Z Blog: Somewhere To Run?

A possible non-catastrophic ending.

Premised on an end to bi-partisan voting booth stuffing and indigenous voter replacement.

A big “if”, IMHO.

Especially in light of this statement of enemy intent.

29 responses to “Z Blog: Somewhere To Run?

  1. Brooks is a piece of lying communist shit. And delusional in the extreme. Only some one like that can see illegal immigrants as a good thing.

  2. Communists allow no dissent or deviation. No doubt in my mind this is a winner take all proposition. And I don’t plan on spending my last moments on Earth in the Katyn Forest.

  3. There ain’t nowhere to run, Boss. It’s a big shit sandwich, and we’re all going to have to take a big bite. Got up a little early and saw the Blue/Blood/Eclipse Moon, and whatta sight! Right now I’m plotting the confluence of a quiet Sun, Lunar and Solar eclipse (2018 and 2017, respectively) a very active ring of fire around the Pacific, and other stuff thrown in for entertainment value. Nothing spiritual or weirdo. Ain’t no tellin’ what the fuck is up next, ceptin’ it won’t be the regular crap. I do love fun times.

    • Yup, saw the full lunar eclipse while at work; being out in the middle of BFE on graveyard duty with only a couple of lights here and there make for fine night time viewing!

      Agree that there’s no place to run, only exception is if ones still in a hive to get out now and ‘get to high ground’. If you’re already in an AO with a medium to (better) small town that’s good; if your digs are out of town even better.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III


    Fact: Team Brown gets its funding from the legalized extortion of Team White. Until that situation changes, Team Brown will continue to advance their agenda and Team White will be executing a fighting retreat,
    Fact: Team Brown is solid from top-to-bottom in terms of short-term and long-term goals. They are patient, because they are like their Communist ancestors and mentors. They are in for the long haul. “We Shall Overcome” is more than just a song. It is their mindset.
    Fact: Team White must not only fight Team Brown, but the traitors within their own ranks. The McConnells, Ryans, McCains, Grahams, Bushes, etc. are just as deadly and unprincipled as the Schumers, Schiffs, Clintons, and their Deep State minions. I would also add the legions of clueless whites who vote the way their “Pastors” tell them to, to this list. This is what cost Roy Moore the election in Alabama.
    The solution of an Amerikan Balkanization seems to have some merit. However, when we look at what happened in 1861, that did not work out too well. Mega-Blue Hives such as The Kalifornia and Illinois Soviet Republics will totter on until TPTB use the Band-Aid bailouts such as Dubya, Cheney, and Poulson did in 2008. This will effectively render our currency worthless(I hope). Then a real, permanent reset towards secession and honest money can begin. Mr. Bracken touched on this in his second novel regarding the Reconquesta. Bleib ubrig.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Fact: Team Brown is solid from top-to-bottom in terms of short-term and long-term goals. ”

      The Hispanics ethnically cleansing the blacks from South Central clearly didn’t get the memo.


        Point taken, Jimmy. Saw it with my own eyes. However, when the time comes to line up against me and my tribe, they will be shoulder to shoulder, taking the FEDGOV’s debt bucks. I saw that one coming when I was in the Active Army Reserve in SoCAL. NG units were even worse. Some of them were even doing the looting during the Rodney King fiesta. Directed hatred by Team Brown’s (((handlers))) will focus on me and mine. That is a given. Chittum called it years ago. Bleib ubrig.

  5. RE Brooks’ article: He wants it both ways. He makes the case (roundabout citing of an anecdotal study) that diversity+proximity=conflict. M’kay, gotcha. Then he sets the stage: Taking a tour of “…rural New England and drive down into Appalachia or across into the Upper Midwest” where “you will be driving through county after county with few immigrants. These rural places are often 95 percent white. These places lack the diversity restrictionists say is straining the social fabric.” The supposition he misses is that those living therein may simply want it that way, and absolutely do NOT want to live cheek by jowl in the hives filled with “dynamism” that this metro-loving quisling-apologist ass seems to find so attractive.

    Go away Mr. Brooks, far away. Better for all. BFYTW.

  6. I wonder if the future will just be one where whites will take subservient roles or they’ll be overrun ala the military was in black hawk down.

