The Entitlement State Enters Its Deathbed

That which cannot continue will not.

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    POTUS plans to shit-can EBT, cash, and “Food Stamps,” and ((get this)) give ’em FOOD! Yep:

    Unveiled in Trump’s budget proposal, the food stamp plan is part of an effort to reform SNAP and save a projected $214 billion over a decade. According to Bloomberg, the proposal would give all households receiving more than $90 a month in cash a food-aid package that would “include items such as shelf-stable milk, ready to eat cereals, pasta, peanut butter, beans and canned fruit, vegetables, and meat, poultry or fish.” Cash payouts would be gradually phased out. (U cannot “sell” food as easy as you can sell your EBT card for Colt .45 or dope.)

    The Democratic Response (WARNING: Translator or English sub-titles Required) “Negroes Want to “Go To War”

    • His sub verbal rant is no different from the scuzzlums rant at the Hungarian border of “let us in or we kill you and rape your women!!”

      You can guess how well that went over with my late Father’s people…

      So the pavement apes want to go chimpout if their gibs are cut and they actually have to WORK for a living?….

      Go ahead and your sheboon siater lackwanna and you hoodrat friends and homies go ahead and start your dumbass rioting and long as you burn your own shit down I don’t care.

      Come into my AO with that shit and you’ll find out why they say that white people are peaceful until we’re not. You can burn down neighborhoods…when we get pissed off we burn down whole countries!

      Getting to be time for Matt Bracken’s “When the Music Stops”…

      Helicopter Rides WILL NOT be wasted on porch monkeys chimping out!!

      Rule .308/5.56 WILL apply!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III


    Uh, folks have been beating this dead horse for some time now. You can quote stats and present charts and graphs until your ears and eyes bleed. As long as all parties agree to the rules of this giant monopoly game, the debt buck Ferris Wheel will continue to turn on its slow, rusty axis.
    I first read Atlas Shrugged during the Carter Administration, along with the essays of Hayek and Von Mises. I was convinced Weimar Republic Redux was right around the corner. Guess what? People are still spending like there is no tomorrow on electronic pacifiers, junk food, baubles, and various types and forms of Soma. The “can” is still being kicked down the road. Sad.

  3. wendystringer48088

    I am from the Detroit area. Poverty, drugs and crime killed Detroit. Added to that Detroit has lots of corruption, as I suspect other areas on all levels (city, county, state, federal, etc.) have also.
    Corruption even with the officers at the car companies and the UAW union.
    I suspect the people at the top know it’s hopeless and are cynical but think they can do ok and stay above the fray while the people below them suffer.

    • Conspiracy of Silence.

      Detroit is run by fucking pedophile lunatics who sold us out to Mexico and China, While importing drugs by the truck load.

  4. thesouthwasrght

    Here in FL one may go into a law enforcement or firefighter career and retire making 80%, or more, of their income when they are as young as 43. And many do. This is simply unsustainable and unnatural. You cannot pay someone not to work in their prime earning years and call that a healthy system. This whole pension scheme will croak overnight when the stock market corrects.

    • And my Boomer Cuck father will be working into his 70’s and doesn’t know why.

      But hey, His house is worth $800,000 and might be worth More!

  5. Saw the other day, the pension firm for the Teamsters Union is trying for a government bailout since it’s also broke.

    A couple senators are in favor of a “loan” to them, but it’s a bailout.

    This won’t end well.

    I don’t have a puppy, but my Mom takes the Columbus Dispatch and I happened to see an article about that the other day.

  6. Don’t visit pension Tsunami if you don’t wanna slit your wrists. You will learn that the vast percentage of paid cops and firemen’s pensions are basically bankrupt. Then listen to their union spokesmen talk about ‘ weaponizing ‘ the public unions against the taxpayers. That’s how the Guardian Angels were formed. The NY cop’s went on strike telling us ” either you give us more money or we let the criminals rob and rape you”.
    And don’t forget, being able to posses and use a hydrant wrench will be as important as possessing an AR-15.

    • “And don’t forget, being able to posses and use a hydrant wrench will be as important as possessing an AR-15.”

      Had not considered this. Thank you.

    • uh, a big pipe wrench is better on a hydrant than a hydrant wrench. in my 31 yrs on the job, it opened more jacked up valves than the hydrant wrench. more leverage too. and if yer in the ghetto ya can conk nizzins on the grape with it too. i am in a rural area now that i am retired, and see no use for a fire hydrant. especially since we don’t have them. guess if yer in a city , its a source of nasty nappy water.

    • wendystringer48088

      It’s all fun and games until the Russians start shooting down our jets with their mobile or Man-portable air-defense systems.

  7. I don’t know every Red within 1K of me, but I know a bunch of people who THINK they’re Reds. When things go sideways here, one will be lucky to even know what the next five minutes will bring.

  8. Social Security goes absolutely insolvent in 2036. Long before that, the debt bombs explode in multiple cities and states.

    When that happens, those payments will simply cease.
    Like they never existed.
    Workers with jobs will be told “That’s just the way it is”, and they’ll live with it, and like it, or they’ll strike, get replaced, and be broke and starving. But not numerous to do anything but smell bad. The surplus ones will be laid off permanently.

    Everyone sucking on those teats will either make new arrangements, or die.

    That’s how it works, since forever.

    The cans have been kicked down the road, and will continue to be.
    But when the road ends at the cliff, you can turn around a go a different way, or you can jump, and expect Someone Else to swoop down and deliver you some wings, or a parachute.

    Wish in one hand, crap in the other, and see which one fills up first…

  9. Bothers me that this site continues to beat a dead horse. We’re not going anywhere, this Republic isn’t going anywhere. If you believe we are, you have truly under estimated the resilience/ resolve of most American people.

    SHOULD, something catastrophic happen, I’m reasonably certain, most here on WRSA will respond appropriately.

    Of course a couple knuckleheads here will get smoke checked right out of the gate, would be in the best interest of their specific communities. Hell, I’d consider it a community service.

    Their are more reds here on WRSA, then within 15 miles of my cozy MTN top Casa.



    NYC has $56 Billion in assets to pay $235 Billion in liabilities. All of the arrogant self righteous fuckheads in New York City can be easily crushed. Arrogance and debt make poor bedfellows. NYC is floating on a scam.

    And they’re all so…communist.

  11. When the scrotes figure out that burning their own shit down is, well, really fucking stupid and start heading out to the ‘burbs…..things will get frosty right damn quick like. 😀

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