NYT: Dozens of Russians Are Believed Killed in U.S.-Led Syria Attack

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Bloomberg coverage

Buchanan: Is US Getting Sucked Into Syrian War?

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  1. EXCELLENT!! nothing will come of this. sure does remind me of a great book i read about 15 yrs ago. don’t remember the title, but the author was harold coyle. rooskies and us were tricky trottin around a third party desert shithole and someone said lets get it on!! and it was a 3 way fracas! yeehaw!

  2. That is the point I made
    about the english speaker heard
    in the video of the Sukhoi shoot-down
    almost two weeks ago.

    • From the Bloomberg article: “U.S. forces killed scores of Russian mercenaries in Syria last week.”
      You better hope they were mercenaries Bloomberg.
      Seriously…… you had better pray.

      • And Buchanan is so worthlessly late and past-tense.

      • The Russian media said they were cossacks. Mercs. Our troops probably were as well. Sounds li!e they learned not to mess with the bastard stepchildren of the British empire

  3. sword point! that was the name of the Harold Coyle book. well worth a read, as is team yankee. ahhhhh, sure miss the cold war. been jonesin’ for a fix from the MIC. interesting times down at YPG by here. saw a brand new rooskie anti aircraft rig rolling up 95 last week on a low boy. no dirt on the tires. looked like it just left the factory. wonder who donated that to us? (((((them fellers?))))))

  4. Poke the Bear, they said.
    The Bear won’t poke back, right?

  5. I was going to page Admiral Painter but I see he made an appearance.

    • The Russians and someone attacked a base held by the US and someone, and got their asses kicked (because as much as a lot of y’all hate to acknowledge, sometimes the Russians do lose), in a location that no one really has a reason to be. How is that poking the bear?

      • Wrong, the Russians were invited, we weren’t……

        • Irrelevant. I fully understand that a lot of y’all are mostly upset about the report because it was Russians who got killed rather than Americans. Regardless of who was invited and who wasn’t, common sense dictates that Syria and Iraq should be left to deal with their own issues. For all of you who wish Russia was your home, you should understand that Russia doesn’t have anything great to gain by getting into this tangled mess in Syria. So again, there are a bunch of people fighting in Syria who shouldn’t be there, and in this case, the Russian ones attacked a base held by the American ones, and apparently got themselves killed. Oh well, fuck them.

          • Oh That is where you are wrong. Russia has lots to lose in Syria. Their oil and gas pipelines feeding eastern Europe go through Syria and Russia’s only deep water port in the Med is in Syria. The global, elite want control of all of it. Pipelines and the port. And then the globalist want control of Russia, just like they want full control of the USA. What part of this don’t you “russki-haters” get? The fucking cold war is over and the new enemy for us (USA) and Russia are the globalist elite, NWO bunch. Probably the same family of jews who ran communist Russia, and now want it all.

            NATO is not our friend. The UN is not our friend. And the NWO globalist commies are not our friend. And if I may add, the CFR is an enemy, like the Tri-Lateral Commission is an enemy. Most of the US Congress (both senate and house) is not our friend.
            Are some of you meth-heads picking up on this?
            The above groups who ain’t our friends all want us dead and replaced by musloids with an average IQ of 70. They kinda take orders better than we do. If there is any one person in this world whom we should be backing, besides Trump, it is Putin.

          • The only people who shouldn’t be there are the Jewnited States, Turkey, Israel, and other “coalition allies” who started all the shit to begin with. Syria/Russia/Iran/Hezbolla are unfucking it. What Russia has to gain from it all is kicking the Jewnited Stated in the nuts to prevent them from spreading the Jihadi thing into Central Asia — like they tired in Chechnya.


          • The Walkin' Dude

            Well, it IS kind of LAW to be invited into a country. The Russians were. OUR guys are criminals, who WEREN’T. Seems awfully simple, but some minds are simpler than others. I guess if someone can come in your house and stomp you, and you call your buddies, and they get stomped too, oh well, right? What an idiot.

        • of course ‘Murka was “invited”:

          by Israhell.

      • I have no illusions about the Russians and their capabilities, I always caution people about overestimating what they can do.
        With regard to Admiral Painter. The reference was to “The Hunt for Red October”, in that book there was no “poking the bear” either. In fact the opposite was true, the sub captain was concerned that Poking the Eagle could lead to an unnecessary confrontation. Admiral Painter was being pragmatic. It does not matter WHY the superpowers are where they are and WHY they are fighting on a particular side. What matters is that they are not on the SAME side. When you have first world militarizes facing off and an accident happens resulting in them exchanging fire. Thats how wars get started. Its hard to dial things back once the dogs get at each other.

