The Boomers’ Darkest Secret

Unfortunately, the following caveat seems to be necessary:

If any WRSA reader, by virtue of that status alone, thinks that he or she is truly representative of the Americans born between 1945 and 1965 – as opposed to simply having been born during those years – I would urge you to look more deeply around you. In other words, given that WRSA readers are exceptionally non-representative of the general population, each reader of this post should exercise significant detachment from the allegations and conclusions of the following article.

Unless, of course, the shoe fits. Then fix the problem, eh?

Now, RTWT and the comments, thoughtfully, in prep for this question:

How do we each as individuals maximize generational transfer of the right ideas/skills/philosophy during each of our remaining time on the planet?

87 responses to “The Boomers’ Darkest Secret

  1. Group description, like group punishment, is generally functionally retarded.

    The only information conveyed to anyone, about anything, by the use of the word “Boomer” (unless one is refering colloquially to nuclear missile-carrying submarines), is someone who was born in the U.S. during approximately 1945-1965.

    That’s. It.

    Once you’ve said that, you’ve exhausted all capacity for conveying further information.

    Any attempt to extrapolate anything further than the era in which they were born to such a person, or pack-mule additional imputations based wholly upon one’s own internal prejudices, is entirely the product of a weak – or entirely absent – intellect.

    The “shoe” in other words, fits everyone in one finite way, and no one in any other way whatsoever.

    It’s thus a bankrupt term.

    It’s the rhetorical equivalent of using a US$ bill, and telling people it’s actually money, rather than being merely currency.

    Its only use, knowing that, is to tell more lies than truths, in any context in which it’s used outside of the bare chronological grouping.

    The people who don’t know that, merely self-identify their ongoing mental handicaps.
    The ones who do know it, and don’t therefore flee from using it like scalded cats, self-identify as the worst sort of dishonest merchants.

    This also why the only place one finds rattles is in baby’s hands, and on certain snakes.
    Carry on in either capacity at your leisure.

    • Cf. the use, especially by Leftards, of the repetitive use of words including “racist”, “Nazi”, “white privilege”, “toxic masculinity”, “rape culture”, et cetera, ad nauseum, ad absurdum. It’s a mental disease, or an absolute organic dysfunction, like retardation or cretinism.

      The terms are thus entirely devoid of any linguistic meaning whatsoever, including that which normal and rational people would impute to the terminology used, and bankrupt the words and phrases applied of any useful information at all, except to group the objects of such infantile tantrums into a gaggle of trendy catch-phrase synonyms for “people I don’t like”, to the same degree one might choose a favorite flavor of ice cream.

      One and all may understandably have such, but to impute the vilest terms of disdain to other people who don’t share that flavor preference, is the sign of psychotic infantilism and narcissism, to the clinical definitions of those terms.
      The nightly newscasts and daily papers are replete with exemplars of that disease, otherwise ably described in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four as “The Two-Minutes Hate.”

      Given that, I’ll now go read the referenced link, and see how otherwise standard terminology there is used or misused, how closely life imitates art, and whether the author actually understands Orwell, or just illustrates his points.

      • The answer to the question in the OP would be to start by avoiding all of those who use the phrase “Boomer”, and the like, and try to find the exceptional folks from whatever generation who don’t live up to your worst expectations within five minutes of talking to them.

        That alone is a herculean task.

        If someone wants to rescue The Cluelessly Lost And Loving It bunch, and has the spare time and resources, bully for you.

        • Dude.

          My West Point Officers, trained by Boomers, went to Baghdad and gave millions and millions of dollars in cash to the Enemy.

          I was there.

          Guess what my dad said when I got back and told him?

          “I dont believe you and I cant care”

          Fuck the boomers. Your parents saved the world. The boomers trashed it.

          • Fuck you, millennial scum

          • And you’re a fucking crybaby that needs someone to blame for his own inadequacies, just like the rest of your generation.

            You never did tell me where you want that baby blanket and binky sent.

            Say how much dope did you do this week and how many whores did you bang? I hope you’re using protection, there’s some nasty shit going around out there.

            On another note – you are starting to sound like my old man. I grew up on his stories of the fighting he did during WWII and how the only reason he survived Pearl was because he was in the base hospital when his ship went down. (he had a long story on how he ended up there) He was everywhere and had done everything. Sounds just like you.

            After his death I found out he didn’t join the Navy until after Pearl and most, if not all, of his stories were a fucking lie.


            • Mountain Cracker

              Get off of my porch…NIGGER!

              • Here’s another example of where you try so hard to get a rise and no one is taking your bait.

                Well here’s another pity, participation trophy, post for you so you don’t leave empty handed.


                like you are going to hurt my feelings by your infantile scrawl on a blog.

                Say you ought to connect up with RS22 and you two can share the binky I’m sending him, but remember to practice safe spit swapping because I’m not too sure he’s careful about where he sticks his dick.

