TL Davis: No More Public School Deathtraps

Safer kids, more equitable taxation, evisceration of a huge Red bloc, and better education.

Who could be against such things?

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  1. 50 X –Local, Local, Locus! Where to begin.
    So, how many adult children were listening to the children and what did the adult children do about it. Expelled him and banned him from having a back pack and an AR 15 on campus, that’s what. Did anybody think this kid may need some help? And what kind of help did he get? The short answer is none other than; we don’t like your kind around here, so go away, expelled? This may be proof that society in all of its various forms rejects certain individuals because they don’t fit the herd, ears too big, ideas too different and may even call out the high school cliques for not being inclusive, even after the children have grown up to be adult children, resulting in being even more excluded, or perhaps the BULLY (‘s) made him do it? Interesting how the bullied becomes the Bully, is it not? Gee Had man, if we only had a psychiatric exam and personality profile and cram this kid into a slot, pigeon holed for life, or just the ones we think are a problem, and ignore the rest, everyone, everything would be OK, OK? You see, that way we eliminate halve of society that don’t fit in. Somewhat like the addicted to whatever drug of choice, pusher, pimps, con men and homeless, insurance salesmen and criminals (bankers)in general and need I say politicians (criminals)particular, however the politicians have better wage and benefit packages. Throw the book at the kid! Hang him! Or, perhaps we could take good hard look at the isolation we as a society impose on some individuals and then react after the fact, what on earth could have made him do that!!! Would you like to buy clue? I have several for sale.
    Almost like clockwork orange whenever the political hot potato gets too hot to handle we have a shoot em up to change the subject matter of politically corrupt politicians and shadow cheap labor creep state party (democrats=Damn Communists) to change the subject to the usual suspect GUNS. And of course common core reeducation is common cents gun control, that we should have a conversation about, then everything would be OK, OK? Not saying it is US against the world, but it is beginning to feel like it. As for your European ancestors, it’s a good thing they left, I suppose.
    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”
    WELL! That worked out pretty well, didn’t it? Somebody stole the golden door, or perhaps that was sold. Or, more appropriately of our timelessness, don’t let the golden door hit you in the pussy on the way out, or perhaps that was ass?
    Lesson learned a long time ago. I was a spe. 4 (previous (Cpl) not busted just sideways shuffle to fill a slot same rank) and CO driver, mostly because I had an international driver license and was not prone to accidents, as well man handle a standard transmission double clutch and all. Standing by the company clerk’s desk at the company headquarter office, a young buck sergeant comes storming in with private in tow and demands to see the CO. The CO peaked out the door at the commotion and the top sergeant said I got this. The young buck sergeant says, I can’t work with this man, reassign him. Top looks at the pair strangely and says, take off them stripes and give them to the private and let’s see who can work with whom, shall we? In the mean time I was standing there just looking on and strangely amused. I almost got a, wipe the smirk off your face form the Top but didn’t. Top explained, that is why you got stripes because you can deal with things, so I can go have coffee, because I got more stripes and the CO can do whatever he does, got it? Young bucky left without a word with private in tow. Moral of the story is, fuck with the bull and you get the horn, ya know?
    The Romans started training the young, I believe at age seven, and were trained to kill, swords, physical training and that sort of thing. Girls learned to be manipulative and conniving among other girly things, such as looking well, well doing so and of course someone else to blame if it did not work as planned. It is my opinion that at age twelve offer an elective course in rifle and pistol training. Starting with, this weapon can kill, safety, maintenance and how to zero the weapon, as well as what is a threat. Accuracy is not measured in hitting the target bullseye, but accuracy in determining a threat when deadly force is necessary and when it is not. I would suggest instead of creating a new position of security guard, train students, all of them to fight back! Or, at least protect those that cannot. This herd mentality of lock down and run and hide, cover in place is just plain foolish! Fight back damn it! If you don’t, this will be the new normal for some time to come. Get used to it, or change it.
    Factoid :x: Seven Billion –minus- three hundred million= no US. And, I might add the next comparable economy is China with a couple a billion people. Question, how did that relatively small US population become 25% of the world’s producers and consumer economy? The short answer is the thing we have lost, Freedom. So, let say some righty tighty’s managed to loot some lefties and cause a complete SHTF scenario in the not too distant future, like tomorrow. How long would it take for the UN to offer its peace keeping forces to help calm things down? About an hour, I suppose, because that would disrupt the world economy and balance of powers of takers to maker, which ain’t US anymore, so to speak. That would amount to a Martial Law and the first thing the lefty’s do is guess what, before mass depopulation, you guessed it gun confiscation. If there is no game (battle) plan, ain’t nothing going to happen any good, ya know? There was a reason for the “WELL Regulated” in the second amendment, ya know? Knowing that, win, lose or draw, what happens afterword? The short answer is more words. Then what? The old saying goes something like this; the best laid plans of mice and men often go somewhere under, about six feet. Organization and Planning perhaps would be a good idea and 10 to 15 thousand in each state of altered reality, 50 X + or -.
