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  1. Senate Amnesty Bills Get Rushed to a Thursday Vote


    “This is going to be done or not done this week,” Sen. John Cornyn, the second-ranking Republicans in the Senate, said Monday. “People had better get to work because the clock is ticking.”

  2. A couple quotes of the following article,
    1″A political Athiest”
    “I have shared this dream over the years, and I do believe that at some point, the atmosphere of chaos will arrive in America were citizens will want to hurt politicians. I don’t know when it will happen, but I believe it will.”
    “The message from this watchman has been that America is under judgment. I have shared that the judgment will occur in four categories: famine, pestilence, the invasion of evil, and eventually war.”

    Famine of Truth?

  3. The biblical wisdom ‘don’t throw your pearls before swine’ applies to such conversations.

  4. wendystringer48088

    To be fair, I think many progressive leftist folks do come from a good place.
    Feed the hungry. Shelter the homeless. Clothe the naked. Help the poor. Stand up for the oppressed. Fight for justice. That kind of thing.
    The devil is in the details of the elite ruling class that makes the laws and uses the police power of the state to forcibly take wealth from the productive citizens and redistributes it to the less productive people and to enforce behavior in all aspects of our lives.
    Then you get a police state enforcing politically correct behavior and punishing anything not deemed progressive enough as being hateful and crimminal.
    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” comes to mind, which I always took to mean that people with good intentions try to solve a problem by coming up with a solution that results in a totally messed up end state.
    So the trick is trying to point where things lead in the long term.
    Although sometimes you just have realize the effort is futile and disengage.
    Or if you have to, fight back.

    • Wendy,

      This assumption works until you point out that what they advocate is pointing a Government gun at YOU and FORCING YOU to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, etc…

      Then ask the lefty why he hasn’t adopted a poor person, paid the medical bills of someone chronically ill, had a homeless person move in with them.

      Tell him to do that and God will bless him! Tell him to spend every penny HE has and to leave you alone.

      • wendystringer48088

        “…until you point out that what they advocate is pointing a Government gun at YOU and FORCING YOU …”
        Good Points. Will remember.

    • “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” comes to mind, which I always took to mean that people with good intentions try to solve a problem by coming up with a solution that results in a totally messed up end state.”

      The parasite class always creates the illusion of necessity..of being “needed” by the host. They want us to believe that they care for us..that they only want to help us..to “make us better”…

      I DO NOT hold to that..i aim to misbehave!!

      I Aim to Misbehave

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • wendystringer48088

        Thanks for the Firefly Serenity movie reference! There will be lots of Brownshirts amongst the FREEFOR I am sure!

    • What??? Wendy I thought you were a pure right-wing conservative and now you are ready to lick commie balls? WTF???
      Shoot them all in the face!!! Give no quarter, or nickle. SHOOT THEM ALL!!!


    When I see and hear these “Progressives” I am reminded of the quote in THE GODFATHER: “…no one can reason with this man!” It was shortly after that the button men went to work. We’re getting real close.

    • Such nihilism cuts both ways.
      As even you will discover, but about a heartbeat too late to do you any lasting good.

      • why are you and everyone else so worried about dying?

        sounds like relief to me.


        • Coming to terms with one’s mortality is the final stepping stone to manhood.

          • THAT is the only thing out of your scribbling that has made any sense at all. I am a BOOMER mofo and have passed the 70 mark. I never thought I would make it past or up to 65, but now I find I am healthier than many of my peers. Yet I welcome death every day as it is no more than a re-birth into another place. I don’t expect anyone to believe as I do, but live of the soul is forever. I have been on this earth many times before and will return many times in the future.
            At this point in my life all I want to do is provide enough for my current family to endure after I am worm dirt.
            And one last epitaph…Millennial scum sucks!

  6. This is all fine and good but consider this. You are not going to reason with the hardcore believer. On any subject period. I can no more talk Al out of his Jew hatred than I can a hard core Marxist out of their ideology. People ascribe a religious level of FAITH into beliefs that they hold to be structurally foundational. No word trick or debate tactic and quite frankly no fact is going to dissuade them from the belief. At best you are putting a small crack in their rock, but they have to pick away at that themselves and let in the flood.

