ZH: FBI ‘Lovers’ New Texts Expose Obama Complicity: He “Wants To Know Everything We’re Doing”

Totally legit.


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  1. Jesus thats inbelivable, inconceivable!!!! The FBI is filled w political hacks who are enabling marxist ahitbags to subsume this country into a fiery sea of tyranny!

    Why next you’ll be telling me that they’re executing American.patriots and then lying about the shootings! RIP LaVoy.

    Wake the fuck up. Been a hot war dor a minute. Oh and wake me up when they perp walk hill dog or barry.

  2. Jeffery in Alabama

    Of course “they” knew. Remember Trump just days after the election stating the FBI had been involved in “some very nasty things”? The reigning powers that “were” (BHO, Deep State, FBI, IRS, DOJ, Commies, etc.) weaponized different branches of the government against it’s opposition and that opposition was not just Donald J. Trump. Conservative groups and contributors came under attack as did anyone who openly opposed the regime and their long term communist plan (i.e remember the small bakery that refused to bake a wedding cake for some Sodomites?). I firmly believe what is currently happening in the markets is an orchestrated attempt to paint Trump in a bad light perpetuated by “holdovers” from the last administration under the supervision of their overlords. I also see this happening elsewhere in .gov too. “They” have to stop him. “They”t cannot afford to allow Trump to succeed not can “they” allow the middle class to prosper. Prosperity kills the narrative of the “nanny state”.

  3. Great.
    Slut Page’s text just tied FPOTUS to every criminal charge in the Russiagate conspiracy.

    Start the tumbrels, and convene the new Special Prosecutor.
    If Trey Gowdy doesn’t want the job, give it to Ann Coulter or Ben Shapiro.
    Sauce for the goose is good for the gander.

    I’m pretty sure this time around the ex-pres isn’t going to be pardoned by the sitting one.
    And since it’s a criminal trial, not an impeachment, the Senate gets no veto.
    So Bitch McConjob can go back to sitting on his hands, and John McCrazy can die quietly from his brain tumor without having to get out of his death bed.

    Commodity tip: Go long on popcorn futures.

    • “Slut Page’s text just tied FPOTUS to every criminal charge in the Russiagate conspiracy.”

      And to think some think there is no God.

  4. wealthy farmer

    I still don’t understand why he always had to mug up that extreme rubber frowny face, with the bored imperial gaze, like he was disgusted and disinterested at the same time.
    And STILL no Special Prosecutor….. Nope-nothing to see here…..

  5. So just exactly WHERE are all the supposed “good cops” in the FBI?

    If they do not come forward NOW and tell what they know, then they must be held accountable as accomplices to this treason and sedition. And if the “Legal” system refuses to do its job, then…

    • Mark, your mistake is confusing Fed’s, with street cops. Huge difference. In fact the only police that have powers of arrest in every state are railroad police.


  6. Shinmen Takezo

    Holy shite!

    This is conspiracy to commit sedition at the top of a long list of other crimes…. all they have to do now is to get one of these goons to flip on Obama in order to stay out of prison for 20 years–easily done.

  7. Don’t forget boys and girls, the news cycle moves fast – what’s fresh this morning is old by this afternoon and mostly forgotten by tomorrow. Couple that the fact that most folks (as far as I can see really do not care) and we have a system that just moves on without any consequences to evil doers.
    That with the fact while the dirt people who do care are far out numbered leaves the ‘system’ as it exists pretty much intact ……… more of the same old same old ………..

  8. Definitely starting to sound more and more like a scene from Matt Bracken’s “What I Saw At the Coup”.

    Start firing up the helos, we’re burning daylight on people’s rides over ‘The Swamp’.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  9. Banana meet Republic

  10. Maybe its a redundant remark to make in the form of a common sense question, but has anyone been hit with the epiphany it is the fact that all of the “intelligence” and highest order “law enforcement/judicial” entities of the federal government, are not only under suspicion of crimes of perjury, fabricating false evidence, creating a fake conspiracy to then utilize as the basis and “proof”, of running a false operation to falsely persecute a duly elected president himself for conspiracy of treason to then take over illegitimate control of said entities?

    It doesn’t get any more fucked up than this.
    But something doesn’t add up here.
    President Trump either knows almost everything and has carefully laid out contingencies, being extremely confident this is just going through the motions of due process, or, here’s the outlier:
    Trump himself is part of another kind of “conspiracy”. A conspiracy, by a movement of people, who understand something had to be done about this deep state and the clinton globalist order, and the only option other than an internal war of armed insurrection against this deep government, was to get Trump elected, and through legitimate means and resources, defeat politically, and popularly, this evil about to destroy America. A conspiracy to carefully and slowly, involve everyone in the public sphere of communications through media, prosecute, and politically assassinate the actors involved in such a way as to leave no doubt as to guilt, crimes, intentions and treason.
    Essentially through the prism of the public opinion, expose these crooks and villains so they could never again hold the positions of power and influence they once abused.