    As far as the AR 15 ass salt rifle is concerned, it can be banned, or perhaps just obsolete, as soon as I perfect the thermo-nuclear-particle blaster for personal protection, which I will call the TNPBFPP, or squirt gun for short. It runs on water extracting little hydrogen anti-matter non-electrons canceling proton promoting projectile for miniscule hydrogen bombs in the fractional mega pounds per second area of which could be able to blast as many as 52,000 times, or targets between recharging, or the more popular reloading and weights less than a hen weigh. Particles are annihilated within a range of 5,000 yards, no bigger than a pie plate pin point accuracy, vaporized as a matter in fact matter is replaced with anti, as in not there anymore matter. Atoms smashed and pulverized to an unrecognizable chemical anomalies’, but is good for the environment non-polluting, no messy clean up and recyclable when expired, pointed energy on demand, true value hardware for all. UN-till that time let US make more and ammo too and freedom for Thompson sub-machine guns with one hundred round drum magazine for all. Yea Team!
    WARNING SIGNS!!! Resulting in shock and AWE in resounding ambivalence and of course gun control, if we only had some common sensory perception of GUN CONTROL everything would be OK, OK? L ÖÖ K at what government has given US to assist and perhaps insist on our, or US suicide. It ain’t pretty!
    Assisted Suicide= Immigration Policy.
    Political Party Politics= Assisted Suicide
    Assisted Suicide= Da National Debt
    Public Education= Future Assisted Suicide
    National Assisted Suicide= D Police State
    Assisted Suicide= Da Welfare State
    Health Care Wealth care= Assisted Suicide
    Assisted Suicide= UN funded Lie Abilities (OFF BOOKS in accounting jargon, to do tomb of 200 trill.+)
    Economic too big to pay debt, need I say too big to bail=Assisted Suicide
    Nationally, WE the People are in a heap of trouble, but then again so is the rest of the world. And the list goes on and on and of course on in the Greater Divide of US and National Great Mistake is not jus for Mini Soda anymore on knows. Yet we consent to it! Don’t we? And we get the media circus clowns to say, and, that’s the way it IS!
    If you think government is anything other than debt sucking suicidal maniacs then you are delusional at best and suicidal at the very least. They say suicide is painless; it brings on many climate changes. Through early morning fog I see. Visions of what used to be. THERE IS NO POLITICAL SOLUTION (please note the SOL in solution). Simple fact for all governmental issues that just happen to drag on FOREVER (perhaps they get paid by the hour? I don’t think so, but their Lawyers do!) IF Government could have fixed it, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN DONE BY NOW, ya know? So, consider it fixed!
    What has been going on is not some garbage about Russian collusion that has been going on for way too long, it’s about government going off the deep end, way off! It is not about sore losers, it is about a corrupt government that has been on the take and about to be found out. And everything from social justice, to diversity this and that and multi-cultural-ism is all bull shit and they know it. Black Live Matter is a throwback to the BLA- Black Liberation Army or the Black Panthers, all the same thing. The immigration issue is NOT about immigration it is an invasion! The gay this and that is about in your face dirty politics, nothing more. And, of course we consented to all of this, didn’t we?
    Before I continue, I must tell you that at one time I was a corporal in the Army; I have a mustache and have written Mein Kampf in reasonable rendition of English, Da Plan. Da Plan is to reinstate the US Constitution and eliminate all the rest that is, shall we say, UN Constitutional, as well as the first ten Amendments, The Bill of Rights and to the trash can of history for the rest. The whole slavery issue is easily fixed with a little white out, due to the fact that all men are created equal and yes indeed black men are men. And you girls are equal to girls whatever color you may be, I suppose. And I AM must add anti-Communist, as well anti-Democrat and anti-Republican, anti- Green of all other political parties too, anti, because they are not necessary, but I AM somewhat nationalistic for private property rights to include a border WALL to protect said rights, as well as a well armed militia! You see the US Constitution was not supposed be and never intended be a bloated jello rotten US mess of lying oath takers. There was a presumption of HONESTY! Would you like to buy clue?
    Where we have wandered off the path is not the original intent of the US Constitution, but the political parties and the politics of personal gain from government dishonesty. The divide in congress is the idea of those represented US is not; it is the idea of the political party, that is them, only. And, I would ban all political parties! As well Non-Profit Organization, the Federal Income Tax and withholdings to include social security then, kick the United Nations the Hell off US property! Just to name a few. Oh, and stop sending money to countries that hate US.
