We Need To Shut This Man Down This Minute

“…Maybe what comes next is a new brand of political violence that meets the needs of the managerial state. Instead of people shooting political players, managerial class types will get snuffed out when going for their mocha latte…”

— Z Man

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    Zman: Simple. Soros is too connected and too protected. I asked the same question on this site a few months ago. I wondered why the FISA Court had not issued an arrest warrant and seized al of his assets. Haxo gave me the answer. He’s an evil giant surrounded by ants.

    • not to mention a fistful of Jewkins – Alexander, Daisy, etc. – all of whom are as malignant as daddy. This or that Jew or shabbatz goy don’t matter at this point. Entire clans will have to be liquidated.

      • I’d be good with that. Entire clans, hmm. So soros is surrounded by security? Will that stop a RPG? Or a drone strike? Or maybe let’s not even worry about soros the old man, how about popping the daughter and taking the/a son ransom? I have heard about one son who is more evil than dad, but is there another son?
        This whole clan needs to be liquidated. No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. If someone is watching and takes charge, soros will be worm dirt.

    • The US government refuses to arrest Communists and Traitors for the same reason McCarthy Hit a dead end.

      They are Jewish and we would look like the Nazi’s…

    • Our current state of the nation, ruled by The Deep State, a cabal of corrupt, narcissistic, murderous, pedophile megalomaniacs reminds me of The Hunger Games and how these same personalities are portrayed in those movies. Washington DC is now the wealthiest city in the US, yet it produces no goods, every dime in that city comes from the Taxpayer’s pocket

  2. Interesting masthead. I would offer a slightly different approach — honeypot. What bait can be offered to suck the Reds in for appropriate ‘treatment’. Much more efficient to let them self-identify, to which the results might surprise.

  3. Contrary to ZMan’s observations there is plenty of political assassinations going on — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_assassinations#The_Americas Waning, yes. Gone no. Gut says that as the political state wanes assassinations will increase. That is already the case where the narco-lords hold sway in places like Mexico and Columbia. Off with their tongues seems to be the favored method in those countries.

  4. Seraphim of Sarov

    Now form a Red Cell and work that tactic against yourself and your people.


    Shore up those weaknesses.

  5. I know the prick has a compound just north of New York city. Any info on other US locations??

  6. I can’t imagine anything nicer than waking up to the headline announcing the assassination of George Soros. Hopefully it involves fire.

  7. Centurion_Cornelius

    Dunno ’bout all that, ZMan. Lookit what little ole Gavrillo did with a few 9mm Kurtz rounds snuffing Franz and Sophie. Kaiser Willie’s reaction: “It’ll blow over” and went on his yacht for a 3 week vacation.

    But, good ole Conrad von Hötzendorf, Austria’s C-in-C screamed for WAR, and bent the ear of his boss, Frankie-Joe. BTW, Franz and Sophie as “Emperor in Waiting,” had kept a tight leash on Hötzendorf, who screamed for WAR at least 22 times as C-In-C.

    My point: eliminate one guy (or one gal) and you get Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle–an impossibility to predict future events. People die–ideas, doctrines, adherents, followers–do not. Tread carefully in squeezing that trigger.

    • Consult translations of p. 46 of the Pharos shorthand report of the trial of Gavrilo Princeps and his co-assassins. Learn the damning facts sent down the memory hole.

      Ask Bracken… not for an answer (heavy odds that he won’t know), but for a laugh.

  8. Hmmm… hammerless s&w…snubbie

    Going for the ‘Jack Ruby’ solution, eh?…

    Might as well que up some appropriate music then…

    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  9. The Usual Suspect

    Apparently the South Americans have no qualms about assassinating
    Roman Catholic/Jesuit priests, maybe that too will migrate.

    • Those priests are subversive faggots and died the way they lived.
      Like little worthless bitches.


      Not just the Jesuits. The Maryknoll Order was spreading their Marxist “Liberation Theology” among the peons in El Salvador. The government took exception. Army personnel were sent to the School of the Americas at Fort Benning for “training”. When they returned to El Salvador, a lot of folks were tortured to death or were the recipient of free helicopter rides. This included several priests and at least one bishop. Sad. But necessary.

  10. There are far too many bureaucrats, and they feel far too safe.
    A proper Reset of attitudes and standards among the apparatchiks will require a statistically significant culling – a neat and tidy object lesson or two will not suffice. The Komintariat understood the principle well –
    где многие отрубленные головы, многие другие обратят внимание.
    Кровь на улицах хорошая вещь. Влажные ботинки заставляют людей ходить осторожно.
    Let the festivities begin

  11. It’s an inevitable situation.
    When you have a problem that refuses to respond to reason, the only recourse is to force.
    S-S-S works, every time it’s tried.

