LARPing, Neckbeards, & The Future Of The Alt-Right


How is your behavior in meatspace changing or confirming existing POVs?

Are you credible?

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  1. Poor, poor Special K. Just can’t get respect from your inferiors. Also, this Special K is expected to be the last white man. to deliver the Democrat Response to a Republican president.

    “The founder of Moms Demand Action, a prominent gun control group, argued that Democrats should have selected a woman of color to deliver the response. Others echoed the same sentiments, arguing that is is “really inexcusable,” “tone deaf,” and “an extraordinary waste of a valuable opportunity” to not feature a woman of color to represent the resistance.”

    • The Dems did. They chose Elizabeth Guzman, a state delegate from a slice of northern Virginia that has completely sold itself out to LaRaza. According to the fawning press, Guzman “magically” (details unknown as they would be inconvenient) appeared in the US from Peru as a “single mom” and now is a US citizen with 4 children and a burning desire to do her bit to complete the reconquest. She gave her original rebuttal pre approved and pre recorded by the DNC and broadcast on Univision, Telemundo, etc where she called the mere existence of Donald Trump an “affront to all people of color”.

      They have doubled down. Good. Let them. Donald Trump ripped the mask off. If only for that, he is a hero.

      • So who gave the French-language response?

        • “So who gave the French-language response?”

          I’d have said ‘Truturd’, but he’s too busy on his knees giving sloppy bj’s to his adopted scuzzlums and bonbo’s.

          Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

      • The Dems had no less than five respondents to the Trumpenthal speech.

  2. i rtwt, and the major complaint i find is the bald insistence that individualism be left behind. for an article apparently striving to be forward thinking and comprehensive in shedding light on western civilization’s current state of affairs, not distinguishing between personal sacrifices adding up to a civilization from the left’s wholesale insistence on the hive mind leaves an impression that that one critical omission is a loose thread that when pulled might start unraveling a substantial part of the thesis.
    it is otherwise well though out and refreshing.

  3. That essay reads like it was written by a Jew fresh from an ANTIFA riot. If Alt Right does not become a white movement it is doomed.

    Yes, that means:
    1. No Jews
    2. No Muslims
    3. No niggers
    4. No indians, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, or any other “person of color”.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Japanese have been deemed “Honorary Aryans” by *the* guys who were really into the whole Aryan thing.

    • The alt-right is lead by jews and fags mostly, or people with no clear views at all. Hell, the name was coined by a jew.

      I agree though that for whites to survive we must have a white movement, excluding the rest. It’s not what most of us would choose if were not necessary, but anything else weakens us for nothing but PR points, which don’t matter.

      • Correct.
        I get really tired of Jews involvement in any pro-white group.

        The League of the South is a pro-southern group. We maintain that all southerners are white, a fact supported by the election of 2008 and 2012. The negroes of the south voted well over 90% for Barry Obama, which meant they did not consider themselves southerners at all.

        We want the negro gone from the south, which shouldn’t be difficult because they already have an affinity for the northeast.

        The Jew can either invited them to the northeast, or they can fund transporting them to Africa.

        Transporting them would be cheaper and faster.

    • I didn’t even notice that, so basic. But we shouldn’t take anything for granted. I was focusing on his bs idea of female equality.

  4. Amusing, frank, honest, timely. I agree with some, but not all.

    The haters here, are very aware of their short comings. Not a one of “us “. are flawless. In fact some of us have multiple flaws. I except mine, I live with those flaws daily.


  5. Fantastic essay.

    Needs to be posted to a different site. That one is running all kinds of scripts in the background. Crashed my browser.

    • Now that I got my machine to stop doing stupid stuff.

      Its a fantastic essay but I agree with what some of you noted with regard to his slight at individualism.
      I dont quite understand why there is this insistence that we abandon the concept of the individual in order to save Western Civ.
      Thats what the enemies of Western Civ have been trying to get you to do for at least 100 years.

      • Individualism only works within a larger, cohesive society. It’s one of those things that only works if everyone is doing it all the time. If even a small group of people practice tribalism, they will have a strong advantage in an individualistic society.

        This is what we are seeing now. Whites are playing the game as individuals, so that everyone wins. Other groups are playing the game as a team so that their team wins.

        Guess who’s winning.

