Z Blog: The Time For Choosing

As FUSA goes tribal, peril awaits those who do not embrace reality.

This is not reality, for those keeping score at home:

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  1. I’d like to teach Deep State to sing, and show it’s not so tough, and pull it’s pants down to it’s knees, and chase it through the rough……It’s the reaaaal thing…….

    • Baaawwhaaahaaa!!
      New cadence there Sean!!!

      GI beans and GI gravy….

    • Dude, You remember that whole wealthy Yankeedom WASP offsprings “We Are The World”, marxist fairy tale of one human race brainwashing during the 80’s?
      They went on these world tours, their wealthy Boston Brahmans and direct line decedents of the North East Fabians parents like proud Cheker’s for the state looking after their little red diaper clutch of new born radical chic’s.
      Talk about useful dupes. Something was so repulsive about it. Took me years to understand what it was, but no question it smelled like dead festering rat for some reason. Like you got the heeby jeeby’s from being near it.
      I knew a few of my contemporaries who joined, and looked like Kim’s good little Norke human mannequins blissfully unaware of the party lines they where repeating.
      The marxists are cunning and so very evil. Master manipulators. When it comes to programming youth the intelligentsia have no equals.

  2. Love that masthead.
    I heard another version
    In the Future everyone will get to be Hitler for 15 minutes.

    The Godwin / Warhol law.

  3. Zman when he coined the terms Dirt People and Cloud People, really hit on the best definition of the civil war of racial/cultural genocide under way. Made this a while back.
    CA made the “Normie” thing relative and perfectly summed up a critical component, or demographic, of festivities. Normies, lord love a duck if that doesn’t fit perfectly.
    Been saving this agitprop for a special occasion when it would be more clearly understood the roles we all have together, for good or bad, hopefully good, in whats happening to us.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Zman writes that it’s time for choosing, but then ends his essay saying:

    “The choice now is accept this reality … We are headed to the majority-minority world faster than our acceptance of it can keep pace”

    Sounds like a slightly doom-laden version of what Pelosi and Co. are telling us. “It’s inevitable. In the end it will be good for you.”

    Zman sure loves the sight of his own words, but he is an endless commentator, not a man of action. It’s not that he doesn’t have a plan, he doesn’t even have an opinion on what the plan should be.

    If you get to the point that you see that, without a course correction, we will indeed become a minority in our own country and you might want to do something about it he’s useless. Might as well go directly to Occidental Dissent (who have a Southern Nationalist idea) or Spencer’s AltRight (who have an aspirational future entno-state idea) or even to Covington’s NWR.

    At least all those guys are willing to draw some conclusion besides noting the inevitability of the passing of our majority status, and maintaining an ironic observational stance towards it.

    • Most (individuals) have been a minority all of their lives. So perhaps becoming a minority is not to be feared?
      Have seen some reports that population is on the decline everywhere.
      Perhaps this to is a gift?

  6. So she is glad that her Grandson judges people by the colour of their skin and not by the content of their hart. We have a word for that its – Racism.
    Just imagine if some one had stood up and said “My black grandson told me he wishes he was pale and had blue eyes. I was so proud, it was beautiful”.

  7. Brother Antony

    As a Christian I’m inclined not to be too hard on that poor old woman because teen early onset intellectual menopause is a terrible affliction.

  8. I am waiting for the nanosecond that the U.S. government officially declares white Americans to be a minority so that I can contact my CONgress critter and DEMAND every fucking government subsidy, program, preference in hiring,special grants and every other motherfucking GIMMEDAT extended to traditional minorities over the years.
    Then I’ll tell ’em to send the bill to Pedro and his buddies, just like they have been doing to me for the last forty years.

    Use the system against its self people.
    Payback’s a bitch ain’t it?

    • How well do you think that’s working out for the White South Africans…Last I heard they were still being raped, beaten, and killed…Let’s just say I wouldn’t count on them sending you any benefits…

    • Won’t happen, Phil. Check out South Africa where whites are less than 10% of the population, but there is still affirmative action for blacks. And they are considering confiscating white property without compensation.

  9. Nancy Pelosi is bullshit crazy. Her husband is lily white, her children are lily white, and the grandkids attend lily white schools. Per Grand Magazine: Pelosi has six grandchildren: Alexander Prowda, 10, and Madeleine Prowda, 8, who live in Arizona; Liam Kenneally, 9, Sean Kenneally, 7, and Ryan Kenneally, 5, who live in Texas; and Paul Michael Vos, the new baby, 5 months old, who lives in New York. She considers her family inter-faith since one son-in-law is Jewish. If one of those grandsons has a friend named Antonio, I can guarentee that Antonio’s family is Uber Wealthy and the cream of the Elite Conquistadors in the old country.

