Dirty Little Secret

Can your ladies kill thems who needs killin’?

That’s a big hole in your plan if the answer is “no”.

An ungovernable, chaotic FUSA murdering itself in an autogenocide is a dangerous damned place.

Especially for the ladies.

Fix what needs fixin’.

Tempus fugit.

(H/t VFTP)

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    Fortunately for me, mine can. On more than one occasion both wife and stepdaughter have had to defend themselves or their property with a loaded firearm and/or knife. Always remember to instruct on mindset. They do not need to wear camo tank tops. Focus on the front sight, center of face, squeeze the trigger and don’t day a word to the police afterwards.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. The only thing My lady needs is more practice. I have no doubt that when the SHTF, and lethal self defense is warranted, She’ll pull the trigger. I just need to get her to the range!

  4. lastmanstanding

    Oh yeah…and arming her with more than just her feet, fists and wits is just unfair. 😉

  5. Inside 500m you’re a dead man with her behind the glass…of anything I own. She hates you (collective you) more than I do. Cucks and traitors first, then the commies. Hahahaha, better yet, I’d lay even odds she’s three standard deviations on the right side of the bell curve in rucking and usefulness over the readership here. 300M indeed.

  6. This can’t be the FUSA…
    Young women with no tattoos?

  7. Ross Eastfork

    Where’s all the”Run ’em off the road” and threaten to kick their ass posts?

  8. Don’t forget hearing protection for your girls ! My wife has a broken ear drum from target practice back in the 70’s . Her ear rings all the time . Started my daughters shooting when they were 5 and 8 years old . Liberal neighbors called the sheriff . When the deputy showed up he gave my girls some pointers and safety tips . We knew which neighbor it was after he drove over to their house afterwards to try and sooth them .

    • We had a neighbor like that. He has since found a more soothing environment to occupy. We then rented the parcel he vacated.

  9. wendystringer48088

    Women also need to know unarmed self defense. Joining a martial arts school with a good instructor and getting practical martial arts training is the best.

    Lacking that, things women need to know:

    Verbal De-Escalation Techniques.

    5 Simple Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know.

    Also it is a very good idea to actually practice self-defense with a simulated padded attacker.

    Also, if one has a gun or carries a gun for self defense, it is important to know (and run thru) what happens afterwards.

  10. The Usual Suspect

    Good God ! Those are some fine looking rifles.
    Wish we could get them here.

  11. When I trained women in the Army, the subject of killing always came up at the range. I told them that no matter who it was, if your life was threatened, kill them. Get it into your head as a matter of fact, like the men do. If you can’t do it, get somewhere else, because you don’t belong carrying a rifle. Women are more cold-blooded, and ruthless, killers than men. If they ran the world, it would soon be a smoking ruin, littered with dead bodies. Their conditioning is ruined by socialist assholes when they’re growing up. They either want them helpless, or overdone Amazons. The mind of a woman is the key to getting them into the squad. Some, but not all of them, will make it. Just like the men.

  12. Ladies Bicycle Fusilier Auxiliary.

    Like the sound of that.

  13. Marlo Stanfield

    Go GLOCK 19. Doesn’t matter the GEN. Take her to a rental range, buy good ear and eye pro. Get the proper handling down pat. Start with the target up close and personal. YOU DON’T GET RAPED FROM ACROSS THE STREET! Start in the standing position, then to kneeling and so on. Think SOUTHNARC first. People don’t like him? So what. He knows how to get someone off his ass. There are others that fit the bill, Clint Smith, Tactical Response. Yeah I went there. Get instruction or training DVDs from people who know how to be nasty when they need to be. Mosby is on that list. Its early and I am forgetting some excellent nasty when need be people. Next weapon for the lady is the AR flat top. With what ever basic rugged scope you care to put on it. ACOG basic, 1-4 X scope. Don’t care. Learn to run the AR from up close and personal to across the street. Learn to blast a vehicle and from a vehicle. Ain’t cool to watch your kid kidnapped by the angry who ever. That vehicle turns the corner its all over but the crying. Take her shooting in the early morning, and at night. Learn and buy quality tactical flash lights. It does get dark. Nothing wrong with installing a security camera system at her home. With a camera aimed at the street. The first of the 4 T’s is target. Catch the bastards on camera casing her joint. The 2nd T is test. As in test you out. Anyone can pull this on you. Criminals often operate in groups. The 3rd T is touch, as in beat the shit out of, rape, kidnap, murder. The 3rd T is the reason we want to be so brutal in our up close and shoot training, knife work and what ever else gets someone off our ass. The 4th T, takeoff, as in they plan to get away after fucking her up, is another reason we, her need to be so brutal in our response. Remember they (criminals chose to come at us) After proper training and time one should get like the Counter Assault Teams, that’s a damn werewolf kill it. Or like the Navy, Vampire, Vampire, kill them with whatever weapon system is up and running. (WAY TOO MUCH TV) Teach her to be well aware of her surroundings and watch who she rolls with. Females will set up another female. If the female is a drug user or booze head or on doctor head meds forget all of this. Must be able to pass a drug test. Lets not forget go to a gym  and use real weights. Get to lifting her bodyweight as a minimum.

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