When Lawyers On The Right Start Talking Like This…

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius


    • lastmanstanding

      I’ve felt that way for a decade. Still waiting peacefully, patiently. 100 plus years of this bs. Trampling on the things that made this country the land of opportunity.

      Lots of matches being thrown right now, all it will take is just the right one. I think we’ll all know it when that one catches.

  2. I don’t like Kurt personally.

    But I hate the establishment more.

  3. Considering they don’t have much respect for us—seems fair.

  4. Is Kurt Really a Lawyer or just a guy that went to school for law?

    Because there is a distinct difference.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Have to say I completely agree with Schlicter’s sentiments.

    Life only works properly when there are consequences to your actions.

    If the people at the top want to act like a bunch of corrupt whores – there HAS TO BE consequences for those actions.

  7. “Lawyers on the right”?

    Ben Shapiro?
    Larry Elder?
    Ben Stein?
    Ann Coulter?

    They’ve been talking like that for decades.

    Schlichter’s best feature is that he just turns the “politeness” filters all the way down.
    And for tagging Shrillary as “Felonia von Pantsuit”, he’s already in Cooperstown.

    • “…he’s already in Cooperstown.”

      And the Megameme Blog o’Fame, not to profane the hallowed reference.

      Felonia von Pantsuit!

      It’s a pleasure just to type that.

  8. Relay this message out far & wide sent out by white hats:
    “Patriots Point, We Will Follow”

    • This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco,
      this ain’t no foolin’ around!!!…

      I say again –
      Relay this message out far & wide sent out by white hats:
      “Patriots Point, We Will Follow”

  9. Pat (((Heinz)))

    With a name like that he must be a Jooo.

    It is your Racial Duty to disagree with him,

    You Race Traitor(s).

  10. The law in the state of Colorado …”all lawyers are to be buried at a minimum depth of twelve feet.”
    Deep down, they are not bad.

  11. damn right and hell yeah.
    i hope to god this memo thing blows the lid off and the right things happen.
    however I think the communists have been at it so long that half the people believe 2+2 = 5 & the delusional rot is just too deep. So unfortunately it is very likely it will not be possible to get things right without oceans of blood.

    • Oceans of blood isn’t a bad thing. I will really enjoy living in my State again when we get rid of about half the population.

  12. You owe them nothing. Not your loyalty, your trust, or your money. Nothing.

  13. thesouthwasrght

    This is why there has to be indictments, arrests, and subsequent prison sentences for those convicted. Anything less and the risk of real life Yertle the Turtle occurs eventually.

    • I hold out for decelerations of treason followed by public hanging at the base of the Washington Monument. Would be an epic Benedict Arnold kind of thing.

  14. I repeat, for what its worth –
    This is a very revealing video, again, and as I reminded you –
    “PATRIOTS POINT, WE WILL FOLLOW” is relayed after the
    1:04 minute mark:

    “Every man to his family and is belongings”

    • This is a one hour and twenty minute video. Any chance you could summarize it in a few paragraphs for those of us reading the site on breaks or at work who can’t watch an hour plus video at this time? Thanks!

      • There is sooo much coming out, but I will try to
        give a short summary from part 1 and 2.

        Let me descramble my brain housing group……… 🙂

        It was said that there are many depts of OIG (like 17
        of them), which actually have vast information gathering

        While the white hats where limited to expose due to the
        ever present “leaders” and their hirelings throughout many
        depts (Gov & Non Gov), the white hats where gagged with life threatening
        reprisals and bogus kangaroo processes to squeeze them
        out and practically bankrupting them in the process.
        Oh… not to mention “soft lighting” and holding for extorting
        via the espionage by many RATlines like the Awans and other
        freedom hating apaRATschiks.

        Now that this SHIFT has happened, it has en-Couraged
        many, from within and without to further the evidence, people,
        and unlawful processes and treason into the limelight.

        On another note, this vast evil threat, I believe worked its
        way down to every nook and cranny of our lives via
        rules, regulations, statutes, codifications, social enginneering
        etc., to further the destruction. And not just here, but practically all
        nations. I hope that thanks to men and women of good conscience
        and sound minds here on this land mass will build up ten, hundreds
        and thousands ++++++++++++++ Including ourselves, family,
        friends, and even strangers in our midst.

        “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  15. Pat, your timer on your nightstand is ringing…time to take your meds again!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy! (Without any phobias about ‘Scooby Jooooo’s’ under the bed)
    Northgunner III

  16. David Warner

    Not surprising – Schlichter was an Army officer, infantry IIRC. Separated as an O-4 then got bumped to O-5 or maybe -6 in reserves. Went to law school after EAS. He’s not your usual lawyer…..which is a good thing.

  17. David Warner

    Just checked what I wrote above. Close, except he was National Guard first, retired active service and now is Colonel in California NG. From a web site on him:
    Kurt Schlichter Army, Writing & Author Career :

    After graduating in 1987, Kurt joined the California Army National Guard.
    He served in Operation Desert Storm, the Gulf War and Operation Enduring Freedom (Kosovo) during his time there. He retired from the army in 2015.
    Nevertheless, Kurt never stopped writing. He has been a freelance writer since 1984 for various papers such as The Los Angeles Times, The New York Post, Business Insider and so on.
    Kurt has a weekly column not only for Townhall.com, but also for the Independent Journal Review. He was hired in 2013.
    He is a recurring guest in many radio and television programs, such as Fox News, CNN, and The Hugh Hewitt Show.

  18. He made a Valid Point- now stuff that ‘lawyer’ into the Wood Chipper.