Know These Names

Insty: DOJ Lawyers Depart


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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Wow! The homely wench with a face like a horse–she’s “advancing” her career by joining up with WallyWorld? WOW! Great lateral move.

    Mebbe she’ll get better grub at break-time from the Wally World Deli. Will she be required to wear the blue ‘n gold Wally World vest? How about this outfit:

  2. Hard to imagine what Strzok considered a ‘screw up’.

  3. “know these names”
    why? an anti-list of non-traitorous people would be much, much shorter.

  4. Ok.

    Those names… Yup!

    Can this Bruce song be that which rebels against them?

    Hoping so!

  5. There are good guys in those 3 letter hell holes! More of them than the ………..

  6. 173 Viet Vet

    It was reported that she is going to Walmart corp HQ to work on international legal issues….

  7. Ship taking on water.

  8. One step ahead of the posse.
    Or else they’ve received a proffer of immunity, and they’re checking in to the safe house to be fully deposed.

    DAG Rosenswine’s gotta be hearing footsteps closing in behind him…

    D.C. Rules: Last one subpoenaed is the target of the investigation.

  9. Twenty five years ago I set sail out of Clearwater ,Florida with two vessels. I returned to shore with one.One was sunk to form a reef/fish home. The rats swimming in the water was a beautiful thing.Norwegian (Rattus norvegicus) Hardy and mean motherfuckers.
    There is one species of rat in Washington DC. They are the result of inbreeding between ass-lickers and lying cocksuckers.
    Annie B was right.You must be a full-blown sociopath or lawyer to run for office. Professional liar and deceiver of men.
    “You belong to your father,the devil”…

  10. And because of this:

    “It also extends the US government’s borrowing authority until March 2019, sparing Washington politicians difficult votes on debt and deficits until after mid-term congressional elections in November…. Their sweeping tax overhaul bill approved in December will add an estimated $1.5 trillion to the national debt over 10 years.”

    One shouldn’t forget these names either:

    “18 of the 33 Senators running for reelection in 2018 will be 65 or older…. Looking ahead at the 2020 elections, 21 of the 33 Senators running for reelection will be 65 or older.”

  11. NightBreaker

    looks like the Rats are deserting the ship, expect this to accelerate in the coming days .Many things going on quietly behind the scenes, why do yo think antifa and blm have backed down. Wait till the IG report becomes common knowledge .. even the MSM is not going to be immune.
    Interesting times indeed .
    Pay attention you are witnessing history in real time.
    The entire house of cards is going to collapse.

  12. Ebola is not crawling across the yard. Obama and Clinton are not going to jail. No one at FBI above middle management will be charged with anything. Hillary will die and get a state funeral with full honors before she ever sets foot in a witness box. Same for Bill and Obama. I will never have to “eat crow” because I am 100% right about this. Only an armed uprising by everyone on the “right” could get the action y’all fantasize about. That will never happen. Rigged elections, treason and cover up’s are the “norm” in America, and have been since FDR rigged the 1932 federal elections. The guilty ARE the government. ALL the government. Only the extermination of every person in the federal system can change that. To believe anything else is to live in a childish fantasy world, and divorce yourself from responsibility. The “law enforcement” “law” and “the court” cannot and will not “do” anything. They are the very government tyrants that you fear. Their job is to support and defend the government and “big money”. Not the constitution and not you. There is no solution to this that does not involve violence, and massive loss of life. None of you bitchy old people will ever do that. You didn’t anything after Waco, and you’ll do less now that you are 25 years older. This will end the same way that Ruby Ridge and Waco did. Government will do whatever it wants and get away with it. No one will ever be punished who, “was just following orders”. The bitching and nonsense will flood the forums. Films will be made. Impassioned speech’s will be thundered. There will be outrage. There will be calls to “DO” something…… until the next “atrocity”, and the one after that..and the one after that…and the one after that…

  13. Looks like the rats are abandoning the bilge as the water level rises…

  14. Someone asked in a comment below about the illustration used in a post. “Old Moor Sharpening His Sword,” done by Harry Humphrey Moore in the late 1800’s.

  15. When a large ship that has been at sea many times, begins to sink, the rats who inevitably live below decks in the machine spaces, will head for topside, and leap over board if necessary, into the sea, to avoid drowning. They must be very good swimmers, so many of them have ended up here. Lawyers swimming in the sea won’t be bitten by sharks, as a professional courtesy. The “Justice” Dept. motto should be “Nos iustitia Fugient”. (Justice escapes us).

  16. Survivormann99

    The story line in the media is that she landed a “dream job” with a Fortune 500 company. Maybe.

    Or is this a simple case of her gettin’ out while the gettin’ is good? You know, maybe a little like leaving the bunker while the Russians are still in the suburbs?

    At least we’ve been spared the story line that she was resigning in order to spend more time with her family.

  17. Retirement in place of prosecution, because we know the .gov will show partiallity to their own.

  18. They want to be in the bunker, first. Survival of the nasty pants.

  19. And takes a job a WalMart HQ, Bentonville, AR. Can’t make it up.

  20. With apologies, CA, delete at your discretion.
    Mr. Frosty you are about to be schooled. —

    “Nothing will happen as long as boomers control as much wealth and as many votes as they do. ”
    I would direct your attention to the following population pyramid — It is generally agreed that about 1964 is the end of the boomer generation. That would put the bottom end at 55yo in year 2000 terms. Boomer numbers have only decreased since. Yeah we are dying.
    Bottom line: Your generational group — GenX, GenY, Millenial — are ALREADY in numerical control of elections. So go fix it sucker.

    As to wealth: I refer to this census data — — As a group Boomers have more assets because they have been working at accumulating it longer than other generations. I hazard given some effort and pluck your chances will be equivalent. But understand, bad choices favor no age group.

    “Dismantling the government would also dismantle the economy. ”
    Govt is barely a third of US GDP and declining. — Keeping in mind that the govt makes NOTHING, if the government dissolved tomorrow the economy would still move forward. There would still be disruptions, but people need to be fed, heat and electricity would still flow, ports will still operate.

    “(most) Boomers will not make personal sacrifices for the benefit of their children or their country. ”
    A fair percentage of us fought in Vietnam and 50k of our number never made it back. The result is we now have an all volunteer force, the prospect of a draft you don’t have to face personally. Today 25% of funding from college comes from parents. It was an even higher % when my children went to higher ed.
    Bottom line: We made the sacrifices they are just not apparent to you for you are probably historically illiterate.

    “They overwhelmingly supported the Bush/Obama bailouts that saved their pensions, but saddled their children with trillions of dollars worth of debt.”
    By the time that the bailouts arrived the US pension system had changed from a defined benefits system to a defined contributions system. The bailouts executed or not would not have affected the overall pension system unless you were working for one of the big banks at the time. That change in format changed the nature of the pension game. The trillions in debt issued in favor of the TBTF banks is uncoupled from the overall pension system.

    If you want to understand the issue, note that the coming pension implosion is in the state/local defined benefits plans that are totally under funded. Any by the way my generation has been taking it on the chin as well. Calculate a quarter million dollar nest egg yielding 1.5% annually since 2000. It will keep you in cat food and that is about it. A far cry from the 8% average in the Greatest Generations time frame.

    “Boomers are in it for the ride and they’re taking everyone else with them.”
    There is an old saying ‘Be kind to your children as they will be picking your rest home.’ Keep that in mind as you get older. It would also do you well to read some history on why we made the choices we did. You might also benefit from this — — understand that all of us are prisoners to our time frames and there is no escape from them.