Codrea: Can There Be No Peace Between Our Peoples?

At current course and speed, no.

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Damnation seize my soul if I give you quarter, or take any from you.
    Edward Teach

  2. I know I speak for thousands of Southern Nationalists when I say, we are “F-ing” tired of this communist shit.

    I can’t be sure, but I suspect that roving “death squads” of the type that were loyal to Augusto Pinochet will be coming along soon. Colleges and universities, families of professors, the ancillary “progressive bookstore owners” in university towns (Chapel Hill, NC had one for many years), their families, and others of “interest” will become endangered species.

    For good reason.

    • Queen,
      Yes, he was very talented, (mercury.) i also listened to the music much.
      Also was a big Pink Floyd fan.
      And as Ca. has pointed out we can discern truth from all sources. i would add, ( If the hate does not blind us.)
      Do you see the Irony of this video? That is if you know Waters feelings of Israel.
      i believe the problemn is much of the world does not yet understand the True meaning of Israel, or The House of Israel. The world has been led to a Physical location. A target.

    • too funny

      a fat lard ass old man hillbilly talking tough.


    • God willing. Hail Dixie, and hail victory!

  3. “If you knew The Bad Thing was gong to happen in ten days, what final steps would you take?”
    For days 1 – 9, I would hit them hard mercilessly. On day 10, I would pick up the pace.

  4. “If you knew The Bad Thing was gong to happen in ten days, what final steps would you take?”
    For days 1 – 9, I would hit them hard mercilessly. On day 10, I would pick up the pace.

  5. Not good. Apparently, he’s caving in and willing to compromise. He’s open to address ways to end gun violence per the article.

  6. freeillinois

    The left/Bolsheviks in this country have decided that the Final Solution for Christians, Gun Owners, Nationalist, Conservatives and those that believe in the Constitution, is Extermination.

    There will be NO Hegelian Synthesis, no coming of the minds, No common sense; only Victory or Defeat. History means nothing to these Bolsheviks, not even Rights. To them its ALL about power and a desire to Rule.

    The left believes their ideology is Superior to ALL other beliefs and if humanity were somehow forced into an apocalyptic event that we the people would come to understand that their ideology is not just one of many ideologies, but the ONLY ideology.

    We on the Right can make concessions and appeasements but our efforts will always be deemed inadequate. Intellectual arguments, Facts again they mean nothing. We our considered a Pox that must be exterminated.

    Therefore We the people on the Right have few choices in this battle; Relocate, but to where; Win or be destroyed.

    Some of of you may think this analogy is insane but look around you and ask yourself these questions are your Values, Traditions and Faith Welcome, by these self proclaimed Rulers of Mankind.
    Do the Founding Fathers Matter or the Principles they Espoused?
    Does the Word of Our Christian God Matter to these people?
    The answers are harsh. The Choice is yours.
    May God give us the strength for that which lay ahead.

  7. Look at the executive order President Donald “Woodrow Wilson” Trump signed today. He is a “conservative” in the order of George Herbert Walker Bush.

    We are well and truly fucked. (I know, its alright, welcome to the world…)

    • “For if in the green wood they do these things, what shall be done in the dry?” Luke 23:31

      We are not promised rewards in this life, but consider what faith, acts, and the sacraments help us obtain in eternity. I counsel cooperation with Him.

    • I would remind people that I said, “I told you so.” But for some reason that pisses them off. And that I’ve been saying for decades, “Learn how to get about comfortably in a semi-permissive environment and prepare to live in a denied area.” But that is considered “defeatist…” by the suicidal.

      So I’ll just say, “Keep voting.” After all… “the People” will fix all of it (they’ve done such a brilliant job so far).

      This thing only goes in one direction.


    • Trump was never advertised nor presented as a “conservative”.
      If you or anyone else thought otherwise you’re clueless idiots, and the fault lies entirely in your own lap.
      This was made explicit from the beginning of the campaign.

      It’s a great country, you should pay attention to what goes on here.

