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  1. Aesop, you are the definition of perspective.

  2. Think 17 dead high-schoolers is bad? It is. If we see confiscations, how many funerals will it take before the Schumerians realize they’re losing votes?

    In negotiations, at some point compromise becomes appeasement, and appeasement becomes a noose. Note how many strong blows were struck by the Carthaginians against the Romans. Battles won, but the war was lost, and the price was annihilation. Let’s not permit America to become a modern day Carthage.

  3. “Only in America will you find that a massacre of Jews (at least 5 of the dead definitely were) by a Jewtypically leads to demands that the White Man surrender his weapons to the caring and compassionate authorities. ”

    Florida: Sniveling Little Brats Team Up To Demand Goyim Gun Seizures

    • Good link, Pat.

      Everyone here should go read the comments there. Some are ‘the usual’ but many are very perceptive as to the true nature of the event. As with so much else, as one comment stated, Parkland “Is beginning to smell like gefilte fish.”

      Several good video links as well.

    • “A Texan” and the other shabbos goyim should be feeling rather stupid now that we know (((Cruz))) is a Jew.

      Who has that list of (((serial shooters)))?

      • Again with this claim that he was Jewish, but there is nothing of the sort being reported. In fact everything being reported is that he made statements very similar to the ones that you and Pat and Haxo make on here all the time. So are those reports untrue? Are the logs of the chat rooms he posted on false?
        Is he a cryptoJew named Cruz? A name he got from his adopted parents.
        Do you have a DNA test to back up these claims that he was Jewish?
        Do you have a source OTHER than Stormfront or your often cited Anti-jew website?
        I am not saying that you are wrong, maybe he was jewish. I am just saying that you and Pat are the only people I have seen making this claim on ANY site I have been reading about this kid. You keep stating it as if its fact but there is no evidence to sustain that allegation.
        For the record I dont think he was of 100% European background myself. He looks racially mixed, possibly half hispanic half slavic.

      • only other recent one I know to be Jewish is Loughner (Tucson Mall).

        not really the point, though. The Jews have plenty of shabbatz goyim to do their wet work.

  4. The only differende is many of those who own the 500 million will hand them over pretty easily if not immediately.

    • That’s not the history of gun confiscations so far. In the northeastern states they’re seeing about 10-15% compliance so far. That’s not nearly enough to accomplish their goals of white disarmament.

    • The real question will be How many gun owners will come to the aid of the one being raided for not turning them in…Let’s use me as an example how many here would come to my aid if they heard I was being raided and I had fought off the first attack but they had me surrounded and they were sniping me… Looking at past history of Ruby and Waco I’m not expecting any more than my local guys to do anything…How many of you came to the Bundy’s aid in Bunkerville…That’s the reason they can kill a chicken in one area and scare the fuck out of all the monkeys in another…Sad That…

      • I don’t know the precise numbers at Waco, but Ruby Ridge had over 450 government “troops” from various agencies plus photo recon overflights from the US Air Force.

        All for less than ten people resisting on their own land, in their own home.

        Because you may be mathematically challenged, let me refer you to this post by Aesop on his blog. Scroll down to the “numbers” area. He has it pretty well laid out. I’ve made the same argument for years, but what I’ve posted is no longer available, Aesop’s is. He is absolutely correct, too.


        My brother. I am four hours away, depending on the weather. We need to have a plan. Stay in touch.

  5. OK, this is pretty simple. Guns are not the problem, people are! Guns don’t obey laws, people do, and don’t. Guns don’t make laws, people do. People make guns and laws, go figure? Interestingly, only people can be criminals, politicians and nutz. The rest of US just seem to tolerate them for so long and then… Well, that’s all history.

    Reminds me of an old Daniel Boone TV series (early 1960’s), where Dan is a fixin to home school the youngin’s so they would be educated and learn their “a fixin to’s”, pronouns and all. Dan says repeat after me, I am a fixin to, he is a fixin to and she is a fixin to, too. Today we call this being prepared and of course someone to say WE are a fixin to… then that will be history too.
    Joe X

    • Is that the episode in which Daniel is homeschooling his son conjugating verbs:
      “I’m a-comin’
      You’re a-comin’
      He’s a-comin’
      We-uns a-comin’…”?

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