  10. “In fairness to the men making these decisions in the 1980’s, they did not know what we know today. Reagan certainly had a sense of it with regards to immigration. …”

    With due course to the non-Boomers that will be pissed off….. In 1980 when all those decisions were being made, it was the Greatest Generation making them, not the Boomers. Boomers did not become the super-majority till mid-1990’s to hold the reins of power. By then the die had already been cast, the crossroads in the rear view mirror.

    Let the pissing from the GenXers begin…..

    • Especially given the observable difficulty Trump had, and is having with the Deep state it’s hard to imagine how anyone can blame Reagan for not being more, well, libertarian. Deep State tried to have Reagan killed very early in his first term. Build up the military or die. Do what we want or die. Anyone actually observing the course of politics in this country knows damn well the president doesn’t run the country, and tries to do so at his own peril.

      Has anyone noted how Obama and even Trump changed their tone with respect to military adventurism abroad almost immediately upon being elected? Four decades the voters were given choices chosen by the Deep State and establishment systems. The opportunity to vote for an actual Outsider is shockingly rare, perhaps non-existent.

      Of Course we all noted how the establishment Republicans did everything they could to defeat Trump’s candidacy. We continue to see how many establishment Republicans inside and outside the government continue to do everything they can to oppose him. So yes by all means let’s do everything we can to figure out which generation of Voters to blame, as the Millennials and gen-xers continue to refuse to take responsibility for their own lives. Because after all intergenerational Warfare is just so much more satisfying than actual Liberty, right?

      I don’t trust Trump as far as I could pick him up and throw him which ain’t very far. Possibility exists that this is all very elaborate Kabuki. To the extent that the government is at war with itself and there appears to be an earnest effort to root out corruption I will continue to support Trump.

      But no gentleman should imagine that he can use his vote thingy to secure his Liberty. Imagining such a thing would be to ignore history. Such as never never never been the case and never will be. When you give up your arms you are ruined.

    • That’s what I’ve been telling the fella’s for the last umpteen years!
      Boomers made the error of surrendering their autonomy to the corporate myths and following bad financial advice and believing in the myths of political (corporations) parties. Then came the painful reality followed by denial, anger, resentment and again surrender.

      As a late Boomer I can identify with the plight and conditions suffered by the GenXer’s. I have seen more than I can explain, now GenX needs to reach out to us “Boomers” and learn how we survived these same events looming on their horizon; because we ain’t seen nothing yet!

      Furthermore, I learned to never follow financial and investment advice from “conservatives” and “right wingers.” They’ll screw you everytime.

  11. “team White vs. team Brown”. No,

    it’s (some) Whites vs. JEWS-Blacks-Mestizos-Asians-Muslims-(some) Whites. But FreeFor has 1 decisive advantage:

    the Judeo-globalist amalgam is glued together with debt, and
    when the debt explodes the (((amalgam))) will implode.

      (You do realize you sound like a retarded One Note Johnny, don’t you?)
      File it under the perils of absolute free speech. The right to sound retarded.

      • Shit gets old doesn’t it!

        Had a look at Hexo’s site always back, and laugh aloud, his defiance statement was smoking in a non smoking zone. Bad to the fucking bone.


      • Hilarious!

        That coming from the one-eyed commentator who incessantly spews the same breathless (((agitprop))) as talmudvision and H✡llyw✡✡d.

        Get the memo.

        “For every evil of Islam, Judaism has an analog.”

        sharia http://judaism.is/noahide-deceit.html
        misogyny http://judaism.is/torah-on-women.html
        racial supremacism http://judaism.is/who-is-human.html
        pedophilia http://judaism.is/pedophilia—sodomy.html
        deceit http://judaism.is/big-lies.html
        terrorism http://judaism.is/genocide.html
        paganism http://judaism.is/paganism.html
        megalomania http://judaism.is/torah.html#defeatinggod
        anti-Biblical rubbish http://judaism.is/covenants.html
        inbreeding http://judaism.is/get-the-memo.html#inbreeding

        At least Islam has not concocted a transparent fable of “victimhood” http://judaism.is/holocaust.html


      • What accounts for you avoiding even the most timid criticism of the proselytes of the Pharisees, the children of hell two-fold more than the Pharisees themselves (Matthew 23:15)?

