Dear Trad Americans: The Media Loathes You

Or, Normies, there is work in the East. Good jobs. Fine conditions.

Media is a pain point.

Remember that.

35 responses to “Dear Trad Americans: The Media Loathes You

  1. Fuckin’ yes we can — let’s shoot ’em first

  2. It is You’re, not your, but maybe that will resonate with them.

  3. there is no such thing as the “American” media. It is

    overwhelmingly Jewish in ownership, control, and upper-echelon personnel. That’s why it hates White ‘Murkans.

    sorry, (((Ben))).

  4. Using helicopters is so wasteful. There’s no reason Air Pinochet couldn’t be run with C-17s. C-130s, or even C-5Ms. If the rear ramp accidentally opens in flight and the unsecured passengers fall out, well, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. As BATFE Agent Hope McAllister said about Brian Terry’s murder. Interesting that the rest of this country’s “Law Enforcement” seem to have no problem with that…

  5. lastmanstanding

    Media, msm, wtf…over. Hating them back works for me.

    I’m an alternative blog guy and a whore for comments from “Joe on the street.” I want to know what the regular guy knows/thinks.

    25 is a good start.

  6. Seems to me you don’t have to approve of countries, leaderships or governments to treat them equitably and ethically.

    Assume our opponents are human, with normal human motives. Hard to imagine, I know, given our leaders, but assume it. We believe our nuclear weapons are important to our security.

    We are threatened by NK’s nuclear weapons. If they are human, they are threatened by ours. Libya gives them additional cause for alarm.

    If we don’t want other counties to feel threatened enough to develop nuclear weapons, then we should stop the acts that make them so threatened.

    That is a properly Stoical statement, btw.

    No rational person would ever use nuclear weapons for anything except retaliation, and probably not even that. I don’t trust our leaders, with their recent new nuclear weapons use policies that devolve that authority to lower levels in the military, much more than the North Koreans. They are all a great danger to me.

    Remember the military is part of the government. Ditto your favorite law enforcement agency. We don’t get to think any element is completely clean, nor completely adherent to the Constitution nor the welfare of systems. Our government should NOT be making distinctions between other government, they are all equally not-us, other.

    This is all propaganda, another alarm for increased government power. Prior power has brought us here. We need to stop that.

  7. StBernardnot

    @ the fbi & doj & cia. Seems to be a lot of resignations, demotions, & downright firings out that way. Traffics sux, though. Trump cuts a bunch of jobs it might not be as bad.

  8. Basic medical and social principle, parasites injure the host.

    In the case of the (((media))), the parasites injure the host intentionally.

    Injury to the host nation has been (((their))) consistent modus operandi through the millennia. Prof. Kevin MacDonald built an academic reputation by publishing that obvious axiom, the “group evolutionary strategy.”

    That is why (((they))) have been expelled from hundreds of city-states, principalities, and nations. (((They))) insist it is “antisemitism,” as if “antisemitism” arises in a vacuum, as if “antisemitism” has nothing to do with the Jewish Master Race creed and Jewish behavior inspired by that anti-scriptural creed.

    For a people so self-absorbed and pretending to have superior intellects, it is remarkable how self-reflection is rarely evident among the children of hell (Matthew 23:15).

    Blame also needs to be placed on the idiots who welcome (((them))), oblivious to the historical cycle:
    (1) host ingests parasites,
    (2) parasites invade vital organs,
    (3) parasites injure vital organs,
    (4) host gets the diagnosis,
    (5) host purges the parasites,
    (6) some other stupid host ingests the parasites,
    (7) wipe and repeat.

    Now it is Bracken or one of his shabbos goy fan boys’ turn to name-call or post a meme positing that it is actually Islamic sharia that has penetrated the media, banks, govt. offices, churches, etc. and destroyed OUR culture. (ROTFL) Get the memo!

  9. Hell you can sit ’em on the floor, nut to butt, on a C-130, probably get eighty to a hundred of them aboard in relative comfort. The ride out over the ocean wouldn’t have to take more than an hour.

    Walk them to the ramp, four at a time, shoulder to shoulder… and that first step’s a Doozie!