      But the fact is, though he’s not a conservative Republican, Trump has governed more conservatively than anyone since Reagan, which has served to seriously piss off the GOPe, the Rockefeller wing of the party, from when sprang both Bushes, Nixon, Eisenhower, etc.

      If Trump was acting like a good little dues-paying member of the Progtard-lite GOPe, his way would’ve been greased since Day One. But he hasn’t done that. Mirabile dictu.

      Anybody willing to dump Trump over bump-fire stocks deserves Shrillary back, becuae that’s how you get Shrillary back.
      Good luck with that plan.

      That said, you aren’t going to solve the nation’s problems in one administration, not-even if Trump lives to complete two terms.

      Get your shit together during the break, and qwitcherbitchin.

  8. Trump is now banning bump fire stocks by Executive Order and now wants to raise the age of buying a gun

  9. This, from a pack of diaper-wearing progressives who live their entire lives inside the bubble of wishing for a global utopia (where all of us “bad people” are dead, by some inexplicable coincidence).

    People whose primary desire is liberty, on the other hand, have no disconnect WRT to how our enemies are supposed to get dead – we’re supposed to kill them.

    No, the patty-cake marxists of the West have no spine for such “dirty” work. Like the maintenance of their houses, pools, and lawns, they prefer to contract out the “icky” and “boring” things which life requires. They imagine themselves above it all.

    Root question for them is, where exactly they are going to find a “contractor” able to deal with many millions of armed and angry Americans?
    There’s not near enough praetorians on American soil to last more than 3 to 5 days once festivities begin in earnest (and that’s before you contemplate the desertion factor); and the moment you examine the proposition of “bringing in UN Forces” you find that the logistics are utterly impossible – the volume of men and heavy machinery necessary cannot be delivered from overseas faster than the urban areas can sop them up and render them worthless (dead/destroyed). The URBAN areas cannot be put under control… imagine how much more impossible the rural areas are.

    I literally laugh at the “UN Forces” proposition – its that ridiculous. They could do no more than turn the US into the worlds largest free-form shooting gallery, for the amusement of armed Americans – who would strike where, when, and how they wanted, before melting back into the succoring anonymity of middle America. Review Viet Nam, the Afghan/Russian war, Russia’s two harrowing military experiences with Chechnya, etc., etc. for precedents of what happens when an invading force is stymied by an armed populace whose answer is “No”.

    Here’s a starting point for your logistic contemplation – NYC’s Five Burroughs *alone* would require, at a minimum, 10 Brigades of infantry to place it under control and search out all the “illegal” weapons – 20 Brigades would be a much more “comfortable” number if you ask any competent military commander. Add another 10+ Brigades for Long Island and Westchester County. Add roughly another 15 to 20 Brigades for Northern NJ.

    That’s 35 to 50 full Brigades for ONE metro area – where are those men all coming from?
    Do they have interoperable equipment?
    Speak the same language (able to work together) and speak English (to deal with us)? No?
    So how many interpreters are then required? And where are they coming from?
    How much will language barriers and lack of interopperability reduce their effectiveness? So, add how many more Brigades?

    How many hospital beds will be needed for the injured,
    and how many doctors and nurses to care for them?

    How many bunks is that, in total, for the occupying force?
    How much ammo has to be issued, and kept replenished?
    How many meals each day?
    How many vehicles?
    How much fuel per day?

    How man patrol boats and trained crews must be available to secure the shoreline against resupply from outside the occupied area? Add those men and equipment, and go back to the top to recalculate.

    How many troops must be tasked solely with security of occupation facilities: docks/receiving yards, fuel dumps, ammo dumps, motor pools, etc? Add these to the total and return to the top to redo your calculations.

    Keep working though the “pyramid of needs”, and you see how impossible the problem quickly becomes —

    Are the facilities to provide the housing, meals, fuel, and other consumables in place? No?
    So how many engineers, construction workers, etc. are needed to build those facilities? Where will they be built?
    Add those bunks, meals, vehicles and fuel to the figures, return to the top, and recalculate.