        Are you one of those superstitious dyslexics who confuse the Synagogue of Satan (Apocalypse 3:9) with Israel (1 Peter 2:9-10)? ….who cannot tell the difference between Abraham’s lineage (Galatians 3:6-8; Hebrews 6:13-18; 8:1-13; 10:16-18) and the children of hell (Matthew 23:15)? …who cannot tell the difference between the Chosen People (1 Peter 2:9-10) and those who voided the Mosaic Covenant (Jeremias 31:31-32, Jeremias 11:10, Deuteronomy 31:16 & 20. Judges 2:20, Malachias 2:8-12) and the Commandments (Mark 7:8-9, 3 Kings 18:18, Isaias 65:11, Jeremias 44:23)?


      • Actually they do it with the help of the shabbos goy.

        Definition of Shabbos Goy
        A non-Jew who toadies to the every wish and whim of the Jews, especially in politics, or a non-Jew who is heavily supportive of Israel.

        I wonder if this explains why people who are otherwise intelligent and knowledgeable about what is going on today refuse to name the jews.

      • Mr B
        Mediatainment, legal-judiciary, whackademia, government and banking are dominated by them. They’ve gained control of the C4 nodes for this nation and for Western Civ. Over the last 50 years their dominance has led us to debilitation. Like HIV, opportunistic pathogens do the kill. 8 years ago we knew what bathroom to use. Now ? …

        Those same control cohorts will come to the defense of bad-actors when the SHTF; we already see how the FBI has allowed CAIR to direct agent training.

        Solzzhenitsyn identified those who were responsible for the pogroms. He’s hardly an anti-Semite. “We cannot state that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But without Jews there would have ben no Bolshevism. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists murdered sixty six million between 1918 and 1957”

        Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, possibly Iosef Vissarionovich Dzhugasvili, the Deconstructionists, and a host of others who are the intellectual headwaters of Communism.

        Saul Alinsky. The “feminists.” Ginsburg – Breyer – Kagan – Soda Meyer ( a Marano crypto-Jew) I’ll stop there. No !v … one more; Gyorgi Zhoros.

        Your own CW2 Cube provides insight into them … they are rich urban ‘white’ who have traditionally and successfully manipulated the poor urban dark. The label “Uncle Tom’ was created by (((ComIntern))) to guilttrip blacks

        In any arena of action, those oriented to reality will always outperform those who are not. Observe, Orient, Decide. Act. Ignoring the obvious is ungood. Doubleplus ungood.

  12. Something else that ZMan fails to observe — GOPers did not have a 60 in the Senate and were the serious minority in the House. That be the 97th Congress. So how pray tell could any minority party modify the outcome? Especially playing by Marquis rules of order when the other side was lustful for power?

    details, details, details.

  13. Its not meat space, but it is insurgency of the desire for unfettered freedom of ideas, commerce, and intellectual freedom of speech and ideas, or rage against the machine, if you will.
    It is choosing, the choice to withdraw consent for statist-quo and its monopoly on what was a fee internet.

    Blockchain rebellion:

    Alt Tech Trailblazer Gab Unleashes The Exodus Protocol

    • Yeeeaah….blockfuckingchain! Make ‘ em squirm.

      A product of interwebz’s revolution.

      rebel..Rebel..REBEL YELL

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  15. Mountain Cracker

    Tell you what, I will reconcile with all the good Baby Boomers if it means we can start working together to start clearing these motherfuckers out. Tarring and feathering followed by banishment to Section 8 housing for minor offenses, and the gallows for the rest.

    • Tell you what… you will reconcile with every swingin’ richard who shares 69% of your econ-politco views, traditions and ethnicity or you will likely perish to nmo good effect.

      As will we all.

  16. I have been laughing at the Masthead for 5 minutes

  17. They claim her speech was one of the greatest ever. Move over Winston Churchill, your “Their Finest Hour” speech is now irrelevant. I wish I were there, just so I could vomit on her shoes.

  18. A spiritual Typhoid Mary. The picture of Doreen Gray.

  19. She has great concern for the anchor babies that will vote mostly democratic but no concern for little ones in Moms womb . The bitch ain’t religious she’s demon possessed .

    • …she’s demon possessed .”

      Literal TRUTH.

      • She is above-ground proof that term limits are needed to correct the realities of below-ground ready Congressmen.

    • “She has great concern for the anchor babies that will vote mostly democratic…”
      There is a way to defeat Pelosi’s thinking. Get those AB’s to the point they are paying taxes and have a mortgage. Nothing changes a person’s political views like having something to protect.