    The basic primacy is the state and the Federal Government secondary, has no business within the state and certainly not any individual that has not committed Federal Crime. The whole idea of a Federal Government was national security and how it that working out for US??? The Federal Government would be limited to those enumerated powers within said Constitution and nothing more. As intended all elections were and will be within the state for Representatives only, Senator are chosen by the State legislature and the President was by Electoral College and no lifetime appointments for any one, period, not even the Supremes. SEE, no need for any national political party, period! Simple formula, WE the people are represented by the representatives we elect, supposedly are representative of US locally. Senators represent the state and the President Powers as stated, period! Both Senators and Representatives are paid by the State they presume to represent. The only wage and benefit package need be discussed are those of the President and whom he or she may have appointed. And of course the State pick up the cost of the Federal Government divided equally between the states, poor or not. I would also defer judgment of the Federal Reserve to a hanging Judge! There that was simple, was it not.
    No it will not be without a whole lot of we the people on team X to exterminate the rest. Not too big to fail. However we don’t have enough JAILS! You see it is not a revolution, or even a civil war, it restating what we are and what we are not!
    Some you may be familiar with Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) the X came later in the club membership that will set you back six grand and offers the opportunity to win prizes and get your name in the papers for the smartest and bestest ideas from all the really smart people that cannot seem to figure out what caused our united suicide mission. Clue here, they don’t know, what they don’t know, ya know? I suspect these very sane people make large camp PAIN contributions to their fav O Rite of passage laws that benefit them and family and friends IRS approved NON-profit and tax evasion and their wealth protection programs foundationally speaking and cannon see the party of the politics is the problem! Not just on the Federal level either, NOPE, it’s your local scrool board of bond issued interest payments, too city and state taxed the makers to take care of the takers, which are mostly government employees on all level of corruption of ever expanding wage and benefit packages that cannot be paid, because them have run out of makers, YA KNOW? I could go into school choice, but Y, when it would be better to shut down all public education and defund them and just give the money to the kids. Then we could have a conversation about who needs reeducation and pretty much an end to school shooting. And as an added benefit, the scrools could be turned into jails pretty easily.
    What to do about the, then what? To some it is to prepare for the worst case scenario, which is to hunker in the bunker well provisioned, or go hide behind a tree, obviously in the forest, which you can’t see for all the trees and therefore a good hiding place. But, let me tell you about another possibility. But before that know One thing that you can probably count on is never winning another election because AI knows your every move and is well funded and for them losing is not an option the next time around and at threat point in time, you can pretty bet on confiscation.
    If option One is that, then option two may be this, overwhelming force. There is a reason why the words Well Regulated is in said amendment. Well regulated may mean there is a game plan and goals to be gained for the then what. Ya never know if there just happened to be some retired or just plain tired of this shit, officers and NCO’s with organizationally abilities, I might add that goes well beyond engineers and supply to medical and communications, it’s possible that every state of confusion has some and may be willing to consider the what if’s there were some gun toting, bible clingers with notions to fill the ranks with needful purpose, such as knowing exactly who you local government is and of course where they live, as well as how they are funded and where they get their orders. And, perhaps when the fan thing starts, what to do about it, presumably being prepared, it being well regulated, I don’t need to tell you there should be gathering of those that have concerns of our united-ness, should unite and sort out the details, so everybody is on the same page, but I don’t have to tell you that and I would like to wishful thinking that that already happened, but then I would be just plain stupid to even think that, wouldn’t I.
    So, something like a TED X with certainly no copy right infringement or intellectual property conflict, but kick around some ideas and maybe do some U Tubers anonymously of course just call it a Joe X, not that I would have any right to that kind of property, but would be willing to share and every individual can be a Joe X just to keep it under your hat of course. Imagine if all our politicians suddenly got their mailboxes stuff with Joe X stuff. Of course, I would have plausible deniability and so would you. Or, perhaps get some high rollers to sponsor a motorcycle rally, RV here and there thing, horse ranch and gun club little get together, to talk about things that may happen and kind of do a best practices thing. Maybe we could even get uncle Ted his special kind of SSB. Perhaps a little Garryowens, maybe KR to do Born Free, ya never know, ya know? Just an average Joe, ya k now. Because the breeding ground for the swamp begins at home, locally. And how is that draining the swamp thing going for you now?
    Wishful thinking I suppose, but then again I AM a daytime believer dreamer too.