    How much cement is needed? Steel? Plywood? Pipe, wiring, fixtures and et. cetera? Where does all that come from? Are all these resources subject to denial by the resisting populace? How many brigades must be tasked with protecting these “critical resources” both in situ and in transit? Add these troops to the total, and return to the top to calculate everything again.

    Where will the electricity to power it all come from? Can the existing power transmission facilities handle this massive increase in load? No?
    Who upgrades the power grid to accommodate? Where do the transformers and towers come from?
    Add these to the critical labor force and critical resources lists, and run your numbers all again.

    How many brigades must be tasked with protecting the “critical infrastructure” to power and provide communications to the occupation facilities? Add these troops to the total, and return to the top to calculate everything again.

    There’s many, many more facets to the logistical problem – maintenance and replenishment of every class of equipment, graves registration facilities for the dead, etc., etc – but just the particulars above prove that it is an utter impossibility for even a single large American city to be placed effectively under a foreign military occupation.

    There’s about 250 cities in the US that would require such far-reaching logistical support for “UN Forces” to place them under control. It amounts to more soldiers and more military vehicles & equipment than presently exist in all of the US/China/Russia military “ready to deploy” inventory.

    “The UN” couldn’t begin to hope to fulfill such a request without at least two out of the big three – Russia, China, and NATO – throwing themselves fully behind the effort. Anything less is a non-starter, and the possibility of success vanishes the very moment one of those ‘critical partners’ backs off from their “all in” participation.

    Neither Russia nor NATO trust the other sufficiently to go “all in” because of their shared-border conundrum – i.e. if either side depletes their border defenses by going “all in” elsewhere in the globe, the opposing side can bring forces up to the shared border (to invade) faster than the defending side could recall forces from those other commitments.

    The same shared-border conundrum exists between Russia and China.
    So, care to take odds on filling that “2 out of 3” requirement, and keeping it filled for any length of time?

    And again, the rural areas are even more of a challenge, because rural populations and infrastructure are not concentrated and easy to surveil/control as they are in the cities.

    BFYTW. Every minute of every day.

    • Ah, logistics. The occupiers might have the need to violate our Third Amendment. Any house in a shitstorm.

      • And then, someone pops the sentry with a ball peen hammer, and Molotov cocktails start flying in the windows at 3AM, while a couple of guys shoot any leakers, and there goes that brilliant plan.

        Higher HQ called: No more quartering in houses, guys.
        We lost most of two battalions last night, and another three the night before, one squad at a time. And the survivors will probably take a week to die in the burn unit.

        And keep your eyes open; while their owners were flailing around on fire, someone took a dozen APCs, two tanks, and a number of trucks. Those might turn up in the future.

    • The proposition of bringing in UN forces is actually kind of funny. I think once they got here and it was known how ineffective they are, you’d have Patriots from every nook of the country actively trying to get their “blue helmet” trophy before they were all gone. It would be a joke.

      “Hey Jim! Look here, I shot an African UN soldier and took his helmet! You have one?”

      “No, Bob. I drove all the way to New York from Kentucky to get in on the action but they were all long dead before I arrived. And it only took me a day to get there.”

    • Loderunner you nailed it. All the prepper novels that I have read where the UN invaded the FUSA never address your NUMBERS! You friggin nailed it, I know, as one of my many jobs was a S4 planner at a Regiment, and Division level.
      The numbers are on our side, for now anyway!


      • Cavguy – when you have real experience in an S3 or S4 shop, you become so sensitive to the logistical implications of adding even a single platoon to an operation, that you can rattle the numbers off the top of your head for your particular TO&E and Environment-Spec. Even the S2 has tables of impact for increased troop numbers vs quantity and quality of intel obtained/obtainable in their given AO. Whenever an infantry commander asks HHQ for more troops, the S2 & S4 will immediately push back, because it makes their mission infinitely more difficult.
        Or, in other words, there’s a point of diminishing returns to EVERYTHING.