                Well I’m off to bed because 4 in the morning comes way too soon, but you sleep tight son and your mom will be sure get you up in time for lunch.


                sorry CA for trolling the trolls on your blog, I’ll do my best to avoid it in the future

          • I saw the same thing, 20k paid to 1000s of kids in US dollars to pick up trash as community outreach the entire cities is trash everywhere they cleaned up a parking lot spent all day pulling security and riot control on kids and then the gray hair missing teeth “kids” came to collect, next day it was already the new local dump instead of the soccer field it was imagined by our late boomer BC

            • Mountain Cracker

              That’s what the “new niggers do” they get theirs and fuck everything up. Then bitch at you because you didn’t have it as easy as they did (how many of them were rated by a FICO score?) You owe them after all…

  2. “Boomers really do want to world to end after they pass.”

    Here’s what I’ve noticed among my cohort (late boomers / early Xers), you have a pretty solid dividing line between those of us who had kids, and those who didn’t.

    Those who had kids, some now have grand-kids, most of the rest have the prospect of having grandkids soon as their 20-something kids are getting married now.

    So for us we have the same connection to the tree of life that all our ancestors did, and we have no reason to want to see the world end when we pass, in fact a lot of us are obsessed with the world we are leaving our grandkids.

    Now the others, that is the childless Boomers, well how *did they* get there?

    These tend to be people who were narcissistically following their inner siren and spent their whole lives figuring out “who I am”.

    Among the woman you have a lot of promiscuous ladies, again now roughly 60 years old, who, at best may have had a late-in-life desperation marriage with a similar boomer male that failed after a few years. It didn’t result in kids, because it was never intended to.

    Her fertile years may have resulted in multiple pregnancies and abortions, or if she was the conscientious type she successfully remained voluntarily infertile via meticulous use of birth control. If it was “the pill”, and it probably was, this has also modified her body in ways that we don’t fully understand.

    In short: she’s a cat lady now.

    The men of this era were similarly self-obsessed. Some may have been losers in the lady sweepstakes, for what ever reason. Others may have been happy moving from girlfriend to girlfriend every couple years, never will ing to commit. Some have spoken to me of the cost of having children, the lack of focus, the *imposition* and not being able to travel to Italy at the drop of a hat, all the great time they had being childless.

    A few 60 year old men I know are gay, and to be honest, at least they can admit that they didn’t have kids because they couldn’t, and view it as a great loss. Without exception all of these guys were closeted when I met them, and came out later. One assumes every generation has had closeted gays who do not procreate, so this is not something new. They seem to me a lot
    more honest, at age 60, about what they have missed, then the straight men in the same situation.

    Shared among them is the obsessive focus on dogs. They not only own them, but treat them like people, giving them human names like “Jack” or “Larry”, insist on taking them everywhere, and generally dump levels of emotion into them that is usually directed at (human) children.

    These people have no future, literally. I remember my grandparents, I remember stories about my great-grandparents, who lived in the 1800s. In the 2117 it’s likely someone will remember me. Who will remember cat-lady Lisa and dog-man Brad?


    Now, consider this: Brad and Lisa are not only barren and childless, but also godless. As part of their decades long dedication to “doing me” they have no doubt dabbled in all sorts of mysticism and foreign religions, but actual belief in the faith of their fathers was a non-starter. Rejected in youth, as it was a very atheist era (I’m talking about the 1970s and 1980s here, the teens and twenties for our late boomers). And, to be fair many people grew up without any family religion, for them there wasn’t really rejection involved.

    The Silent Generation seemed to be the first generation that was full of non-religious people who went ahead and raised kids this way. Previous generations faked it if they couldn’t make it. Taking the kids to church and sunday school, even if they personally didn’t believe.

    So Brad and Lisa’s cosmology doesn’t include anything bigger than this physical world, which they understand via their existence, so again when their existence ends, from their cosmological position, the world *does* end.

    For them. Which is all they have ever really cared about.

    Why change that now? It’s always worked for them. They are, if not happy, well ensconced in some comfortable position, bills paid, ready to start clipping coupons.

    • Xero: Early Boomer here (1950). Was utterly fascinated by your comment. The truth of it compelled me to respond. Just my experience, no others’. l was All American ’till ‘Nam. Never fucked a woman then watched a little girl have her head blown off. Not complaining. Just sayin’ it fucked me up for the next 10 years. From 22- 30 would walk into unknown bars and announce my intention to fight any fucker with the hair to stand up. Won a few….lost quite a few. Married at 32. Had no children. At about 40, found what life was really about. GIVING OF SELF. I’m in my late 60s now. Still married with surrogate grandkids. If I regret anything, I’m not sure what it would be. Because a different path would have taken me to a different place. An old woman told me many years ago that when you leave this place for a better world some day, the only thing you take is what you gave away. I still believe that.

  3. “Acta Non Verba.”
    The next generation will benefit greatly from that.
    Simply growing old and dying naturally (by His blessing), while the guilty go unpunished for their crimes and traitors go uncontested, guarantees the next generation loses.
    Regardless of how well they learn to ruck, hunt, fish, shoot, build, weld, maintain firearms,
    start a survival fire, and white Western culture, Christian values and American history.
    And spare me the tired, worn out, school yard,
    scapegoat comment “after you, tough guy.”

  4. Solution, the Catholic Solution: Raise as many good children as God gives us, children that will properly influence the next generations.

