Situational Assessment 2018: The Calm Before The Storm

Big-think (and a little too proud of its opacity) piece on the information conflict heating up between the Elites and their antitheses.

Worth your time, along with the embedded links, if you can spare the Adderall.


You are both player and played.

And there is no practical way off the battlefield.

Or at least the consequences of what happens there.

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  2. Many interesting points in this article, but the general theme of decentralization is pivotal. What makes it difficult is that even theorhetically decentralized media (such as Twitter) has an overlord, a control grid that seeks to suppress true free thinking, or dissention from the “blue church” as the author describes.

    Tech innovation is needed to spur this process along!

    Maybe an easier way to put it is this: those who are smart enough to see that the emperor is not clothed at all, that he is naked, are gradually introducing REALITY back into the world. Further exposure to reality will lead to awakening in others and loss of influence of the blue church. In the end, those who will rigidly hold to that failing edifice are dumb enough not to matter!

  3. That was just a little too esoteric, too abstract for me. Anyone else “get” what he’s writing about?

    • I struggled through it twice.

      There is some there there.

      The core concept can be viewed as (depending on POV) either delegitimization of ALL existing institutions or radical empowerment of the individual. It’s the same thing, really.

      Ubiquitous availability of transmission/reception choice regarding anything by everyone at the sole discretion of each individual as to subject/time/geography via the Internet means that all traditional modes of nation-corporate-state expression are at risk, even the nasty ones such as big wars and little wars (as conventionally understood). That is why the information-industrial complex is trying so desperately to control speech on all platforms (save for Gab, which has evolved in response to the clampdown attempts). I’m surprised that WordPress hasn’t nuked this place, to be honest.

      Twenty years ago, could you imagine an America where increasingly, the NYT, ABCBSNBCPBS, and the WaPo simply don’t matter, except to their pathetic curated-propaganda junkies?

      Twenty years ago, could you imagine getting mash notes directly from the President of the United States?

      Yet that is what Twitter is, at least in the age of DJT.

      And the fun/chaos/destruction/reconstruction has just begun.

      Just wait until the social “safety net” programs across the West are all revealed to be bankrupt, both morally and (much more importantly) financially. It will be the collapse of the Soviet Union redux – internally and externally – for the West. Then factor in second and third order consequences of that betrayal – and the battle between truth and Evil as to who/how/what’s next – conducted in a world where Alex Jones and Matt Bracken have more credibility (and thus power) than the combined organs of State, Press, and Church combined.

      Or when the Pope “reconciles” with Islam.

      There’s a reason why the PRC has clamped down hard and will continue squeezing in both online and physical space. They understand that if 1.4 billion people can talk to each other openly, there’s no way for the Party to play its reindeer games.

      Just imagine if 6 billion or more people can talk with each other, openly.

      To me, while the article is too online-centric, its premises of radical individual empowerment and the need for tight, trust-based relationships between like-minded people simultaneously both in cyber and meat spaces ring true.

      Or, as you’ve seen ad nauseum in the WRSA masthead, all we have is each other.

      Lord help us all.

      The global, species-level party has just begun.

      • The author really liked the word “insurgency”. It’s not an insurgency in the sense most WRSA readers would understand it involving commoners/peasants/helots forming a revolt on their own. The so-called insurgency we are seeing is still a Palace Coup in slow motion. A palace coup is the [mostly] “nonviolent overthrow of a sovereign or government by senior officials within the ruling group.”

        However, if a faction within the elite needs the commoners/peasants/helots to actually arm up for battle to assist the *management transition team* of that elite faction, then it will move to that stage after those commoners/peasants/helots have been programmed to kill each other first.

        After the management team conducts an evaluation of their service the commoners/peasants/helots may receive a “thank you for your service” and/or some other benefits (subject to later change at the sole discretion of the elite). For example in FUSA after the [first] Revolution (aka The First Global Transatlantic Transition) it was a land grant worth millions in today’s dollars for each soldier of the Continental Army. After the most recent sandbox wars it’s bee reduced to low cost healthcare (which in other first world countries is provided free of charge to anyone residing within those borders who never risked their life for anything). I expect after the next Transition war those new veterans will get a smartphone app which allows them to eat a few more calories each day.


