A Chinese Model For Global Leadership


Hard question:

After FUSA defaults, who else will be in contention as the global hegemon?

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  1. China is doing what it can very efficiently, but there will be a hard landing because there always is after a debt fueled bubble. And China’s worn out and extremely polluted environment is not going to be fixed by mere technology, nor is its growing need for food imports. Hence China’s major move into Africa….

    • China has had military generals studying Western central banking and the reserve currency weapon possessed by the USA. While they may not quite grasp the idea that elite, private international bankers operate the Federal Reserve and simply hide behind the immense American public sword, it makes no difference in their eyes.

      As such, there is a likely possibility that they count on all currencies losing a lot of value; their quiet stockpiling of 12 tons of gold would lend credence to the strategy. In such a scenario, the country with the most gold wins. The countries that can implicitly or explicitly back their new or old currencies with gold get a major upper hand.

      There are theories the US has zero physical gold, and are supported by the fact that the US trusts Keynesian economists to keep the charade alive – China doesn’t. It is possible and even probable that the most powerful countries in the world after the global debt-base currency collapse will be the historically communist powers like Russia and China – they’ve been through a it before and know how it works.

      Fun times.

      • Chinks gotta lot more than 12 tons.

        ‘Murka? as the electrician said, “there’s more gold in my teeth than there is in those vaults”

        at a wild guess, the world’s #1 gold holder would be Israhell. That’s where our (at last audit, 40+ years ago) 8,000 tons went, and also Germany’s 3,500 tons…and the Ukraine’s 48 tons…and…etc.

        World’s ruling Class will be the same as now:

        Jews, with a Chink administrative class

        and a few million brown drones to hew the wood and draw the water.

        Whites won’t even be a memory.

        that’s (((The Plan))), at any rate.

      • 12 tons of gold?!?
        12 tons of gold = $614M, or about what’s in circulation in Vegas on a good week. Or what the USGov alone spends in about an hour and twenty minutes, 24/7/365. Or, the fourth-largest US Lotto payout, from 2013.

        When China amasses 23,400 tons of gold, or enough to cover the $1.2Trillion of US currency, paper and coin, currently in actual circulation worldwide, in order to replace dollar$ with an equivalent amount of circulating gold-backed renminbi/¥uan (not to mention the trillions and trillions of digital currency), please give a holler.

        International finance; it’s a thing. Zeros matter.

        • FTR, one ton of gold (short ton), is worth ca. $50M, IOW enough to get you a killer Manhattan townhouse, or Biscayne Bay FL mansion, or LeBron James’ services at starting forward for about 3 years.

          It’s what John Rockefeller used to refer to as “pocket change”, back when he had $336B, and gold was worth about $20/oz.
          Back then, a “ton of gold” was worth a paltry $661,440, and he had the equivalent wealth of 6720 tons of gold.
          Enough to by China’s little horde 520 times over, or to make two of Bill Gates, with enough left over after that to buy out Sam Walton’s entire clan, or Warren Buffet, in his spare time.

          Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft where we are hard, and cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand. They think, deep in their hearts, that they are better than we are because we had to discover the compensations and refuges of life for ourselves. Even when they enter deep into our world or sink below us, they still think that they are better than we are. They are different. ” – F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

          Cue the Great War Chief From the Icebound Fartress Of Solitude, any minute.

        • Aesop, I generally agree with the notion of gold as a weapon to back-stop a national currency. Where we might disagree is on the number of dollars that ought to apply to each ounce. I’m thinking that the “fair-value” price of gold should be no less than 2 x the cost of production, up to a number that would cover the global Dollar-debt (some say $35000+). Maybe, $10K per oz, plus a good set of top-bankster hangings?

      • Not 12 tons of gold in Red China, maybe 12 THOUSAND tons (Metric Tons, 1000x 1KG) or 20 THOUSAND tons. Not including gold owned by individuals and private cartels/banks. The Chinese REALLY like gold.

        5B Asians can’t be wrong about gold. This opinion alone gives gold (and silver) a floor in value well above the cost of production.


  2. Convenient how they always forget to mention the truth of the reason why behind the present appearance China became the power it is today.

    • Like this marxist prick

      • That marxist prick travels with a dozen heavily armed bodyguards. Like most marxists he’s happy to disarm the plebes but not interested in giving up his own protection.

        “No guns for thee, lots of guns for me.”-ZombieMayorMike

        • This is a fantastic video. “…get back to you on that…”

          right after we harass the shit out of you, that is…

        • PDWs will be worth fuck all when some determined free man decides his times up. That’s the issue with surrounding oneself with cocksuckers with pistols and subguns. That’s simply not going to deter a skilled fella 500 yards away with a suppressor. Now, imagine TEN determined skilled fellas at all points of the compass….

        • Unless ‘bloomie’ is wearing a full body kevlar jammie…he’s still ‘touchable’ no matter how many orcs he’s got around.

          And kevlar is worthless against an ice pick…

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

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  4. The Asians have really High IQs

    Also the Asians; Fucking Kill everything and reset society every 40 years.

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  6. The only reason that communists are doing so well in this country, and elsewhere, is that certain politicians haven’t disappeared. Yet. Give it time. Lots of deep holes all over the world. Any one seen Jimmy Hoffa? Yep-lots of holes.

  7. A kind of “gee whiz” tone to this article – isn’t it fun running and controlling a nice big economy? Whee!

    I’ll take the free market (what’s left of it, anyway) instead.