‘Cuz I Need Somebody To Loathe

Everybody wins!

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  1. 300 million.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      Stop thinking small. All life. Everywhere. Forever. If nothing lives, then nothing thinks. If nothing thinks, there will be no more bad ideas. Total extinction is the only way forward.

      • No, Jimmy… as much as I appreciate your fine sense of irony,
        tFat’s problem can only resolve with his OWN demise.

        • you’re a fucking loser.

          you would think after a lifetime of “going to werk” you’d be financially set.

          ha ha ha ha

          • And one might think that someone “set for life” would have taken time to think about things beyond their own belly, but as history has demonstrated time after time, rich and foolish are not mutually exclusive.

    • Protracted Civil Engagements.

      4-5 separate nations.

      Massive migrations from Blue Areas.

      Massive Migrations of immigrants back home.

      Maybe 1,000,000

      5,000,000 in Europe

      Police States Forever.

    • Bodycount still at zero, tfaggot?…. There’s a surprise.

  2. The right is giving up on libertarianism. The Alt-Right is full of former libertarians, and is explicitly authoritarian.

    Comments here show that, too, over the last five or six years.

  3. European American

    How about blame the filthy rich, American Zionist Jews who own the Government?

    • Where do you get your coffee?

      Cause I’ll def have a cup of that.

    • 2008-The Jews tank housing markets and seize more control of government and make billions off the swindle. They buy 300 million dollar yachts and 15 million dollar ski lodges in Aspen. Records for luxury sales are set daily.

      Boomers- Bummer, I cant retire till Im 75. O well… Better bring in more migrants to raise the value of our houses and keep our business going with cheap labor.

      Millenials- WTF?

      Job Market- You can make 44,000 a year but you have to work 65 hours a week and drive 3 hours a day to various job sites every three weeks.
      You have no social life and your girlfriends dont stick around.

      No kids

      No future.

      No Fight

      Not an accident…

      • Those damn joooos, they even broke the leather lace on my boots this morning.

        At one point I held out some hope for you but anymore,

        I went up and dug around in the stuff from when my kids were born, I have a little soothing blanket I’m willing to send your way. I also found a brand new binky, still in the bubble pak, I can send so you can give your thumb a break.

        That boot you think you have on your neck holding you down, that isn’t a boomer’s boot, it’s, well just go look in the mirror, the root of all your problems will be staring right at you.


      • And yet you stay in that situation when by moving out of that environment you could make much more than 44k, work one job, be able to get married and raise a family…It’s always been your choice but it seems you have chose to just complain and blame…Sad That…
        PS Right now my profession is booming and some guys are making a half a mil a year…I told you before that I would help you out if you wanted to get out of your situation but all I got out of you was a FU Boomer…

        • Lineman, whereabouts are you, if you dont mind my asking? I picked up some land in NC not long ago but it will realistically be a few years before I can build my place on it and I may want to leave south Florida before then. Been weighing options lately…

          • I’m up in MT Brother and you can get my contact info from our gracious host if you want more info…

      • “No kids. No future. No Fight. Not an accident…”

        You got that right.

        Add to that… porn, abortion, contraceptives, no-fault divorce with so-called remarriage (and re-re-marriage ad infinitum), so-called homosexual marriage, etc. The list goes on and on.

        It is the Judeo-Protestant dream… er, I mean, the American way!




      • Mountain Cracker

        Yup these replies are typical boomer…cut your legs off the scream at you for not being able to walk. But when THEIR mommy and daddies coddles their asses things were tougher right Aesshop. LOL…boomers.

  4. Haters gonna hate. It’s just what they do. I learned 40/50 years ago, you piss in the wind, you get wet.


      • Jimmy the Saint

        Ok, fine. Jews are the source of all evil and corruption. So what, in at least the broad strokes, is your proposed solution? Be sure to include the bits about getting enough people on your side to actually carry it out.

        • “All Jews”—The rabbis’ perennial and risible straw man argument.
          You forgot “Nazi” and “antisemite.” http://judaism.is/antisemitism.html

          Let me explain it for you s-l-o-w-l-y, so maybe you can keep up.

          Many Jews are responsible for crimes against humanity, including economic crimes against humanity, far in disproportion to their 1% of the global population.

          many |ˈmenē|
          det., pronoun, & adjective (more, most)
          a large number of

          disproportionate |ˌdisprəˈpôrSH(ə)nət|
          too large or too small in comparison with something else

          Solutions? Prosecute the guilty. Do not harm the innocent.