        Those who rant about “quantity has a quality all it’s own” rarely know what that saying actually means – they’re just parrots who’ve never done the work and can’t even comprehend the job.

        Logistics is the reason why a platoon of sappers can reduce the effectiveness of an entire brigade of infantry by as much as 50%, and why two (Level 1) sniper teams – just 8 to 12 men – can cause the very same reduction in efficiency.

        CONSIDER THIS CAREFULLY, all ye noobs and pogues – two sniper teams can neutralize the effectiveness of 500~800 infantry soldiers (50% X 1 Brigade) assuming those two teams are well qualified to operate long-term in the field gathering intel and striking behind the tip of the spear. Because infantry units are very sensitive to their S&S’es reliability.
        THE SHOOTING IS THE EASY PART. It’s the intel gathering, and remaining operational in an increasingly hostile environment, which distinguishes those teams as “well qualified”.
        EVERYONE on our side should be training as sappers. EVERYONE. Because even snipers have to know the job, intimately. And if you aren’t qualified to be on a sniper team, then you will have to work as a sapper. WE DONT HAVE INFANTRY, and thank God for that. Cannon fodder isn’t how this thing will be won (by either side).


      Thank you! I could not have said this any better. They can have lie-ins, sit-ins, cry-ins, candlelight vigils, ad infinitum. They still do not have enough Orcs and Orcettes to go door-to-door. Remember the masthead. Every day we are not at war is another day(sic) to sharpen our hatchets, train, observe, listen, and plan. I am still waiting to hear the Bloomberg Plan to go into the Ghettos and Barrios in the Blue Hives and confiscate their firearms. Crickets?

    • Re the UN: Well said.
      The prospect is snort-worthy.

  10. Lets see here…….The Government did 9-11 and killed thousands, Sandy Hook was a Government run hoax, Waco was for real killing men women and children, Las Vegas was government involvement and/or cover-up, All shooters are drugged out zombies and probably MK-Ultra…..Lets see………..Will I give up my guns?…………I’m thinking………………thinking……………hhmmmmm………..still thinking…………………………….NOPE!

  11. “If you feel frogish,just leap!”

  12. actually, (((Soros)))/(((Bloomberg))) and

    their shabbatz goy gun-grabbers

    should feel free to

    “kill the NRA.”

    I’ll shed no tears.

  13. How browns treat whites when browns are in power.

    Still THE JEW tells whites we are too mean to the Arabs among us all day.


  14. White House on ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban: ‘We Haven’t Closed Doors on Any Front’

  15. I have tried and tried again to have rational discussions about firearms with those opposed to them. Unfortunately they quickly end up throwing tantrums that would embarrass my four year old autistic son. Today I finally realized that there is no talking to them anymore. This has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with forcing their will on their opposition.

  16. wendystringer48088

    I’ll put this here.

    Trump urges ban on ‘bump stocks,’ other gun modifiers

    White House on ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban: ‘We Haven’t Closed Doors on Any Front’

    Hopefully they can attach Concealed Carry Reciprocity to any proposed legislation.

    The showdown over the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

  17. wendystringer48088

    ‘Kill the NRA’ appears on vandalized Kentucky highway billboard
    “Outfront Media, the company that owns the billboard, confirmed to CNN that it discovered the vandalism on Monday, and that it was promptly removed.”

  18. wendystringer48088

    Just wondering what, if anything, this says about Generation Zyklon?

  19. lose your silly religion and make ready to do the hard work.

    or hide behind your weakling god and hope and pray some more at them…

    HA HA

    • The weakling god that u speak of must be man’s gov.
      Or is it the cell phones they put their trust and faith in?
      Or is it the fluuuu shot?
      Or is it the music or is it the Organised bank ( i mean church.)$$$
      There are many gods. When they are first and foremost in your mind these become your gods.
      “Woman believe me the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father.
      ” Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship Him.
      God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.”

  20. And I’m confused by our flip flopping bullshit again. I thought we hated the NRA for turning their backs on us one time when they supported something we didn’t like. Or have we decided to embrace the “no enemies on the right” that Bracken was preaching a couple years back? Which is it?

