OregonLive: FBI told state police not to wear body cameras for 2016 stop of Finicum and other refuge occupation leaders

Absolutely nothing hinky at all.

If you’re in the FBI, that is.

Related government filing in opposition to shooter’s motion to dismiss

20 responses to “OregonLive: FBI told state police not to wear body cameras for 2016 stop of Finicum and other refuge occupation leaders

  1. Slimey ,lying,murdering sons of bitchs.

  2. Again I have to go back to Waco. There was part of the hearings where an individual was being questioned by Congress, and he indicated that he or one of his direct reports was instructed by the FBI to STOP working on documentation because they were producing Brady material. That would be material that would be required to be turned over to Defense attorneys. SO we have a pattern of this going back at least to 93.
    They understand the rules and they know how to elude them.
    You cant be forced to produce information that does not exist.

  3. Shinmen Takezo

    This completely normal–normal that is when you want to coverup a murder.

  4. LaVoy Finicum’s last known words, and now we know why…the bastards had already fired into the truck. He knew.

    • Brother, tears haven’t flowed in a while….

      “People that are alike – Like each other”

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”
      and woman too…

      PS The mother is from a place I knew of…
      A Land that time forgot…

  5. read a lot of comments talking about Public Lands, I bet these folks never sat day in federal court watching a federal judge issue fine after fine for people just using the Public Land. the P in Public stands for Pay the man his money.

  6. But muh rank and file!

  7. This is ridiculous.

    The Blacks at my college told me that putting cameras on the police will stop the lies.

    I told them EXACTLY this scenario would occur.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Cameras on police can allow for a very easy overhaul of things.

      1. No body camera footage of an event, no qualified immunity. Perp gets the same 4,378 count indictment that a mundane would in the same situation.

      2. The jury will be given the standard instruction that when a party produces weaker evidence of an event, when they could produce stronger evidence, the presumption is that the stronger evidence was not produced because it goes against them.

      Won’t ever happen, of course, but it could – if we had an honest system.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Upon seeing the docs this morning at 0:500, I forwarded them to the White House. To the Donald. Who knows if he will see them. All I know is if me, or someone else didn’t forward the Intel, Donald certainly wouldn’t see it.

    I’ve now been to the memorial site twice. It’s no longer up, and I didn’t go the 26th,” last week” We went to a meeting in Bend Or, where a group of citizens reviewed the documents from last week.

    As we left a friend and I commented at about the same second, we both wondered which citizen or citizens were really snitches or FBI, pukes, not that it matters to me.

    My friend has been working with Sheriff Glen Palmer since right after the Oregonian a left leaning rag filed suit against him, and filed a complaint with DPSST, which is the law enforcement certification agency here in Oregon.

    Both have cost him lots of money, but he’s beat both complaints. The money parts where my associate and others come in.

    Lots and lots of fund raisers for Sheriff Palmers defense fund.


    • Fun fact: the SAC in charge of the operation at Burns and the superintendent of the OSP are both on the DPSST board.
      Interesting that the roadblock was set up just south of the Grant County line, isn’t it?
      Thanks for helping Sheriff Palmer.

  10. No need to get wrapped up in the weeds. LaVoy was murdered because he was pissing on their cornflakes. Worse than that he knew how to inspire others to do the same. RIP LaVoy.

  11. Git sum.

  12. Elmo, this LaVoys MURDER, was a sanctioned hit. Nothing about this case is right. From hiding the road block, to,OSP,and no cameras, to non recorded interviews, to OSP having a new law made in Oregon shielding the identity of the two OSP,shooters. If your bored, review the email chain from our Oregon governors office, and note exactly who and what orginizations are involved.

    Add the email chain from DOJ, and Oregon’s state senators.

    The LaVoy Finnicum murder is so scandalous that even the top folks in DC inc, and the current FISA court issues pale in comparison.

    While I have zero tangable proof, it is my observation that the FBI HRT, simply got caught doing what they have always done. Their shoot,shovel shut up act, isn’t new. It’s taught behavior.the HRT were taught this.

    The problem for them is, this time they got caught. Their act is so tight,,that only one HRT member is,getting thrown under the bus.

    What a goat fuck. Until Finnicum,s murder these HRT guys have been handed a licenses to kill, by the federal govt..

    I don’t know Sheriff Glen Palmer, personally, I’ve not been involved in his group. I have been kept abreast of what the citizens who,support him have done. That group have been remarkable, in defending him.

    I also,did not know that the Portland FBI, SAC was on the board of BPSST.

    I find it odd that the papers, the media, never mentioned this little fact to the citizens of Oregon.

    Lastly, that OSP,or any law enforcement organization is actively in Salem, seeking to influence pending legislation is wrong. Their jobs are to enforce the laws made by state legislatures, not be involve in the law making.

    Dirk Williams

  13. Tom,,you mailed it. LaVoy was a natural leader of men. He resimated with folks. That made him a dangerous man, to the establishment.

    I’m no so,some who is a follower. Nor am I somebody imterested in leading.

    Yet I,would have followed LaVoy thru the gates of hell. I’ve never been to a funeral, until LaVoys. Some higher power compelled me to drive 18 hours to Kanab Ut, to honor this man.

    I was so touched by the family, by the folks.

    As I stood with a group, I’d never met, a lady walked by, and for some reason I said, good morning. She stopped looked at me, and then everybody standing their and stated ” yes it is a good morning, isn’t it”

    After we entered the church, I looked over at the family, and was surprised to realize that lady was Jennette Finnicum.


  14. Louis Newman

    Ruby Ridge, Waco, Lavoy Finicum, FISA Memo, letting Hillary off the hook — why would we not trust the FBI, bastard brother to F Troop (ATF.)

  15. So, if someone is shooting at your back while your hands up in surrender. don’t you have a right to shoot back? (The way the gun was placed in the left pocket, it would have drawn upside down with the right hand, oops, bad plant!). Shot in the back by OSP, for all they could see he was going for a white surrender flag! Draw your own conclusions. But I think its pretty clear, where politics are involved, surrender is not an option.