  6. The Saudi’s must have the pipeline through Syria so the US and the globalists can cut off Russian energy sales to Europe. Russia is the prize. Over throw Russia and loot it. The Globalist way. The Globalists have destroyed our country and now they go after Russia.



    • Someone who finally gets that this is what’s good for the royal families of Europe and Saudi Arabia: pipelines (for oil and people). They’ve had a long symbiotic relationship. The ultimate goal is not to screw Russia, but to bring them into an agreement. Russia has always wanted to be part of Europe on equal terms, but that’s never going to happen without coercion since the Russians do have their pride (like the Poles and Serbs).

  7. Waitwaitwait…

    This would be the same NYSlimes that told us for a year that Trump was elected because of Russian collusion?

    Google Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect:

    Besides, Haxo has told you over and over, nothing will get the Russians out of Syria. Because he’s Haxo, hence always right. That’s why it’s the Joooooooos!

    • google


      nahhh…I don’t think so.

      only Aesop’s once-and-future Ebola Pandemic or his next “killer hurricane” will get the Russians out of Syria.

      • The Walkin' Dude


      • Poor baby, afraid to get some Joooooo! on you?

        But thanks for doubling down on your genius.
        Because nobody died of Ebola, or from hurricanes hitting the US.
        Nope, never happened.

        Now you’re a sooper-genius.

        And it turns out the Americans didn’t kill Russians as much as it was the Russians helpfully committing suicide by attacking an American-controlled base camp.
        And they won the Second Place Combat Trophy.

        How sad.

        They’ll do about as well in Syria as they did in Afghanistan.
        Just faster.

    • The difference between Haxo and you is that Haxo is right and you are Aesop.


  8. Modern War- I better get some land out of this so I can raise a family and farm. Also, I get mineral rights and water rights. (Will Kill You if disrespected)

    Post-Modern War: Dude, Did you see that explosion? Cool! *Comes home broken, broken, divorced, and nearly unemployable. (Will Kill Themselves because…)

  9. Why are the Syrian Rebels and ISIS colored differently?

    Are they not friends?

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Little green men.

    How can the Russians complain if the US finished a fight they started?

    • A lot of people around here get their rocks off on Russia worship. They’d be jumping for joy if it was Russians who killed Americans. There would be a lot “serves us right” and “what did we expect” and a lot of idiotic “we poked the bear” and “Russians don’t mess around” posts.

      They think they’re in the know because they understand the evil that is the US government Deep State, but they’re actually extremely naive because they think that having a totalitarian Deep State is exclusive to the US. The behind the scenes totalitarian Deep State was invented and perfected by the Soviet Union/Russia.

      • Feel free to go back to ARFCUM and join the dozens of other threads about about this same ‘ muh fuck Russia ‘ topic. We don’t need you evangelizing over here. Nobody on WRSA wants to repeat the cold war. Go back to ARFCUM brave cola warrior, and enjoy the tranny threads.

      • Who was behind that perfection?

        Why did the Trotskyites move to the US and become Neo-Cons and turn semi-anti-Soviet?

        Why did Ben Franklin say during the writing of the Constitution to ban jews, otherwise in 200 years they’d run the country?


        Seems something is afoot…

    • Wasn’t started by the Russians. The Globalists want to take Russia without nuke war. Cut off energy sales to Europe and collapse Russian economy. Syria is about a pipeline through Syria to Europe. Russia is the prize. Russia has to fight or die. The Globalists will pick her dry.

    • Are you really that dim?/ S//

  12. The number of reds living within 1km of my residence is no more than 5. I only have 5 people living within 1km of me, and the youngest two are in their mid-fifties. I don’t think any of them are anywhere near being reds.

    • What is a km? We don’t have “km’s” here, this is the United States where there are fucking inches, feet, yards, rods, and miles. Don’t bring that commie metro-measure into my eyeballs, asshole

  13. Appears to be Russian Mercs… Red Army has not (Yet) committed Ground Troops Directly in Combat, just S.F. and Comms Guys embedded w/ Syrian Army. This sounds like the Mercs Fkkd Up, engaged w/o knowledge of their Target. Red Army would NEVER make a Mistake like this, the Base would just have been Wiped off the Sand by Cruise Missiles and/or Bombers. That is how they have been Working with the Syrian Army- Bear from the Air Smashes the Target, Syrian Tanks & Grunts Mop it up.

