Bracken Sends

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  1. That cat shit appetizers doesn’t agree with mizzzzzzzz pelosis sensitive tastes… Choke on it pig whore.

  2. Actually Matt,, she was just trying to keep the teeth in her mouth after her Fixodent came loose.

  3. Don’t worry Nancy, the biggest cuck in the history of Cuckville is being served up at 1600 PA Ave right now. Republicuck’s everywhere will be singing the praises of Donzi the moment he lets them rape our children’s future just like Ronnie Raygun did. Talked with yet another contractor/builder today who is getting smoked by the comp who use ILLEGAL LABOR. IL is a plague and destroying this country. Confront these assholes whenever and whereever you can.

  4. That puglosi meme is spot on!

    In other news, a scamtrack train carrying republocrats to a retreat was involved in a crash with a dump truck in West Virginia earlier today.

    The only fatality involved was the driver of the dump truck; repubs who had medical skills were onsite immediately performing cpr and other aid for the injured truck passengers.

    Was the incident merely an accident (bad judgement coupled with wrong place + wrong time) or was this another botched assassination attempt?…..

    Thoughts, especially from folks there in W. Virginia?

    Also the ‘fibbers’ are really starting to squirm uncomfortably about the ‘memo’ being released….wonder why?…

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  5. Centurion_Cornelius

    Whew! it’s them freaking eyes!

  6. An entrepreneur could start a business of arranging hunting trips to the border, with illegals as the hunted. As the wall is built, illegals will move to better kill zones.

    Hell, I might pay to be able to do that.

    • That would be “hunting over bait”.

      The only thing stopping it for the last ten-twenty years has been the federal game wardens.
      Otherwise it’d have been open season down there since about the late 1990s.