”. Concentrate on being useful and professional in whatever you can. Got aptitude? Use it. That takes discipline btw…

      Boomers are thinking they are able to cop out. Many will not get so lucky and pass before their realization occurs. Many will come under extreme guilt and regret, unless they are full of faith or other. This is same for all their offspring who are more or less just like them.

      Human progress as species is defunct.

      • “Human progress as species is defunct.”


        God is that You??

      • No, it was the violence, the bloodshed. A warrior wields violence with skill and professionalism, I wanted to do the same.

        Did you know there were warrior monks in early Christiandom? Since they didn’t have families to feed, they could afford quality armor and weapons and train all day. When the local village was raided by Vikings or Muslims, they would charge into battle to protect the villagers, in the name of Christ.

        Violence isn’t the problem, it’s what you do with it.

      • Only if we judge the last couple of generations by what they’ve accomplished.

        Those who can, do.
        Those who can’t, blame someone else for their own problems.

        Maybe concentrate on fixing your shortcomings, rather than parading them.

        Sorry if that was too wordy for you; we use the memes to help you out because succeeding generations can’t seem to focus on words without pictures to distract them. This is why all your movies are comic books, as are your textbooks, and any thought longer than 160 characters requires a triple shot of espresso to keep your attention.
        It’s good to know your limitations, snowflakes.

        Nobody was ever “useful and professional” whose entire raison d’etre was finger-pointing and high-decibel pants-wetting, so maybe concentrate on acting like adults (fake it ’till you make it, right?) before you think any of your ilk are up to piling on, let alone growing up.

        Generation Crybaby should start with baby steps.
        Trigger warning.
        Coloring books and teddy bears will be available in the lobby.

        Bopnus Question:
        Which generations own Footie-pajama Cocoa Boy?
        You two can just own that. You’ve already lived up to it.
        And if all you bring to the table is blaming someone else for your problems, maybe STFU until you can handle yourself among adults.
        Adult daycare is somewhere else.

    • I hear you. I’m a leading edge boomer and I agree. But don’t tar all of us with the same brush. As memory serves there were a minority of us who in the ’60s stood for Country. And we were called baby killers. In the ’70s we stood for family. And we were called male chauvinists. In the ’80s we stood for morality. And we were called homophobes. In the ’90s we stood for the Constitution. And we were called Nazis.
      The rest you can piece together by yourself. I don’t argue your point because the majority of boomers betrayed their posterity. When it came time to start giving back, they just kept on taking for themselves. All I’m saying is some of us, however ineffectively, tried to stem the tide. And then, just like today, the media and popular culture shouted us down. That’s why today we’ve only one option left. And mine is oiled, loaded and locked.

      • Amen, Sir, Amen.

      • Thank You.

        We do know some boomers tried, but your boomer peers won out.

        Ergo, Boomers are to blame.

        I blame Millenials for being retarded scum.

        Some Shoes fit. Some Dont.

        • Any man who judges by the group is a peawit. You take men one at a time.
          Quit crying about your problems.
          Flat tires don’t change themselves either, but only a jackass sits and pisses his pants about it instead of getting a jack and the spare tire.

      • Mountain Cracker

        Blue Ridge, by and large, the people who were spitting on those of who came back from Vietnam (an now have opened fucking *trade* with those motherfuckers) and constituted the “me generation” were the vast majority of baby boomers. Their hippie, socialist, self-centric view of the world, got us where we are. If you get lumped in, it’s a shame, but you’re Ben Carson in a sea of niggers. You are judged by the behavior of your generation as a whole, that’s just the way it is.

      • lastmanstanding


        Standing by to correct said shit. Passing ways/means to our heirs when expiration comes.


        “…today we’ve only one option left. And mine is oiled, loaded and locked” – Masthead, I once saw a T-shirt with a silhouette of an AR and underneath was an inscription in Latin: ULTIMA RATIO CIVIUM. That translates as: THE FINAL ARGUMENT OF CITIZENS.
        It would appear we are getting close, as long as we do not eat our own first. My one question to all here who hate my old Boomer ass is this: Are you going to continue to fix blame, or are you going to try and solve the problem? Any of the Marxist-Collectivists reading these posts are laughing their deviate asses off.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      When rap first hit the big time, it was party music performed by guys who would get laughed off the stage today: Run-DMC (they might still have some cred), the Fat Boys, the Sugar Hill Gang, Young MC, Digital Underground, Tone Loc, MC Hammer, etc.

      Then came Public Enemy, NWA, etc., and it changed from party music to urban nihilism.

    • European American

      Mr. Frosty
      Playing Samurai and Being Samurai are two entirely different Universes.
      The World IS as You ARE.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Jay-z might as well be Charles Dickens compared to some of the hip hop on the radio today. Check out some of the iheartmedia (clear channel) puppets if you ever want to hear some commie shock-testing in real time. It’s basically gutter NPR.