    While God calls each of us to do our best, He does not promise success in this life, but our good acts (!!!) in this life are necessary to enter Heaven in the next life.

    Quite the contrary to those Catholic solutions, most boomers, even those of the Novus Ordo, have aborted, contracepted, and sodomized their genetic and philosophical and irreligious lineage into infertile oblivion.

    • I dont know if you have been keeping up on current events pal

      The catholics are god damned worthless, self righteous, pretentious assholes.

      As they always have been.

      Catholicism, Islam, Consumerism, and Communism are the 4 horseman bud.

      Seriously, Do you like shiny objects and breath from the mouth?

      • Mountain Cracker

        Oh you didn’t think we were going to go a day without hearing from the Cult of Baby Jew did you?

    • With the exception of “good works” (only the Person and Works of Jesus Christ gets a man into Heaven, good works from us are merely the fruits of abiding in Him who loved us first.) Reformed Christians are of the same bent, Al. Mrs. Green and I married young, 36 years ago. 7 children, 4 sons, 3 daughters, all but the two youngest are married to spouses who not only attend our church (where Biblical exposition re-enforces my Scripturally mandated fatherly instruction) but whose familes have attended it as long as we have. We are Grandparents many times over (with more on the way), every child homeschooled and the boys run the business now and farm with me. The girls, like the boys, are equally skilled (I won’t bore the commentariat with their skill set, they’ve heard it before). I think this lifestyle, and make no mistake, it is a lifestyle, 24-7-365, is my answer to Pete’s question, I am schooling my grandchildren like I schooled my children, they’ll marry like minded folks and our community will continue to expand on the land until the Lord returns. Building the Kingdom, one child at a time.

      • Freeillinois

        Lots of grand kids and more on the way’ Odgreen, You sir are a blessed man.

        Personally I am reading some of the comments and I wonder what planet some of these people are living on. Every one i know wants a future for their children or at least some ones children Maybe its just the rural hick place that i live but wow selfish people that dont give a rats rear end about anyone or anything.

        Maybe i am living on another planet and dont know it

  5. I’m a ’49 model Boomer. Always been working class, a military brat. Something I figured out during the Viet Nam War period: We’ve all been sold a lot of 100% pure bullshit, starting from the Davy Crockett coonskin cap/Disneyland BS to the present. The War, the Army, The National Guard, the Marines, and Truth, Justice, and The American Way was for us working class chumps. The Trust Fund/Rich Hippies got the “Summer of Love,” Yuppiedom, “White Guilt,” and shit-for-brains Liberalism. I.e. : Some of us were Steppenwolf “Born To Be Wild” and the other half were Elton John/Olivia Newton-John plastic fantastic who despise us Steppenwolf types..

    In other words Boomers, like the country today, are/were irrevocably split. As for the Millennials, who gives a flying f’k. Most of them are couldn’t-hit-the-deck-if-they-dove-at-it-stupid. My only regret is I most likely won’t be around when this House of 52 Jokers/Cards finally collapses on itself. And it WILL collapse. And the dead, nor 99% of the living, have no say one way or another.

  6. The Walkin' Dude

    Uh oh. The Putzes are going to get angry, sign off, and go binge watch Murder, She Wrote.

  7. If those members of more recent generations are conducting combat operations against ANTIFA, BLM, and other Soros funded groups then bully for them

    I’m not reading about any surgical strikes or other activities, so it would appear that these younger generations are much like mine.

  8. I’m a younger gen xer who routinely shits on boomers and millennials. I could totally see those 2 groups starting a nuclear war trying to out virtue-signal one another. But my age group’s own problems aren’t lost on me, either. My generation that came of age in the 80s and 90s is the most nihilistic, atheistic, despair prone group of people in history. We all laugh at the boomer’s retarded, out of touch patriotism, or the millennial’s emotional, self centered virtue signaling, but at least those two groups believe in something bigger than themselves. I enjoy talking with politics, etc with boomers and millennials far more than Xers. At least the first 2 groups will give you more feedback than “I don’t know. Fuck it, man.”

    • “but at least those two groups believe in something bigger than themselves.”

      Maybe bigger than themselves, but not bigger than they themselves decide or choose. Can’t be done. Not sure why that’s so tough to grok. So how’s that “bigger than yourself” workin’ out? I see it…plenty of public good out there. Muh roads, muh protectors.

      Sounds like a plan, just not a rational one.

  9. How do we each as individuals maximize generational transfer of the right ideas/skills/philosophy during each of our remaining time on the planet?

    Well first and foremost is be in the same area as those you want to teach… Without that then you have no idea what they need, how to teach it to them, or if they are even worth teaching…

    • “Well first and foremost is to be in the same area”

      I understand and agree with this sentiment but for many the area they are in is not conducive to outreach and the prospect of relocation is a very difficult if not almost impossible act.

      Beyond doing my best to prepare my kids, I’m almost to the point, except for those that approach me, to say to hell with all of them, wait for whatever remnant might survive the big die off and start working with them.