  20. Daniel K Day

    On the topic of liberals showing their ass: A former friend shared a bookface post by his 20-year-old son just after the ’16 election. The son described how he had spent the evening weeping in his dormitory room because Trump’s supporters would soon beat him up or kill him because he was half-Asian, gay, transsexual and I don’t remember what else.
    The ex-friend didn’t just fail to tell his son to delete his post, get a grip, and have a little damned dignity … he SHARED the post.

  21. The Deep State/Shadow Government VS. Trump/Military/Intel Patriots war is heating up!


  22. Tactics.
    Are the republiscams so helplessly out of touch with modern utes. Relate the message via a high dollar HBO style mini-series.The script is written and being performed as we speak. The sordid characters need not be enhanced.The vile filth holds it’s own against the depraved shit Hollywood idolizes.
    Satans Waiting Room. The percolating fecal swamp,which eats its own.
    Utilize the enemy platform. Incorporate a budding director/producer,Paul Joseph Watson,Crowder,PJ Media as examples. My director of choice would be The Earl of Taint. Art Director.Sabo.
    .This message must be put out there in a digestable format.I have never witnessed the undeniable presence of ,incestuous,perverted deranged,fucked up behavior in my six decades on this rock. It’s like someone lanced a giant boil.
    All the orchestrated behavior is percolating.Raping,pillaging,plundering. The Weiner laptop is ready for display.Some folks have shitstains on their tidy whities.
    Black flag time. Do not buy into the bullshit.
    ,”As long as our government is administered to for the good of the people,and is regulated by their will;as long as it secures to us the rights of persons and of property,liberty of conscience and of the press,it will be worth defending.” Andrew Jackson.


      Sir: Your quote from Andrew Jackson is spot on. As far as the message being digestible, that is the rub. When Goldwater ran in 1964, the message was carried by the YAF and the Young Republicans on high school and college campuses. Sadly, very few were listening. You see, the message was delivered by people who, while being well-spoken and smart, looked like they were lining up for a casting call for THE BIG BANG THEORY, REVENGE OF THE NERDS, or NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.. They were just not cool. They were not part of the hip “in crowd.”
      The Dead Elephant Party has always been the Elmer Fudd to the Demoncrat Bugs Bunny. They had the right message in ’64, but they were destroyed by the Rockefeller wing and the media, who were still slobbering and weeping over the demise of their Camelot Royalty. Even today, who is delivering the message to the Utes? I know of one group and that is the open-borders RINO Illuminati of Hillsdale College and that treasonous rat bastard Larry Arn.
      Or, you can take your pick from the handful of older “Hollywood Conservatives” such as Tom Selleck, Clint Eastwood, James Woods, et. al. While their message is true, the Utes are too busy texting and sexting to give a rat’s ass. The debt bucks are still flowing along with the Pepsi, Nacho Cheese Doritos, and now “recreational marijuana.” Even though more youngsters are waking up, it is primarily happening in Red Hives. Nothing will really change until the debt buck meltdown happens for real. Then the only thing which will matter is how well we are prepared to defend ourselves, our loved ones, and our belongings. Bleib ubrig.

  23. Pelosi is an idiot; we all know this. If the grandkid said what she says he said, so what? Kids say all kinds of things in the moment-it doesn’t mean that the child is ashamed to be white (though he very well could be, with that family.) Are there any of us, at one point in our childhood, who did not wish we were different? I used to want to be tiny so that I could be a jockey. I wanted my hair to be straight instead of wavy.

  24. These people who are Liars, double minded, double speaking, etc. etc. (bat shit crazy.) It is the spirit within them. The evil. the confusion comes from one place. Some of you know what to do. Pray that more of these spirits are exposed, pray that these demons are cast out, cast down, once again bound.
    Hate the evil that walks among us. Love the people.

  25. “In fairness to the men making these decisions in the 1980’s, they did not know what we know today. ”
    And what do we know? The same thing. We do not know what the men and women will know 20 years from now. Or do we?
    Reagan and the leaders of that time also should have had the good sense to know we who are also broken and not yet perfect had no business thinking we could fix the world.
    Even at that time the following link was true: And ya can not tell me the “leaders” did not know this! The difference is we the people are all seeking truth and not liking what we see.

    • Hindsight is supposed to be 20 20 yet the “world” is absolutely intent on flipping the repeat switch.

  26. Teaching the world to see, They live. Is this a coincidence? chuckle.
    Police In China Are Now Using Glasses with Facial Recognition In Train Stations

  27. Everybody here has a rifle with an optic that can hit at 400 yards, right?