Attkisson: New FBI messages reveal agents sought way to evade federal record requirements

Totally legit.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. “The good news? If the American NKVD as an institution survives its attempts to both manipulate an American presidential election and to depose a lawfully-elected President, the Old USA will be undeniably deceased. Think, plan, and act accordingly.”

    and anyone who still flies those putrid federal colors afterwards not only identify themselves as fools, but also- the enemy. expect no quarter murkins.

    300 million is a good round number.

  3. Kind of hijacked Mike Bishop’s original and changed it up a bit.
    Anyone heard from Mike?
    I hope he is OK.

  4. Please Please Please

    Appoint Sarah Palin

    Made this one up last spring after learning what they were trying to do to Trump. Imagine the howls of rage. The rending of hair, it would be Trumps most brilliant political coup. Fake Media would totally loose their collective minds, and, after all, Sarah Palin took on the largest oil companies in the world, decades of political cronyism, and kicked there arses.

    • Fun, but an agency that no longer exists cant have a head.
      They need to be gone and then there can be a debate about replacing them or expanding the Federal Marshal services to absorb the duty of investigating Federal crimes.

      • Not arguing with you, so much as I figure be a pretty rare event it is shut down. You would have to escort every single agent out the door co-ordinated in one fell swoop at the same time in every city has a branch. if not you still have the problem of the cunning ones who manage stay behind status.
        They all need to be gone. Its the systemic nature of the rot, you leave a couple here and there, its the whole swamp thing.

        Look at it this way, the deep states job is the sow disorder, make their enemies look bad, spread doubt, discontent.
        Palin’s job would to spread her fundamental honest fervor of righteousness, spreading doubt and confusion, disrupting their SOP.
        That woman is a Rottweiler.

  5. When do the firing squads start, and how can I be one of those delivering the justice so sorely needed? It’s not a problem on tools; I can bring my own rifle(s) and about a thousand rounds of 7.62x51mm NATO ball. Or 7.92mm Mauser.

    Or 7.62x54R, too, but that might send the wrong signal on the write-up about us patriotic volunteers taking on distasteful tasks like this..

    Will that be enough ammo, and is there a sign-up sheet found somewhere on the Internet? All i need is a link.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Firing squads? Nah, Roman coliseum races: two lines of equal length, first oerson in each line kneels and passes a gladius to the person behind them. The person with the gladius beheads the person in front of them (since most people don’t really know how to use a sword very well, it will usually take a couple of good whacks), then kneels and passes the gladius back to the person behind them. Repeat until the last person in line is reached. He/she becomes the lead-off person in tomorrow’s race.

  6. Not for nothing, Sheryl isn’t putting 2 + 2 together.
    There’s shit goes back to Ruby Ridge and why it matters. Fast and Furious. Oklahoma City, lots more, it all goes thru two agencies and straight to the Clinton Regime & Crime Syndicate: DOJ & FBI.

    Remember who it was at Burns Oregon.
    Like to see a memo about the FISA Warrant the FBI obtained for tracking & setting up LeVoy Finnicum and the other protesters. Its how they where able to ambush LeVoy before he made it over the county line. Who ordered the hit on LeVoy?..because…
    …These guys don’t wipe their ass’s without running it up the chain of command. Shit, the Clintons embedded political officers with every operation and scam.
    And thats the thing. The whole thing in Burns connects right back to everything the memo has to do with the deep state. It all leads back to the Clintons. Uranium 1.
    And who is above the Clintons?
    Those two are too fucking stupid to be the ring leaders.
    Nobody is asking these questions
    Ferris Bueller?

    Bet the Dutchman would get a thrill down his leg and have a few choice comments seeing this fucking crap going down. God bless him.

    • “Bet the Dutchman would get a thrill down his leg and have a few choice comments seeing this fucking crap going down. God bless him.”

      A Prophet hath no honor in his own country (time).

      But Time proves him right and honor is, however belatedly, his at last.

      Requiesce in Pace dear Brother, Mike Vanderbeough.

  7. Of course they sought ways to make sure the law doesn’t apply to them, they are in the “JUST US” department after all. Ok, does ANYBODY still believe the USA NKVD has ANY credibility remaining with over half the American population?

    IMHO, they’ve been corrupt since the very beginning starting with J E Hoover but it was their action at ruby ridge that woke me to these asswipes.

    Grey Ghost

  8. I listened to CNN on XM driving home tonight.

    They are wetting themselves in fear and loathing of the release of this memo. They are trotting out all sorts of old bags to talk about the Nixon’s firing of Cox, laying it on as thick as they can.

    The memo is to be discredited because Adam Schiff isn’t being allowed to provide a creative-writing alternative, that has not gone through any level of vetting, which the Nunes memo has.

    I’ve never seen them quite so upset about something that hasn’t happened. It’s a wonderful thing to witness.

    I just hope that Trump has the balls to pull the trigger on this thing and let it loose.

  9. Then again, to close for comfort; 90 miles away??
    Meanwhile in other news:
    “Fidel “Fidelito” Castro Díaz-Balart was both his father’s namesake and cousin to the Miami exile politicians who bitterly opposed Castro. He had run Cuba’s nuclear power program until a dispute with his father. Castro Díaz-Balart committed suicide today, per Cuban state media.”
    – Patrick Oppmann – CNN

  10. Federal agents (toadying for HopeyDopey, but their ultimate master is the bureaucracy itself, always) looking for new ways to escape and evade the law?