    At every turn, without failure, every meme, narrative, agenda and ideology, never mind the hypocrisy and irony of the left, they are being taken down. Made fools of. Their usual ridicule and social justice is derided, laughed at, made to be revealed as the lies and propaganda it is.
    Almost universally, except among the truly brainwashed or deranged. All the institutions of Marxian bent are under assault, all the pet prized instruments of destroying western christian values and mores, are failing, are seen as ruses and tools of the marxists.

    Maybe I’m just reading more into this than there is.
    But you got to ask yourself, what is it that made this phenomenal 180 degree turn about?
    Why is resistance become so suddenly powerful and legitimate?
    Where did it come from, this amazing motive power?

    The pendants, the resistance is futile mouthpieces and shit stirrers, the army of trolls and agent provocateurs who have spread doubt and discontent all these years, why are they so suddenly wrong, bereft of any influence to sway peoples optimism and happiness?

    Is it all just an amazing confluence of random isolated things that converged into one point in time?

    • You may be more correct than you think.
      We are seeing a conflict between two groups. One is globalist an one is an isolationist or nationalist.

      Now if you want some interesting reading Google an artist named Charles Dellaschau and follow the rabbit hole.

      • No kidding. Have to read that.
        Something funny about all this, more and more everyday, between Trump becoming president beating all odds and the greatest organization of political corruption known, to the expose of the deep state, and all the spot on political/economical acts by Trump, his ability to remain completely untouched by the deep state, makes me think about all these things in totality, I’m beginning to wonder if there is another kind of deep state. An organization that took it upon itself the wage insurgent political war on the deep state. An organization of political patriots who have been working in secrecy to do exactly what is happening.

        Its not beyond imagination, not everyone in our government is a dirty one way traitor, and while the deep state was too busy believing it ruled with impunity, ah underground group of Americans from all sorts of places and positions planned to destroy the deep state and restore this republic.

        • “restore the republic”

          electroshock + a strait-jacket might bring mtnforge back to reality…

          but I doubt it. Meanwhile,

          nothing will happen.

          until the (((debtbuck)) dies. Then, a lot will happen but

          it won’t be a republic.

          • You don’t get it. Your so engrossed in resistance is futile you can’t see the forest for the trees. Tell the truth, it is people who believe resistance is futile are who will never do anything to change this world for good. But they do lend comfort and aid to the enemy by sowing doubt and discontent.
            There’s a reason Weapons Man banned you.
            Not everyone is as so lost a soul as you they can’t imagine something good happening in this world is possible.

          • My debt (buck) died years ago. Hallelujah!

        • In all my meanderings around the net, I have come across this:

          When Obama began his purge in earnest, after 2012, there was an option being seriously considered by some Generals. It was decided for whatever reason, not to exercise a military coup, but rather recruit Donald Trump to run in 2016. They knew about the machine rigging, they knew about Benghazi, they had all the intel on Uranium 1, they had Obama/Clinton/Holder dead to rights on Fast and Furious. They had all the details on the Clinton Global Initiative, and they had The Clinton Foundation Pay to Play, with HRC as Secretary of State. I think Benghazi and Extortion 17, along with two dismissed Flag Officers who were headed to Benghazi against orders, along with the faked UBL OP, and the public’s outrage stoked the flames. According to this narrative, they also had everything on the “Ratlines.” They had the child trafficking, organ harvesting, drugs, uranium lines and a Pakistani spy ring in Congress. The source for this background information says they have a lot more, and it is far worse than anyone knows. He is talking about the SRA, the use of adrenalized blood being used as anti-aging treatments for those who run the Obama//Clinton/Bush/ political arm. The number last presented was that 70% of both Houses are compromised, blackmailed, by way of commission or omission, into a state of paralysis. The one thing to ensure that this was never known or stopped was HRC presidency. When she did not, those with the most exposure to criminal charges went into full apoplexy. This is the story behind what is going on now.

          To his credit, his speech in FL, which clearly outlined the agenda of what we now call The Deep State, started a fire among his supporters, and they turned out in respectable numbers to vote.

          The narrative continues with, yes, he knew before he announced what he would be facing.

          We will be getting two reports, one from a private source, with results to match DHS investigation into voter fraud. DT did indeed win the popular vote by 17 million votes, in part because they knew about and to some extent, overcame the vote rigging in several states, which can only cover a 2-3% spread, without easily observable trails.