        • last time i checked cultural marxism was well on its way to tribally cutting a hole in our boat. the backlash and consequences have arrived. i will always contend that we cannot prevail without the moral high ground. i’m here with you all in hopes we can define and live that in a way that cannot be defeated.

      • That part was fine. We could have never taken America from the Indians as Libertarians. The Indians were far more organized than that. You’re still assuming Capitalism is all one thing. It isn’t. Corporate Capitalism is utterly against the Nation State and the AVERAGE individual. Libertarianism at this point simply serves the very Few who gull the masses into thinking they can join their august ranks.

  6. What a bunch of bullshit!,

  7. Man another masterpiece! Is that something else or what? Steven’s is one hell of a perseptive critical thinker with a world of culture/dynamics perspective I didn’t know existed. Talk about a fertile mind.
    Excellent piece. Gonna have to read it a few times.

    I tend to agree with his insights about Alt-Right. It seems to be rapidly evolving as it goes. Though, its precepts, Vox Day stated originally I think, about how: “ALT-RIGHT VALIDATION: “Every Day Political Philosophy, In Line With Science, History, Reason, And Truth Win’s”. Those are precepts, out which will prove, validate, be motive power for, a very large plurality of people, naturally, and will it be, because people who live and act thusly.

    I can take myself as an example. I live provincially, am self sufficient, self determining, my way of life is preparatory, built in to living within my means, my motive power comes from my tradirtionaRIGHT thinking.
    I strive to be part of John Mosby’s & Max Velocity’s holistic idea of “The Honorable Resistance”, search out and nurture relations with others in that frame work, build family/tribe/community, one small piece at a time, develop my 5 acres & independence into a sustainable asset, and adopt elements of the traditional-Hard-Dissident-Alt-Right in a complimentary fashion to other components of my belief in, you want freedom, you cherish Liberty, you have to not only do these things many people are not willing, or unable to to do for whatever reasons, you have to begin with yourself. And that seems, every day, more and more realize where this growing enlightenment is heading, and have the gestalt, or epiphany, yes things can or will get that bad, and join to built tangible things, way of life.

    The Dissident-Right and Men of the West, The Honorable Resistance, in part elements of the “Unorganized Militia”, and the actual Provincial Renaissance of traditionalRIGHT, seem to be on paths which will merge them into a larger whole grass roots movement at some point. Thats a great thing if it comes to pass.
    Lot of these things are related in many aspects. Its not the trolls or LARPERS, neckbeards and such posers who are or will define the movement that is actually living and acting these precepts. Its the people living it. It can be called whatever, but its the doers who are heading towards tangible results.

    Made this Alt-Agitprop below, because I have a passionate, physical, philosophical, and spiritual connection to what it means, I try to live this everyday.
    The question is, by Steven’s thinking, where does people who live more or less as I do, fit? Or are we outliers? Is it a more attainable way of mind and actualization in rural/provincial areas? Every day, I get see the self “Validation” thing.
    The meaning I attach to TINVOWOOT & BFYTW, is not one of negativity or hopelessness for the world, it is like the saying goes, “Murphy Was An Optimist”. They signify I don’t give a flying fuck about chicken little sky is falling crap, I’m concerned with “it ain’t gonna fail because of me.” No fucking way. And if I’m gonna get on the blogs and rant, I got ammunition, I’m living what I’m preaching. Because I want every fucking ally I can get. It all can’t be achieved by ourselves. There’s got to be that larger solidarity, the gestalt, cascade preference that gets us all towards a goal held in common.
    And the only way we get there is together. No matter what its called.
    Whats been going down is for shit. Its gotta stop, or we are toast. The good way, is it begins with each of us before its all of us.
    “Lets Win!” IS the only option here.

  8. I read the whole article by stevens and with the below confession he’s taken a 12 Guage to his own nuts in my opinion:

    “Despite being a movement with murky objectives, the Alt Right seems to agree on some basics, namely that we are against individualism and in favor of civilization instead. Our current civilization is torn apart by people who either want individualism through subsidies, or by profiting off the rest at the expense of social order, and both of those extremes are part of the disease of modernity. We are tired of modernity and want to escape individualism, “become who we are,” and restore social order. We want to rebirth the greatness of ancient Western Civilization by looking toward the future and the stars.”

