Norm The Normie

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Dude, you are not going to believe this…

Or what is coming.

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  1. Define a ‘better’ system

  2. The second LVMPD officer arrested for kiddie porn in six months

  3. I am starting to believe the in possibility that Trump really wants to drain the swamp. I am also starting to believe it’s possible that Q anon is real. I did not think Trump would be nominated, I did not think he would become potus, and I did not believe he would survive the assault by media, academia, hollywood and millennials. I only truly trust God fully, albeit without any proof. Things are really starting to make more sense. More people are waking up. Even if the storm is fake, normies awakening is the intended, real storm. YMMV.

  4. even if you have enough highly skilled, well supplied, hard-hearted compatriots, turning the normies is more important that waiting on the new world order oligarchs to send in the u.n. troopers to round us up for the fema camps. “feed a man a fish……”

  5. Normies always strike me as people who are a little short on intestinal fortitude. They’re always hanging back, waiting to see how bad you’re going to get hit with the shredder, before they turn away, once again. I used to get the cheese grate on a regular basis, until I ran out of the physical attributes to do so. Mebbe that’s it. They look at the scars, and decide, nope, nope, nope. I figure they’ll be the last to pick up a gun, and the first to put it down, in the Coming Excitement. As I recall, I never joined the Lettermans Club, in school. I was told discreetly, don’t bother to apply. You get in too many fights, you smoke, drink, and screw around constantly. I had blood, beer on it, and a knife hole in my jacket. Ah, well, I used to turn Normies into “killers”, or at least they thought they were, when I got done with them. I could do it again, I guess. True story. I put several of them through Basic, in the Army. I’d gone to VN, come back, and trained troops to go there. They were somewhat surprised to see me, and I was glad to send them off to the Meat Grinder. Normies are ok. But we don’t want the IRISH!

    • Not every normie has to fight. They just have to be convinced that supporting FREEFOR logistically is in their best interests. No armed force has everyone as the tip of the spear.

    • wendystringer48088

      “Blazing Saddles” reference?

      Here’s one from “The Untouchables”.

  6. Q made many drops yesterday and seemed to satisfy many anons actively working on the research page by providing pictures, some with specific targets that apparently were digs at the target(s) themselves. It seems there was an operation at King Tower in Shanghai, China. The drops were Q’s response to anons asking for examples.

    In Q’s words;
    “People asked for arrests.”
    “Gave one example.”
    “Just because you can’t see doesn’t mean it’s not ongoing.”
    “Trust the plan.”

    And, it seems these operations taking place are not only domestic, but international as well.

    A lot of what is going on as of late, have been suggested well in advance through Q drops which are archived. Additional drops seem to point to the POTUS being well aware of what was going on prior to his even solidifying his decision to run for President.

    It may not seem that Q’s presence and activities aren’t all that well known. But I believe that there are many in the Deep State, as well as, the main stream media’s, that Q (him/her/both/multiple people), DOES indeed exist and is a integral component of the existential threat to the motives and ambitions of the Deep State players.

    And we see all of this in their panic responses to “everything Trump”, as well as various retirements of House members and many CEO’s of corporations as well.

  7. If you create a building on a faulty foundation it will crumble and if you establish a gov’t upon the premise that some theft is required it will fail.

    When 1 crime is permitted all crimes are permitted.

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