Bracken: Pelosi’s Race Lessons

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Pelosi’s Race Lessons: Bruce Bawer

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Any questions?

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  1. Would you expect anything different from a South African white cuck…

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. So fucking what? Get the fuck over it. Racism is only a Marxist meme.

  4. I’d bet plenty that Pelosi is lying her head off about her grandson, who doubtless said no such thing….Of course, Pelosi seldom does anything but lie, being a top politician and all…

    • Wrong.

      The other day the daughter of my mom’s commie friend(worth 10 million) told her therapist

      “I wish you were pregnant so I could cut the baby out of you”

      She is 11.

      • Jesus man, that’s fucked up.

      • And the question is, who made her like that..and why?

        And why should she be needing therapy in the first place?…granted collectivism in any form is a mental illness and her mommy being a commie definitely fits the bill.

        Hope someone sets her straight, otherwise she’s heading for a date with a couple of hollow points, 11 years old or not. Sociopathy is no respecter of age.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • Yep. Old hag is a compulsive liar. On the other hand, if she had brown skin I could have he’d over to clean up around here….have her grandkids cut the grass….maybe bang her daughter

  5. Bracken has been warning of a multifaceted CW here. Could Syria be considered the Spanish Civil War equilavent? —

  6. Of course, because whites created the most advanced civilization on planet earth, we are superior.

    The Jew can’t stand that, so does what he does to end white civilization, and end the white race.

    • Matt Bracken

      Pat, is Nancy Pelosi a JOOOO?????
      You sound like an effing retard when all you can do is reflexively shout JOOOOO!!!!!!

      • No…she was raised in a Catholic household. fifty years ago she would have been excommunicated for her stand on abortion. The church is amoral these days though.

        • dishonorable mention • Even the heretical Novus Ordo is fed up with her!

          Pelosi Invokes Catholic Faith to Defend Illegals, But Not to Protect Unborn, Nuns
          by Craig Bannister, February 7, 2018

          Wednesday, during her House filibuster in support of protecting people illegally in the U.S., particular minors (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or “DACA”), Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) invoked her Catholic faith:

          “Maybe I should bring my rosary blessed by the pope… his holiness, Pope Francis, or the one before that, Benedict,” she added. “I have the honor and privilege of receiving rosaries blessed by several popes in my lifetime.”

          She goes on to quote Pope Benedict and Saint Augustine on just government and the dangers of power. But, Pelosi has a long history of rejecting Catholic Church doctrine when it comes to issues like abortion and protection of the unborn.

          Pelosi has been repeatedly rebuked by bishops, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and Catholic groups like the Catholic League for her pro-abortion stance. She has returned fire, calling bishops “lobbyists” – because they opposed an Obamacare mandate that violates Catholic teaching – and she has taken on nuns (The Little Sisters of the Poor) who sued to protect their religious freedom:

          Catholic Bishop Rebukes Nancy Pelosi: Human Life … “Nancy Pelosi is an abortion activists who claims to be a Catholic in good standing, but she has now been rebuked by her own bishops following comments in which she couldn’t say if an unborn child at 20 weeks is a human being.”
          Pelosi on Rolling Back Religious Exemptions to Contraceptive Mandate: ‘This Is for Us A Value’: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) led a Pro-Choice Caucus briefing Thursday in support of a bill which would repeal President Trump’s exemptions from the Obamacare contraceptive mandate for groups, like the Little Sisters of the Poor, with religious and moral objections to paying for their employees’ birth control.
          Pelosi Dismisses Catholic Bishops as ‘Lobbyists’—For Opposing Obamacare Reg Forcing Catholics to Act Against Faith: “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) on Thursday described America’s Roman Catholic bishops as “lobbyists in Washington, D.C.” in their efforts to persuade the Department of Health and Human Service to rescind a proposed regulation under the new health-care law that would force Catholics to act against the teachings of their church by compelling them to purchase health-care plans that cover sterilizations and all-FDA approved contraceptives, including abortifacients.”
          Pelosi Gets an “F” in Religion: “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would have us believe that the Catholic Church was not always opposed to abortion. And she says this while admitting that she has studied the subject for a long time. Perhaps she should take time out to read what the Catholic Catechism says.”
          USCCB Corrects Nancy Pelosi (again): “Not the first time this has had to happen. Nancy Pelosi tells the public something inaccurate and the US Bishops have to step in and correct her.”
          Bishops to Pelosi: Stop misrepresenting church teaching against abortion: “Nancy Pelosi has gotten into hot water for misrepresenting Catholic Church teaching against abortion.”