          They recruited DT on the belief he would defeat HRC, if voter fraud could be overcome, voters showed up, etc. I am sure details are missing here, but that is about the gist of it.

          The general population has to be inoculated with a clear, undeniable set of facts, pertaining to the criminality of all parties. That is what we are seeing now, across the spectrum of alternative media. MSM has been described as the propaganda arm of the deep state. In other words, it has been alleged that the CIA provides MSM runners the daily narrative, at 4:00am each day, complete with talking points, etc., and they are doing what they are paid to do, or have been put in place to do. This is being dismantled slowly as well. MSM has lost an enormous % of trust among the voting public. It sort of explains the reaction amongst the 2016 Vote News sets, by anchors, and pundits alike, when they were forced at 3am, to call the vote for DJT. Hell, China called it before US news outlets did. When in history has a losing candidate refused to concede, sending out the campaign manager to send everyone home?

          Now, if you have a niggling little itch you just can’t quite scratch, welcome, my friend, to my side porch, where this is monitored as much as is humanly possible, and discussed amongst a couple of like minded with niggling little itches of our own. We’ll have coffee in the am, followed by sweet tea in the afternoon, at break, followed by a decent dinner, and more coffee until we must close our eyes for a nap, while waiting for all those feeds to start flowing in first thing next day.

          This is some nerve wracking shit, but when hyper awareness has kicked in, one has no choice but to give it free rein.

        • PS: I have become accustomed to ear buds, cell phone with battery pack in the front jacket pocket, and listening while attending garden duties and chickens. I listen to youtube reports daily from George Webb, I monitor the Q drops, do not go to 8 chan, but wait for reports from those who do, and have subscribed to several sites which disseminate information. Lionel Nation is another I can tolerate. There is another I listened to today, Seething Frog, Hooliganmonsoon, The Praying Medic, Tracy Beanz, Jason Goodman, CBTS Stream, The Still Report, and several others. I have run across a lot of kids…and I do mean kids, who are on fire, but miss the mark, “bigly” as they say, so I may check on them, but I just prefer George Webb, who has been at this for quite some time, and has published stuff at least a year ahead of where most of these people are. When Corsi validated Q, my sensors were jangled. Where the hell has everyone been? Q is a phenom, for sure and has ignited researchers. I count it as quite interesting that he began his contributions by using what has been referred to as “weaponized autism” rather than the more legacy media sources he could have chosen.

          But the chans are researchers, and have been able to go find the docs, photos, etc., when Q points them in the right direction.

          That’s about all I can add…that niggling itch is still just out of reach.

  11. “Not a Smidgen of corruption”

  12. How do we knows he’s lying? His lips are moving.


  13. White Blue Collar Redneck


  14. Of course, we have known for eight long years, and also this past year of Trump, that Urkel and ValJar, and Rodham have been weaponizing all agencies of government and committing massive numbers of felonies in the process. We always knew, because we have always known that these people are Communists, and that is simply what commies do. Fast and Furious, persecution of the Tea Party by the IRS, Benghazi, massive numbers of unassimible illegal aliens and ‘refugees’ imported from the Turd World, and attempting to subvert an election and then to overthrow our lawfully elected government are just things that commies do.

    The recent release of texts and memos is simply confirmation of what we have known all along. But always remember there is a vast pool of lo-fo’s and no-fo’s put there, who are victims of lifelong propaganda and misinformation by the MSM. The steady drip, drip, drip of evidence being released bit by bit is intended to bring them out of their coma gradually. All at once would cause so much cognitive dissonance in their brainwashed minds that they would likely reject the truth. The red-pilling of the lo-fo’s must unfortunately be gradual.

    • Fuck the lo-fo’s and no-fo’s they are never going to “getit”, don’t care and have no power to do anything about any of it. They can be easily dissuaded to do any voting by simply taking away any payment to do so and stopping the buses from picking them up. These idiots do nothing gradual, all action is sporadic, “whenever they feel the urge”.
      Get it? And you ain’t gunna red-pill them, because they have been brainwashed (which didn’t take too much time) into thinking nothing but “the system” will save them. It isn’t republican or democrat, it is
      “the system” (at least that’s what they call it here). And the system is their god.
      Remember WWII in the South Pacific? Remember what the USNavy did to lots of Jap Islands? They cut off their supply lines and went around them. Left them there to starve to death. Most did. Without any fight. Without any “red-pill”. Just isolate the “no” and “lo”-“fo’s” go around them, cut off their supply chain and everything will work out suitably.

  15. and not a damn thing will happen or come of any of this. i’m going shooting. great weather here today.