          (1) Educate the innocent to enlist support. Ahem… http://judaism.is !!!
          (2) Apprehend and prosecute the guilty —all the perpetrators and all their accomplices, enablers, cronies, mouthpieces, puppets, talking heads, enforcers, apologists, financiers, middle management, shills, agitators, and useful idiots.
          (3) Punish all crimes against humanity, including all economic crimes against humanity.
          (4) Repatriate all ill-gotten gains, all that has been stolen by multi-generational and dynastic fraudsters and looters.

          all |ôl|
          predet.det., & pronoun
          used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing: as in “all the guilty

          • And who determines who’s guilty and what there punishment is? You, a collection of yous, or a random jury?

            • Fair and open trials. Real evidence. Nothing like (((Ilya Ehrenberg’s))) kangaroo court show trials. Nothing like the Nuremberg testicle-crushing testimony, confessions under duress, faked photos, “geysers of blood,” different colored crematoria smoke for different ethnicities, shrunken heads, Jew lampshades, Jew soap, etc.


          • Mountain Cracker

            Joos are the most hated people in history FOR A REASON. Don’t try them, kill them. And how did all these fucking boomers end up in here running their fucking entailed “me generation” mouthes? They’re the THIRD most hated people in history after Joos and niggers…

            • Jimmy the Saint

              Genocide isn’t a usually a very good recruiting tool. You’ll pick up a few, sure, but most will avoid any genocide shill like the plague.

            • What is entailed and mouthes? Learn to spell and properly construct a sentence.
              Who is killing the Jew? You and Al Linguini.
              The doctor told your mother to throw you in the red bag and take home the after birth. She didn’t listen and now we must deal with a fucking idiot.Thank you,mom.

        • Jimmy, i think you know.
          The Truth is it is not just the Jews, they are but a part. That is what many people can not face. It is not just the protestants. It is not just the catholics, it is not just the blacks, whites, asians, cops, etc.
          It seems very apparent we have all been led astray somewhat.
          Saying such radical, rational,logical Truth such as this is what scares the people. Because it is Truth.
          But as Dirk and others are pointing out, Haters are going to hate until they begin to see and discern between the lies and the Truth.
          Most unfortunately, some will never see it.

          • As if there is a disproportion of Muslims in the abortion and pornography industries?
            As if there was/is a disproportion of Muslims at Lehmann Brothers, Goldmann Sachs, and the Federal Reserve?
            As if there is a disproportion of Muslims in command and control of NAMBLA, mainstreaming sodomy?
            As if Muslims declared a world war on Germany in 1933?
            As if a Muslim imam conceived Communism? directed the 19th and 20th century revolutions and gulags?


    • AL, are we having a” word war” . I could give a shit if you hate. This is American, you right to do so, is Guaranteed, by that famous document.

      You guys down south, live in a very different world then I do. Where I’m it its” Lilly White” my exposure to any of the ” cans” is very very limited.

      It’s about choices, I choose to not place myself in your world. Working great,,,,,,, for me.

      I get it.


  5. The blame game.It has been played since hominoids crawled out of the primordial ooze.To accept responsibility for making poor choices and decisions with your life, takes the one thing all crybaby shitbags don’t possess…discipline. I fucked up.I learned.I won’t do that again. I will make new mistakes.

    Too difficult.Blame your parents,school,society,jews,niggars,muslims,boomers,democrats and republicans.The only thing more obnoxious than a spoiled,whining child is a spoiled whining adult.Give me the opportunity to kick you in the face with a steel toed boot.Fucking losers.

    • ^^^Agreed. I still have my steel toed boots.

      Grey Ghost

    • As if I should blame myself for Communism, crony/monopolistic capitalism, World Wars, regional wars, 9/11, false flags, rigging the financial markets, creating and deflating the derivatives market, etc.?

      As if my choices had anything whatsoever to influence such events?

      As if there is never planning; everything happens by accident, by coincidence, in the open, no secrecy, no plots? Nations and revolutionaries reveal their battle plans? Businesses announce their proprietary intellectual property?

      Who needs the FBI, CIA, NSA, ФСБ, Sûreté, הַמוֹסָד, Bundesnachrichtendienst, etc.?

      What a stupendously unproductive suggestion!

      • “What a stupendously unproductive suggestion!”

        Here’s a modestly simple, potentially productive suggestion, al Linguini…

        Shut the fuck up with blaming what/whoever, absent solutions. Jimmy asked you, you have nothing.

        Or will you join tFat in the 300 Million Club?