    • Funny because IheartRadio is bankrupt. (haha commies suck it)

      Ghetto Culture and Black Movies are filmed at a net loss.

      Minorities Pirate movies and do not spend money on that stuff.

      J-Zay made his money being paid to act like a nigger. Not Selling Rap music.

      The white kids buying his album went right back into advertising and looking for the “next nigger”.

      To quote Jay on his own game

  6. I live in a shithole. 30 years ago the only ones with tattoos very veterans, the ones on drugs were losers and shamed, the women looked good or at least like women, the men didn’t go out looking like they just got out of bed and a dollar was worth something.

    • Amen.

      I dream about smashing out the brains of my peers consistently.

      I grew up in Baltimore surrounded by fucking scum.

      I moved out west and found a bunch of trustafarian hippies with no clue and meth head alcoholics with personality disorders.

    • lastmanstanding

      But you made a change brother.

      Good or bad results…it remains to be seen. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

      You took the unknown path, it develops day by day. My bet…good things.

  7. I fear that this country is quickly becoming a shit-hole country like President Trump described. Plus, the good blacks will suffer as well as the rest of us.

    • I grew up in Baltimore.

      The good blacks are about as helpful as a firearm with no ammo.

    • I am not a racist.

      I just dont think 9 out of 10 blacks voting democrat can be remedied.

    • Good blacks?

      96% of niggers who voted in 2008, voted for Barry Obama, 93% in 2012. For all practical purposes niggers are all gibsmedats.

      Your use of the term, “good blacks” means you’re still operating using the language of the enemy.

      • Mountain Cracker

        It’s just like when they talk about “moderate Moslems.” They are the minority, not the majority. Unbelievable that people can’t get their heads around that.

  8. Freeillinois

    This is just my thoughts but I am more concerned about the enemy within than a drug dealing whinny Ass spoiled baby like JayZ.

    I was told in the 1990’s there was a plan to take down the country using illegal immigrants. It was openly talked about by an Nicaraguan interior minister. The plan is very similar to the Plan of San Diego that was put forward during the first world war and again in WWII

    • Buddy, There have been plans to take down America since 1775.

      They decided to use them all.

      By default.

      Kinda makes you proud.

  9. Another Simian Running amuck, white america best WTFU. There mission is to enslave and kill all whites.
    This dumb fuck thinks his money will save him, if it had 1 working braincell it would realize going back to it’s homeland would make him a king.
    Here, he’s just another worthless skinsack

  10. Centurion_Cornelius

    WHITE MALES better un-fook themselves double-quick. Men, we are at the “new frontier,” the abyss, and it ain’t good. In fact, it’s the WORST of the WORSE. We did it BEFORE and We can do it AGAIN!

    Be a “Frontiersman” Young or old. Know how to use that firestick:

    “Better to fight for SOMETHING rather than die for NOTHING”…Geo. S. Patton

  11. “Islam must be destroyed.”
    i do agree. The how is where many of us differ.
    And yet this is but one symptom of the whole disease.
    (Grey ghost) if your here? chuckle.
    The world has been attacked by a thousand swords. Islam is one cut.
    Islam is just one tool the prince of this world is using. Notice the word using.
    So those who created islam in their own image and use islam to their advantage are also just as guilty as any terrorist on this planet.

    • “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. … If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
      Consider this works both ways.

  12. Shithole country? We live in the greatest nation on the planet. Life my friends is what WE EACH make it. You want to live in a shit hole, fine by me, you want to live in a little slice of heaven on earth, make it happen.

    It’s you the individual who controls your destiny, your quality of life, not the govt, not city hall, not those around you.

    I worked hard to achieve my goals. I don’t live large, but I do live well.

    I’m amused by the music references. I recently got back into quality stereo equipment,,and albums. Since Last May, ive purchased roughly 1200 albums, from second hand stores.

    I really enjoy my old black blues, old black jazz, roughly 30% of my albums are done by blacks. Im dedicated my first album spin of the day to you all.

    Chambers Brothers, TIME!. ” the 16 minute version” and I’m gonna rock the house. A great way to start my day.

    Dirk Williams

    • +1! Well said.

    • lastmanstanding

      Amen Dirk. Couple stiff cups of “Murdered Out” by the fire, a bit of Lightfoot, plans drawn, scanned, sent…watched the deer feed by as night became day. Too snowy and cloudy to see the “fancy” moon. That’s ok, wife says we’ll see it in 2037…God willing.

      Off to see my buds at the range…then look at some new work.

      “Sometimes…I think it’s a sin when I feel like I’m winning when I’m losing again”…

  13. A lot of collectivist finger pointing here among the ladies who doth protest too much. Looks like the public fool system and it’s matriarchal modalities have been successful. The Midol is over in aisle R13….