    • tl;dr. You should have been at Mercer PA back when – you’d have seen that the Liberty Movement’s biggest problem is infighting.
      Everyone reading this needs to get off the porch and start doing things that put the enemies of liberty back on their heels. Bitching and moaning online doesn’t even come close to counting in that regard.
      Attack your enemies will to fight. Now. Today.
      Otherwise, this will not end well.

    • Dangit!

      Busted my phriggn scroll down button.

    • I have yet to read even one of your screeds. If you can’t condense them down, please create your own blog for them. I view them as clutter.

  2. This is not new. As I have stated many times in the past, if you have your children enrolled in public schools, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    There are many alternatives: homeschooling, home schooling co-ops, education pooling, etc. For our youngest the combination of homeschool, labs and specialty courses at the regional homeschool co-op, some online coursework through an “elite” university with a high school program and intensive lab work sessions at specialty boarding and day camps worked best for an all round STEM track education. She is now enrolled in an true engineering program (major mechanical eng, minor comp sci) at a well known “elite” engineering school. I don’t think she would have been encouraged to pursue her passion to tinker with mechanical things with lots of moving parts had she remained in the public school system.

    At one point, we elected to send our two pre-teen boys to a military boarding school run by retired Rangers which was known for its high standards, academically and physically. My husband was deploying at a critical juncture in our boys’ upbringing; we wanted them to be mentored by men of similar mettle and attitude. They did marches with rock filled rucks, joined pistol and rifle competition shooting teams; learned how to box (much to my initial horror), rode and cared for calvary horses; built rockets and underwater remote vehicles and took a slew of AP classes and were inducted into several national academic honor societies. Students who didn’t want to be there were quickly and efficiently accommodated.

    Our RE taxes in NoVa went up 300% in the 15 years we were there (DH had multiple rotations back to DC/NOVa area commands during his tenure on active duty) and 75% of that money was funneled into the black hole of the local school system with the only remarkable feature that the standards and admissions to “elite” academic institutions went DOWN almost proportional to the jacking up of fees. Taxpayers who went to school board meetings were told our input was not wanted or needed and there was nothing they could do to prevent the school board from extracting whatever blood from the stone they wanted (some of the more raucous meetings became YouTube sensations back in the day). Our local public HS no longer has a chess club, math club, rocket club, shooting club or cross country running team but it does have a brand new football complex that would make some of the lesser NFL teams green with envy, and overall student body scores in the lower 30% of state stats. Priorities and Progress.

  3. Whaoh, I think that was longer than the actual article!

  4. Hope this helps some, or many here and abroad:
    First Hour Audio:
    [audio src="" /]
    Second hour Audio:
    [audio src="" /]

  5. THERE




    • Keep telling yourself that…what could possibly go wrong?

      • So.

        where was your all powerful god that day?

        or any day?

        you god freaks are fucked up in the head.

        it’s fake just like everything else…

        • Which day did you have in mind?

          There is more in heaven and earth, O great gasbag bullshitter, than is dreamt of in your tiny self-centered philosophy. Not more than you imagine, vast though that would be, but infinitely more than you’re even capable of imagining.

