TL Davis: A Citizen Of The Republic

When the current smoke and fog has cleared, a very stark reality may become painfully clear.

These are the good old days.

Use them well.

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  1. Shinmen Takezo

    Have to disagree with the premise that prosecuting the guilty/treasonous parties involved in this attempted coup will cause a “civil war” –nothing can be further from the truth here.

    If the Trump administration fails to prosecute these criminals/traitors, the traitors will be emboldened–they will not stop in their actions and they will become emboldened, expand their efforts and at some point soon they will strike at the Trump administration in a violent manner in an effort to topple this president from office… should they succeed, their action will indeed be the cause of Civil War II. Even if they should fail–there will be much violent chaos across this country–and rightly so as the rats are rounded up and put away.

    And President Trump must note that if they do succeed–they will not stop at him personally, they will then move to eliminate his close family and associates as well in the chaos that follows (as well as his entire business empire).

    President Trump’s is facing a multi-headed traitorous hyrda–and he has to start lopping off the heads of this beast in order for the Republic to survive (as well as himself and his family)… this means perp-walking the traitor chart that Matt Bracken hasfbrilliantly worked up.

    If Jeff Sessions does not un-recuse himself, then take up the slack on criminal prosecutions of these obvious acts of sedition (at the very least)–then this cheese weenie (meaning Sessions) must be replaced post haste. If President Trump thinks that the congress/senate will take care of this situation–he is deluding himself. Most likely they will only generate lots of political smoke as was seen in the Benghazi investigation (which if you remember when nowhere but down) which they will hope to use in the mid-term elections.

    • thetinfoilhatsociety

      I don’t think Bracken made that chart. Sundance at made it. And I don’t think Sessions can un-recuse himself. He’s eyeball deep in the Uranium One scandal which has ties to the current issues. That being said, I agree with the rest of your statements.

    • The ‘Night of the Long Knives’ does not have to be public to be effective. As has been posted here many times before — kill the chicken, scare the monkey. A few discrete ‘Vince Fosters’ and the message will be sent. Most of the players are in intelligence after all.

  2. A post from yesterday asked the question, “What if NOTHING happens?”

    That is what I expect to happen – nothing. One possible response from us could be noncompliance. I have written a little story about one example that people might find inspires some ideas…

    • It’s good that you are taking the “nothing happens” scenario and working from there, because that is the most likely scenario.

  3. What is the picture of the ma sharpening the sword, forgive my millennial education.

  4. “But, I urge you, as the only legitimate source of political power in a republic, the citizen, to exercise that power. Demand prison for the criminals and executions of the traitors with the full understanding that if you do that, it will initiate a civil war, because a third of your fellow citizens have already embraced that new collectivist state. It is evident in the Bernie Sanders voters who sought to formalize the socialist/communist state the republic has drifted toward over the past several decades. Your fellow citizens are already complicit in the death of the republic and will not help you save it. Do not act now, as a citizen of the republic, and you will embrace the collectivist state yourself.”

    Ain’t gonna Happen!
    A Third? It’s more than that. Just listen!!
    90% America is nothing less than Retarded.
    By birth, education/indoctrination or fear

    Most have choosen to be on there own(Fail) capitulate(Fail) or shear fear of losing the comfort they now know which keeps them docile.(Cowardice/Indoctrination)
    The States perfect Storm.

    Doubt it? Go out beyond your circle, Listen, Do Not Speak.
    It is Over.
    Trump, is just a last gasp.
    The Death Gasp.

    • Trumpenthal was the death-gasp of the

      White muh Konstitution libs. And the awakening of

      Generation Zyklon. Who know what the

      (((problem))) is, and are going to deal with it.

  5. “There is time to see if Trump and Sessions can rise to the occasion and fulfill the role God has laid out for them as defenders of the republic, but a citizen of the republic should do so while preparing their gear.”
    i and many others, ‘Never’ did think this was Gods intention. Now i know many did and that is fine, they are now possibly waking up?
    God(Yahuah’s) intention and His Will, i fully believe is to turn people and peoples hearts back to Him.
    The rest will follow.
    On a semi related note:
    “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear My voice; and there shall be one fold and one Shepherd.”
    John 10:16
    Consider this verse and by all means the full context. Now if we claim to belong to the one true church we should consider our words and our actions with others and among ourselves at all times. After all we represent Him. We are the church, we are born again.

    • That was on the assumption that God chooses all leaders, as it states in the Bible, not always for the betterment of mankind, except in the long term.

    • wendystringer48088

      People make fun of Dr. Ben Carson, but he is actually a very smart man. He knows how close we are.

      “Hatred breeds nothing but more hatred and it’s only a matter of time before Dr. Carson is right about that whole Purge business.”

      God Bless America.

      And God Bless tfA-t. Let’s give him his 300 million. 🙂

  6. There had to have been a time in Ancient Rome when its citizens knew the tipping point had been reached – that the Empire was doomed and nothing they did could save it. America has reached that point. Discussion over exactly when that point was reached are a waste of time. It’s happened and there’s no going back. The passage of the “Budget” last night has guaranteed this collapsing house of cards known as the “United” States has doomed the people to tyranny and poverty.

    And the people have no one to blame but themselves. Look to your own, folks.

  7. While this great nation appears to be in decline, I oppose that view. That others make my choices for me, I oppose. I make my own choices.

    The rule of law, is in the best interests of all citizens. I’ve seen it, on the streets, the sad ugly truth of community’s without order.

