Aesop: You Don’t Have Enough Popcorn

Can’t tell the players without a program:

A Preliminary Timeline


More to come, I’m sure.

14 responses to “Aesop: You Don’t Have Enough Popcorn

  1. That deck of cards poster is gonna need to be bigger. Sen. McStain needs to play as well as Rosenstein’s wife. Popcorn indeed.

  2. . Anyone that thinks Obama, Clinton, or any of them above middle management, will spend a single day in jail. Has there head up their ass. Everything else is bullshit and propaganda. The term for this is POLITICAL THEATER. If anyone could actually do anything, they would be face up on a slab, or face down in the river. But y’all keep sucking on that propaganda teat. You seem to enjoy it. Y’all seem to forget that no matter how evil the big boys get. THEY never go to jail. They never have. They never will. No one will “drain the swamp” because no one CAN “drain the swamp”.

    • Nothing personal Ray, and you’re entitled to your opinion but, I sincerely hope that some day soon you will have to drink deeply of this river of fetid, cynical crow you are continually spewing.

      Go now and lick the hand of your master.

  3. Baby boomers – how about the ultimate sacrifice? Take charge and handle some of that.

  4. Show of hands. Who thinks for one minute that that fucking nigger is going to be held responsible for his actions?

  5. pistachios. They’re more expensive, but better for you.

    as to the rest, take any prediction Aesop the Fabulist makes, assume the opposite, and you’re good.

    though, for a fact, I’d like to see Sally Yates stripped and locked into a cell with her Congoid former boss.

  6. Teflon. Nigger.

  7. If Brackens graphic adds anymore persons of interest I will have to get out a digital lens to read it! 🙂

  8. This makes Watergate look like tiddly winks. everyone of these treasonous scum should be executed, however not one will see the inside of a courtroom much less a jail cell,

  9. Popcorn? Yes.
    Coffee? Maybe not.

  10. “Lawfully” speaking
    Jail for any of these…animals?
    Ain’t gonna Happen, ever!!
    Execution for Sedition and Traitorous Acts?
    Ain’t ever gonna Happen, ever!
    Gitmo, gimme a break.

    These “Poster Trolls” have all the Time, the money,the connections and the Media.

    Let us stop Preaching to the Choir.
    Going around in a circle only leads to One Thing…
    Staring Straight at and Sniffing The Anus.

  11. The ‘System’ cannot be Reformed, Corrected, or un-Fucked. Only the Collapse of the ‘System’, under its own Weight of Corruption, can allow for a “Reset”, and possible, a Return to the Republic. We should be giving Thought to Exactly How we can accomplish this AFTER the Empire self-Destructs. Key to this will be making sure that NO ONE from the Existing Regime is allowed to have Any Role in the New Republic.