      Hit me up when you RTB

      • Will do Brother and I understand that’s it’s a hard task to relocate especially with family but it’s doable because I did it and I didn’t have anyone helping me which I have offered to help others which gives them a leg up from where I was at…Its all about choices and priorities…Hope your doing well…

  10. Reads like some coffee talk by cotton tops at the local greasy spoon. Every. Fucking. Morning and a double shot on Saturday.

    Yeah we get it. Things were better. And through some mysterious unseen force they’ve been slowly eroded.

    Seems to me that those who can impart useful bits, are. The rest tut tut and scold and polish chairs with their asses and continue to support the engine of their own goddamn destruction like the NFL and broadcast tv, among other things.

    Can’t stay for coffee, have to pull this mess out of the fire, while feeding family and paying bills. In closing: Retire already. Get the fuck out of the way, traffic is backing up behind you and your left blinker has been on for five fucking miles. McCain, Pelosi, etc…. they’re a visible macro of the micro.

  11. Moving onto CA’s question:

    “How do we each as individuals maximize generational transfer of the right ideas/skills/philosophy during each of our remaining time on the planet?”

    1. Teach your children well, assuming you have some and they are not adults already.

    2. Teach your grandkids well, if you have them. Example: a good friend started his grandson on shooting around age 8, with trips with grandpa to the range and his own (kept in grandpa’s gun safe, but still “his”) .22 single shot.

    …from their it gets a little harder.

    I interact with a lot of 20-somethings and 30-somethings at the gym. For all the Boomer Bashing I see (here and at various alt-right sites) you would think their was some huge percent of them who are hard-right, rejecting soft Boomer philosophy and easy Boomer answers to social questions in favor of some sort of Iron Realism.

    In my experience this is not the case and, to an overwhelming extent these generations are far more liberal than most Boomers. The average is a few giant steps to the Left of your average 60 year old, with many seriously loving Bernie, Socialism etc. And these are guys and gals working very hard at a competition oriented martial arts gym for MMA.

    I view trying to talk them into /out of any views of theirs as largely a waste of time. Again, the shooting sports is a good entry point, take anyone you know like that to the range. If anyone is learning a martial art they are probably interested in handguns, as a self-defense system. (A number of woman at the gym have been assaulted. They, in particular, seem interested in getting into defensive handgunning).

    …as for younger (and more winnable) kids

    Look for leadership opportunity in youth groups like the Boy Scouts or church youth groups. My daughter’s church had a very active “praise group” aka church band. If your not into leading camping trips whatever particular skills you have might still be quite valuable as a volunteer, and give you another chance to crack young skulls open with some enlightening truths they are not hearing elsewhere.

  12. POd American

    A good read…same argument as “environmental or genetics.” You decide.

  13. Got the grand-kids hooked on camping a few years ago. Nice trailer in a good, safe, Christian, family-centered campground. Lots of like-minded people. Been teaching the g-k’s how to fish, start fires for cooking, cooking, wild edible plants, animal identification. Each trip we get a little more primitive. They now know the essential knots, can improvise a fishing rod with line and gorge/hook. Start a fire and cook same. Scrounge up a salad. Make a shelter and sleep in it overnight. This year will feature shooting safety and FUNdamentals of air guns, small-bores, and archery with recurve, compound, and cross bow. (They’re all old enough now to understand and comprehend such instruction). Plus we keep doing the basics to reinforce the previous lessons. Being a History major, there’s always a history lesson, background story, or trivia game to pass along the morals and standards of conduct expected of someone who understands what the concept of Honor means. They’re good kids.

    • Good on you Brother now if you’re able expand it to all those your grandkids are friends with…Hope you’re doing well…

  14. Answer: Do the best we can at the transference of what we believe are the best values and skills to the next generation. Q: What would any generation have done, handed the world on a string, flooded with Marxist doctrines and teachers that were unrestrained, flooded with tons of drugs of all manner, flooded with no consequences for immorality, loss of integrity, and permission by govt. to kill their unborn, and surrounded by a church armpit deep in apostasy? A: You decide. It’s not rocket science, and it’s a spiritual matter. America was given power, during and after WW2, and power is the true test of character, not adversity.

  15. Caveat: Not All Boomers Of Course

    I normally don’t care much for the boomer-bashing, they’re only slightly more responsible for everything than the average nobody what with the lie of democracy. The only real problem is they always seem to come out of the woodwork to automatically attack anyone pointing out we’re eating shit sandwiches about how their experience based in another era says it’s not shit or we should learn to like shit. How everyone should work harder for the taxmen and corporations if they don’t like their economic place, how their women are princesses so it must be younger men’s problems that they’re all enslaved to child support or if childless should man up and accept someone else’s trainwreck. How anyone we call out as purposefully supporting our destruction is a figment of our imagination. You can see or hear one boomer telling you how it is, and you’ve basically heard them all.

    Perhaps it’s because, even in this age of drooling retards glued to their tracking devices, boomers can’t unstick themselves from the TV, can’t stop watching Swindler’s List or whatever tranny/fag/racemixing/stronkwomyn propaganda is on? Can’t stop being credulous as the news actors tell them all the news that’s fit for them to believe? Maybe 6 hours of high volume subversive advertising per day has this effect?
    Perhaps it’s from a lifetime of feeling part of the system, from their lifetime of lesser-enemy voting or from taking government gibs. Perhaps it’s a lifetime of the rational ones keeping quiet and not rocking the boat. I don’t know. (Anecdotally, every single person I knew IRL who loudly supported Blumpf as a new saviour early on were all the most obnoxious of boomers.)

