JPKIII Debut Review

Via Gab.

The excuses begin…

Insty sez “drool”.

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    SIMPLE: He needs those Negro Spittoon Cleaners they had at the Whiteman’s House since 1914–never let a good drool go to waste.

  2. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for people from another country.

  3. That’s awesome, and just like a boot camp nickname, now it’s stuck on. Right up there with the Pelosi Matterhorn eyebrows from a few years back.

    Wtf these people have money, or Money, I should say. Can’t they freaking hire better beauticians and acting coaches and shit?

  4. No worries. He says it was just some chapsdick.

  5. This was a head fake. While we are all looking at the Kennedy talk the real response was given directly to the invaders by the Democrats “en Espanol”.

    It was not a mere translation of Kennedy’s remarks, but a much more radical and derogatory.

    The fact that the Dems are sending a completely different message to Spanish-speaking people is the real big story here.

    The boomer and silent generation voters who fondly remember Kennedy are being used and lied to, with this blatantly manipulative strategy, which no one is calling them on.

  6. That’s all it was, some sort of lip balm.

    He has plenty of serious things for which we should mount an attack, the “drool memes” are just cheap shots.

    Keep in mind, he’s already old enough to run for president with George P. Bush as his running mate.

    There, that’s plenty to meme about.

  7. Thinking he had a little Barney Frank beforehand.

    • More likely, the Kennedy’s explained to “ole Barney” the facts of life about why he needed to stop running for office. Barney had to step down, or face the Kennedy power. In other words, Barney wanted to continue to draw breath.

    • Maybe he blew a seal?

  8. And here I thought he sucked some high school boy off behind that car on the stage, Got a little “man sauce” on his lip.

    I watch that piece of shit Kennedy, for three minutes.

    The man sauce on his chin, and his Parkenson-Disease dance on stage, we’re just to much for me. AND, 3 minutes tops for my viewing.

    His lips were moving, that’s how I knew he was lying.


  9. Did I hear an excerpt of him start screaming that they would “tear down the wall”?

  10. The Catholic Church’s position on abortion is abundantly clear. Abundantly. And yet here is Little Joe speaking at a recent Planned Parenthood rally in Boston:–

    Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the United States. Supporting Planned Parenthood is supporting abortion. I don’t care how one cuts it.

    I’d expect this behavior from atheists, Jews and Protestants, but not true Catholics. I’d say that Little Joe, as well as other CINO’s such as Kerry and Pelosi, have been excommunicated Latæ Sententiæ. Unfortunately, there will never be any formal decree of it. That is indeed a shame.

    • “Never”? How about “not anytime soon”?

      • Kennedy, Kerry, Pelosi, et al., will be long dead before any formal decree, which at that point will have been done posthumously.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Enh, the Catholic Church isn’t ever going to to much of anything about abortion. Pelosi publicly stated that her Catholic faith required her to support abortion, but nobody ever bothered to break out ye olde bell, book, and candle for her.

      • I do not wander around wearing rose-colored glasses. The Church Militant of the Catholic Church is presently facing a crisis. However, it has faced many other crises in the past, but has always endured. As the Church Militant itself is made up of men, it ain’t perfect–nor could it ever be–however it is still the best thing presently going, as it has been for more than the past 2000 years.

  11. Uummm……….maybe that’s not “drool”

  12. Leave it to the demwits to trot out a version of Ritchie Cunningham with downs syndrome as their great white hope! I just hope he can swim better than that paragon of class and virtue, uncle? Teddy…..

  13. What are the chances the DEMs, try to run young Kennedy against Trump?


  14. Gonna be interesting.

    Tic Toc.


  15. Generic Kennedy speaking Spanish = baboso.