          Pelosi isn’t the only professed Catholic member of Congress to be publicly rebuked by Catholic clergy for supporting abortion. After 14 senators claiming to be Catholic voted against a bill to ban late-term abortion, Father Dwight Longnecker called on bishops across the nation to publicly inform those senators that they have excommunicated themselves.

      • Are you in deep denial? Or on the payroll?

        Meet the spies injecting Israeli propaganda into your news feed
        “…Sima Vaknin-Gil took over as director-general of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs at the start of 2016, …This means that for the last two years a former intelligence officer has been running Israel’s global war against BDS, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.…she planned to “flood the internet” with Israeli propaganda that would be publicly distanced from the government.… Under Vaknin-Gil – an expert in censoring the press – the ministry is instead trying to buy off editors. Israeli media watchdog The Seventh Eye reported last month that the ministry she runs paid the publisher of Israel’s best-selling daily newspaper $100,000 to publish articles and videos attacking BDS as ‘anti-Semitic.’…Israel’s parliament in July gave preliminary approval to a bill exempting the strategic affairs ministry from the freedom of information law.…claiming that BDS was a ‘battlefront like any other’ and there was a need to keep ‘our methods of action secret.’…‘We want most of the ministry’s work to be classified,’ Vaknin-Gil told Israel’s parliament in September 2016, when she acknowledged that ‘a major part of what we do stays under the radar.’

        “[Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs Gilad] Erdan has also admitted his ministry’s use of international front groups – historically a tool of Israeli spy agencies. ‘Most of the ministry’s actions are not of the ministry, but through bodies around the world who do not want to expose their connection with the state,’ he said last year. A rival government ministry in 2016 accused Erdan and his fiefdom of ‘operating British Jewish organizations behind the [Israeli] embassy’s back in a way that could put them in violation of British law.’ …the ministry is involved in “black ops” against the movement for justice in Palestine. It was also reported by Haaretz that the ministry was establishing a “tarnishing unit” to spread lies about BDS activists.”

        Israel is paying internet workers to manipulate online content, further Judaizing Wikipedia

        Israel To Pay Students For Pro-Israeli Social Media Propaganda

        Israel to pay students to defend it online

        Hasbara Spam Alert; Israel’s Campaign For ‘Positive’ Internet Spin
        by Richard Silverstein — The Guardian (Britain)
        “With Israel’s foreign ministry organising volunteers to flood news websites with pro-Israeli comments, Propaganda 2.0 is here. The hasbara brigade strikes again! You always hear about Israeli attempts at media manipulation. Everyone knows it’s going on but usually the process happens through cyber insurgents like those involved with Giyus (and its media monitoring software, Megaphone). Now [Jan. 2009], we know that the Israeli foreign ministry itself is orchestrating propaganda efforts designed to flood news websites with pro-Israel arguments and information.…”

        Israel’s Information Ops
        When Tel Aviv goes to war, universities and activists are organized to beat back the bad news.

        By Philip Giraldi, August 20, 2014

        Israeli hires internet soldiers
        Saturday, July 18th, 2009
        …Straight out of Avigdor Lieberman’s Foreign Ministry: a new Internet Fighting Team! Israeli students and demobilized soldiers get paid to pretend they are just regular folks and leave pro-Israel comments on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other sites. The effort is meant to fight the “well-oiled machine” of “pro-Palestinian websites, with huge budgets… with content from the Hamas news agency.” The approach was test-marketed during Israel’s assault on Gaza, and by groups like Give Israel Your United Support, a controversial effort to use instant-access technology to crowd-source Israel advocates to fill in flash polls or vote up key articles on social networking sites.
        “Will the responders who are hired for this also present themselves as “ordinary net-surfers”?
        “Of course,” says Shturman. “Our people will not say: ‘Hello, I am from the policy-explanation department of the Israeli Foreign Ministry and I want to tell you the following.’ Nor will they necessarily identify themselves as Israelis. They will speak as net-surfers and as citizens, and will write responses that will look personal but will be based on a prepared list of messages that the Foreign Ministry developed.”

