Why Are The Comey Memos Guarded So Carefully?

Good question.

Oh look! Another shitbird!

9 responses to “Why Are The Comey Memos Guarded So Carefully?

  1. FIB is busy, busy, busy….. Feral government has lots of time and money to set up anything it wants to……

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Thanks for that link, Gen! So…the lonely FBI Shit-weasel told the Jihadis to go and “tear up Texas?” Many have tried…and many have died.

  2. Off Topic.

    Hey CA,

    How do you get the President of the United States to visit your State?

    Deep inside the (((Narco))) Dark State? (For the Record, Florida is full of Intel Bases, Sex Industry, MIC, and Coke Dealers.

    Answer… Shoot up a School.

    Florida= Flat Terrain, Still Air(Mostly), Regular Humidity, predictable Temps during this time of year.

    Perfect for a long range shot…

    Just one man’s Opinion.

    • Forgot to mention… On Alex Jone’s broadcast today the HS kid said that the Secret Service visited to train them up.

      WTF is the Secret Service doing training for an Active Shooter at a School?

      Never In 9 years of Service Have I ever heard of that. From anyone.

    • From the Deep State.

      Motive, means, opportunity.

      • I’m Concerned.

        Like Really.

        Did you see all the (((Anti Gun))) people hopping out the woodwork?

        The area is a Nest.

        Trump’s visit is gonna set a standard for the next 7 years.

        HenceForth, If you want a shot at the POTUS on your terms and turf, blitzkrieg a school.

  3. Government employees who refuse to obey the legitimate demands from the legislative branch need to be hanged. Round up a couple dozen of those “top FBI officials” refusing to turn over documents requested by Congress and string them up. Repeat daily until the message is received.