    It is really a great piece of thinking. Even the author struggles to put what it is exactly into words. Maybe no one can. But does it really matter? Maybe.
    I know what that is about what the guy is saying, he’s trying to sneak up on it from all sorts of angles, but you can’t explain it.
    Its funny because I think I know what it is like, it is like Morpheus describing to Neo what the Matrix is before Neo was actually like Alice, shown what the Matrix is, “Like A Splinter In Your mind” “you know it is there but you can’t explain it.” Down the Rabbit hole…how deep the Rabbit hole goes.
    “Hang on, because Kansas, is going Bye Bye.”

    Its The Honorable Resistance. Its secession from the slavery of the State by an “unorganized ” collection of individually insurgent dirt people who said BFYTW, we don’t care, we no longer believe what you think has any bearing on anything we are and will do is worth a damn. Its war of winning hearts and minds, except it is the individual, and the individualistic sense of self winning itself, because that is how legitimate insurgency’s create themselves, by starting with themselves personally. A motive power collectively shared by many people naturally without even all of them realizing they are thinking alike of a larger scale then their smaller collective experience among family tribe and small community. But they are merging because of that very thing.
    And that translates well to digital medium that is not a product of the deeper state systems of control, which has had a monopoly for generations on the analog medium and has what it considers the strategic assets in digital medium. Which misses the whole concept and idea of 4th generation war insurgency, which is not to get bogged down is set piece battles, but to remain light on its feet, able to jab and slice then withdraw to attack again from another flank or even get in behind its rear.
    But, its the ultimate in withdrawal of consent. Something again the deep state can not fathom, as it has held total power over the message so long it thinks it is a permanent monopoly. And that right there is its total blind side. Its soft underbelly if you will.
    And as we witness more each day, sometimes by the hour, Consent, it is the most powerful weapon ever devised.
    The entire “deep state” has no power over us dirt people anymore. We withdrew our Consent, it is ours, it can not be taken by any power, it can only be given. The “deep state”, it only can not see or conceive of such a cascade preference. It is beyond their collective realm, kind of the ultimate OODA Loop move of flank them then leave the deep state to wither on the vine.
    And even that isn’t a strategy, it is inherently intrinsic actualization of a nebulous movement of people all moving towards a collect mindset of realizing they are a kind of plurality. When that happens, the insurgency has effectively won. Though the insurgency has no idea until it happens it has that power.
    There is something sublime, an Audacity to it. When it happens, nothing can stand in its way. Its heading for it. Like the author says it can’t be predicted, only “that it is.”
    “They”, the church, its “deep state” by its system of control, its power, created the Zeitgeist, and it has no idea, what BFYTW is.

    If I had to sum it up in as few words as possible, it’s The Great Fuck You. Now that, is something which is not hard to understand.
    If your the dirt people.

  5. The author blasted the “Boomers” as being the main force in the Blue Church who would “make the last stand” (or some-such). I am a proud VERY Conservative Boomer, and almost all the Boomers I have know were for the most part “red-ish” more than blue. Where do people like this author and others like “Rock Star22” find enough Boomers to base all their blame on current conditions?
    I think I know. I was reading about what is now referred to as the Deep State way back in the 1970’s and hated them. I have always backed smaller government and all the other good conservative goals, but I am lumped in with a bunch of same-age commies I have always wanted to kill, not hug.

    • huh?

      maybe because most “boomers” have no game left in them- if they ever had any to begin with. fat, lazy, unfit, and unenlightened describes the majority of them.

      Rockstar22 has it right.

      • “Rockstar22 has it right.”

        He may be right about the boomers; that’s easy. But he’s very wrong with this—“It ain’t me.” One of the problems with that is that the better you are, the worse it is.

    • Red-ish sounds lukewarm.

      Not all Boomers are to blame but it was certainly during the entire adult lifetime of the Boomers that those of us who are younger either saw the following take place when we were kids or read about it in history books:

      *Falling away from conservative Christian values
      *Explosion of Porn
      *Legal Abortion
      *Legal Gay Marriage
      *Loss of border controls followed by amnesty (including by the RINO fake conservative known as Reagan)
      *Involvement in one foreign war (and national emergency) after another that did not require Congress to actually declare war under the Constitution
      *The constant unhindered rise of taxes, the surveillance state, and the creation of new government offices and associated swarms of officers who eat out our substance
      *One financial scam after another from the S&L Crisis to the 2008 housing pop (which is now re-inflating as bad as before for the reasons below)

      That’s a very incomplete list but it’s bad enough as it is.