    There are certain types of people who have this irrational wall when you talk to them. This mental area they can not enter, even in otherwise rational people. For some people it’s religion, others social justice brainwashing. It’s purely my opinion, but boomers on the whole seem to have that wall more than any other cross-sample of people. The men old enough for WW2 (whether they ever fought or not) never seemed to be this bad.

  16. There are some of us boomers who are grounded in reality, but sadly, the article (and comments) details a situation that is all too true for most of the boomers. We have endeavored to pass it along to the next generation but are only batting 50% with our kids. We have a daughter who lives in NYC and is about as liberal as can be, while our son, who was homeschooled all the way through high school, has multiple degrees and certifications in gunsmithing and machining and is about as conservative as can be. Homeschooling may have been the difference and, even though it is a sacrifice, I recommend it if you can possibly manage it. Otherwise, you are relying on government schools to indoctrinate your kids with whatever the latest liberal agenda is. Do you really want that for your kids?


    In answer to your question, passing along skills, training, and philosophical world-view compatible with the ideas expressed on this website; is best accomplished in person. It is absolutely futile to try to do it at a keyboard, whether through social media or “letters to the editor”. As much as most of us rightfully disparage our “public education system”, that system is crying for subs, teachers aides, tutors, reading teachers, and mentors. Swallow your bile and volunteer.
    You will be rubbing elbows with legions of politically correct, Hildabeest-worshipping, SJW Marxist deviates, and very angry women. This will give you an opportunity to at least physically identify the enemy(think of the protagonist in Fortschen’s novella: DIES IRAE, and what he had to contend with). But, you will have a golden opportunity to explain things such as the true meaning of liberty, voting, the natural right of self-defense, etc. Even if you only reach one or two per semester, it is worth it.
    I was fortunate to spend almost five years teaching history and other subjects at a private school in SW Oregon, subbing at a public HS just over the state line in CA, and tutoring at a local CC. I had to be very circumspect while in the public arena, but kids are kids. They are thirsting for answers and they know bulls**t when they hear it. Even though they canned me up here in Rawles Land, I have not quit. When my health issues resolve themselves I will be back out there for the 2018 Fall Semester.

    • Amen Brother…I read an article today about quite a few kids testing at genius level before they started the indoctrination of gov. school and the longer they were in fewer and fewer kids tested at that level…Gov schools will suck the life out of a student but one teacher can turn that around…Hope your doing well Brother…

  18. Mountain Cracker

    It pretty much sums them up. It always was, is and forever will be about them. This is the “me generation.” Meeeeeeeeee! They could care less what their legacy is as long as they got theirs. The most destructive generation of people in history and the most hated right behind niggers and Jews for a reason. I will relish the day I read in the news aggregators that the last one has died, that is if they haven’t turned the world into a radioactive wasteland out of sheer spite before then.

    • Mountain Cracker

      Oh and to answer the question, what I do is place the emphasis on getting “generation Zyklon” ready for what they will likely face. I also want them to be ready for a normal life…just in case. No boomer would ever take the focus off of themselves long enough to even begin that journey, I’m sure the responses here will bear that out.

  19. With the grand kids it has been to make available to them my beliefs and why I believe that way, and the action I would take to defend those beliefs, then it has been a matter of answering their questions. They do have many questions. It is also very important to teach them how to find their own answers because we surely will not be here for ever.

    With their parents that ground work has already been laid and most of them have taken to it too in their own ways and the one that didn’t I still have hope for.

  20. lastmanstanding

    I started through the comments and it suddenly dawned on me that I’d been over this shit in my mind already. While not being the sharpest tool in the shed, I am a deep thinker on real things and problems that matter.

    We learned as kids how to work and survive. Nothing came free. You want something, move ahead morally at the n th power. If after all attempts/effort and no go…it wasn’t meant to happen…choose something else and do it quickly. Eventually, you find something you can live with that works and that is enough and a good thing. Trying and failing is not true failing, just a lesson learned.

    Growing up in a mostly white community, we had a few blacks. They were good people. Actually friends of our family to this day. However, we did have white fucking trash out of hell. In the late 70’s, local communities had a upsurge of niggers…and we still had the WFTOOH. It was explained to us in the late 60’s (by our parents) the these WFTOOH’s were products of those out of their generation as well. It is a pretty well know fact that this really got rolling with lbj’s “great society bs”.

    Our kids are good kids. We currently have grandkids. I’ll sum it up quick as I can. Son, .mil, married to a great gal. Nice home, cars, etc. No kids yet. Great jobs, both extremely smart. Travel all over the earth doing stupid shit and seem to think it will last for ever. He for sure knows how to live but has never practiced it…ever. Daughter, more than 3 kids, (All white, Christian, yeaaa!!!) good hard-working hubby. Have a home that they improve themselves as they save the money. (Yes, save money!) He brings home the pager to do so. They are gardening. Not as much as I’d like, but I am taking steps to help them do more. Daughter has a little biz that she does from home, making real things with a sewing machine. I just wish she would home school the gk’s but at least they are moving forward like we did.

