Systemic Corruption


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Freeillinois

    Let me share a story about corruption. Illinois is broke so to justify their jobs the Illinois EPA is using google earth to watch farmers in my county. If they find ANY violation or suspect a violation they are then driving to the farms and once the slightest little thing is found they are writing tickets for $1500 and up. They are also going around to small mom and pop oil producers and writing violations for the slightest thing. (Please understand the Illinois basin is made up of stripper wells. A small operation with 5-20 barrels of production can barely operate right now. many are shutting down do to the hard line of the State). Leave a glove at a well site; equals a violation. The state is waiting until it rains and then writing violations claiming water is being noticed on the polish rod. Please understand this is while it is raining. They are also writing violations for excessive water in the fire wall; again while it is raining or just after a rain. One producer had ice around his tanks and was fined $3500. This was just after an ICE storm last December.
    They are writing fines for as little as 10 used tires per location.. If you have several used tires holding down a tarp covering a piece of farm machinery. $1500 fine or greater. One local man had the Road Commissioner grade oil on the road in front of his house. EPA claims its a violation even if the road commissioner approved it. It cost the man $160,000 for clean up with fines.
    The crazies in Illinois are writing fines like crazy to justify their jobs. Farmers and small businesses are being nailed to the cross in my county and the county north of me.
    I realize some of you will not understand all of the issues but what I have described are common practices for my rural area. We are a poor rural farming area. The level of corruption as gone nuts!


      As I recall, there was a section in the novel UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES which described how a dry-cleaner business, destroyed by the EPA, settled matters. There are two ways to handle this kind of Leviathan harassment: 1) Sell the business or move to another state-as MAGPUL did. 2): Employ the business practices of Don Vito Corleone or Raymond Reddington.

      • I’ll take “B” for $1000, Alex: Shoot, shovel, and shut up.
        Works for coyotes and ticket-writers with equal success.

        If you’re going to be hung for a thief, you may as well steal.

        • Yep, option “B” for me too!

          If the local parasitic class’s regulatory/enforcement orcs and their bullocracy are local..the solution also becomes local.

          Remember how things were solved in “Legends of the Fall” or “Open Range”.

          The 4S approach is to be preferred wherever possible but make the assholes ‘touchable’ ala “Unintended Consequences”.

          Its all they really ever understand.

          Battle of Athens, TN anyone?

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!

      • Here ya go, a free pdf copy!

        I hope that John and Tim Mullen get around to finishing the sequel…at least John got his first done unlike ‘saint vanderbooger’.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

      • lastmanstanding

        Ah, Red…Lots of tremendously conspiratorial info on The Blacklist.
        Tons of so-called “fictional content” in the show about our/the system.

        I kinda think that their laying it all out in the open…after all, who would believe any of it? That could never happen in the USA!

        Ignore it at your own peril.

  3. Shinmen Takezo

    This shit is unraveling quite fast now–like a cheap sweater in a laundromat washer. We are now seeing glimpses that Obama was in the know all the way–which means his hench-woman Valarie Jarret was involved and the staff surrounding them both. I would also toss in Obama’s tranny wife as well.

    Clinton’s direct involvement is soon to be revealed… then the suicides will start to appear I believe. I expect Strock to stab himself to death with a paring knife–at least 50 times within the next week or so.

    I cannot even begin to add up all the violations of federal law these mother-fuckers have committed so far. They will also be charged with “conspiracy to lurk” as well when it all shakes out.

    Everything before the election adds up to multiple major conspiracy violations of election laws, abuse of power under color of authority, making false statements to a federal court and on and on and on.

    But this conspiracy went on even after the election and inaguration… which then adds up to “SEDITION” and possible “TREASON.”

    I’ve heard some pundits say that treason is punishable by the death penalty… but not in this case. The death penalty can only be applied in times of war and with others qualifiers at play. A treason conviction outside of a declared war will only bring a life sentence.

    I expect the “treason state” to push back against the Trump adminstration in a violent, unprecedented manner just before this matter reaches the point that the fat lady sings.

    Stay alert.

    • …charged with “conspiracy to lurk”

      good one

      but that won’t happen either

    • “I expect Strock to stab himself to death with a paring knife–at least 50 times within the next week or so.”

      Nah, more likely he’ll succumb (no pun intended) to getting one last oral date from his hoover fluffer lisa page, and she’ll have been instructed to go full ‘Bobbitt’ on him as she’s doing the oral bopp on him…I mean sweet Jesus those teeth of hers look like they could give JAWS an inferiority complex!!

      Gives a frightful new impression to the related phrase, “spit or swallow?”

      Hope he remembers the rule of “Don’t stick it in crazy”…he most likely won’t get it back…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy! Northgunner III

  4. That is some stunning work.

  5. Perturbations

    Daily Mail is running with the FBI lovers story, while US MSM ignores it

  6. Call me when the show trials are over.

  7. all well and dandy. anyone really think anything will come of this? i know we want to think it will, but, ain’t gonna happen.

  8. GRASSLEY-GRAHAM LETTER LESS FULLY REDACTED Jerome Corsi Discussion Feb. 7 2018

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • I listened to this with morning coffee, and taking care of dogs, chickens, and a little garden work. This is the first real shot…a criminal complaint referral from Senator Grassley’s committee to the DOJ, with target being Christopher Steele.

      mtnforge has this one right. WH and few select committees are going totally within ROL…and within the boundaries of the Constitution. And I agree with him that this must be done this way…otherwise there is no difference between this side and that.

      Now, with so many people watching, and there are so many people watching this, I think the message is ‘ROL and wheels of justice grind slowly, but we are not Globalists or Marxists, we are Americans, and as such, we respect and will follow ROL.’

  9. No One will face any “Justice” until the Wood Chippers are fired up.
    Got Diesel?

  10. Has anything come of this yet? Remember “Release the memo”???? Well it was fucking released and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED or WILL HAPPEN. You are being conned. WWE style. Gangnem style. We are over the falls not heading toward it and every one of these fuckers knows it including DT.
    So the game is brinksmanship and showmanship all around with ZERO consequences. And please don’t tell me the fired FIbbies count as consequences. Not hardly. They are likely lobbying or consulting right now as I write this. You are being played.

    Get busy living at the local level because as more folks understand that the autodelegit is legit things will get spicier by the day. The guy from IL above has it dead right. States n locals are just as broke as uncle sugar. The debtbux fiat ponzi is gyrating, if it falls then we it all goes very hot very fast.

    • “The autodelegit is legit.”



    • Right.
      Because in real life, arrests happen in thirteen minutes, before the commercial break, just like on Law and Order.

      Maybe, purely as a sop to avoid raging Baby Duckism, look up the time from the Watergate break-in to Nixon’s impeachment, and to his aides getting convicted in federal court.
      (It really happened, it was a thing, and you could look it up.)
      Just saying.