    One only has a problem when they caper and roister in the streets over the body afterwards.

    • Rocks Inside the doubled down chicken wire. Puncture the skull and the torso. Crabs handle the rest. Skip the Plastic.

  12. back in the 70’s, it wasn’t uncommon for the state dept to send some contractor into central or south america to do those little jobs they wouldn’t even send the cia in to do. oftentimes all it took was a little creative nudge to “make dept policy a reality on the ground”, so to speak.

    trouble with that approach today is there are just so many petty dictators waiting in the wings to take the place of anyone that might be the big dog on the porch at present. even the recent davos meeting was ripe for the picking with that 3 foot snow storm. how convenient it would have been for some limo full of people to have a little mishap and get stuck in the snow for just a tad too long. but there were no takers. just too many of them to make any impact, Claus von Stauffenberg style, especially if you’re aiming for change in a certain direction rather than just creative random chaos.

    to make any significant impact these days, what you’re left with is the things crazy movies are made of, like , well… i won’t tell. but you can ask the russians, “how do you make a million people willingly flee from their city?”

    • Tensmiths, ask the Democrats how you make 1 million people voluntarily leave their city. Detroit and Chicago.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. “The obvious reply to that is civilized nations no longer rely on political assassinations to handle their business. Political leaders have a self interest in discouraging the practice of killing heads of state. If ruler X has ruler Y killed, because it advantages him, the other rulers have no choice but to band together and kill ruler X. Otherwise, it is a lawless world of all against all. President Gerald Ford issued an executive order in 1976 prohibiting US intelligence services from conducting political assassinations for this reason.”
    ………….Is this guy serious!?………This is tongue in cheek right?
    Maybe George Soros is part of the “Team” you F’n Jackass! Did you ever think of that!?

    Kehinde Wiley, the artist behind Barack Obama’s presidential portrait

    Obama Portrait Artist Kehinde Wiley Once Painted Black Women Decapitating White Women
    That Obama artist, Kehinde Wiley, is also know for these fun paintings, which you can file under
    “Imagine if this showed a TKTK ”


    • Of course you all know that that is a messaging technique
      the control freaks use when their time and treason is
      being exposed right?
      In the MEANtime, this is starting in a few minutes:

  16. Dear Leader did what any other tinpot dictator does – extrajudicial killing of his own citizens. No greater liberal bastion than the ACLU sued over this – nada.


    SO – to say the US does not engage in assassinations is ill-informed. Later, the US assassinated his 16 year old son (also US born citizen – no indictment, not an imminent threat, not on a field of battle) and, more recently, under the current administration, the botched raid in Yemen killed his (US born) 8 year old daughter: http://www.businessinsider.com/awlaki-killed-seal-team-6-raid-yemen-2017-1

    You can also check with Jeanette Finicum if you don’t believe your own lying eyes. Or maybe Waco, or Ruby Ridge, or maybe that poor drunken schmuck who was crawling on the floor, complying with police commands in some sort of sadistic game, then shot in cold blood….validates much of what zerogov.com has to say.

  17. Soros continued existence is possibly Mossads greatest failure as an entity.

  18. Well ain’t this interesting? I wondered a few weeks back why Lon Horiuchi was still alive and was roundly attacked by the lizard people for doing so. In fact one genius suggested I go kill him and see if anyone follows my lead. I suspect a quisling in his particular case.

    As for Soros, he’s old and feeble and will be gone soon. Better to eliminate his heirs.

  19. The one shot, one kill, professional assasins were eliminated to be replaced by government directed assasins such as the local PD, the FBI, etc. And honestly, who is benefitting? Only the government, which was the plan all along. Guliani and others eliminated the Mafia-now you can’t get a damned thing done without doing it yourself. Won’t be sorry to see Soros gone.

  20. Soros is a tare among the wheat, and so any sanctioning of him will bring mucho collateral. On the order of seventy and seven times. We mistakenly believe he is about power and control for himself, but he is an obedient rechabite serving to prepare this world for the advent of his father and god.

  21. There needs to be some sort of exchange where bastards and bitches that need to be eliminated can be listed all in one place.

    If you want to add someone to the list, say some multiple time DUI driver that killed a family member, you have to work something off of the list for someone else.

    Just links to news articles and then a name.

    Have an active and retired list.