    We have never said fuck it to other like minded people. I don’t have time to waste on the others for sure. We try to live in a real, small, world.

    We are not and have never been the problem.

    I will say (and I don’t trust trump and the RNC one bit) that those who have and still support the DNC really need to take a good fucking look at who they are. The info that has been brought to bear is clearly eye-opening to anyone who’s body temp. is 98.6. Just wtf are both sides of the aisle doing!

    Thanks CA for this platform and to all of you that contribute your couple cents worth via your own blogs and such.

    • Amen Brother…Wonder how much pain it will take for people to come together and work towards a common goal…

    • I can build a house.Build AA/Fuelies,motorcycles,tractors,semis,farm equipment,mine and process gold ore,ranch,farm.Design and build commercial kitchens,write and cost menus,train and supervise staff,manage a 75 million dollar a year F+B operation,haul and operate heavy equipment,build firearms,teach dyslexic kids,teach crav maga,coach baseball,volunteer security, conduct firearm safety classes,roadie for a band.
      What the fuck are you boomer bashers doing besides complaining and whining about how hard life is? Get your ass in gear. Holy shit,you may meet interesting people,learn something,have fun,feel a sense of pride and accomplishment while helping others.
      Nah,smoke another bone,drink another beer and bitch.Fucking losers.

      • lastmanstanding

        If your talking to me, did you even read my comment?

        At 56, my creds are damn near as impressive as yours…and I’m on your side.

        • I shouldn’t answer for him, especially since I don’t know him but from what I’ve seen of knuckdm’s posts I’d say his response wasn’t to yours but another one further up. It’s easy to lose place in these threads at times and even easier to get the wrong impression from what has been posted.

          Good time for you and yours

        • For the cracker bitch. Not directed towards you.

          • lastmanstanding

            Thought so…but wanted to check in here before night, night as I knew this thread would get lots of response.

            Good men and good info here.

      • Mountain Cracker

        Stayin’ classy I see…bitchin’ booma’ nigga’…LOL

  21. Such BS. Yes I am a boomer. I never been provided anything that either my parents provided or I earned myself. I do mean anything, college education, housing, cars, the whole lot. All my dime. I have raised two families and knock on wood no failures by the spawn.

    This crap of blame the boomer has been answered — . The deck was already dealt. We played the chips the best we can. Which brings me to GenX,Y, Z. So far I have not seen anything as a group that
    any of them are doing any better.

    Stand and deliver or shut the hell up.

  22. How do we each as individuals maximize generational transfer of the right ideas/skills/philosophy during each of our remaining time on the planet?

    First, we got to drop the blame game. Then I refer you to Kill House rules 2 & 3. That’s where we need to start IMO. Some of the brainwashed youth are beyond saving so think of it as a triage exercise. Your gut will tell you who’s on the same frequency usually. Listen to it.

    The ones that can still hear a message are probably best reached through attraction rather than promotion, heh.

  23. Can’t speak for all boomers but, my parents are such self-obsessed thieves and liars, they’ll NEVER be allowed to meet, much less know their grandchildren.

  24. Let the boomer whining begin!

  25. But before I RTWT + comments, I do so wish to add a thought to your caveat above. It’s been on my mind for some time, and you, with near perfect timing, which I find to be among your most admirable traits have provided the opportunity.

    Regarding “Boomer” responsibilities for the current pile of, well, shit, if I may speak plainly, it really does come down to:

    “What did you know, and when did you know it?”

    Followed by, “What did you and what are you doing about it?”

    Further, if WRSA readers/contributors/ were “truly representative” of the general population born between 1945-1957, well I would not be here, you would not be here, in fact “here” may not as well exist.

    We’d all be reading NYT online, at best, and TVGuide at worst.

    So…no harm no foul.

    Cheers, dear man.

  26. As for your actual question, I don’t know what I can do besides try to be straightforward and open. I have no carrot but trying to be as close to reality in my views as possible, and the stick comes later (and the mission is important enough that the stick will be necessary). Perhaps it’s a touch of the ’tism, but that was the only way the older generations could connect to me.

  27. Darrell Cloud

    Does not fit me or my wife. My son and his wife are six figure professionals. We do everything possible to aid them. I have paid for my two granddaughters’ prepaid college. I will pay for my grandson within the next year. We are marathon runners. We have passed the baton but we keep running just in case they need a backup. I have never seen a U-Haul behind a hearse. The only people who will carry our memory into the last quarter of this century are our grandkids. Thank God for them.

  28. Access is key – if you don’t have access to the population you want to influence, you don’t have a chance…especially not up against the institutions of higher indoctrination, MSM, and Hol-e-wood pounding their narrative day in and day out. For those seeking an audience beyond their immediate sphere of influence, I’ve recommended the Young America’s Foundation in previous posts – I’d second that recommendation as to how to pass along knowledge, of the right sort and, more importantly, to the right audience – you are less likely to influence someone with a bone through their nose than someone who has enough respect for your opinion to at least clean up a little bit.