    The system is far from perfect, I’ve lived around the world, got to physically see other forms of govt in action. Ours to include our flaws is by far the best I’ve experienced.

    Here a man has a right to a trial of his/ her peers, not the case in most other nations. Due process is ever evolving.

    This nation is evolving, some call it the ” forth turning” I don’t know, as our nation evolves, we truly are struggling with the morality, and consequences of AI, perhaps even the legality.

    As long as good men and women, like all of you hear continue to stand tall and hold accountable, those who seem to,think their,above the law, I think we as a nation will be fine.

    Growing pains, occur at every level. Personally professionally and nationally.

    Don’t give up on our Republic, as flawed as it is, it’s special, as are the people here.


  8. There are thousands of jobs to be done, fixing things, preserving things, preparing things. Some might save the Republic, or resurrect it, or replace it. The jobs are there. Get busy. And a few of you need to get off of that horse that is always running over the younger or this or that generation. People can be taught, at any age, and they can do better than they’re doing. When I was 19, I wasn’t worth a damn either, but I got educated. Most of it was by older people with a smidgen of patience. Stop expecting so much of people that you haven’t even tried to help be informed. And educating them will take more than an afternoon of cursing and flogging. It takes years, and patience, and practice. Any of you that have ever had a hand in raising a family, or building and maintaining a house, or running a business, or getting somewhere in life besides subsistence, will know what I’m talking about. And never give up. EVER.

  9. And kudos, CA, for the picture of Iron Mike. His call, “Follow Me!” is a call to lead by example, to learn, to be brave everywhere, and every time. Death is only a whisper, and Life only a life.

  10. The Walkin' Dude

    Buppert has a great piece posted, if any haven’t already seen it.

  11. The Walkin' Dude

    I’m sure y’all have already seen this, but in case not…

    Excellent piece as always.

  12. The Walkin' Dude

    My comments are ethering. It’s a conspiracy I tell ya!

  13. I think fusa is too fat, stupid and lazy to even consider CW2.
    Hunger will start it. I see no other genesis.
    That is just how weak we are.

  14. Dead in thanks for the post. Do everything in.your power to kill the beast.

  15. Carl- The Vast Majority of people in the U.S. are Completely Unaware of what is happening, economically and politically. As long as there is ghettoball on T.V. and cheap, imitation Beer in the Refrigerator, they are Incapable of Understanding the situation the Country is facing. The Traitors in the Swamp Know this, and it is why they continue to ‘Double Down on Stupid’, confident that their fellow Swamp-Creatures won’t Turn on them. Rome won’t be ‘Sacked and Burned’ in the Traditional manner; Only when the Power goes Out, the Internet goes Down, and they get Hungry, will the average sheople Notice that something is Wrong. Then it’s Too Late…

  16. America will survive. The government on the other hand…..

  17. You can see my elaborated comment over at TL’s-but I will requote this:
    “Better that we should die on our feet rather than live on our knees”. I ALWAYS correct any moron who tells me that we live in a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic, although an occupied one at the moment. Stop all of this barking and go do something. Any-thing is better than No-thing! And no, you don’t get a carrot snack until I see some evidence that you guard some.

  18. What we see, Is what we’ve got.
    In the MEANtime:

    But re-member, history repeats itself:
    The Allurement of Wolves:

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  19. Nothing will happen as long as boomers control as much wealth and as many votes as they do. Dismantling the government would also dismantle the economy. (most) Boomers will not make personal sacrifices for the benefit of their children or their country. They overwhelmingly supported the Bush/Obama bailouts that saved their pensions, but saddled their children with trillions of dollars worth of debt.

    Boomers are in it for the ride and they’re taking everyone else with them.

  20. The American Colonists debated much as the above comments, and All are valid. But the spark that ended the debate came from the British troops marching on Lexington, a failed and ill conceived attempt, then Concord where more experience and resolve stood and then started the counter attack.
    My point is the initiative lies with the Tyrants, and when they become so excessive, following a long train of abuses, there will be a violent reaction by patriots of many persuasions. The debate ends, and war begins.
    We do not control the Tyrants or their timetable. We do know they have No control over their satanic evil desires to enslave all of mankind. They will come.
    We must be Ready in all respects, and to continue to write and speak to gain new members in the meantime.
    The script and play has not differed throughout all of history, it will not be different this time either. It will be horrible to behold and experience, hence the hesitation on our part, and the absolute compulsion on their part to destroy all in their path to total control.
    Be Ready.

  21. There will be no fight anytime soon.

    so-called “normies” are still very comfy and happy.
    besides, if they’re not natural born fighters/infantryman they probably won’t be anywhere near the fight anyways- willingly. it’s just not in their blood. nope, the long slow slippery slide right into the gulags is most murkins future… face it. anyone who’s worried about their wife and kids are the last ones to risk anything. they’ve been domesticated and snipped long ago.


    the warriors, survivors, and victors will be the single Men who haven’t been pussy whipped…


  22. “These are the good old days.” Agree 100%.
    Even if trump kicks out every illegal and daca 30-something, Texas is still going to flip to democrat by 2028 and by that time a lot of states like florida and Colorado will have flipped permanently.
    the democrats/communists want it all now because they want to see the country under their specific thumb, but its coming. we’re in the last years of the republic in any way it was founded. govt and tech giants like google will enslave you once we have past the point of no return; so enjoy these days/years it has left.
    personally, I’m enjoying the hell out of trump giving the establishment the finger.