You Guessed It

Back in a day or two.

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  1. Ahhhh… fishing… next after God and family!

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Affirmative, CA! Get you some good R&R. Fishing here on the frozen Great Lakes is doin’ tolerably well. Harbor ice anglers are hooking up with surprisingly good catches of yellow perch and steelhead trout (both good eatin’) One very happy dude landed a 42 inch Muskie caught while jigging a small spoon through foot-thick ice in Cleveland Harbor in the East 72nd Street area this week.

  3. Enjoy.

  4. Are you learning how to fly large cargo helicopters? Just wondering. Pinochet would be proud of you, and he thanks you from somewhere, for your upcoming service. The demand for such is gonna be, as they say, huge.

  5. Best wishes.

    Getting bad when every time some one takes a day off, we need a note to let us know it wasn’t the actuarial tables nor government minions taking a hand.

  6. wendystringer48088

    Everyone needs to take a break every now and then and do what makes them happy.

  7. taminator013

    Still two months to go here in PA until the trout opener. I think my cabin fever is getting close to being terminal…………………

  8. CA, When you get back from fishing, check these cartoons out. You may enjoy them.

  9. Ca. have a good day.
    wendystringer48088 | February 9, 2018 at 20:08 |
    People make fun of Dr. Ben Carson, but he is actually a very smart man. He knows how close we are.

    “Hatred breeds nothing but more hatred and it’s only a matter of time before Dr. Carson is right about that whole Purge business.”God Bless America.

    And God Bless tfA-t. Let’s give him his 300 million. 🙂
    Purely rhetorical questions.
    After all, and what tfA-t has said here in the past, HOW can you not see the irony in what you have just said?
    Give him his 300 million?
    Really do we now serve him?
    No thanks. i may forgive him, i will not serve him in his like manner nor those like him.
    God removes His blessing from nations that forget Him. Also from those who ignore Him and those who deny Him.
    Not many are willing to confront these Truths.

  10. Also need to report another close call with “law enforcement. Happy to report my wife and two dogs are fine.
    It would seem a female( i know right) sheriff came to the door while i was (gleefully at work) to see if we recognized a couple of stray dogs roaming our neighborhood. It would seem instead of shooting them ( a cops first instinct) she had taken a picture and was trying to find the owner.
    Well you get the point?

  11. Free speech must include so-called “hatespeech” or it is nothing.
    This does reveal the spirit within. There are also other ways.