          You’re a speck of cosmic flyshit in a universe-wide bowl of sugar.
          Tell us what you “know”, from that foundation of total ignorance.

          But do tell us, from your extensive personal knowledge of the entire universe, how “it’s fake”.
          That should be good.

          Cutting to the end of that futile chase, you don’t even believe it yourself.
          Because if you did, you’d realize everything in your pathetic existence is but a wholesale waste of time, and you’d sit in your shitpile and kill yourself.

          But you don’t do that, for two reasons:
          Deep down, where you’re ashamed to admit the truth, you know your brave whine is a lie, though you wish it wasn’t, and
          because you’re a coward, and loathe to find out what happens after your body dies, because you’ve gone all in on “nothing”, but the truth in your most inward parts is that the smallest possibility of eternity not being the way you hope scares the ever-loving shit out of you, both every waking minute, and in your darkest dreams.

          So you paper over it all with your bluster and braggadocio about how wonderful every day is, and how full of every good thing for you, except when you contemplate the numbers of people whose entire lives stand in testimony to your folly, and show it for what it is: whistling past the graveyard of eternity.

          They know something you’re afraid to confront, and it makes everything you take pride in look like the dross it is, because they know the world is bigger than they are, and you can’t take admitting that life, the universe, and everything is more than you can apprehend. So you want everyone to die to assuage your inner emptiness, and fill your walking void.

          And they won’t, so you rage in childish tantrums at the injustice of it all.

          And most everyone, in person or online, figures that out about you in about five minutes (if it takes them even that long), and it enrages you all the more, and all you can do in response is cast about your monkey cage, and throw your feces.

          Well played.

          Best wishes on your journey. It’s going to be nothing you imagine, and every last thing you fear, plus endless, and the worst part is that every minute, you could have changed course, but your own selfish pride is more important to you than anything else.

          This is why the ancients put bonfires on rockpiles: to warn all the other ships not to sail there.

          You, sir, are the most blazing beacon in these parts, which proves that everyone is an example. Some, of circumspect wisdom. Others, of unmitigated folly.

          Blaze on.
          It’s going to be good practice for your eternity.
          And none of your playground smartass and sophomoric sophistry even begins to answer that, try though you inevitably must.

        • God has given men free will, and the suffering that comes with the wrong choice.

          For example, the shooter was a Jew who was mentally ill. The punishment for not restricting him in an institution was 17 dead and 14 wounded.

          God does punish.

        • It’s becoming more and more obvious that you’re a “non-practicing Jew”, just like most of the Bolsheviks were.

    • And if you’re wrong?

    • SURE there is….He’s let you live…. to this point.

  6. Local is were it starts , But I haven’t seen any Bravery in Ohio ever , seems most are Hiding in the woods since There Homes got taken by All the Local Political correct Family’s. Nice to see someone is awake , great read

  7. NightBreaker

    best summary of the current state of things , use this weekend wisely,
    do what needs doing and prepare personally what needs preparing while we are still in a permissive environment.
    These are the good old days .
    Tempus fugit.

    Semper Fi

  8. Who could be against such things?

    Just some napkin math for openers, but I’m pretty sure it upsets kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners.
    At a guess.


  9. Whatever you are toking on..I want some.

  10. This is where things stand now.
    Imagine Monday morning.
    Fucking nonsense about public schools.

    GOP Rep Rooney: I’ll Do Something on Gun Control, But ‘Not Necessarily for Normal People’ – ‘Some Freedoms’ Will Be Lost

    Sen. Bill Nelson’s 2nd Amendment Litmus Test: Only Hunting Rifles Protected

    • Unfortunately for Rep. Fucktard, Heller nullifies his law before he even tries.

      Next idiot.

      • Really?
        And just where in America is the
        Heller decision enforced and flourishing?
        Heller was an unnecessary waste of time, a ridiculous Holy Grail of cognitive dissonance, and the fanatical mantra of the “we just need to elect more republicans” zombies.
        The wording of the Second Amendment plainly established, since the first days, the limp wrist parroting of Heller. The Second Amendment is the written law designed to protect and defend the God given, natural law birthright, of the INDIVIDUAL to protect himself by any means.
        Fuck the Heller decision!
        That and $1.25 still isn’t enough to buy a cup of warm spit.