      Keep in mind I’m too young to retire, but old enough to remember when the Boomers were called “The Me Generation”. Today’s duckface selfies are at least mostly confined to social media but certainly don’t exceed the parking lot meatspace dramas of adults from the 1960s-90s.

      Porn, swinging, serial marriage/divorce, re-blended families –your generation *perfected* it long before the first cellphone ever touched a millennial baby’s ear. Those things alone left unchecked were bad enough to destroy this country.

      What we have left of the current system seems to be duck-taped together to last just long enough to get the Boomers through their depends diapers and quietly into their graves one at a time. There were very few Boomers who even seemed concerned about the future they were creating for subsequent generations, with one notable exception:

      However, the resistance to real reform was a “Deep Boomer” 😉 thing by then and supported by the Deep State to keep that very large voting block happy. No Boomer wanted “MY MONEY” affected by any proposed freezes or cuts (gasp!) to private pensions, SS, Medicare, etc. No, no, let the kids and grandkids figure out how to pay the bills later. Perfect example of the “me generation” attitude. It’s also a perfect example of PATRONAGE. The Boomers took their payoff from the pyramid scheme and have gone to the casino.

      Granted I understand your generation was handed the financial books from your parent’s generation already showing some longterm issues. The message back then was “if trends continue, we’re in trouble.” Your generation had a chance to enact and implement some tough measures in their time of power. The Boomers could have forgone the frosting on their large cake, but instead chose to keep the party going for them. Everyone Gen X and younger will inherit the bill for it. The blood in the streets 10 or 20 years from now may be more literal rather than financial as a result. Most of the boomers will be dead by then. But, that was the whole point for the me generation –to escape any painful consequences in life.

      On that note let’s end with some dark humor:

      Boomers: I just started your morphine drip. It’s covered under medicare. Here’s an extra pillow and some nice music. Can I get you anything else?
      Gen X: We’re out of morphine. Be happy there was an open bed on the death ward today and you don’t have to die in the cold under an overpass. I don’t have time for any questions. I’m here by myself with you and 29 other people. You have no idea what kind of day I’m having.
      Millennial: Your end of life packet including the Greatest Day suicide pill is on its way. Please take the pill at your pre-designated time. Failure to do so will result in a special assistance team visit. For any questions please consult your app and the virtual soul travel guide.
      Gen Z: We can fight or we can go to the camps and starve. At least a bullet is fast. Damn all those who came before us! May God help us!

      • GS: So happy for you that you are so facilely able to absolve yourself and all successive generations of any responsibility for your miserable situation.

        How’s that going to work out for you, do you think?

        Just live long enough to watch “gen Z” fight it out for you?

    • Chet,
      It would seem that we have two opposites doing the dividing. One divides by hate ( hating each other.) Lumping their perceived enemy’s into collectives and groups. This is the easy way out. So they think. They seem to not yet realize we all make our own choices. They are enslaved to those they blame.
      The other is dividing with love, with Truth, looking at individuals as individuals, hating the evil, hating the lies.

    • have to chime-in with chet on his point. a great many boomers cashed in on the promise that hard work got rewarded, and politics for the most part was a gentleman’s sport that really didn’t mean much. that’s why we have houses that are paid off, trucks that are paid for, and just this month, completing the plans for this years garden. it didn’t mean much to have guns when you could order them from the sears christmas catalog, if the local hardware store didn’t have what you wanted. no questions asked. we weren’t all going around shooting each other back then.

      we did get to watch as the conditions evolved when the big companies started catering to the next generation of consumers, and then the next, to where today hard work is not rewarded. knowledge and skills are way down the list of employable traits behind social posturing “feels” and diversity. and as we all quietly faded into the early retirement track, the companies started to fail. trains don’t move without an engine. solving this meant going outside the country for workers with knowledge and skills and who had the ability to go 8 hours without checking their phone.

      sure, there were the few commie types that exploited the system for their own gain and/or chose the path of politics, but we were even back then tolerant and accommodating to complete jerk types. we had the luxury of ignoring them. they were few and far between.