        The Foreign Ministry presents: talkbackers in the service of the State
        By: Dora Kishinevski
        Calcalist 5 July 2009,7340,L-3319543,00.html
        Use Google Translate… or read the transation for Occupation Magazine by George Malent
        “After they became an inseparable part of the service provided by public-relations companies and advertising agencies, paid Internet talkbackers are being mobilized in the service in the service of [Israel]. The Israeli Foreign Ministry is in the process of setting up a team of students and demobilized soldiers who will work around the clock writing pro-Israeli responses on Internet websites all over the world, and on services like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The Foreign Ministry’s department for the explanation of Israeli policy is running the project, and it will be an integral part of it. The project is described in the government budget for 2009 as the “Internet fighting team” – a name that was given to it in order to distinguish it from the existing policy-explanation team, among other reasons, so that it can receive a separate budget. Even though the budget’s size has not yet been disclosed to the public, sources in the Foreign Ministry have told Calcalist that in will be about NIS 600.000 in its first year, and it will be increased in the future. From the primary budget, about NIS 200.000 will be invested in round-the-clock activity at the micro-blogging website Twitter, which was recently featured in the headlines for the services it provided to demonstrators during the recent disturbances in Iran.”

        Thought-Police Is Here in Israel
        by Rona Kuperboim, July 10, 2009,7340,L-3744516,00.html
        “The Foreign Ministry unveiled a new plan this week: Paying talkbackers to post pro-Israel responses on websites worldwide. A total of NIS 600,000 (roughly $150,000) will be earmarked to the establishment of an ‘Internet warfare’ squad.
        “The Foreign Ministry intends to hire young people who speak at least one language and who study communication, political science, or law – or alternately, Israelis with military experience gained at units dealing with information analysis.
        “Beyond the fact that these job requirements reveal a basic lack of understanding in respect to the dynamics of the online discourse – the project’s manager argued that “adults don’t know how to blog” – they are not too relevant either. An effective talkbacker does not need a law degree or military experience. He merely needs to care about the subject he writes about.
        “The sad truth is that had Israeli citizens believed that their State is doing the right thing, they would have made sure to explain it out of their own accord. Without being paid.…”

        Israel attempts international control of internet content
        “The participating countries would be part of a loose coalition that would keep an eye on content and where it was being posted, and members of the coalition would work to demand that the platforms remove the content that was posted in any of their countries at the request of members.”
        Israel eyes world coalition to force social media platforms to block incitement
        by David Shamah, The Times of Israel, January 19, 2016

      • Jewish Tactics

        The late Dr. Martin’s experience is instructive. In this video he chronicles with good humor the types of deceit and bully tactics that he experienced as a historian revealing the sordid and concealed history of Jewish slave traders. He experienced what is experienced by everyone who confronts Jewish myths and deceits:

        • misdirection, attempting to conceal that malefactors and criminals are Jews (“Portuguese” slavers, “Russian” mafia, Young “Turks,” etc.),
        • reliance on lies,
        • distraction from facts by name-calling, invidious nicknames,
        • attempts to destroy opponents’ livelihood and professional reputation,
        • dirty tricks,
        • presumptuousness,
        • side-stepping actual issues, introducing “red herrings” and “straw men,”
        • use of gentile quislings, “Uncle Toms,” shabbos goyim,
        • leveraging connections with persons of influence, landlords, employers, creditors, etc.,
        • parroting Jewish talking points across the broad expanse of Jewish-owned media,
        • unseemly histrionics,
        • insinuating self-destructive advice through pretended friends,
        • hate mail, threats, actual violence

        His advice?

        • stick to the truthful facts
        • ignore the ad hominem attacks, but use the attacks as opportunities to spread the truth
        • develop independent media
        • develop support systems
        • take the battle to the enemy, don’t fold

      • Why yes Matt, she may well be a Jew. Secret or Crypto Jews have played a big role in the history of the Jesuits, Spain, the Church – and thus Europe as well. Many have suggested Pelosi may be one. She certainly hates the Church with a passion yet never stops talking about being a Catholic. Here’s a good place to start your education – or are you above learning anything new at this point?

        • The Church has long suffered false converts, “Marranos.” Even Islam has suffered false converts, “Dönmeh.”