    Way to go brett, take a big collectivist steaming dump on the principle of individualism and mentally chuck it overboard in the grand pursuit of ‘saving Western Civilization’ by re-embracing two of history’s greatest mental fuckups – a social caste system and collectivism that just perpetuates another ‘ruling class’ that is composed of more of the same murdering narcissistic sociopaths with enhanced klepto tendencies…way to go fucktard!!!

    If that’s his vision of the ‘alt-right’ that he dreams is Western Civilization’s ‘salvation’ he’s no more a friend to Freedom and Liberty than bill clinton is a advocate for chastity!

    He’s offering a fake load of goods and I’m not buying!!

    He can take his re-upholstered statism costumed in alt-right sheep’s clothing and foad!!
    BFYTW!! brett stevens

    • I couldn’t read all that drivel. NG, I’m with you on this one… I’m not buying.

      Grey Ghost

  9. Boss, if all we got is the headliner option, then that’s what we get. In football, it’s often pointed out that the team that scores points and wins is the team that takes what the other team “gives” them. They take away the run, you pass. They take away the pass, you run. The opposition can’t take away all the options, not at once. I’m grateful for everything I get. My aim is to take everything the opposition leaves me and fuck them hard with it.

  10. robroysimmons

    Cannot we not just get some shorthand response from the rugged individualists instead of essays?

    It truly would be a win win, we get spared wordy ruggedness of the most rugged essay imaginable and they get more time to burn off the insulation of that copper wire that so annoys their neighbors who are no doubt communists.

    My shorthand response to the Rugged Men of Ruggedness will be SFC Barry’s avatar.

  11. He is right about uncomfortable speech widening the Overton window, and without that, no meaningful goals towards rebuilding can be achieved.
    Truth needs to be returned to being its own defense.

    “To be forbidden to discriminate is to be forbidden to think.”

    “Men who agree to surrender their rights of free association are incapable of defending anything.”

    As for the rest of the essay, it neatly lays out why I avoid most of the alt-right. Chateau Heartiste is repulsive, in spite of some recent essays making some valid points, simply because of its origins and the population that tends to visit there. “PUA” are losers in every sense of the word to any woman that has any sense of dignity and worth. Why would they slum over at places like that? And hence, if Roosh and Heartiste are to be the nexus of the movement, it is doomed to failure.


  12. Northgunner, I’d have to agree with you. He sounds like a demented collectivist with that paragraph. Defining the group you’re in is not as important as knowing where you’re going with the thing. Definition of a lot of groups today, including Alt-Right, seem to all be winding up in the socialist camp, one way or another. We’ll just have to work hard to make sure whatever we wind up with, doesn’t look like only a skin job. Talent is talent, and you either get the talent on your side, or you get your ass beat. Besides, who the fuck is going to BE on your side, except some one with a brain who’s looking for a piece of the action? You know your late night customers by what they’re looking for.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It’s kind of a paradox – to defend liberty for all, people often have to act collectively. To sell collectivism, the easiest way to do it is to appeal to people on an individual level: you get x, y, and z if you ‘borg up with us.

      • When the group is running a muck it is up to the individual within the group to put the brakes on. If no one listens, at least he or she tried.
        No one speaks up in the ‘borg up with us scene. If the powers that be could silence all the individuals they would have their borg society.
        Liberty and freedom of all has some stipulations. seems many have now forgotten this.
        The do what though will, thing is not true liberty nor is it freedom.

      • Man alone is weak. Libertarianism appeals to this weakness with fantasies of individual power. The Elite love to push this because it effectively disarms any real resistance against them.

  13. Freeillinois

    I guess I should apologize for what i am about to write sense i am about to piss off a bunch of people.
    I read the article and it sounds like it was written by the SPLC. This diatribe of blaming a few people because they blame the joo’s for everything to disqualify their freedom of speech is right out of the SPLC play book. This silly ass idea that the Right wing can never succeed because as the left likes to claim, the toothless, mentally ill losers that make up a small core of the movement. This BS is similar to telling gun owners that it will all be fine if we just ban everything all the way down to a slingshot.

    When we allow some one to deny the freedom of speech to the least of us then someday someone will claim the right to deny the freedom of speech to ALL of us.
    Just because a few people have a different view than the masses on the right or suffers from health concerns is not a reason to deny them their rights or starve them to death. That’s what the majority of the left wants to do to the Majority of us on the right!

