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  1. Those are some fine words to live by Brothers…

  2. We owe so many. It is good to know who they are.

  3. Why do we owe so many for living our lives?.

    My friend you alone are responsible for the quality and content of your life.

    While I like what’s said, in my world their are those who have intentionally wronged me, my family.

    And I’m supposed to give em a pass. Not going to happen.

    Life is the lesson.


    • Dirk,You speak from experience and living life.When you get taken advantage of and betrayed by those you let into your life,cut the cord,forgive them and move on.
      One more thing..tell the dirty,rotten,backstabbing cocksuckers,next time I see you,you won’t see me. Seems to work well. No free passes for violation of trust. There is no compromise on values and morality. People willing to compromise never had anything worth spit. The most valuable asset a real man has is his word. I despise and loathe liars and those who disseminate falsehood. Call out the dirty cocksuckers whenever you have the opportunity. In your travels,a 28,000 acre ranch in Colorado will welcome you.

    • We owe people like this…they did stuff, and fought hard to make a difference. Without them…LeVoy Finicum, Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings, John Perry Barlow , and so many more whose names we do not know, or cannot recall, who did the things we could not do, so that we actually have a wider perspective which informs our choices which determine the course we take when reaching those inevitable forks in the road.

      We owe them a “thank you, God Bless you, rest with peace, we understand what you did, and the risks you took.”

      I personally believe Julian Assange should be awarded the Medal of Freedom for what he has done, and God willing, will continue to do, despite being the bastards’ number one target for extermination. I believe they want Assange more than they want Trump, or our guns.

    • Dirk – You’ve confused me. I see none of what you’re writing about in those 25 ‘rules’. The only possibility I see is the one about your life belonging to others as well. Is that it? Cuz I read that to mean that – for example – when you have a child, you don’t fully own your life any longer as you now have obligations. Your parents have an investment in what you do with your life. Your wife or girlfriend has an interest in a piece of you.

      In other words, your choices may truly be your own, but they affect others deeply, especially those you care about and who care about you. In that sense, your life is NOT yours and yours alone, because they ‘share’ in it, for better or worse.

  4. RIP. A good man endures, with gratitude for the life-guidance left behind.

  5. Fine words….It’s probably best to love our enemies, but that doesn’t alter our duty to preserve what is good and beautiful for our posterity…whatever it takes.

  6. Except that Barlow was an utterly converged progressive. Was for decades. Nice man but of the left. And , yes, I knew and worked with him.

  7. That’s some hippie bowlshit straight out of the 60s. Great for ingroup cohesion, poison when liberally applied to the “other” who never respond in kind.

    I’d like to see Vlad the Impaler’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Dictators.

  8. Bout half that drivel is hippy horseshit and, I say this as a guy who chased the Dead awhile.

  9. A lot of good thoughts, a fair amount of utter bullcrap like “Don’t hunt the tasty animals.”

  10. not giving up hunting, not ashamed or sorry in any way.
    not going to love my enemy, hate is motivation.
    magnanimity is why the degenerates and communists have almost
    completely destroyed everything that was good and right,

  11. Are every ones comments moderated?
    what does enter at your own risk mean then?

    • The rule on moderation is that virtually everything gets cleared, save for things that will get he poster or the staff locked up, in our sole judgment.

      Think of a frontier bar about 11 o’clock on a Friday payday night.

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