The Browning Of America Is Good For The GOP

Discuss the following thesis, along with first/second/third order consequences:

“…[T]he Democrat nomination now runs through non-whites, and specifically through blacks…”

Sorry, Uncle McBadTouch.

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  1. This is why I’ve been saying – for like TWENTY YEARS – that all of the welfare and other associated payout programs – need to be eliminated.

    The simple fact of the matter is that they suck massive amounts of money out of the white portion of the population and give it away to the Democrat’s voting base. What welfare also does – is remove that nagging voice in the back of the head of most people who work for a living: The one that says WTF! every time they open a paycheck and see how much money was removed in taxes.

    The alt-right is making this all into some sort of white vs. black&brown thing – and completely ignoring the economics from what I have seen. But most people’s lives are ruled by money. Which is EXACTLY why the leftists have done what they have done: because the money affects the way people think. And they have played that card expertly. While the conservatives just keep bleating on about the same old shit and not solving the real underlying issues.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The big success the Left had was transforming welfare and other such things from *temporary assistance* to permanent pay/provisions. That changed everything.

      • Actually the real problem is the fact that a lot of blacks are so fucking stupid they cant work.

        or they have such poor attitudes they are unemployable.

        The REAL problem is the fact you cannot talk about this and you are required to vote with them.

        Baltimore has a 40 percent illiteracy rate because 40 percent of Baltimore is fucking retarded.

        They went to school dudes… I was there… they cant read.

  2. Willie Brown’s mistress has come far. From SF DA in 2004 to potential POTUS nominee in 2020. How much further she’ll go is a matter of conjecture.

  3. Let’s make her prezident ’cause she knows how to ride old black dick?

    Hope you talked with some people today and shared common sense liberty. They know something’s wrong, you can help them clear away the cobwebs. Do it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Let’s make her prezident ’cause she knows how to ride old black dick?”

      If that qualifies someone, I’m running, too!
      – Barbara Walters

  4. It good to tell the remaining acquaintances in your circle who are still Democratic fans this fact now, and repeatedly.

    “The Dems are the party of blacks and browns now. No, they aren’t going to nominate a white man. No Bernie Sanders has no chance of winning the nomination, neither does Tim Ryan or Biden or Joe Kennedy IIi.”

    They have to nominate a black or a woman, or best of all a black woman.

    I started saying this to friends six months ago. Oprah, Kamala or Michelle. Pick one.

    Then after the big Oprah speech that friend called to tell me “man, you were right”. Oprah might run!

    It’s fun to watch them slowly awaken to the harsh realities of their situation. Your own party hates your type. Being a white Democrat is like being a Jewish Nazi. You can do it, but it’s probably not in your own long-term best interest. You are confused.

    • As I enjoy telling my wife’s prog friends, “when all “deplorables” like me are eliminated and you’re the only white people remaining, do you think your brothers and sisters of color are going to give you an award? Or are they going to give you 2 behind the ear??

  5. Think of Kamala Harris as Hildabeast on steroids. She has no problem suiciding you in front of the cameras. And calling it stress and depression. The only way that this bitch was elected was the black/hispanic/stupid whites vote. Until white, conservative, Deplorables get their act together, morons will continue to serve as so-called representatives.
    And, yes: once “welfare” was eliminated as an option-for any body-we would see illegals, immigrants, and darkies head for somewhere else. “It’s the economy, stupid.”

  6. Auto-self-deligitimization.

    It’s still a long year until mid-terms, but if things continue as they are now, the Dem spanking in the mid-terms could be a yuuuuuuge as the SOTU response.
    Bonus points if Congress can’t get their act together (per S.O.P.), and DACA just expires without any replacement/compromise.

    Time will tell.

    Meatspace still matters more than all of that.
    Trump ain’t gonna be POTUS forever.

    Agnostic’s piece misses one key thing: the brown vote matters more in Cali, and the nation, BUT:
    Califrutopia is going epically broke, and the state’s pension problem explodes a few years after Moonbeam’s departure (which will affect all those who thought they “got out”, and will suddenly start getting IOUs in their CALPERS retirement checks instead of money, in retirement tax havens like NV, FL, TX, etc.) Good stuff. Those of you who think this is just CA’s problem are abut to inherit a new class of broke retirees out there.

    Which should have some salutary effects on the Welfare Party here too, once fiscal reality comes crashing in around their ears, and the EBT cards go dry.

    They can’t print more money, they have nowhere to go by trying to tax their way out of the mess, and there ain’t gonna be no bailout from DC.

    Already long on beans, bullets, and band-aids here.
    The 49% of the state that doesn’t want to play Sacramento’s game is liable to make things kind of interesting too.


  7. Na, the DEMs will run young Kennedy against the Trumpster!


  8. Aesop, you are aware that CalPers, IS NOT owned nor operated by the State of Calif, right. Neither is STRS, both privately managed. Calif is trying to access pers money. For————– projects. After all the ” Cans” gotta eat.