Denninger: Trump Is A Flat-Out Fraud

WROL is gaining on the inside, as we come into the home stretch…

And remember: you and your family are not COG.

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  1. well, Denninger is a smart guy…

    and it took him over a year to figure out the obvious.

    so we have to make some allowance for the remnant WRS Trumpaholics.

    who are much stupider than Denninger.

  2. I have been arguing that a) the OIG law was changed back to allow them to really do investigations a year before Obama was out of office. Probably investigations were well under way, they just needed documents from the various agencies.
    b) Jason Goodman interviewed Dr. Stephen about a week ago, a guy who claimed to be part of the White Hats surrounding the OIGs and who was relating their side of the recent House and Senate investigations.
    Dr. Stephen claimed the White Hats recruited Trump to run for President. Easy to claim, hard to check, of course, but the other info he passed along seemed consistent with the other stuff I know.
    c) Then the House and Senate start hammering, leaks everywhere and news people in alt-media getting rave reviews, and the “Russia did it” story fails and fails, along with legacy media.
    d) Sessions has recused himself. He has nothing to defend, it was all last admin. Rosenstein, Comey and McCabe have had to answer for themselves. They haven’t done well at that, and the country is getting pissed at no prosecutions.

    The ‘no prosecutions’ will be fixed via a second Special Prosecutor, the first thing that Sessions does when Rosenstein is fired. I speculate it will be Trey Gowdy.

    Whoever it is, is set up to follow Trump into the Presidency, because it will be the most high-profile position in America, far better than any cabinet post.

    I think Trump has had a script. I think the Deep Black Swamp and political minions are on the defensive for the next 10 years. I think that if Trump takes out the Deep Black Swamp and its minions and ratlines going through all of government, Trump will be judge the Greatest US President.

    Trump isn’t stupid. Sessions isn’t stupid. They know all this. Unless both are compromised, we can enjoy the script. If they are compromised, we will have definitive proof in the next few months.

    They know all this. Looks like a script to me.

    • If Trump were compromised, don’t you think we would know it by now?

      Julian Assange was once asked why he never releases anything on Trump. He replied that he doesn’t have anything to release.

    • I’ve noticed they have employed a precision strategy of following the rule and color of the law, as the process was originally intended, what Franklin termed “political assassination” verses physical assassination, as a much more suitable course of action for a number of sound reasons.
      Though, sometimes you just have to stretch a few necks once in a while to provide proper perspective in that the “elites”, are not, and ultimately responsible for their crimes.
      That precision circumspection of the rule of law is a very important aspect of what is going down. I believe in order to prosecute these crooks and traitors, in the way that will disinfect the body politic of this treason and organized crime, it is the only course other than armed rebellion and civil war.
      Nothing is lost following the rule of law to the letter.
      Another part is the White Hats can not make one mistake, cut a corner, ignore the tiniest requirement. Everything has to be done perfectly in accordance with due process, for the very reason due process has been violated to such an extent, it is impossible to go after these people in any other manner, and expect satisfactory closure. That, takes time and patience, and staying the course no matter how little progress it seems is achieved. Its the end game here, we have always had to be cognizant if.
      It may not satisfy impatient people, or pure revenge, in the long run though it will document and set examples which will last a very long time. It will eventually satisfy the saving of what needs saved, and set the precedence for future generations, which the original rule of law has long needed an upgrade of sorts to be in synch with the America we know have.

      I know that is apostasy to many, but we have survived this long as people, there still is a vast majority who lead civilized christian western lives.
      All this which has happened and is exposed to the sanitizing effects of the truth, it has taken tens of decades to reach this point of treason and high crimes. It won’t go away over night no matter how much any of us wish, no how much blood is spilled or necks stretched.
      If we are to salvage something, that after this is resolved, is worth saving, I think then we as individual people then have the legitimate cause to do away with the leviathan state. Because it it is all laid out as we are seeing, that Trump and others state, everyone needs to know the truth and nothing but the truth no matter how distasteful or unprecedented. After all, it is the very political class who created this FUBAR to begin with, who must be exposed right down to the tiniest detail. No exceptions.
      Only then can we make considered adult choices as self determining people.

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  4. Just after I wrote that, I saw Trey Gowdy’s recent interview.
    I HAVE to interpret that as Gowdy getting ready for a confirmation hearing.
    Special Counsels don’t need confirmation hearings.

  5. Deninger’s behind the curve. The threats from Rosenswine were dual-corroborated last week, as I noted on my rough timeline Saturday.

    The response to the DAG from Nunes & Co. was “Fuck You. Strongly worded message to follow.”, after which they declassified and released The Memo, which was the ultimate FU to Rosenswine and Deep State, written over the skies of DC by skywriters.

    Rosenswine is now on the short list of Next Guy at DoJ Most Likely To Be Fired, ahead of the inevitable subpoena and indictment. Not least of which because he co-signed the FISA warrants in question, knowing they were based on partisan fairytales.

    Ask Comey and McCabe how that works for you afterwards.

    If that’s all Deninger’s got, he should keep up with events better.
    This is a whiff, not a hit.

    • Your timeline is good. Been meaning to post it. Thanks for the work.

    • Fucking this.

      The tooth-gnashing/garment rending says it all.

      “It’s t-totally nothing, r-right g-guys?”
      “We can’t release this, it will literally be the end of the world.”
      “It’s completely partisan and fabricated, and has zero implications.”
      “REEEEEEEEE don’t release it nooooooo.”

      ProTip: It can’t be both…

    • Thumbs up. I was really surprised with what Karl wrote. But we all can be excused I think for when we are frustrated and so fed up with these motherfuckers we loose the forrest for the trees once in a while.

      The calls for full public disclosure of everything, no exceptions is indicative of the sincerity and intentions of those like Nunes and Trump. It is a very brave example, once set a surprising number will get behind in that swamp. If for no other reason is the fuckers alway have a finger in the political winds seeing which way they are blowing.

      Full disclosure is what will drain that swamp outside of hanging the bastards from lamp posts.

    • Concur,
      Anyone expecting immediate action is just short attention span seizure.
      This stuff takes time.
      If Trump were to attempt to prosecute any of these people at this point the organizations below him would be in open revolt and prevent it from happening. It has to be made perfectly clear to the majority of America (and that majority is important) that the prosecutions are NOT politically motivated or an attempt to stop the “Russia probe”.
      You have to prep the battlespace. Let the narrative marinate in the minds of the public and build to the point that you cant hide the public demand for prosecutions.
      Then you have to deal with the problem of “How do you prosecute the prosecutors” not only is the FBI corrupt and broken, but at least the 2 and 3 tier of the DoJ is as well. And we know that the corruption and taint extends into lower levels of both organizations we just dont really know how low it goes in DoJ to a real extent.

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    Denninger’s tantrums make him less influential than he should be. He is a fair tactician who is unaware of strategy. In short, Denninger is usually right on the details, and usually wrong on the big picture, and not influential on either.

    Denninger is really big on taking his dolly and stomping off, really big on declaring that people are evil, and totally ineffectual, this last per his own assessment. I’ll believe that Denninger knows more about swamp draining than Trump when he gets himself elected President, or dog catcher, or something.

  7. Agree on the tantrums. Also petty ego. Too bad as he is sharp on the corporate side of issues, ie healthcare issues. Eff him on his comment registration edict.

  8. Justice is prevailing because 6d chess. Mensa. Top men.

    Our grandcildren are being sacrificed on an altar of filth. What will it take?