          “Chameleon Judaism” is an old deceit designed to gain plausible deniability for the adversaries to all men (1 Thess 2:15). Having been expelled from hundreds of nations, principalities, and city-states because of their crimes against humanity (and even simple treason like, during the times of the Reconquista, the Jews who opened city gates at night to allow entry for Muslims to cut the throats of Christian families asleep in bed), the synagogue of Satan (Apocalypse 3:9) eventually learned the art of false flags.

          They have disguised themselves as “Portuguese” slavers, Young “Turks,” “Russian” mafia, “Austrian” economists, “atheistic” Communism, “Hollywood” pornographers, Marranos, Dönmeh, “neocons,” “international” financiers, etc. All these disguises of chameleon Judaism are quintessentially talmudic—derivative of the deceitful exhortation of Moed Kattan 17a that teaches Jews that when they are tempted to do evil, they should disguise themselves, then do their evil “in another city.” The Talmud is full of corollary instructions to do evil against gentiles providing there is no blowback on the tribe.

          White when convenient, non-white when they ramp up their race-baiting, culture-destoying agitprop:
          Towards a Concept of White Wounding
          by Jesse Benn,

        • Matt Bracken

          Even when there is not a JOOOO!
          You invent a JOOOOO!
          You are a fucking retard.
          I understand that WRSA is a 100% free-speech zone, so the written equivalent of writing the f-bomb on the wall with shit is allowed, but you should know that normal people think you are a retard.

          • Now you know why we call them “Scooby Jews!”
            It was a perfect plan, and they would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those pesky internet posters and their dog, who told the world about the evil jews!
            A perfect plan that has only taken 4000 years, and one day it will all come together and the jews will be on top.

      • FACTS, never make someone sound like a retard.

    • Pat, You’ll appreciate this.

      With widening knowledge of their role as perpetrators, instigators, & profiteers, the adversaries to all men have resurrected their old ploy, insisting that they were forced to become murderous revolutionaries. Like the gangster that insists “The trigger pulled my finger,” the children of hell always blame “the other guy.” A recent example:

      A Review of “Revolutionary Yiddishland: A History of Jewish Radicalism,” Parts 1 – 3
      by Brenton Sanderson, January 27, 2018
      “… Intended for a mainly Jewish readership, the book is essentially an apologia for Jewish communist militants in Eastern Europe in the early to mid-twentieth century … Knowing that outright denial of the pivotal Jewish role in the Bolshevik revolution and the murderous regimes it spawned is intellectually untenable, a growing number of Jewish historians concede the point, but insist this leading role was morally justified because it was essentially “defensive” in nature … In other words, tens of millions may have died because of the actions of Jewish communist militants, but their hearts were pure … Revolutionary Yiddishland is another example of that incredibly prolific literary genre: Jewish apologetic historiography.”
      Full article is very worthwhile:

      Of course, Catholics have seen this before. Jews insist that the Church forced them to become usurers, pornographers, slavers, pimps, sex slavers, extortionists, physician poisoners, and other murderers-for-hire—as if all honest labor was denied to Jews.

      • It must really be handy to believe that any disagreement with your patented weltanschaung is due simply to the ignorance or outright evil intent of your detractors.

        Your are so very much more interested in the ripostes and flourishes of your self styled, pedantic scholasticism than you are in The Gospel. You do not wish to bring anyone to Christ and Salvation so much as you strive to prove the primacy of ‘your’ ‘church’ and its liturgical control, which has plainly shown its flaws and failures for all to see.

        Chrislam, anyone??

        You are but a pitiable and clear example of the flawed nature of Man and his glorification of Self.. good works are the RESULT of Salvation and the leading of the Holy Spirit, of the surrender of Self to Christ, and from Whose Triumph upon the Cross no mere mortal (or pontifical edifice) can either add or subtract. No liturgy, ceremony, ‘sacrament,’ much less dispensation or ‘absolution’ of Sin from a mere mortal priest can replace, edify or enhance the Work of Christ at Calvary. Every posturing of the RCC is contrary to the Gospel, and in the worldly interests of narcissistic power mongers

        Your relentless bombast and pretense to authority may guile the gullible and charm the narcissists, and your expose of the FALSE JEWS may woo the simpletons, but all you’re reaping is your own destruction.