  16. Trump is just another Swamp Creature. What we see playing out here is simply a multifaceted Power Struggle among the Hundreds of Public (and Secret) bureaucratic departments. At the end of the Day, All Memos, Leaks, E-Mails, etc. that are ‘coming out’ are attempts by various Factions to Discredit other Factions. ALL PARTS OF THE GOVERNMENT ARE CORRUPT. THERE ARE NO GOOD COPS.
    Act Accordingly.

  17. Teflon Nigger.

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. Who here gets it?
    The deep state has failed. Its over. Doesn’t matter what happens to them. Don’t matter what or who does what to or not to them. Even if none are indicted.
    They have been indicted in the publics mind. Something up to this, the deep state had a monopoly on with assistance from the 5th column media. Their operating procedures have been destroyed by a thousand separate pieces of resistance and defiance.

    The win here is that they are exposed in all their grimy detail. This whole thing will remain a topic of great interest for a very long time.

    Its a win if for no other reason because this is what the Normies needed to see, the millions of moderates and “independents”, those with secret doubt who where afraid to change their world view.
    The resistance to this tyranny just became mainstream.

    Karl Denninger said: “So Trump has said, knowing that all of the people involved in the FISA warrant application committed perjury before a sitting federal judge, he will not fire and prosecute any of them…”

    He doesn’t have to, he already has fired them and prosecuted them, using Alinski’s rule about ridicule, about being pilloried in the public square. Trump used Alt-Alinski on them. Just as all the Alt-? of the dissident right has exposed the deep state and its bedfellows, because the resistance is validation itself. Everyday.
    And you may not even realize it as such. Yet you might say, gee these state actors really are criminals, or what they tried to do to Donald Trump is just simply unacceptable, maybe its how could these people love with themselves, or that it hits home just how much a lie its all been, and here’s a guy who is not a part of that political corruption, and you know something, he don’t look all that bad, in fact he looks pretty good by comparison.

    Not only is it Trump doesn’t have to fire or prosecute any of them, he’s not bullshitting, he only needs to do what is a Presidents main job and duty, do nothing but look out for the best and asked for peoples interests.
    Other will fire & prosecute. The law of the land properly followed to the letter and origins of intent will do the rest.
    It has to, if it don’t this country is toast.

    The deep state is Kaput! Nothing changes that now. By not personally firing or prosecuting them, Trump maintains the moral high ground, the moral imperative. Nothing can assail that position now. By doing nothing, Trump finally takes full power. This is when things begin to get interesting.
    We will see things happen we thought just yesterday was impossible.
    Trumps job, what he does best, like all great leaders, they know how to delegate. Lay out the objective, the results desired, and let his officers figure out the best way to achieve the stated goals.

    As swampy as the swamp is, nothing gets done in these matters without leadership. Good leadership changes everything.
    The deep state is a headless chicken.
    And Trumps purpose was to chop the chickens head off.

    All that power of the deep state is gone. It no longer has any power to hurt us. They are a joke to most of us now. It can no longer even survive its own illegitimacy.

    • Agree that deep state public actors regarding dossier are done.

      Agree that Trump does not have responsibility or job to fire/prosecute those actors.

      Agree that if we do not have criminals charged with crimes, this country is toast.

      Uranium 1 is getting ready to be served up with morning coffee. LeVoy Finnicum, this one’s for you…in my heart and mind…U1 is why LeVoy Finnicum is dead.

      They must be brought to heel on this one.

    • I agree with you. Only definition that may be kind of skimpy is “who is the Deep State”? I have been reading about this bunch since the 1970’s. They are not just who the MSM alludes them to be. The real “deep state” are marxist, globalists. Commies who want control of the world. They are trying to destroy Putin and take Russia back.
      The one name that keeps coming up (over centuries) is Rothschild. This is an old-old jewish family, mostly inbred to save the family money, who has funded both sides of most of the wars going back into the early 1400’s. If I remember correctly. Do not discount this family, they are the head of the serpent.
      Our own Rockefeller and Bush families are about the equivalent of the Rothschild’s in Europe, and they are all evil and complicit in all the destruction of our Republic. Look to the CFR for more disciples of Satan. Or the Bilderburg bunch. Tri-lateral commission? full of more globalists.
      Lets not ever forget the European royal families either. Don’t despair, most are so inbred they are almost morons, but they still control vast sums of money and in their mind still the “ruling class”.
      All tolled it is estimated that there are somewhere between 5000 and 10,000 of these people who somehow direct the flows of money throughout the world…to them. And they want it all.
      We, dirt people who believe ourselves to be independent, self-sustaining, forthright and Free of all domination, we stand in their way.
      And the only reason we haven’t been plowed into the ground long ago is because we have lots of guns and ammo. Period.