The Deep State Is The Deep Left State


Key concept: “Culling”.

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  1. now well into Year II of the Trump regime

    and (((Roissy))) is still waiting for Trump, lifelong NY lib to

    ”drain the liberal swamp”.

    pitiful stuff.

  2. “The Deep State Is The Deep Left State”
    In your view is there also a deep right?

    • The Left State is the Deep State. We will be seeing them coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches like we have never seen them before.
      There is only factions within the Deep State regime. They kind of coexist, dividing the spoils, each to its preferred source of wealth & power.

      But there are White Hats. Nothing deep or state about them. They are fighting back. I think they been planning something for awhile.

  3. Neo-Bolshevik Agitprop Apparatchiks of The Amerikan Nomenklaturer:

    In the waning days of the Long March One World Order Rule # 1 applies with a vengeance.
    Nothing is to supplant it.
    It is the inviolate Rule.
    Without this Rule the whole construct collapses.
    There are no organic unrelated spontaneous natural unconnected innocent occurring events within the sphere of our lives. Like the dirt people, they are ignored when they violate that rule above. They are smothered and ignored. They do not exist.
    Simple: Out of mind-Out of sight.

    No amount of misery and blood is unacceptable to the One Rule.
    The One Rule must be hammered home.
    No let up, twenty four hours-seven days per week.
    Rule # 1 must be drilled into the consciousness of the population, permeating every crack, every facet, never relenting.
    The one rule is the war of the hearts and the minds.
    It is waged by a literal army of hive mind programmed sycophants. An army of the human extinction movement. Bred, in the fission pile of our institutes of learning long usurped by the Intelligentsia branch of the Nomenklaturer.

    It is the dirt people, who reside in the vast land called flyover nation, which has remained relatively unscathed by this scourge of hive mind programming.
    There is a reason why the hive collective has ventured into the South to tear down venerated symbols of the sovereign land individual will, and its child self determination, and other areas of provincial and rural traditional America have survived in similar fashion for similar reason, yet this has always been the next target, because this is where the Amerikan Kulak’s reside and all that entails.
    And to prepare flyover land and its dirt people, the One Rule’s next target is naturally the guns of the dirt people, and there is one hell of an arsenal out in Fly Over Nation.
    The problem here is the 5th column media has failed to hold sway, the distance of space time and long culture has insulated the majority of Flyover Nation from the most chilling effects of the One Rule, for the simple Truth, Culture is upstream of politics. Real life where you produce tangible things, where family & tribe are inviolate, where people are connected directly to the open sky, the green lush fields that provide, the deep forrest that cleans the air and provides serenity and sanctuary, these are incongruous elements of life with the One Rule. They clash. The culture clashes. It looks so far off, because it is so far off from the daily course of life and life giving surrounds.

    But here in Flyover Nation, is where the final battles of the One Rule will be waged.
    They are coming closer, they are creeping further into dirt people land.
    Observing the course of events it is clear as day.
    They have to get our guns no matter what.

    That is the prime directive of the next stage which takes place in Flyover Nation. If they can not get our guns they will Kulak us instead. Same thing to the human extinction movement.
    I think time is running out on them. Events are stubborn things. They don’t always follow their original intent. There is a hint of panic in the One Rule of late. Its charm is growing stale, becoming route.

    Thats the thing with the One Rule of programming hive human’s. They stop becoming humans at a certain point and become raving fucking lunatics. The 5th column media becomes an insane asylum for the deranged and unconnected to normal every day dirt people.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

  5. Back to Basics! Impose job term limits on ALL Gov’t employees as opposed to closing a Dept. here or there or reducing it’s size. ABSOLUTELY NO Federal employee should be permitted to work for the FED in any capacity for longer than 10 years (about a quarter of one’s productive working years), after which time they MUST exit Fed service and seek employment in the private sector. No connection with the FED IN ANY WAY allowed in the civilian sector job. Do this for all FED employees…NO EXCEPTION. It would then become unpopular to work for the FED and enact useless and harmful regulations/laws knowing that inevitably you’d have to return to the private sector for a real living. If caught working for any civilian job that any ties to Gov’t (i.e Gov’t contractor, lobbyist, etc.) whatsoever suffer the penalty….complete loss of retirement benefits. The size of Gov’t would become self limiting, massive reductions in retirements benefits, and a thriving private sector would grow out of this… swamp!

  6. A better solution to the problem is to organize locally and greatly reduce the perceived “need” for a large, central governing body. If you read the FY2019 budget proposal you see evidence of that – a 26% reduction for State, a 34% reduction for EPA, a 21% reduction for HHS…and so forth. A big bump for Defense and for Homeland Security – which keeps the globalists content. But truth is, this is much the same strategy Reagan applied – a big build up in defense, collapse of the Soviet empire, and then a peace dividend that was quickly squandered.

  7. $500 bounty on all communists… hmmm… I like the idea. It would be one way to get the party started.

    Grey Ghost