Here’s An Urgent Message For All Of The Boys And Girls In The Fusion Centers And Across Federal Law Enforcement Tonight…

From Ms. Attkisson above, and from Mr. Bracken below:

Dear Mr. Security Agent

Bonus, from the POV of someone in the SES who chose poorly:

What I Saw At The Coup

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55 responses to “Here’s An Urgent Message For All Of The Boys And Girls In The Fusion Centers And Across Federal Law Enforcement Tonight…

  1. Square




    Measure twice

    Cut once



  2. ALOOOOOOT More Rope.
    Ingress and Egress Routes are minimal when Analyzed.

  3. So many are Focusing on FBI, it is all impossible without NSA Complicity.
    Make no mistake, USINTELL has choosen to be the Enemy of The Republic and of The People.

  4. Atkisson, one recalls, is she who blew the whistle on Fast&Furious/Gunwalker. Did the ATF perps hang? Were they sanctioned in any substantial way? No? And I expect the Intel scumbags will skate as well.

  5. Forgive me my cynical attitude, but I think all of DC is corrupt. So I bet that no matter how bad the memo shows corruption in the FBI and DOJ to be, even or especially if it implicates Obama or Clinton, NOTHING will actually happen. Because the FBI or DOJ probably has enough dirt on everyone to shut down real consequences.

    Trump may be, a trump card. But I doubt it.

    I would love to wrong.

  6. Nothing like a good righteous hanging of corrupt officials once and a while, puts things in proper perspective, kind of like finally taking one of those legendary 18 inch turds after being constipated for a week.

    • About the only way the peons have, of bringing the ruling class to justice.

      • Yeah, unless if by some miracle something else happens, have to agree with you. As time passes, becomes more evident every day.
        Its #The Oligarchy and we aint in it”.
        (not that I want to be!)

  7. NightBreaker

    The Near Future is Going to be VERY INTERESTING.
    Panic in the program Et Al.

  8. <—-Release the Memo!

    <—Release the Kracken!

  9. hey feds and leos………fuck you.

  10. thesouthwasrght

    This really is a rubber meets the road moment. To fail in punishing these conspirators will be the true beginning of the end of fedzilla. Far more people are aware of the corruption and lawlessness within the beast and allowing this treason to go unpunished will erode people’s already waning faith.

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    Comes to light these two are shacked up together. Always wondered who worked with Griffin to set up the ISIS Trump beheading stunt. She is one slimy creature, but it wasn’t her style. They wanted us to think it was an innocent spontaneous act. I didn’t buy that for a second thats for sure. It struck me as a calculated piece of agitprop. They certainly wouldn’t have if they knew the meme would backfire, hijacked, and as reviled as it turned out to be. Of course it was the signal it sent to the useful dupes which was important.


    • Isn’t he gay? Maybe they are a platonic couple?

      • Heard that too. I heard also after her stunt, she was so reviled she had like no place to go.
        But this guy is a key 5th Colomnist, erased and indoctrinated, trained in the art of agitprop and political insurgency.
        I figured who better to organize the head chopping agitprop? It was a rather effective piece of agitprop. Somebody put that epitome of a useful idiot up to posing for it. Maybe he is doing his Comrade Duty taking her in, since it was his idea?

  13. If there is no punishment for these acts, then I think we have an answer for Ms. Wolfe.

    • Yea but the catch is and always has been is there enough people with the same answer to be successful…At this point in time I would sadly say “no there is not”…Not enough pain yet and the whiskey still flows freely…

      • How many, do you think?

        1000 committed and skilled men X 100 heads would inflict a killing blow on
        The Deep Shit.

        ‘They’ can’t do that to us. Decentralization has a quality all its own.

  14. From a purely entrainment point of view (as I have mentioned in the past), for those still connected to the ‘news’, it is interesting (the best word I can come up with this AM) to watch CNN and MSNBC turn, twist, ‘present’ and otherwise attempt to manipulate what is going on: one would almost think they were part of the (reported) deep state. Who da thunk it???????

  15. Shinmen Takezo

    Someone please tell me if what I am posting below is fake or real…

    If this shit is in fact for real–it is like a neutron bomb.

  16. Shinmen Takezo

    All the ‘coserrrrrrrrrrvative’ news commentators are claiming that this ‘memo’ will only implicate ‘top officials’ at the DOJ and FBI…. what a crock of shit!!! Each one of these fuk-stains you see in Matt Bracken’s conspiracy chart (posted many time here) will have at least a dozen or more lower co-conspirators acting along with their bosses (possibly a lot more).

    Once this all shakes out there will be bus loads of these fuk-stains being perp-walked out of government buildings in DC and across the nation.

    Count upon it.

    • Field Offices do the same thing, El Paso being a notorious example. That is, corrupt FBI Special Agents work with corrupt judges and DAs to railroad “enemies of the state.” This is also what happened to the Reese family in NM after Fast and Furious. In that case, the corrupt FBI special agents in NM used corrupt local police (guys who helped drug dealers escape justice for bribes.) The FBI had the goods on the corrupt local cops, but instead of charging them, they kept them on the hook as their “enforcers.” In the Reese case, the FBI ordered the corrupt cops to fabricate invented testimony, and they did.

      A fish rots from the head (FBI and DOJ HQ in DC) but the little fish (Field Offices) take their example from the big fish (in HQ.) The corrupt agents in the FOs know nothing will happen to them while even worse is being done in DC at HQ.

  17. Matt Brackens twitter acct.

    Caution: This account is temporarily restricted

    You’re seeing this warning because there has been some unusual activity from this account. Do you still want to view it?

  18. StBernardnot

    There’s about as many whistle blowers as there are “good” cops.

  19. The danger for a take over and dictatorship is higher now and here than many can imagine. Memo or no, each side in DC is in their corner, and the FBI and their peers are loading a horse shoe into each glove. I sincerely doubt any happy ending, or justice.

  20. <—Release the Kracken tommorrow.

  21. Pelosi is freaking out. If that FISA Memo was a limp dick “Look its a Squirrel” distraction this nasty old stinking communist wouldn’t be saying a word.

  22. And I see that Twat has suspended Matt again. Is he still on GAB? Okay, still waiting on those who are mechanically inclined to set up a new system to speak. Surely, we have some brave 1s & 0s people out there who would LOVE to come up a new megaphone. Just asking for a friend.

  23. Matt, you keep forgetting to put in your multiple guess exam, and block marked “I don’t give a fuck.” I am sure there are plenty who would check that block.

  24. They are all guilty,from the top bosses to the janitors.They take the kings stolen shillings gladly.

  25. The Usual Suspect

    Don’t forget the media darlings, they do a lot of their work in
    front of klieg lights on the side of road vulnerable to the muslim
    truck attack, improvise, adapt, overcome.

  26. It’s really quite simple folks: We’re at WAR with the leftist establishment and media. It’s time we act accordingly.

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