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Herschel: Europe Is Finished

Hope the young lady can make it over to FUSA.

Buchanan: In a Trump Hunt, Beware the Perjury Trap


Arc de Trump: The President’s New Nationalism Takes the Davos Stage

The Diplomad gives POTUS high grades for the speech above.

Do you?

(Via Twitter above and below)

Lind: His Majesty’s Birthday

Travels with Kaiser Wilhelm II.

To hell and back.

Totally On The Level

“Obstruction of Justice” – Special Agent Strzok Text Message Highlights FBI Investigative Intent

(H/t Bracken via Twitter)

PS: Just who is Peter Strzok? Go here, read comment #13, and consider:

Greenfield: How A Civil War Happens

Or, if you prefer, the written version.

H/t to the WRSA commenter who suggested this piece.

A bas l’hérésie égalitaire!

Democracy Dies In (Democratic) Darkness

I know!

I know!

Let’s do it harder and better!

With a different womyn!

Who’s brownish and everything!

Who, Whom? — Population Replacement Edition

The good, above.

The bad, below:

The ugly:

This is how a nation dies – when its so-called “leaders” pledge their fealty to foreign hordes, rather than the natives of that land.

It has killed The Place Where Great Britain Used To Be.

The former Germany is moribund.

La belle France is fading fast.


Flatline in a decade.

The Law Is Dead

What will follow?

Remember this little guy.

He is already your superior.

Or do you have politicians of both parties actively pursuing your personal and tribal interests, old white man?


Via Twitter.

Oh Noes!

The Republican Party Emerges From Decades of Court Supervision Regarding Waaaaacisss Ballot Tactics

Don’t worry, little ones.

The Dead Elephant leadership will screw this up.

There’s Got To Be A Morning After

Via the Rightly-Guided One.

Attkisson: As The Walls Close In, The FBI Lashes Out At Its Antagonists

NKVD lite.

For now.

Denninger: To All Young Americans

A few questions.

RRW: Which of these men is coming to your town?

They seem nice.

Come on. You know you need more hostile, ignorant young men from a wildly-different culture where you live.

To think otherwise would be waaaaacisss.

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What Time Is It, Boys & Girls?

ZH: It’s Official! The Risk Of Nuclear Annihilation Is At An All-Time High

Bob Smith and Howdy too…
Say ‘Toodle-loo” to you.

Every Breath You Take

H/t to Kenny for this Insty link on omnisurveillance-ville.



Bracken Sends

Via Twitter.

Spread it near and far.

On “The Resistance”

“The Resistance”

To Whom Does The Resistance Answer?

Field Report: CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park

CMP site

Range FAQ

Event calendar




If you are within 500 miles of this facility and do not make a road trip, you are missing out.


Even if you are east of the Mississippi and south of the Mason-Dixon line, it’s still worth the drive.

Have not used anything yet but the 100 and 200/300/600 HP rifle ranges.

Pony up $30/day/person, watch a 15 minute safety video (then get your card confirming you have done so, which is good for a year), bring your cased rifle with chamber flag inserted (available upon request at admin), and report to the 100 yard rifle range, where you and your rifle will be evaluated while firing a few shots by a range officer for incompetence/safety.

Assuming you are not a threat to others or the range, you and your re-cased rifle will then be sent to the HP range, where you can shoot from the bench or from standard NRA HP/F Class positions.

Once you have shot with electronic scoring, you won’t ever want to go back to pits and relays.

Helpful, friendly staff at all interfaces, including range masters.

Very nice clubhouse.

Great Creedmoor pro shop.

Did I mention you are missing out?

Plan the trip now.

You can do it.

762 168 .19 MOA at 300