    I mean, Commies almost universally believe in population reduction, right? None of them should have any problem with volunteering to go first.

    Toos easy.

  10. “You can’t just throw 25 million commies out of helicopters”

    Not without either building more helicopters.

  11. “Dear Trad Americans: The Media Loathes You”
    To quote John McClain — “Back at you Pal.”


    Who gives a hoot in hell about what some Media Mangina says about the USSA at some bulls**t event in Korea which no one is watching? I hate cold weather and snow. It is the one downside to living here in Rawles Land. Maybe a few folks in the UP or upper New York State have an interest in watching ski jumping and “curling”(ridiculous!). And, where are the Russians? Did they boycott or were they not invited?
    Nothing transcends politics. These “Olympic Games” are just as political and contrived as a United Nations debate. I remember during the Cold War how the Russian High Jump athlete Valery Brumel(sp?) totally psyched out the American John Thomas( a negro, no less) and won the gold. I believe it was at the 1960 Games in Rome. The Bolshies totally spit in Amerika’s eye. But, the front page of the LA Herald Examiner had a photo of one of our “black auxiliaries” dancing the jitterbug with some blond swede or kraut girl at a party in the Olympic Village. They all go there to screw and party. The more things change, etc. Turn off the tube and do something constructive.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Couldn’t tell you a thing about the Olympics. The only thing I see about it is the super sis bs.

    • wendystringer48088

      “And, where are the Russians? Did they boycott or were they not invited?”

      Taken and edited from an article I read online: The International Olympic Committee (the Switzerland-based governing body of the Olympics) banned Russia from sending a team to the Pyeongchang Games for having operated a state-sponsored program to enhance athletic performance through drugs. Some individual Russian athletes who are deemed to be clean of performance enhancing drugs are allowed to compete, however.

      A bunch of International Olympic Committee bureaucratic hypocrisy.

      Man behind Russia’s Olympic doping scheme says cheating is widespread

      “The Farce of the ‘Olympic Athletes from Russia’
      The IOC wants to look tough on doping, but the designation has fanned the very nationalism that the Olympics are supposed to hedge against.”

      • umm, cough, Lance Armstong, USADA. WADA. US postal service. A professional cycling team sponsored by a department of the US government; the team which was concluded to run a significant doping operation which was undetectable over years and/or detectable and anti doping agencies turned a blind eye. State Sponsored when anti-doping controls “failed”. why are the US athletes at the Olympics. if your are producing big money, you get a pass. if you are the global boogie man you do not get a pass. US has 242 athletes this year. stacking the deck, removing the competition. Olympics are bullshit. I know and heard of too many youngster being fed and injected performance enhancers by the US national team coaches. as for Russia. a country with millions and millions of acres with 6-12 feet of fertile top soil, timber, and prime grass/grazing lands. just missing the skills and tech to kick the shit out of US AG industry. You think all this is over doping.

    • According to SO nearly the entire first level of the Russian team was disqualified for chemical reasons. Those few that remain are doing so for personal reasons and not representing their country.

  13. You folks are both too bloodthirsty and too kind. We need to move the administration of justice back to communities. Part I deals with our punishments and social control.


    Part II moves at least investigations under community control. Modern penology like this means big advances in civilization are nigh.

  14. If a Nork athlete were to defect during the Olympics three generations of his family are sent to the camps. If he loses his event he goes to the camp.
    Cnn does a hit piece on Pence and then a love fest for the royal cunt from N.K.
    We don’t have enough helicopters.

  15. I’m thankful, once again, for cutting the cable, dropping the satellite, and blowing off broadband. I have no spy communication from the big screen. I am sure that my new phone does a yeoman’s work on reporting in, but I do what I can. Last time I saw the Olympics, Nancy Kerrigan was beaten by the Russian tramp Oksana.

  16. wendystringer48088

    Oksana Baiul did deserve to win the Gold.

    It was a hard loss of the first place Gold for Nancy Kerrigan after all she had been through…

    Oksana had some alcohol addiction and related problems after her Olympic Gold win but seems to have straightened up her life in her later years…

  17. The Usual Suspect

    I loath the media ! Works for me !