  21. Just FYI, the Florida House bill to ban “assault weapons” was effectively killed for this legislative session. A motion to pull the bill from the committees and move it to the floor immediately was voted down, sending the bill back to the three committees. The chairmen of those committees are refusing to allow the bill to be heard in their committees. The bill is dead for the year.

  22. Doing it the jewish way – Killing your guns with money and credit.

    (((Banks and credit-card companies))) have “enthusiasm” to intervene for gun-control

    • Except they cant, because bakers have to bake cakes for gay dudes weddings.
      Are we doing consistency or not?

  23. Pat,
    Yes, he was very talented, (mercury.) i also listened to the music much.
    Also was a big Pink Floyd fan.
    And as Ca. has pointed out we can discern truth from all sources. i would add, ( If the hate does not blind us.)
    Do you see the Irony of this video? That is if you know Rodger Waters feelings of Israel.
    i believe the problemn is much of the world does not yet understand the True meaning of Israel, or The House of Israel. The world has been led to a Physical location. A target.

  24. Chart your own course, live your life as a free man. Does it really matter if the govt, says we can’t keep our guns? Are you going to give up your tools?

    Saw a very clever tool recently. Was a clear plastic device attached to a License plate, the plastic was cut from the center outward to the edge. As the vehicle moved the plastic stripes moved, making reading the plate impossible.

    The appearance was that of a digitally altered plate randomly throwing up numbers and letters, never the same.

    Just saying.


  25. Slow your roll a bit fellows.
    Trump sent a recommendation to Sessions to propose new rules and regulations. Nothing has happened yet. He is actually following the process as the proposals will be open for public comment. If you feel like the bump stock is where you want to draw the line then I suggest you comment in the negative.
    For me its not something I am willing to bleed for, that time will come but this is not it. I dont agree with any restrictions but we have to read the terrain as we are living in it right now. We have to make a practical decision.
    Is this the point that we say “NO, we will go no further!”
    I just dont see the Normies having enough understanding to recognize a sophisticated discussion on why the “bump stock” should not be banned.
    This is just not a hill that is suitable for defense.
    Especially when this is in all likely hood kicking the can down the street. The administration is signalling its willing to have discussions but that is being done to let the media attention cool down and move on, at that point they have the discussion and do nothing or at worst throw a bone in the form of a “bump stock” ban.
    I am willing to give some ground up because I think Barry is right. All roads lead to an environment where we are outlaws. Consider this to be an opportunity. If you have a bump stock and they ban them, ignore the ban. Go ahead and get accustomed to being in violation of a paper rule.
    The message needs to be “Today the bump stock, tomorrow they will ban X” Spread that message to all your Fudd friends Get them to understand that there is no end to this that does not include an armed confrontation. They need to see the possibilities.

  26. It’s becoming rather Bizarre how the bolshevik left (and it’s useful idiots) simply Cannot ‘do the Math’ and keep pushing for Gun Bans/Confiscation… They don’t seem to realize that in their very own shitholes like New York and Kalifornia the compliance rate for their ‘gun registration’ laws is somewhere around 10% (and that’s a Guess, NY has REFUSED a Court Order to FOIA the Numbers of ‘registrations’.
    NOMI. Refuse all ‘gun laws’ going forwards from Here.

  27. While I will watch with interest, I’m really not in a panic nor disappointment over POTUS mentioning looking into bumpstocks or products which convert semi to full auto (Fed Laws already exist on this). Regarding bump stocks, everyone here already knows the inaccuracies and ammo-wasting having one of these on an AR platform is a complete novelty, useless, and wasting money better spent on part part inventory.

    Trump is going to play along with the liberal narrative. This is investigation of the product being screamed about and will take a lot of time to pursue and remedy (if at all)…eventually, being forgotten as have happened in the past.

    Besides, one of the many mantra’s promoted in this community is; Practice, Practice, Practice….

    Just ask this guy…