    This is the way I see this issue. Our nation was founded on the principle of the empowerment of the individual and not the empowerment of the mob (left). My rights come from God and not the state. My rights should not hindered by arbitrary impositions and purposeless restraints.
    Our past makes us who we are; lets not make it our burden

  14. Money quote:

    The anti-socials: any movement foolish enough to let them in finds itself pandering to their simplistic, violent, emotive, and single-minded tastes.

    Add to that group of antisocials another band of misfits, the neckbeards. As open-minded people, none of us fear or dislike misfits generally; most of them are simply eccentrics or socially inept, but neither of those signal bad guys. The new type of misfit however is the internet hikkikomori who essentially gave up on the world early on and is possessed by a fervent impulse to destroy because to him, everything is broken and hopeless, so the only solution is a final bath of fire for all that is. These tend to combine red pill, black pill, and fermented teenage angst with a steady diet of self-loathing, masturbation, avoiding social situations, and scapegoating various others for their own troubles as well as those of the world. For this group, political thought and personal resentment of how life has not worked out are mixed together, and this causes them some difficulty in understanding what they believe.

    • Those “Neckbeards” are actually convicted felons.

      Some of whom did hard time for stuff that isn’t close to what the Commie Jew Fags do every weekend.


      You dont know much…

      The news singled out a couple of kids in college.
      And they DEF ignored my friends who went there and beat the fucking piss out of some traitors and enemies.

      They also could care less about Nazis, Alt Right, or Trump

      They just wanted to beat up commies.

      Even Trump said “There are good people on both sides”

      I knew he was talking about my friends. Because they are good people.

      They certainly dont snort Xanax, get butt fucked, and engage in sedition and treason.

  15. Aesop, once again I find myself questioning your intellectual honesty. Your like a whore who craves attention. The problem is I read your stuff.

    It’s fun.


    • I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about, Dirk.
      None whatsoever.
      Nor what any of those things has to do with the others.
      Separately, each of your words have meanings.
      Together, they are a collection of non-sequitirs.

  16. I read a lot of concern in that article, that is directed towards the wrong people. It’s all just larping, until it’s not, whether it is someone training in the woods or someone putting our races interests first for the first time in roughly a century. This guy sounds like he wants to become the tea party that cares about western civ, but only as long as it looks good in the media and isn’t too racist.

    It’s also ironic that the author complains about white knighting but then complains about the people who have standards for women higher than is own.

  17. Drivel like this is good because it stops me from reading shit on the internet, and frees up time to do something more productive.

  18. People need to start defining “collectivism,” “freedom,” and “liberty.”

    I put my family before anyone else, does that make me a genetic collectivist? I put my tribe before other tribes, does that make me a racial collectivist?

    Were the Spartans free men? Would they have been the legendary fighting force they were if each Spartan acted as an individual first and hoplite second? Were the Greeks wrong to “collectivize” in order to defeat the Persians?

    A lot of people in the “liberty movement” seem to throw around ill-defined buzzwords and type a lot, but actually say very little.

    • If you aren’t sure what the difference between collectivism and Liberty/Freedom is you are late to the game and need to do a little more reading. You might want to start with natural law or not.

      For me, Freedom and Liberty all starts with the right to own property both real and chattel unencumbered by leviathan. And right now at this point in history you are but a slave on the Lincoln tax plantation as you can not own real property and larger chattel is taxed annually. Further the fruits of you labor via an income tax are stolen from you by leviathan too. As to family and tribes, there is the concept of love of family and Freedom of association which let’s one FREELY “associate/band together” with whatever group large or small that you like.

      I suppose I shall piss of few people but Thomas Jefferson summed it up:
      “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.” — Thomas Jefferson

      Grey Ghost

      • He gets it, you don’t. As the Spartans said, We take care of ourselves, that’s why we have these fields to begin with. Note: he didn’t say, I take care of myself. See the difference? It’s absolute.

        Not to worship the Spartans: they were slavers. But they were very admirable in some ways – even after the Athenians had become very corrupt. The Athenians were a lot like Americans – obsessed with profit and pleasure before all else.

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  20. Did i just read a article on salon..