      • Al,
        Would you agree that in looking at what modern society has become including the “modern church” we get the leaders we deserve?
        Also, Do we see that the prophecies of what society would become were true?
        On this earth there is not an ‘organised’ one true church. True as in perfect. This should be easy to see.

        • We Catholics are on our own Road to Emmaus for our transgressions. Our tepidity and our “itching ears” (2 Timothy 4:3) have earned us false prophets and lying teachers (2 Peter 2:1), heretics, and perverts. We are deservedly being chastised for having had the truth and discarding it, culminating in the impostor Novus Ordo religion with the monster currently “subsisting in” (Bonaventure will get that quote) the Chair of Peter:
          “For it had been better for them not to have known the way of justice, than after they have known it, to turn back from that holy commandment which was delivered to them. For, that of the true proverb has happened to them: The dog is returned to his vomit: and, The sow that was washed, to her wallowing in the mire.” 2 Peter 2:21-22

          Do we see the great revolt and the putting aside of the one who holds (a legitimate Pope) preceding the Man of Sin? (2 Thessalonians 2) I think so.

          I think it is different for the non-Catholic world because the non-Catholic world never had the truth. The mess of the non-Catholic world is explained by fallen men serving Satan and their own desires and self-serving doctrines.

          I disagree with you. There is an organized, one, true Church; it is in the catacombs… metaphorically.

          The Holy Trinity is not a house divided. God is not at war with Himself. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are not confused. Oneness is a mark of God. The anarchy of 32,000+ sects of Protestantism with their mutually conflicting doctrines is a mark of Satan. Every bonehead is not his own little pope.

          Recall too that Jesus Christ founded one Church on Peter and his successors with the commissions to teach, govern, and sanctify. Jesus compared His Kingdom, including His Church, to visible organized things, a body, a kingdom, a sheepfold, a net, a city, a field. He did not compare His Church to a mist, vapor, or the ether. Too, an unorganized “church” has no hierarchy so has no means of governance or means of ensuring the integrity of what Jesus taught. An unorganized “church” has no way of providing all the sacraments so cannot sanctify. The unorganized church that you postulate just is not and cannot be the one Church (singular in Matthew 16:18) that God Himself founded. The unorganized church that you postulate cannot fulfill any of Jesus’ commissions.

          Scriptural proof here: http://judaism.is/private-interpretation.html

          • Alphonsus: Feel free to take this with a grain of salt, but IMHO if you were to write more of this (which involves charity in addition to Truth), and less about the Jews (which, well, involves less charity, regardless the Truth), I think others may find it more persuasive.

          • Do we see the great revolt and the putting aside of the one who holds (a legitimate Pope) preceding the Man of Sin? (2 Thessalonians 2)
            What if this describes the pope system as a whole? Then we see all the
            splits ( protestants and others) and those who were called to return home to the catholic church in these more recent years. also to the vomit.
            The Holy Spirit is not just a gift to the pope. man does not need a pope.
            And this is the brainwashing many will continue to oppose for ever.
            The unorganized church as you put it is in fact the most organised because it is organised by God Himself. It is described in Ephesians 4. These individuals will never all be hunted down and killed as attempted before.
            God is a Spirit and shall be worshiped in spirit. John 4:23-2
            Being born again is needed, not a pope. John 3:5
            Recently found myself led to Colossians 3 and it is my opinion many of us who claim to know Him, should read and grade ourselves on its contents. He is.
            Thanks for your previous reply, these are interesting days.

      • If I was kicked out of a bar, I would blame and complain about the bar owner.

        If I was kicked out of 109 bars, would I still pass the blame on others?

        • How about if I started my own bar, let my family drink for free while extorting/cajoling all the other bars that kicked me out to pay my expenses?

          And then got my family hired on as the doormen and accountants at all the other bars, and told the rest of the world that drinks were free at all the other bars, but you can’t drink here?

        • The evidence is so overwhelming you literally need a psychologically conditioned blind spot not to see it. It’s pretty disturbing how deeply brainwashed seemingly intelligent people can be.

          To believe it’s not the Jews is to believe in a long, clear pattern of coincidences that, by definition, cannot be coincidental.

    • I blame you.

