SLL: The Other Conspiracy Against Trump

The fiscal arithmetic?

It doesn’t care.

Using the cancer analogy, is FUSA Stage 3?

Or worse?

13 responses to “SLL: The Other Conspiracy Against Trump

  1. Can someone remove a pillow. That angle isn’t good for her neck.

  2. I wondered at the field of runners in the last election, all of them straining hard to wear the imperial purple. I thought they were nuts, and that by a lot of dodging and ducking, Obongo crossed the finish line without a financial implosion. Whoever is holding the reins when SHTF in the financials is going to get the blame, no matter guilt or innocence. Remember Caesar being followed into the Senate and being casually surrounded by Senators intent on killing him, while Cassius kept blathering on. It’s the thing you should see, but don’t, that gets you. Perhaps Trump does, and he’s going to head for a little Swiss Chalet with that dynamite wife of his, and enough to keep them in the pink. All I know is, I ain’t as smart as him, and I wouldn’t trade places.

  3. The cancer analogy is apt but plays a little too personal for me. Father died of lung cancer; up close its a gruesome way to go.

    • I agree, my father went that way too and the last 90 days was … BAD. Trust me you don’t want to go that way.

      I’m not sure what will constitute the “last stage” for the U.S. of A. but you can bet on one thing… it won’t be nice and it won’t be fun.

      Grey Ghost

      • Gents (and anyone else I may have inadvertently offended): I did not, by my choice of metaphors, intend to cause any disrespect to you or your family members. Please accept my apologies for any distress stemming from my remarks.

  4. i just wish murka would just die already.

    i’ve grown tired of the whole thing.



    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yes! Justin Trudeau will lead the RCMP to reclaim all of North America for rugged individualists. Join now – 20 years in the legions of Mounties guarantees you your own farm in the new totally-not-socialist and immigrant free paradise.

    • Thanks for that prefect summary of every post you’ve contributed here for the last year-plus.
      Please come back in twelve months to update the noobs.

      • it’s already on fire. haven’t you noticed?

        all it needs is a bit of fanning the flames to become an inferno.



  5. Stage 4 pancreatic and bone.

    • lastmanstanding

      I have enjoyed all your input here brother…except for this.

      Peace be with you and yours. God speed.

  6. Stage III progressed to stage IV in 2008. 2008 was when the world could not absorb all of the US debt that finances US standard of living anymore. Correcting the overconsumption and government spending at that stage could have saved the Republic.

    Stage IV is when, instead of the world absorbing inflation and debt, the US citizens do by printing a bunch of currency (borrowing and printing in the same currency destroys it). This is known as Quantitate Easing. Instead of the world absorbing all of it, any amount over and above what they can not absorb anymore is printed at home.

    A high % of the $4.5 trillion held on the Fed balance sheet constitutes $ printed out of thin air, that must eventually push through to the prices of good and services.

    Somehow they have kept prices from skyrocketing, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. They’ve already made it “confetti currency” as Matt Bracken calls it. Before a tsunami hits us, the water must recede. There is a lag period in between cause and effect, but the effect cannot escape the cause.