      but just like with the muslim question or the illegals today, back in the 60’s, there were only a few of them. then ten years later there were noticeably more, until at present, they number in the tens of millions and are everywhere. and into everything. can’t even watch a commercial on tv anymore without having that multicultural family (the new stereotype) pushed on every kind of product from cereal and toothpaste to vacations, cars, and home loans.

      to say the current state of things is the fault of the boomers implies it was our responsibility to “kill them all and let God sort them out”, a la charles martel, so the present generation wouldn’t have to put up with them. while very insightful, it was just not very practical at the time. by the time we got around to reading Solzhenitsyn and Niemöller we were too old to do much more than start warning the next generations. the reward for that hard work is little more than ridicule and marginalization, because “whats a bunch of old white guys know.” as chet observed.

      so yes, it’s all crap today because we were too busy enjoying the good life and trying to build up something to pass on, but now that subsequent generations have nothing but social and economic poverty, maybe they have less at stake for taking action and will do what we failed to do.

      did i leave anything out chet?

    • “Boomers” are his boogieman du jour for standing with his thumb up his ass and watching the Clilnton and Obozo regimes run roughshod over the republic.
      When you can’t process reality, find a scapegoat. Worked for Hitler with Jooooos!, worked for Stalin with kulaks, works now for those unable to face their own impotence.
      “Boomers” BTW, were the last majority-white generation in America, since Teddy Kennedy’s IRA started letting in the alien hordes in 1965. So he’s cucking pretty hard there to blame older white men.


      And you can see in comments, above, who that sort of twaddle appeals to.
      Draw your own conclusions.

      And GS, everything you’re talking about was sponsored by Hef, Guccione, Flynt, Steinem, Helen Gurley Brown et al, all pre-Boomers, (the Silent Generation born circa 1925-45) and starting when Boomers were still in short pants in the 1950s. Eisenhower warned about the military-industrial complex in 1960, when the oldest Boomers were all of 15.

      Kinda undoes that whole blame game too.

      Thanks for playing boys and girls. Just because some people are entirely ignorant of history doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

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  7. Chet and GS, you’re right and mistaken. Most “Boomers” were quasi-socialists in personal finances. The “Greatest Generation” on the other hand were communists in these personal matters.

    I am a “late Boomer” and have been disenfranchised since high school. I contested social programs over private enterprise sector opportunities, but the Greatest Generation (G.G.) controlled government until the 1990’s.

    I contested Social(ist ) Security in favor of private pensions, the G.G. vetoed that with communist taxes. I contested MediCare and the G.G. vetoed that as well. As a Boomer voter I voted for minimal government and governmental interferences (regulations). G.G. vetoed that.

    I never had a can to kick down the road, never expected to collect S.S. pensions, never signed up for Medi-Care/Medic-Aid.

    As for the drugs, sex, rock n roll and porn, the G.G. encouraged that as well because so many were liberals, progressives, Democrats, atheists, Marxists and socialists. I opposed them and they put me on the list back in 1978.
    It was also the only thing us poor whites were offered, take it or leave it. For those of us who left it, we were left behind socially, economically, politically and civically.

    I am reminded that I never empathized with the status quo, I was working nights and missed out on all that television, Charlie’s Angels, Dukes of Hazard, Happy Days, ad naseum.

    I did what I could while trying to find a carrier vocation and a practical education without the public assistance, from which I was NOT entitled as a maximum amount withheld tax payer. On minimum or bottom wages. My generation had occupational provincialism and Chaste systems.

    Boomers did kick it down the road, G.G. was the ultimate Me Generation. They got everything from Uncle Sam and gave back nothing for posterity.

    I feel for Gen X, Y, Z and Millenials. I want to join your fight, but the generational bigotry puts me off when whipper snappers make blind assumptions about me. Tomorrow is another day, we’ll try again should one junior open his mind an listen first. Something my generation never did.

  8. Garry F. Owen, Trooper

    The monetization of chaos and crisis, as well as, the accumulation of power drives and feeds the Beast.

  9. John Boyd’s thinking. A good FREE introduction to it is:

    Better yet, get it in paperback from Amazon and highlight the hell out of it.