    • “No word trick or debate tactic and quite frankly no fact is going to dissuade them from the belief. ”

      describes the delirious god fanatics lurking around here.

      what has your god done for anyone ? ever? how about even lately?


      • You know I don’t push my beliefs on anyone, and for the most part I don’t judge others on what they do or don’t believe until the bullshit meter gets pegged or until they ask for it.

        So I’ll bite, I’ll limit it to two big ones that are personal. This is prolly TMI but you asked,

        Sometime in the past, doc “well son you have bone cancer, we’ll have to take if off above the knee”. I didn’t want to be a ‘cripple’ as a young man and refused to sign the authorization for the amputation. “You’re gonna die” I was told. Got on my knees and talked to God. Thirty five or more years later I’m still stumping around on my original equipment.

        Wife and I couldn’t have biological children, 100% male factor infertility (result of childhood surgery) , 50% female factor infertility. Tried for years through many medical means anyway, to no avail, all we did was waste money. Finally swallowed our pride, got on our knees and talked to God about it. Less that one month later the first of four “medical miracles” was on the way. All four of them are bright, healthy, young adults with their heads screwed on right.

        You’ll dismiss these examples as they don’t fit your narrative, and you can toss out all the snark and derogatory comments you like and you can call me all the names you wish but it won’t alter the fact nor the reality of what I have personally experienced. I could list more and if I included ones of other folks that I’m personally aware of I could fill a book.

        I usually just view your rantings as mild amusement but I have begun to do something I hardly ever do, I actually feel sorry for you. For all your bravado there is something inside you that is very small and very sad.

        Now don’t disappoint me, come back with some of your super duper shit spewing.

        I can hardly wait.


        • i’ve seen deer crippled and wounded, somehow make it thru the cold winter and heal themselves back to normal.

          is that god too?


      • wendystringer48088

        @tfA-t :
        If I may try to answer your question a bit?
        Have you ever considered what is the source of your consciousness, your self-awareness, your individual existence?
        Without a creater, without a spirit, then we are all just bags of soulless protoplasm, nothing more than animals.
        What has God done for me? Well, here I am and here we are. Here is our world and the whole universe with all the laws of physics and math and life on a planet perfectly suited for life.
        I really don’t have all the answers. Why does God let things happen is easy – to let us run things our way in this plane of existence. Why do bad things happen to good / innocent people (cancer, children born blind or with severe deformaties, etc.). I don’t know. Maybe to show how screwed up things could be? That things doesn’t magically always have to turn out right and to appreciate it when things do turn out right? Still seems pretty cruel. Is God non-existant? Powerless? Uncaring? A Sadist? Out to prove a point? I don’t know.
        But I can’t believe that God doesn’t exist. The physical evidence to me says he/she does.
        Just some of my thoughts.

  7. You can’t reason and argue someone out of a position they didn’t arrive at by reason and logic in the first place.
    Nor can you argue anything rational at all with crazy people, which is the entire Leftardian universe.

    I deal with lunatics regularly as a condition of my employment.
    You set clear limits with them, and if/when they fail to color between the lines, you take the necessary steps to ensure they’re not a danger to themselves or others.

    Inside the ER, that’s hard leather straps and strong sedatives, until they can be shipped to padded cells.

    Out in the big wide world, Big Boy Rules apply.

    For the literate, I commend to you Poe’s classic tale, The Cask Of Amontillado. Perspicacious types will find ways inside their own head to expand the applicability of the lesson to modern times and methods.

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  9. I remember a line from the now-defunct National Lampoon magazine, that went some thing like, (describing how feministas spout all kinds of Marxist shit) “If women piss us off, can we beat the fuck out of them with our fists?” Things happen a lot like that. Alligator mouths talking too much shit for their canary asses to handle. I used to sit in amusement in the Army, and watch duh bruthas go chimp out on each other, no matter the rank, over just the same thing. Especially in the 70’s, you never knew who would explode, or why, next. I have stood by and watched in amazement (but not the second time I saw it) Darkies go off like a stick of dynamite on their white girlfriends/wives, for the merest lapse of respect. I got no sympathy for white girls who hook up with bloods. Nobody wants them back anyway. Lefties, mostly women, are out there spouting their murderous Marxist shit, and they don’t believe they’ll have a price to pay. Yow.