    • I suppose I’m a gen X’er. I was born in the 60’s and was paroled from high school in the 80’s. In the age before the internet I was instinctively conservative without the encouragement of the adults I knew. Like most of my peers I was influenced by the full court press of pop culture and made some real bone headed calls based on bad information. This is where my time as a spot when figuring things out came into play. My sergeants didn’t care about excuses for why I effed up. Matter of fact they’d shorten your wheelbase if excuses were your fall back position. Back then they’d tell you to accept responsibility and consequences and then go and fuck up no more my son. LOL. That’s where I learned the depth and total universe of the phrase “my bad”. It means volumes more than I simply screwed up. It means I understand where I went wrong in my decision making process. I realize the real impact it has not only on myself but those around me who depend on me to complete mutual tasks, sometimes mundane and sometimes life altering. To sum it up I’d call it immersion into the heart of stoicism. I can’t expect exceptionalism from others towards me unless I’m willing to give the same and more from me to them first. This is what Mosby calls frith I suppose. One thing I’ve also picked up since then is you can’t find this on the interwebs. You can become acquainted with people, after that the arduous process of investing life in each other is required if deemed mutually worthy. Local local local, hmmm, seems I’ve heard that somewhere before.

      Coming back around the bush now, I think the first tell a person gives is whether or not they want to lay blame and make excuses or do they check the hand they’re dealt and then raise, hold or fold. I wish I could say I don’t screw up any more after all these years, but I’m pretty good at it. I’ve just learned whose feet the blame really lays at and how to make it right in spades. Some folks get it young, some take a little longer and others never do. The last ones are best left alone.

    • ” since hominoids crawled out of the primordial ooze.”

      and that would be evolution NOT creationism….

  6. Well, shoot. You’re gonna disappoint all those Millennials by not providing a “Blame Boomers” option.

    • That’s their entire matrix for all four squares.

      • Aesop-“We better train to resist the take over and destruction of America, we need to identify the guilty parties”

        Every time I look something up

        Boomer, Jew, Marist Minority, Homosexual….

        Also, Aesop-“Boomers and Jews had nothing to do with it”

        • If that level of knee-jerk Straw Man fallacy is your best argument, it’s no wonder you fuck up in every argument you enter.
          When you walk into the ring with your pants around your ankles, it’s no wonder you end up on your ass over and over again the minute you take a step.

          And if all you can do is judge people by an artificial outside construct, like what generation they were born into, as though that conveyed any actual information, you’re as big a peawit as people who follow astrology as though it had any application to real life.

          “Boomers”, purely an invention of sociologists, who you’d normally avoid like plague, refers to people born during a twenty-year swath of American history, none of whom voted for anything down to dogcatcher before 1966.
          (You could look it up. Somewhere, there are even probably enough pictures to get you over the hump.) They have nothing intrinsically in common with any other in that pool of some 76M people, nearly a third of the country, other than the nation they were born into. Someone born here in 1946 has approximately Jack and Shit to do with any similarities with someone born in 1964, a truth even someone with an 80 IQ should be able to apprehend without handholding.

          But you and the other crybaby lackwits latch onto it as though it describes anything useful or substantive, and then commence whinging at frequencies that only dogs and your fellow diaper-wetters can hear, and the howls begin among both groups until someone smacks you on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. The dogs, however, get the point, and cease. You and the wet-diaper crowd double down with pathetic predictability.

          As another poster suggested, they sell Midol in most every drugstore in America. Take a chance, and try some. Then qwitcherbitchin’, and take personal responsibility for your personal problems.
          No one – I repeat, no one – else gives a wet shit about your whiny-ass bellyaching, and it only underlines that where your balls should be, you have a raging mangina.

          Our host here frequently asks what folks have done to download knowledge and life lessons across generations.
          Your whiny bullshit, and that of your sorry-assed fellow know-it-alls, assured in your grievances and self-awarded superiority, stands as the eternal answer to that question. It probably comes of being the first fatherless generation, raised entirely by the whiny bitches who thought they could do everything without a man, and told by them and/or the tag-along beta male crowd that everything you said or did or thought or burped and farted out was special, and gave you participation trophies to prove it.

          No wonder the real world kicks your ass and perplexes you so.
          A rule of thumb for getting that fucked up in the wilderness is to turn around, and start walking back through the weeds until you break through to the last place you had a fucking clue, and then stay on the path.
          And stop blaming everyone else except yourself for you getting so hopelessly fucking lost in the first place.

          The 70s crowd from the front-end of the Boomer Generation got tagged for being the “Me” Generation.
          You and your spiritual brothers are the “Everybody’s Fault BUT Me” Generation. Since forever, and so far, until forever, with rare exceptions.

          You try to lay out you BTDT credibility, but your constant bitch-pants act here just undermines everything you claim.