        To preempt your cliche’d response, I agree with you re: the ashkeNAZI.

        Think ye, God can handle it?

        You are lost in self worship. Cutting and pasting reams of Scripture will not mitigate it.

        Surrender to Jesus Christ and confess Him as Lord of your life And Savior
        of your soul. You need no pope or priest.

        Think you that He needs mortal intercession?

  7. Were, God Forbid, Nancy Pelosi my mother, and hence grandmother to my children; I would abscound with them to a place never to be found again. I would tell the grandkids that nana died in a chariot race and we should all fear wooden wheels. This woman is poison!

  8. I wonder if we could start a therapy campaign for these poor souls. If they’d only suck start a shotgun all their angst would go away like smoke on the wind. Don’t know much about hash mark stuff but my concern runs deeper than my tech idiocy. 😏

  9. Randolph Scott

    Pelosi herself has probably taught her grandsons to suck a bag of dicks as well. What better way to show the world your grandsons wishing to be a fucking illegal brown assed mexican that is faggoty as well.

  10. Pieter Howes, Scrub and douche your vagina. Smells like the tide is out in Secaucus.

  11. I refuse to associate with niggers. It’s not because I’m a racist, it’s because I’m a REALIST.

  12. This is why “all lives matter” and “we all bleed red” is cucking. As a rule, human tribes compete for land, gold and women. Inter-tribal cooperation is an aberration that only occurs temporarily in times of abundance. It’s time to grow up, it’s time to act like a man.

    Love your race

  13. From a few hours ago…

    Matt Bracken joins David Knight as more evidence comes to light that Trump’s long term play is closing the noose around corruption. Will there be another special prosecutor or will Inspector General’s report finish them?:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  14. My view of ‘White Privilege’ now is telling libtards/members of other Races, “You are PRIVILEGED to be able to Use all of the Science and Technology that was Created by the White Men of Northern Europe.” Watching their Heads Explode is becoming very Gratifying.

  15. Still not entertained. Release the memo! Oh wait we did that.

    Um, jail crooked Hillary! Oh wait we cucked on that.

    Build the wall. Oh wait they’re nice people.

    • Tom, we’ve all been waiting (abiding) a long time.

      How ’bout you wait just a little longer?

      • There you go again, sucking all the fun out of ADHD.

        Next thing you know, someone else will start talking common sense and half the panties hereabouts will get two sizes too small.

  16. Pelosi is at best about a cheeseburger away from the crippling stroke that ends her relevance to anyone, anywhere.

    Except when page 46 articles start turning up about her found wandering around DC at 3AM barefoot in her pajamas, and not knowing what’s going on.

    It’s a rare day for her when she knows both who she is and where she is, at the same time.

    • “Pelosi is at best about a cheeseburger away from the crippling stroke that ends her relevance to anyone, anywhere.”

      Hopefully she and the sascrotch hiligula can team up to do the “waa-waa sisterhood” tour act in downtown scenic dubai in their jammies, bunny slippers and pink cunt caps on ‘mo’s birthday or maybe during ‘ram’itdown’…should play well to the scuzzlums and their camels.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  17. Many folks are pursuing and following a lifestyle timeline predicated upon variables which they have no control over. We would like to think we control our behavior. We do not. Circumstances,events and others behavior may dictate future actions. Remove obstacles in your path.Not dealing with obstacles makes you weak and vulnerable. Be proactive.
    All assets should be in your control now. Claim you are a limp dick. No assets,nothing to fuck with. All IRA’s and 401’s should have the maximum loan amounts taken out ,if you haven’t closed them.
    No electric trial run. Kerosene lamps and wood. 1-2 degrees. My old lady is tough as whale shit.The house was fine with one wood stove.
    Fire up your generator with fresh fuel,mystery oil and stabil. Let it run for ten minutes with a load on it.Treated fuel gets in the carb. Stator gets a workout. Harden the fuck up.

  18. The word, ‘daca’ is Spanish for “give it to me”.

    Coincidence?….I think not!

    Daca – Spanish Dictionary

    As for puglosi, she’s a freeze dried sociopathic harpy that hates anything not of the parasite class that she’s part and parcel of.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  19. Would it be wrong to beat Nancy to death with a dull axe?