Fast Rifles

Civil-military action.

50+ years ago in the RVN.

Or 50 months from now in the former USA.

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  1. Fair ’nuff. Now post Stars & Stripes edition June 6th, 1969.
    “Tape Has McCain Praising Red Doctors”.
    I accept that I’ll die never understanding why such a traitorous, sorry piece of shit was ever elevated to such an exalted level in the U.S. Government.

    • Is that a real citation?

      I’d be happy to post anything on that piece of human waste.

    • “I accept that I’ll die never understanding why such a traitorous, sorry piece of shit was ever elevated to such an exalted level in the U.S. Government.”

      It’s exactly because of that, that the parasite class that runs the gov as a front/puppet show picked him and those like him (kerry).

      There’s no such thing as coincidence with this.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Same reason the zipper heads wanted to use him for propaganda, His dad was an Admiral.

  2. Yes sir it is. I’m techno ignorant but it’s there. Sorry I’m of no use. But again sir, it’s there, online, a matter of record.

  3. “Various American agencies, such a USAID, have this knowledge. They have the expertise to create plans, provide material, and run the project over-all.”

    USAID is CIA. Period.

    In other words, put your trust in the CIA.

    Um… thanks, but no thanks.


  4. “Or 50 months from now in the former USA.”

    (scratching beard…) Which side will holding the fort?

    • Front lines are for Homogenous Societies.

      Our lines will be based on the PONR for birds and drones

      And, of course, Land and Water terrain features.

      Basically it will be rural vs port cities and airports.

    • (scratching beard…)

      Oh you professionals of pithy comments, you provide so much of the humor this place needs.

      You can bet one thing for sure (and you won’t have to craftily scratch your beard in wonderment) it will be one side or the other that will be holding the fort, but don’t worry, you professionals will still be able to sit on your asses while preening in the glow of your self awarded accolades and surrounded in the warm, encompassing wrap of your air of superiority.

      What a bunch of fucktards, laughing my ass off at you and I’ll bet you guys don’t even realize how much of a laughingstock you’ve become to so many.

      Another certainty, you will never earn the trust of freefor (whatever in the fuck that is) the way those marines did of the villagers and the PF’s. Hell, I wouldn’t trust you to dump a shit bucket.


    • Probably depends on where the Fort is.

      Off topic.
      Since we are coming up on the anniversary of the Waco raid, there have been some TV programs about that running. I went back and watched some documentaries from back in the day. One I had not seen had an appearance by yourself. “Waco : a new revelation” I believe was the title.
      Was curious how you got involved with that.

      • No need to let us know when you go off topic. The comments here are almost never on topic. As of now, 19 comments and only three actually reference the article, and only briefly and in general sense.

  5. Here’s the audio of ‘songbird’s’ Vietnam broadcast:

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  6. This recount is something in general a few of us where I live discuss how we might conduct, our problem is not enough willing participants. We don’t let it stop us, (That will most likely change somewhat when it gets sporty). Regardless, one of the things my neighbor and I do, is day or night recon, while discussing how we would use the terrain and routes to each others property, for aid in mutual support and to have an intimate lay of the land.

    Its a serious game changer knowing the intricacies of the terrain, having a working understanding ahead of time. We feel like we own tactical movement for where and how we would conduct ourselves.

    Even if I have to fight and move on my own, I know I have a great advantage by being prepared understanding the terrain. Having that level of detail of the land in our heads seriously improves moving in darkness. Its easy to get turned around and lost at night if you don’t have a minds eye memory of features to help re-orientate. Gives us a lot of confidence. All our neighbors have given us carte blanc to cross their property. Its given us a system of off road routes and tying our land together.

  7. My list is getting longer.
    IFF is running overtime.
    Next door neighbor just got added to the friends side due to an unsolicited intercession on my Stepson’s behalf.

    Some former friends are solidly on the foe list.

    Be honest and compassionate to people and it may produce unexpected results.

    • Hypo, your close out,,,,, isn’t that how,life should be lived daily.

      “Honest, Compassionately”. In essence, ride life like you stole it. Never ever quit, never ever give up doing what’s right.

      Good on you.


  8. Know your neighbors. Keep your yap shut.

  9. Many comparisons to other civil wars have been made, but the comparison to the Vietnam one is the most eerie yet, with Spanish Civil War overtones. Throw in a little Yugoslav and you got it. Of course, in FUSA, it will have a flavor all its own.

  10. Lt. Greyman, NVA


    I seriously doubt that White ‘Murrica loving Normies are going to scrape the “We Support Our Troops” bumper stickers off their Ford’s and start resisting their own sons and daughters. Sure some will, but either through intimidation or misguided patriotism, most will not resist until the thugs affect them personally.

    The path forward is difficult and the horizon veiled. Who then can be the Leader?

    • The military aren’t the ones you need to resist as much as the cops are. When the government comes knocking on your door to kill you, take your stuff and beat your family, the odds of it being your local police are astronomically higher than it ever being any Soldier or Marine. The odds of it being a federal LEO are also way higher than it ever being military personnel.

  11. The Marines had all of the required skills, knowledge and equipment to take the villagers and mold them into the area’s top force. That can happen in the US as well so long as we eventually figure out a few sides. But right now, there are not many to be distinguished. In the article, you’ve got Marines, CACO fighters, villagers, VC… Im the US, what have we? Let’s start by defining OURSELVES. We still fail at that, currently.

    Next, we need our version of the Marines in the article. Where are they? Who are they? In any sense, they might need to be as distinguishable from the people they’re attempting to teach as the Marines were from the CACO men. Why? I know plenty of good old boys with deer rifles who aren’t going to want to listen to anyone unless they’re an obvious, bonafide, fairly recently ETS’d Special Operations guy, with a couple of similar friends and the equipment to go with it, and those SPECOPS dudes had better be ready to start the training and the fighting right away. In other words, they need to OBVIOUSLY appear to be the SMEs that they are. Otherwise, the US has a lot of people with “III%” or “DTOM” bumper decals who think that their group of five or six friends are all they need to save the county.

    I keep preaching the same crap from time to time that we have got to figure out what we are moving toward as a team. If anything. I’m hardcore on limited/non-existent government, but I told someone the other day that I had contacted my Representative about my thoughts on releasing the memo, and the guy I was telling accused me of being a “big government guy”, becaue I had called my Rep… Yeah. None of us seem to be willing to get on the same page. We openly mock each other when we are actually on the same team. You have libertarians going after conservatives, you have this blog openly mocking anyone who supports the Constitution, DTOM flags are mocked in favor of some other new patches that are so esoteric that now we’ve turned into patch wearing hipsters, trying to wear only the latest symbology (Such as 144:1, whatever the heck that is, but I guess the whole point is to keep it secret so only club members know) rather than the stuff that has lasted centuries (DTOM, Appeal to Heaven, Bonnie Blue, Join or Die, etc.)

    We have to get on the same team. We have to define a goal, or a set of goals. We have no leadership. No action arm. Heck, only rarely does anyone actually come up with any action to undertake, like Aesop did recently.