    • Caucasians are not a people given to subservience. Which is how and why we built Western Civilization. Other races that have benefited from our achievements are wholly ungrateful for the advancements in standards of living they’ve realized BECAUSE OF US. So be it. But make no mistake, we’ll not go quietly. Suggest all go to You Tube and view Michael Collins Eliminates Cairo Gang. As to your comment; we may indeed be over run. But we’ll not bow; and we’ll no go quietly.

      • But I forgot to mention. When watching MC Eliminates The Cairo Gang be sure and watch the next video. It’s the death of Michael Collins. Nobody gets out alive brothers. We’re already dead.

  7. After I saw it was a NYT piece written by David Brock, I saw through his manipulation of the data. Less than adequate data on the side that denies climate change? Yep, got that far in the piece and saw that it was a hit job. Mr. Brock, come on down to Texas if you want hard evidence to back our claims about ‘over’ immigration. Just a walk through a local HEB grocery store is evidence enough of much of traditional white American staples have been moved out of the way to include south of the border food and staples. Appalachians are probably smart enough to chase off these interlopers. They are not here to assimilate, they are here to move in and take over with my tax dollars…

    • Deep down, NYT reporters are ok.

    • It’s very confusing, all these David’s with similar names and backgrounds.

      David Brooks: author of this article. NY TImes columnist, the token conservative, replaced Bill Kristol in that role about 10 years ago, and is also a neo-con, but a little more thoughtful than Kristol. Wrote “Bobos in Paradise” and recently a book “The Road to Character. Canadian citizen by birth. Jewish.

      David Brock: was a conservative most famous for writing anti Anita Hill hit-pieces for the American Spectator. Then did a complete 180, wrote a book “Blinded by the Right” denouncing the right, denouncing his own reporting on Hill and became a far left rabble rouser. Runs Media Matters and other left front orgs. Came out of closet as gay at the same time he became a lib.. American by birth. Adopted and raised as Catholic.

      David Frum: Another famous neo-con who writes articles for Atlantic and occasionally the times OpEd page. Former Bush speech writer who coined “Axis of evil”. Active in GOP politics, campaigned for Rudy Guilliani. Admitted voting for HIllary in ’16. Canadian by birth. Jewish.

  8. what business is it to a reporter from new yawk what goes on along the Appalachian ridge? we’re not going at immigration and diversity hard and fast enough by his standards? so what – so we can all live like they live in that great metropolitan swelling itching pimple of the east coast? i think not. maybe if he asked real nice, some of us might take him on a guided tour of the wilder parts of the blue ridge with breathtaking views overlooking spectacular cliffs and rivers. come on down.

  9. Couple times per century the world is forced to re-learn how good white European descendants are at industrial strength killin’. Not my fault the stupid fucks can’t remember that. If you live in a “diverse” location or an urban one, you best be considering a change, even if it diminishes your income a little. Lots of places out here in flyover country where responsible productive folks can live happily, if not as affluently. When the balloon goes up we ain’t comin to rescue you and by then, strangers will NOT be welcomed. Choices, people. Make the right ones.

    • I plan to send my family to Wyoming and Hold the Line in MD.

      They want us to run away.


      South Africa…




      Tick Tock….

  10. Zman is building mountains out of molehills again.
    Nothing is happening in California. It’s not going to split into halves or thirds or anything else. The Constitutional hurdles are insurmountable. So that’s nonsense.

    He says: “When you look at the last electoral map, at the county level, you see the slow re-segregation of the country between Team Brown in urban areas and Team America everywhere else.”

    One map can’t tell you anything. Because hi-quality geo analytics software only became common recently, you can’t go back and see how all these counties voted in 2008, and 2000, and 1992, so you can’t claim there is a “re-segregation” happening. County election totals were not easy to get in the 1980s. You had to get the County Clerk to mail them to you.

    I suspect, that like the rest of America, they were more conservative in the past. “Red only means 50%+1 vote for Trump. They might have been 60% GOP voting in 1980, or they might have been, so the trend is bad, but it hasn’t crossed over yet.

    Zman’s a smart guy, knows numbers very well, so I just put it down to his arrogance and also cranking out so much stuff he just doesn’t have time to actually figure out if what he’s saying is actually correct, he just throws it out there.

    Specifically, I believe this statement: “The blues will get bluer while the reds get redder.” is bullshit.

    Everywhere is getting bluer. Everywhere.

    Some places are already completely blue, but the last vestages of redness are being driven out. New York City. Some places were red, but are now trending blue: Virginia. Some places still seem safely red, but when you look at the numbers its’ clear they will be blue in 10 or 15 years. Texas.

