Awful Terrible Badthink Hatespeech Denialist Aggression Privilege

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Remember: Voting – and in particular, other people’s voting – got you into this mess. TINVOWOOT.

    Not true. Massive vote fraud perpetrated by the big city Dems, and ignored by the “opposition” party, is what created this situation…voting got us Trump, against all the odds…

    • Remember that people voted for property tax … that shows you the mental capacity of most of those voting. I would like to see the revenuers roll up on Mt Vernon or Monticello in the day to see what Washington or Jefferson would have had to say about property tax.

      • But think of how the property tax was sold. We need to build more skulz for the chid’rens. We need to approve these bonds to build a stadium to attract jobs and tourism. If they were truthful they would say we need tax money to build prisons for your childrens’ minds. We need money to build office space for athletes and their team owners.

    • “voting got us Trump”

      that’s fer sure. IOTW, voting got you


  3. Dr. Frankenstein was surprised and horrified by his “creation”. He didn’t create anything, he just re-assembled some old body parts, and hit his assembly with half a million volts. (evidently, at very low amps, so as not to fry the body. How you do that with lightning is beyond my pay grade.) Any who, he later found that his assistant, being the creep that he was, dropped the brain the Dr. wanted, and brought the brain of a mad criminal to the Dr. for implantation. Which is what the left in FUSA is busy doing now, creating reactionaries that will be Nazis, who will proceed to annihilate the left. Life is like that. Kids go to school in the hopes that the darlins’ will learn and grow up to be educated, productive, citizens. When you see one of Mom and Dads hopes and dreams at 32, going bald and covered with Doritos in front of a computer screen 24/7 in the basement, still a virgin, and pale as death, then you get a little of what Dr. Frankenstein felt when he saw his monster run amok. Leftists always, always, always, over reach. Condemning people does not get the reaction you desire, just a reaction.

  4. If you put them on the train for where???. Then you have to feed them and eventually bury them–money and manpower wasted. Just shove them across the border. The Mex will take care of them pronto.

    • One way bridge …. just have a bridge run out into the ocean and the train just drop off … good for the rail car and engine industry. Sort of like NASA rockets but cheaper.

  5. You’re racist!


  6. Yep, thats what happens. You just get fed up with the shit.
    Problem is its dangerous.
    The whole reason I keep pushing back on that idea is because we have to ask ourselves are we being manipulated into reacting that way? Are you doing exactly what “they” want you to do?
    Its a natural and predictable reaction and that should concern you.

    BTW “they” is far more encompassing than (((they))..

    • bruce dawson

      I did my first ever real “spit take”, all over my computer screen and keyboard when Dr. Fingeroot made his 1st appearance. Everything was good until I read his credits on the screen. While I was trying desperately to keep from losing the rest of my drink, my daughter dried my computer. Life has not been kind lately. Thank you for the laughter. bruce…himself

  7. My friends in 2007

    “Why are you going to Baghdad? War is wrong.

    My friends in 2018

    “Teach me how to kill, These people are insane”

  8. The first one really hits home. You can’t demand people “examine thier whiteness” and then be outraged when that they are now aware of themselves as white. They were better off forcing us to be “color-blind”.

    My grandparents had to says they often repeated and are now cliche, “be careful what you wish for” and “never ask a question you don’t want to know the answer to.”

  9. Racism is essential to long-term survival. Why bother reproducing if you don’t think your DNA is any better than that of some African living in a mud hut? Just bring a few million Africans here, give them jobs, and let them pay for your Social Security benefits!

    White children born in the 21st century are earning the nickname “Generation Zyklon” because racists are having them and anti-racists aren’t.

    • No, they’re earning the nickname Gen Zyklon because THEY were raised with racism, sexism, and anti-anti-semitism forced down their throats 24/7. They don’t have a whole lot of: “I remember; it was better before, but, yes, it’s getting bad now.” All they know is: “BAD! BURN IT DOWN!”

      (Vox Day, the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil, described that generation of kids he plays soccer with as almost scary — they’re NOT suggesting “they must go back”; they’re suggesting: “HELICOPTER RIDES for them all!”

  10. Success in the dirty commie bastard world is dependent upon aquiescence and/or fear.Fuck them and the horse they rode in on. I give no consent and I do not fear them. Refresh MCI. 0317
    DOG. Dangerous old guy. HK 91 308.18 out of twenty at 300,500,600 yards. Stationary. Fiocchi 150 grain. 29.89 inHg. 28 degrees with 12-15 mile an hour breeze. Wind chill 16. Turtle time.

    “There is no hope for the satisfied man”.

    • Hitler had one major flaw………….HE WAS TOO NICE!

      • Like all history today, the revisionist have had a field day with the Hitler, of course it don’t get any more low hanging fruit than he. His war making and the rivers of blood, about 1 million civilian casualties a month at the height of the war, notwithstanding, he was eight about many things. Understanding the guy instead of writing everything off is instructional. But that is the idea behind revised history, so people don’t get any strange ideas counter the hive mind collective.
        So in the larger scheme, when everything is tallied up, just who are the worst? The collectivists and the destruction capable from revising history, or the Fascists who made no bones about who and what they where?
        They certainly detested the Marxists like nobody before them. Theres something to learn from that why.

    • Speaking of the collectivists creating ‘Nazi factories’, I thought this is especially appropriate. Hope you enjoy it and share it around mtnforge.

      obama’s legacy – Murdoch Murdoch

      (Love how they depict moochelle, the 1st wookie too!!)

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  11. Mtnforge – You Hit it Square – I was always a Tolerant Person of ‘others’ and thought that I would Defend others from the Ditch and Gun, the Boxcar and the Prison Camp. Not any More. >>>THEY<<>>THEIR<<>>THEY<<< will be lucky to Live to Regret it…

  12. Love your uplifting memes!

  13. Even better when one of the cosmic snowflakes gets red-pilled….doesn’t happen often enough though.

    Murdoch Murdoch Episode 12 – Art of the Red Pill

    Just wish they’d armed him with something more updated than a Mk. IV SMLE…say a Fn-Fal for instance…

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  14. Aside from the bullshit you see on the internet. With new condition barrels a “Mill spec”. M1903, 1917 “Enfield” ,or M1 Garand had to print a 2 MOA 10 shot group from the factory or be scrapped. (per US military, war dep. regulation)The British regulation demanded nearly the same with a 2.5 MOA regulation standard. MANY factory new rifles shot better than that. The internet “experts” take out of spec., rusty ,and worn out 100 year old rifles, “test” them, and when they can’t hit shit. Pronounce all factory new weapons of that type shit. Ian and the rest like him are idiots. The No.4 Mk2 was quite capable of turning in sub MOA groups with match ammo. I would take one to war in a heartbeat. The “4 MOA” standard you see and hear so often quoted on the internet. Is a misquote of the US Army “war emergency” standard. It was made to be used, for rifles that had been pulled out of the recycle bin and issued until new rifles became available. It WAS NOT the standard for new rifles. If any of you care to argue. I can go pull my copy of WF Brophy’s “The Springfield 1903 Rifles” and quote chapter and verse. It lists the original US Army spec. with documentation. I would chose one of those “outdated” rifles IN NEW CONDITION, over any AR ever made, to play “you bet your life”, and IMO. I’d be better armed.

  15. Goku goes uber Supersaiyan Murdoch Murdoch on the feckless commie pajama soiboi!!!

    What’s not to like?!?!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  16. The US Chamber of Commerce spends hundreds of millions each year to ensure that the borders remain open. A self made billionare paid the Sierra Club $100 million to keep quiet about the effects of massive immigration. We can’t match that money. We have only one choice for survival.