  29. When will the gen-xers stop whining? It’s not my fault your mom threw your dad away.

    Get over yourselves. The shit like this that gets posted here scares me more for the future than anything else.

  30. This article is description of my father to a Tee.

    In his moments of honesty over the years he has said to me the following things about his existence:

    1 Children are a lifetime prison sentence.

    2 I joined the Navy to avoid going to Vietnam and looked for the easiest and farthest away MOS I could get: Mess steward on the SSBN James K Polk.

    3 When I die, you will get nothing because I will spend it all. Wheeeeeee.

    4 I only hire illegal alien Mexicans because I can pay them less.

    5 (Asking me) Why cant you get a real job, settle down and be like me? (Never mind that I had a paid for home at the age of 36 years old and did several years in Iraq)

    6 Gold (at $375oz) is for stupid people, you should put your money in a nice certificate of Deposit.

    On Tue, Feb 6, 2018 at 11:24 PM, Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” Unfortunately, the following caveat seems to > be necessary: If any WRSA reader, by virtue of that status alone, thinks > that he or she is truly representative of the Americans both between 1945 > and 1965 – as opposed to simply having been born during ” >

    • Mountain Cracker

      Yep, that’s quintessential boomer right there. My drunken boomer father was, like most of them, a spoiled child. They all feel entitled. Remember, it’s the “meeeeeee generation.” They fuck everything up, piss away an entire nation then come in here and bitch at us for not being more like them. LOL…boomers.

    • wendystringer48088

      “3 When I die, you will get nothing because I will spend it all. Wheeeeeee. ”

      That mindset behind “I’m spending my children’s inheritance” works both ways…

      Be sure to remind him to be sure to save enough to pay someone to be his caretaker should he ever get to the point of needing one as you have as much obligation to take care of him in his old age as he has to leave anything for you.

      Deliberately setting out to spend everything so as to live nothing to the next generation seems awfully mean and selfish, unless it is the case where the kids are rotten, irresponsible and worthless, then I can see the man spending all the money (or marrying a much younger woman) before he dies so the kids won’t get it.

      The idea behind not spending all your money before you die is because you don’t know how long you will live and you want to have something saved in case you need it. So going on a spending spree to use it all up before you die is bad financial planning anyway. That is unless you plan to commit suicide the moment your last dollar is spent in order to get the timing perfect…

    • My boomer father fully encouraged me to enlist after 9/11 and watching band of brothers, he always said I didn’t go to Vietnam because the draft ended after my 3rd deployment to Iraq I started asking him on my r&r leave why didn’t you volunteer you could have made the end of the war and then encourage me fully my entire life. All gi joes I wanted I got every air show, quasi military thing ie Boy Scouts then civil air patrol all military surplus it was like I was being bred for the army like a cheer mom. I’m proud of my service but my kids are being taught the only thing worth fighting for is blood and our traditional land I’m 3/4 german but my army career brought me to Bavaria and I have a traditional Bavarian reichsburger sudatenland waffen ss granddaughter wife(lots of hate) great grandfather got his iron cross for bayoneting 15 Frenchmen in wwi still 5 great uncles Mia in Russia, so I thank my dad for allowing our bloodline to enter twine with my wife’s

  31. Read the short “woe is me” and the comments, several of which were much more articulate & had more value than the thing commented on. To our host’s “how” question (and thank you CA for the qualifying set-up to it):

    Time. It is often said by older folks to younger relations at some occasion of gift-giving that “your time is really the most valuable.” That works two ways. If you want to engender the social (in the classic & literal application) and practical skills that aid cultural survival you have to also make time. It is not summoning everyone you’d like to address that day in a “During this block of instruction…” mode. One should possibly take advantage of every possible chance to pass something on, a few minutes with a grand-daughter, an 45 minutes with an inquisitive neighbor, a moment lingered just a little longer with the neighbor’s son in (to be intentionally overheard) conversation. But preparation is key.

    It is done, first, by being knowledgeable about that which you wish to convey. To do that we must be, as written by our 18th century OPFOR, “men who know what they are about.” Have you read something you thought worth mentioning to a young one you have contact with? Have you RE-read it, really critically, to understand it? While there are certainly times for a display that shows you feel passionately about something, there are plenty of times you need to simply show confidence in what you’re talking about – on your feet, without notes or 3×5 cards.

    I would also recommend finding out more about the generational identity of those you wish to mentor, however subtle. If your opinion of all millenials, for example, is governed by gotcha videos and high-volume rants on the tube or internet you might find that, for many, the pendulum is swinging back your way. But you’d better do your research and be someone who knows “what they are about” on it. Just saying “history shows I’m right” is not going to win the day (even though it might be true).

    How many visit The Woodpile Report and, maybe, go through the first couple pages scrolling and then, click, on to the next thing? Man, that guy has a lot of shit there that is valuable – I’m always amazed that he can collate that much stuff & that he even writes one per week, God bless him.

    Don’t quit learning. Hold the scope up to the mirror, center the reflection with the crosshairs, and get to it. As I may have mentioned once before, two great times to plant a tree: 20 years ago and right now.

    • I have been transferring my IT knowledge for over 20 years. That has been my contribution to the next generation.