          Try not to own that so automatically, every time you spew.
          In time, you might grow a spine, and learn that Life generally values the application of brains and muscle ahead of overused vocal cords.
          It’s the difference between lions and hyenas.

          • Mountain Cracker

            Hey Aesshop, shouldn’t you be at the den meeting grooming Cub-Scouts (yet another institution people like you fucked up)? But please don’t target my son’s den, then I will have to cut you into little pieces and deliver you back to the retirement home. You’ll miss your afternoon golf. Go fuck yourself, die faster. – Love Cracker

      • Seriously dude.

        I can at least joke about the JQ with fucking Marine Colonels who bomb Beruit into the fucking Stone Age.

        He called me a jew for not buying the beers the other night.

        PC Commando over here…

        I’m sure you have a huge list of people ready to assault an objective with you.

        HEY EVERYBODY! AESOP’s team won’t use the word Jew or nigger ever.

        Why dont you just purge the words Islam and Jihadi from all the FBI records as well.

        • Wow, if you’re going to just make shit up and pull it out of your ass because it suits you, it’s a free country.

          But don’t, for a minute, mistakenly think anything you say has any relationship to reality.
          Because no one else does.

          You’re just a whiny crybaby, spewing because you get regularly bitch-slapped in comments, and someone called you on the wet spot in your panties. And you can’t take the heat for your own presentation, even though it’s entirely your own responsibility. (You should look that last word up, and try using it – and applying it – more often than “jew this” and “nigger that”. You’ll not only sound twenty IQ points smarter, you’ll start acting like it. Which would be a start.)

          Call me when you try assaulting the objective of getting the fuck out of living in a hellhole, and bitching about how bad it is, instead of packing your shit and taking care of business, like anyone with half a brain more than you would have done long since.

          People too dumb to do that probably shouldn’t pick fights on a free forum.

          But it’s okay for you, because the Jews and Niggers and Boomers and The Man made you do it. Right??

          Otherwise, go sit with Haxo, Tfat, and Jim Klein over in the genius section.
          You guys have so much in common, and so little to offer anyone else with any common sense, it’d be a shame to deny you the fellowship of your adopted tribe.

          • Damn I wish I had a way with words the way you do…Your riposte cuts deep and to the crux of the matter…It all starts and ends with I… Imagine That…

          • fuck you asshole. you amount to absolutely NOTHING in the real world.

            get a damn job loser.

            you know, one that actually pays enough to quit werking before you turn 40… until then, you are worth about as much as dog shit on a shoe.

      • Mountain Cracker

        Well…If the shoe fits. Go fuck yourself, die faster. – Love Cracker

        • Damn, and you tried so hard to get a rise out of someone and nobody would take the bait.

          Well here’s your participation trophy reply. Thanks for playing.

          And just a reminder from your dad (I’m sure you have one somewhere), if watch too much porn and play with that thing too long you’ll go blind. You really should get out of mom’s basement and get some air, maybe take a hike or something, it would be good for you to get the blood circulating. Heck some of it might even reach your brain.

          Anyway you take care son, you hear!


    • Boomers…

      -First generation of Americans to be wealthier than their children.
      -First generation of Americans to live longer than their children.
      -Inherited the most successful country in the world, left their children a 3rd world sh*thole where gangrapes and “working poor” are a thing.
      -Raised the Millennials

      You’re defending this group? Why? They failed everywhere it mattered and it falls on my generation to clean up their mess. Yeah, I’m a little resentful.

  7. Bottom right, All the way down, about 90% right of center.

    • Note: that is not the mere existence of government, but the current operation of it. Trump’s working on it, but it will take longer than eight years to fix the last (pick one) 50 / 101 / 168 years of travel down the wrong pat.

  8. Blame? Got a mirror?… This applies to ALL of us. We’re all free to take responsibility, FIRST, the other benefits of freedom come AFTERWARDS. Now, back to the oh so predictable “somebody else’s fault” circlejerk this place has turned into. Honestly, I’m just here for the laughs and to find out when the new Woodpile report is published.

  9. It’s a little more complex than “it’s the Jews!” but that statement is more true than not. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest that many people here can’t see it. It simply means I’m more intelligent than you because I can clearly see an obvious pattern that is apparently beyond your comprehension.

    I also love the sneering questions like, “Well, if it is the Jews, what do YOU suggest we DO about it? Huh?” Basically just a lame attempt to corner someone into saying “gas the Jews” and the schoolmarm threeper can say “Nazi!” and demonstrate his moral superiority.