    • Yeah, that’s it, is was Russian mercs.
      Because Russia has a long history of letting asshats run wild and free inside their own territory, blowing shit up and picking random fights with nuclear powers.

      As Bayou Renaissance Man noted earlier today:
      This wasn’t a minor, bush-league attack. According to the article, the mercenaries attacked in a “battalion-sized formation supported by artillery, tanks, multiple-launch rocket systems and mortars”. That’s a formal military assault, not a guerrilla-type ambush or sabotage attack.

      Lemme guess, you figure Eastern Ukraine was conquered by concerned citizen militias too, right? Who just happened to have an air wing and an artillery brigade out in the barn?

      I’ve got a bridge for sale, cheap…

  14. Lt. Greyman, NVA

    Israel is very happy that the Americans have struck at the Assad Regime. Please send your White kids into this war and be sure the foreign Aid check is posted by next Monday or you are Anti-Semitic.

    • Yeah, well Israel is run by the globalists who want to take Syria to fuck Russia out of their oil and gas pipelines. So, fuck Israel.

  15. Someone tell me when they get the memo that says Syria recognizes Israel’s sovereignty and Iran says “Yeah, OK” – then Israel says “Here, as a gesture of good will you can have the Golan Heights back.” Both very unlikely events. FY19 US budget proposal has a major bump in defense expenditures, including $89B in “overseas contingency operations.”

    We’re in it, up to our ankles now, but soon will be up to our necks, with Israel, and the target is Iran and Israel’s more immediate neighbor Syria.

    Russia is the true wild card here – Trump’s initial overtures to make peace with Russia were thwarted, in large part by those closest to him…bad mistake, in my estimate. In the previous administration, we lost an opportunity to “hold our nose some” and ally with Syria to defeat ISIS – Russia stepped in to fill that void. Remember too, that Syria has always been willing to work with anyone to combat terrorism – and did just that in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 – likewise Russia sent advisers to Afghanistan to offer some ground truth to the US shortly after we stepped in there in 2001.

    Just two weeks ago, the Sochi Conference was derailed by some of the (many varied) Syrian opposition forces, quite probably under the advice of the US who wants to control the show via Geneva.

    Christian militias were a force to be reckoned with in Lebanon, just as the Kurds are now in Syria. Christians in Syria know that Assad is their best, if not only, hope for survival. Saladin, hero of the Muslims during the Crusades, was a Kurd. The US abandoned the Kurds in Iraq in Gulf War One – and the US has a long and sordid history of doing much the same to the Montagnards and the Nung…and that was at a time when the US guys were not gender-ambiguous SJW’s fresh out of grad school. Now? I mean, come on.

    Putting money in the pockets of the masses, getting them jobs, and then getting into a war – what better way to dissuade the mid-term election curse? Wag that dawg, wag it.


    To keep on poking the Bear is to invite unpleasantness. The POTUS needs to quit listening to MATTIS and start listening to someone sane.

    • General Mattis.
      No kids
      Surrounded by the establishment
      Became a meme on all “Military” internet pages overnight
      Never spoke out
      Quarterbacked the “Gaying” of the military

      No real accomplishments

      Now they want a war with Russia because Russia doesn’t have gay marriage. Also, The Fags in LA cannot adopt Russian Boys.

      And Israel absolutely cannot have Russia making money selling Natural Gas to Europe.

      No No No. The Saudis MUST be the ones selling their natural gas to Europe. Islamic Law demands that non-muslims cannot engage in trade or own businesses.

      Meanwhile, Islam is still Islam and no-one talks about that on the MSM.

    • Agreed!

      The idea of doing a sucker punch on the Russian Bear is just shit stupid AND suicidal.
      Ask Hitler and napoleon how that worked out for them…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Listening to someone sane? not many left.
      Invited? Everyone’s invited to this shindig , the bait has been there for awhile.
      The extremes to be seen in “this world” are amazing. We have the War drums beating while at the same time They are singing peace peace in Korea. And it would seem both sides are nuts.

      Imagine: By John Lennon, Sang at the 2018 Olympics opening ceremony where the Theme was Group above the individual.

      Is this not what the antichrist is saying?

  17. Have any of y’all read Ezekiel 38 lately?