    I don’t think even on the county levels you can find counties that have *less* minorities than they did 30 years ago.

    And counties don’t matter much in American politics. States can pass laws, and as he points out, even nullify federal law. Counties can’t nullify federal law. Sonoma Co. didn’t have legal pot on their own, even though they would have liked to.

    States matter. No States are turning Red. Every state is in the process of turning blue, some faster, some very slowly.

    Your best bet for hiding is the reddest state that is turning slowest. But even in Wyoming I am sure that hispanics are moving in and voting Democratic.
    (And so are Chinese, Indians, Vietnamese and all other immigrant groups.)

    More Zman opinionating: “If Trump is able to strong arm Republicans into ending wholesale immigration, Team Brown’s strategy for dominating the nation is foreclosed.”

    We don’t know that. It depends who makes more babies faster. Lots of Mexican immigrants don’t vote. They are illegals. Their kids (mostly) are not illegals and will vote. It might be we have passed the point of no return. Once Texas goes blue the GOP is locked out of the White House. Any immigration slowing Trump has accomplished can probably be reversed in a near future election cycle.

    Zman: ” it is not unreasonable to wonder if the Progressive pendulum is about to swing the other way, away from national dominance back toward local autonomy.”

    No way. The Swamp has their hooks in everything, and will not let go, ever. Until they are dead and buried. There is not model of Conservatives winning local autonomy fights, and in more and more States, the State is controlled by the Blue HIve in the center. Washington State was the model for the “shall issue” carry movement, it’s always had very conservative gun-friendly gun laws. Last cycle, thanks to a group of five billionaires we had a citizen-initiative that passed the “no gun show loophole” law. (Yes, there was no such loophole. They still ran on that slogan.) It’s now illegal to give a shotgun to your son for his 18 birthday without doing a background check.

    Washington is dominated by Seattle / Tacoma.
    Oregon is dominated by Portland.
    Soon Idaho will be dominated by Boise, which is full of SJW busybodies, and they, too, will be passing “gun show loophole” laws.

    The politics of America is a zip-tie. It only gets tighter no matter which end you pull on. America is going to get more and more blue. To take a zip tie off a prisoner or a bundle of something the only tool that works is a sharp blade.

    If American wants to stop sliding into Blueness it, too, will take a sharp blade. Zman is wrong. There is no hiding out (for too long) in some red county, particularly not in a red (or trending red) state.

    Try to buy a AR in any county in California, no matter how red. You can’t. Counties are ineffectual guarantees of any sort of liberty (but are great an enforcing draconian interpretation of building and zoning codes.)

    More crap from Zman.

    • seems spot on to me. i can’t see anything to disagree on. only thing i can add is that dopey and lazy whites will be the death of this country. the sjw’s will just be fun to pop up close with 22s.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Try to buy a AR in any county in California, no matter how red. You can’t.”

      Maybe not from a store, no. But if you have cash and contacts, just about everything is always available.

    • ^^^THIS.

  11. “Over all, America is suffering from a loss of dynamism. New business formation is down.”

    That’s what happens when the productive host organism is buried under an ever-growing number of parasites. Nothing like creeping socialism to burden an economy.

    Brooks is either dishonest or incompetent. His piece reads like an example of how to lie with statistics.You cannot compare two scenarios without controlling for all the variables that differ between them. OF COURSE urban areas are more dynamic; there are many reasons for this, none having to do with immigration.

    • His son is in the military – the Israeli military. What a great patriot.

      • The Israeli Military is a fucking Joke.

        They haven’t won an engagement in 40 years.

        Their soldiers run away when attack.

        They are not warriors, they are security.

      • The Israeli Military doesn’t even train.

        They just upgrade their stuff and eat humus all day.

        And drink and chase women.

  12. Yup there’s nowhere for the dirt people to run..but why should we? Our ancestors built America up from nothing.

    Meanwhile the me’hicans and others ‘still run for the border’ (while scumolis from Shitholia are imported by the plane loads).

    Kinda makes one wonder why Taco Bull doesn’t run these ads any more?…

    Run for the Border

    Taco Bell Meximelt – Make A,Run for the Border

    Of course by ’94 they were merely saying….
    Taco Bell – Cross the Border

    Or maybe LA Raza couldn’t stand the humor from the ‘Frito Bandito ads…

    Frito Bandito

    Or Senor Naugles

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III