  32. There is no easy answer. But we see it written here every day. Put it all together and maybe we have something.

  33. “How do we each as individuals maximize generational transfer of the right ideas/skills/philosophy during each of our remaining time on the planet?”

    By quietly having patience with those just starting to get it. Opening new horizon’s for same and those more awakened.
    By living and operating what you preach.
    In that way I have found it is amazing how others can put 2+2 together and have that gestalt epiphany where the idea of resistance to the state and personal secession from the statist quo takes root.

    By any standards it is a slow low number conversion. Yet it has the great effect if being local, provincial, and you find you all just made your tribe a little larger.
    Its all you can do. In this world there are so many extremes of everything, it is the old time meat space traditional “normal” that are the extreme in idea, but once planted they become precepts easily digested. They fill voids the receptive sometimes didn’t know they didn’t know. And that is the great epiphany. The rest kind of has a motive power of its own.

  34. “Boomer” is a meaningless term, collectivist-speak, just like all the other generational labels.

    One thing though; there will be a day when the wealth transfer scheme for the peons (Socialist Security, Medicare, “free” government schools, etc) will stop working. Naturally, those for whom the goodies won’t be there, will resent those for whom it was there. Boomer hate is understandable, even if the word “Boomer” is meaningless.

  35. murka is really really really really fucked up.

    ha ha ha

    300 million.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Clearly, the future is going to be dominated by the iron-spined, rock-ribbed Canadians led by Justin “It’s ‘peoplekind,’ not ‘mankind’!” Trudeau

      • you fail to recognize the vast fly-over country that makes up Canada…

        murka has way more snowflakes than the Great White North does.

  36. I don’t understand.I am so confused.You quote scripture.Explain how to be a upstanding,god-fearing, respectful ,christian/catholic..
    Next day..all the jews suck.Round them up and exterminate them. Therapy and medication,Al. Schizophrenic behavior. Today bloodthirsty,jew-killing machine and tomorrow a caring compassionate catholic.What the fuck!

  37. Haven’t read all the comments yet so this is probably covered by one or more.

    As far as your caveat – Whew! Now that I know it’s all those other Boomers at fault I don’t have to lose any more sleep over it.

    As far as generational transfer of the right ideas/skills/philosophy? Not going to happen. Not for lack of my trying, but because the younger generations, for the most part, are not interested in my ideas, knowledge, skills and philosophy.

    They are not interested in stepping away from the digital world and expending the effort required to learn new skills and abilities. They are not interested in the work that goes into maintaining those skills.

    My beliefs, ethics and philosophy of life are gauche to them.

    Food comes from the store. Security comes from the state. Education and maintenance is owed to them by the system. Where those FRN’s come from doesn’t matter as long as it’s free.

    Other than immediate family and a very few close acquaintances, well you know the old adage you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, except in this case you can’t even lead the horse because it has smartphone blinders on.


  38. The comments here are far more interesting and informative, not to mention diverse, as any to be found almost anywhere. It is almost deflating to try to slog through comments sections anywhere but here, and ZeroHedge, where I learn more from contributors than the article at the top.

    That being said, I reject labels connected to any age group, as a general rule, because people are individual, first, and part of a similar age, political, religious “group” etc., secondarily. As such, my tendency is to observe other markers, mannerisms, speech, actions, etc., regarding individuals within my area of influence.

    That being said, I was raised in a religious home, was taught to work, a love of reading, thinking is better than speaking, that anything worth doing is worth doing well, doing right the first time, and all those traits one would expect from a large, southern, generationally religious, two parent home, descended from soldiers, farmers, teachers, with a smattering of small business owning outliers. You work for what you have, and if you want more, or to do more, you work more.

    I lived my share of rebellion, was handed a problem beyond my comprehension at the age of 25, and applied the skills I was taught in order to become effective in dealing with it. As long as there is life, there is the ability to learn, and as long as there is the ability to learn, and apply what has been learned, there is hope of leaving one’s space in better shape than one found it. It should be of no surprise to know that I had to transcend some aspects of my programming in order to live in the world as it is, rather than what I was taught that it was, or expected that it would be. I suspect seceding generations are having a very difficult time navigating waters they were never taught existed. This, by the way, is the problem we all have, regardless of the year in which we first made appearance.

    I pass along what is of value to whomsoever will have it, be they 8 or 80. I am as uneasy about the future my descendants will experience as they are.

    As far as I know, I am not sleeping through any of it with any sense of ease or peace, beyond that which is granted to those, who at the end of long days, know that they have done all they can for that day.

    I can’t help remarking that this article belongs in the “Not Helpful at Present” file.

    My only advice to any generation, from the greatest to the latest, is to learn all one can, then do all one can, for as long as one can. Those remaining tasks will still be there next sunrise.

    • Wisdom…

      • Read the linked article and all of the comments. Some real wisdom shared from multiple perspectives. The real take-away…? Mountain Cracker has shit his diaper and will not change it himself.

  39. Life’s what you make it.

    At 61 I don’t even know, what I know anymore.

    When I need a specific skills set, I know where to instantly find it. Until then, I don’t worry about it.