        • Heller is the law of the land. Perhaps you missed the memo.
          You’re running from the whisper of a proposed bill – not even written down, let alone debated nor voted on – from some Florida elected jackass (but I repeat myself), with about as much power as 535 other assholes to undo anything.

          You are, quite literally, fleeing from shadows.

          Grow a set of balls, just for the novelty, if nothing else.

          Then you can decide what decisions to fuck or not.

          Right now, you’re a steer writing a book on cattle breeding.

  11. Proposal:

    Mandate that schools in partnership with their local Sheriff develop a plan to arm personnel in the school. Preferably some folks already working there. I would guess in every school there are a few ex-military persons, or just some folks whom are proficient at using guns (hunters, aficionados). They likely don’t broadcast this much to others. Maybe a janitor, a coach, an administrator. Perhaps a teacher. The Sheriff runs background checks on them with the FBI as well. The school pays for mandatory psychiatric assessments to weed out the wannabe hero types and other crazies. The Sheriff does some appropriate weapons training and once he or she is convinced they are up to par he deputizes them as some yet to be labeled officer. Maybe this is concealed carry or not, let local jurisdictions decide. The Sheriff twice a year performs mandatory training with the persons and their weapons. The rules are quite strict. The weapons are not used to break up fist-fights or other discipline. The personnel deputized stay clear of those incidents. This is a weapons only response issue, life or death. Maybe these personnel would get extra pay, maybe not, they likely would just be agreeable to be allowed to protect themselves and others. Perhaps some legal protection could be afforded them by the schools assuming they are properly vetted and trained.
    Think this is off the wall or weird? Look at schools in Israel . Teachers are armed and trained. Why? They have no choice. I humbly suggest we have no choice either.

  12. Families need to reclaim their appropriate roles of food, shelter, and tribe. Abandoning this has caused untold grief to society and generations of children. Every tribe has its own rules, but the free feeding herds were never tolerated in a successful country. Playing the Leftist Elite games has resulted in death and destruction. It is time to reclaim traditional roles. God-Family-Liberty is a good start.

  13. JOE X…………..Put the coffee pot down Son; slowly back away from the table.

  14. wendystringer48088

    Two student walkouts are planned to protest inaction from lawmakers on gun-control legislation.

    The first is planned for March, 14 (one month since the South Florida shooting) calling for students and teachers to walk out of their schools at 10 a.m. local time for 17 minutes, to honor the 17 lives lost in Florida.

    The second walkout is planned for April 20 (the 19th anniversary of the April 20, 1999 Columbine High School massacre). They plan to walk out of their classrooms at 10 a.m. and stay out for the rest of the day.

  15. Don’t let them get away with their emotional claptrap. In memetic warfare, this is the equivalent of charging the ambush:

  16. Stopped reading after the cucknod to the pore innocent Jews.

  17. “Freedom is not a romantic fable.” Agreed.

    “Freedom is the power to do what we ought. A man can do many things, e.g. shoot his wife, steal his neighbor’s cabbage, or punch his competitor’s nose. But he ought not do these things, because all his rights involve corresponding duties. The power to act a certain way is not the right to act any way.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen

    • Aye. Every right is also a duty, and every privilege an obligation. Who denies this shall never see the Truth.
      There is nothing “free” in this world, save the mind of the man who resists every lie and temptation to remain so.

      And *that* is the reason there are so many more of “them” than “us”.
      It aint easy being cheesy.

  18. Hard to believe this country once listened to the likes of Bishop Sheen and Paul Harvey.

  19. Our kid was not schooled at all 8th –> 12th grade. He started working FT at 17. School for him was self-directed, books he read and the internet and games. Language and music tutors, dance, soccer were his only organized activities. He used Khan’s Academy for math, a few other online sites like that for different things. Mostly Youtube, the many science, math and engineering series are far better than any classroom can manage.

    He is now 21, has 5 years of works experience and has started community college. Maturity, experience, depth of knowledge, … he is outstanding. His first essay was so good I told him the teacher would suspect he copied it.

    He was around adults more time than most kids. He read history, etc. books off of my shelves.

    We had the advantage that we never told the local school system of his existence, so didn’t have to deal with those bureaucracies.

    Our only regret is we didn’t start that earlier.