Ethnic Cleansing Collaborators: Harriet Kuhr

(Lifting up the Proles, circa 2015)

The essential Ann Corcoran inspires a new WRSA series.

You are being replaced.

And Quislings like Harriet are prime operatives in your political elimination.

Where is the IRC shop nearest to your AO?

35 responses to “Ethnic Cleansing Collaborators: Harriet Kuhr

  1. I’m still waiting to read that these genocidal traitors to my race have been brought to quick, instant justice. If they are, it’s well hidden.

    Naturally, I won’t speak of anything in my AO.

    • Rabbi High Comma

      Traitor? Harriet Kuhr is also on the board of directors of The United Jewish Fund for Charlottesville.

      You must understand that (((they))) see you as 18th-19th century Whites saw Indians. US history begins with the opening of Ellis Island and you are just a lingering problem to be solved. (((Leon Wieseltier))), the Atlantic’s former Literary Critic, openly speaks of the US being every bit as jewish-owned territory as Israel when in front of a jewish audience.
      The only thing that gives them pause is those guns.

  2. The Usual Suspect

    Harriet would be the ideal medium for testing 178gr AMAX.

    • Their two outposts in Arizona are in the hives of Phoenix and Tucson, nor surprising.

      Will be keeping an eye on the Phoenix branch.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Dunno More like solids to plough through those rolls

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Hell–I wouldn’t waste a decent pill like that (or the powder and primer behind it) on that tub ‘o lard. She’s a walking advertisement for STROKE, HEART ATTACK, DIABETES, GOUT, and a host of others ills that flesh is heir to.

      Mebbe she figures all these “Refugees” that she re-settles will find a cure for all the medical ailments she will face. Mebbe she figures her “Refugees” will kindly and compassionately care for her in her dotage and old age. NOT!

      This walkin ‘n talkin humpback whale had better un-fook herself before her “Refugees” do it for her–free of charge.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. It’s always old, fat, disgusting pig women at the forefront. Why? I am starting to wonder if it all comes down to sex. They obviously didn’t get much. I think at the root of a woman’s psyche is the desire to be taken and had. These disgusting beast women didn’t get that, and so they’re no longer content to just fade back and do their beastly duty of chores. In the 21st century, they’ve got tools to destroy. So destroy they are, because they didn’t get the D.

  5. Jesus H. Christ. Half a billion dollars funded by our own fedgov to bring invaders here to destroy the future of our children and their children. Thanks for the post.

    That she’s a sack of shit seems obvious. Clearly has a future in bio fuels as does that shit stain Milliband.

  6. No hate, no fear stop bringing fucking refugees here.
    No hate, no fear stop bringing fucking refugees here.

  7. Naw just a cal17, or 22 tween them eyes.

  8. Northern gunner

    I have been saying it for awhile here. Cut the power and NAT gas in the dead of winter and let mother nature sort them out. Team jersey is skin color. It will bring a whole new meaning to “If its brown, its down”

    Trump bought us time to deapen our larder.

  9. Geezus Kryste – these goddam one-worlders need helicopter rides.

    There’s a screenshot of an exchange in that article between James Simpson and Brad London. Simpson is apparently calling them on their shit – and London gets all irate with this gem of a statement:

    ” those so-called borders that you call sacrosanct were invented by victorious invaders who killed off the native population”.

    Now that statement *might* be true about North and South America in general – but it’s not true at all about a good part of the rest of the world. So London is full of crap because he’s obviously trying to justify his one-worlder bullshit by pulling out one of the usual leftist excuse lines.

    Even my freaking cat knows what a goddam border is and will defend it from the other cats in the neighborhood for fuck’s sake.

  10. I have seen the opposition and they are ours.

    Also. I showed this picture to my youngest, a Zyklon. Her comment “We should put them in a big pit, and starve them for a whole twenty minutes. Then we’ll throw a cupcake in and watch them tear each other up”

    Boys, I think there’s a small shoulder craft advisory coming.

  11. The whole lot need to be Netanyahu’d….

  12. Rather than importing them why not spend the money in THEIR country to improve their lifestyle and cities, instead of lowering the living standards in the West?

    • Yes Yes Yes. If these people want to HELP REFUGEES, then read up on their culture, network like minded, redirect obviously similar levels of disposable income for caloric intake, to say, Big Berkeys and extra filters, pack bags with personal care items like tents, (in this case one that sleeps 6) gather supplies and funds, and GO help them.

      But…we all know, as they do, just what would happen. They wouldn’t make it through the first 20 minutes of contact.

      So, obviously to “help refugees” the answer is to dump them on this soil, so Westerners can do our part to fulfil the greater goal…”die off more quickly, as efficiently as possible, if you please. Oh look…the new iPhone…with 5G!”

      • Yes to GO help them would require a trip to the dangerous shit hole they live in . That’s icky.

    • 2a3, how about we don’t send a penny on them here. Or their home. AND we enforce the laws currently on the books.

      Folks don’t seem to grasp the fact that an Exutive Order, is not law.


  13. My God-that “woman” is so fat, even her forearms are lumps of lard. Having worked in care homes, as a retirement job, I can tell her what the Trayvons and the Joses, and the Hijabed Girls will say & do. There is nothing that they hate more, than a fat patient. Moving all that weight takes 4 people, bathing all of that flesh takes plenty of time-let alone the fungus that starts in the folds, and wrestling a tent onto 450 pounds is like dressing your hog up. Better learn the Shahada. Harriet, your time will be humiliating, long, and painful. But, I’m just a run of the mill compassionate white invader.


    Follow the money. That fat Marxist Jewess and her minions, along with the Catholics, Lutherans, and Baptist “refugee resettlement” traitors are making bank off my tax dollars. They are in the Spokane Blue Hive, too. More to follow.

  15. Waiting in Idaho

    She doesn’t need to worry about a muzzie rapist. Too ugly and they don’t pigs.

    • Hmm, maybe not pigs,

      However those boys have a trained eye, when it comes to their sheep.

      Use to be Montana where the men were men, and the sheep were skittish. Not now, sandbox city’s where it’s at.


      • My favorite Wyoming joke:

        What time is it?

        Mountain time.

        • Why is Wyoming so Windy?

          Because Montana Blows and Colorado Sucks.

          • lastmanstanding

            …and you. Baltimore blows, gtfo of there. It blew there before you were born.

            Seriously, I left the east coast 25 years ago with $5k in my pocket, whatever I could pack in my rig and my wits/smarts/guts. Moved over 2K to a place where I didn’t know a single soul.

            yeah, I’m one of those boomers that you bitch about. I haven’t done a damn thing to destroy you future…just like everyone here. Like Knuck said last night. “Get off your ass and get moving.”

            Many of us did it, you can do it. It starts with you.

        • lastmanstanding

          Watch it now…you and DW are on thin ice.

          BTW Dirk, the sheep are scared!

          Mountain time…want to come for a visit and check it out, you have my info. We can help Lineman clean up that mess he has going on right now.


  16. Naw, don’t do any of those things to her. Just make her stay in a room covered with mirrors, naked, and continue to feed her as usual. Then she gets to look at herself all the time. Never turn the lights out. After she begs for some thing different and more humane, it’s the wolf pit.

  17. Guys everyone is good for something. Does anyone happen to know the btu output of a pound of human fat?

  18. Zionist ‘jews’ in israel are Deporting Black People daily. Diversity is Not for the ‘chosen people’. Like it or Not, this pig is an Example of their leadership of White Genocide. Never Forget, >>>THEY<<< HATE YOU.