SiGB: Heavy Lift Primer

A good start.




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  1. We need to get NASA out of the space business completely. The space shuttle programs was years passed its prime by the time it ended. NASA had to resort to buying used PC desk top computers, at least ten year old ones at that, just to get the electronic components to replace any that died during shuttle flights.

    NASA needs to die.

  2. The Armed Forces were not interested in helicopters for decades, or jets. But low and behold, a civilian contractor came up with working examples of both and voila’! Suddenly it was love at first sight, especially after a lousy 12 MIG-15s’ showed up and shot a lot of P-51s’ and B-29s out of the air. The helicopters showed that mountains of men and equipment could be saved/moved/used via whirlybirds. The civilians are the guys who aren’t fucked up in the head about making things that work, like the uniforms seem to always be. I used to think, when I wore a uniform, it was an us against them thing with the civilians. But later, I learned that it was a them despite us kind of relationship. Edumacation is a hell of a thing. Time, as well as money, educates. Turning NASA over to civilians, responsible for their own funding, would be a good step. They could invite the govt. assholes over to watch the launches. Tax free income for the new NASA for 15 yrs. would help them get solvent. They could get volunteer guinea pigs from the military for heroic journeys to Mars and so on, to play the patriotic angle, along with coupons for moon travelers in order to boost local fares. It could be a helluva thing.

  3. OP: SiG did a great write-up.

    OT: CA,
    You’ll probably want to cover this:

    Noted via Bayou Renaissance man:
    BRM’s prologue from a week ago:

    Oh, and hey Haxo, I think this is yours:

    So much for Russian dominance in Syria.
    HopeyDopey ain’t the sheriff in town there anymore.

    Blame the Jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos!

  4. another Trumpenthal promise that didn’t get fulfilled:

    cleaning up the NASA mess. I’ve been following the James Webb space
    telescope project fairly closely. Year after year of launch postponements. And, if/when the get the thing up there, it’s going into a position and distance that – unlike Hubble – it cannot be serviced if something major goes wrong.

    Which is exactly what will happen. Anyway, Amber’s an eyeful:

  5. Man, I’ve been slack for the last 6 months due to farm related stuff and have been avoiding the squat rack and deadlift/overhead press routine. I thought this post was going to be the motivation I needed to get back to it!

    • lastmanstanding

      The real world does that to a guy.

      Especially now that we’re older. The vein in my bicep is visibly now just a faint reminder of what it used to be…but I’m working on it. 🙂

  6. Who cares?

  7. Lolzozozoz (((CNN))) commie feelz town hall show backfiring spectacularly. Students they have on, including class president jewess, are coming off as retarded and giving the opposite answer on every question that Anderson Cooper asks. So far they keep saying they want concealed carry and armed guards in the classrooms. That’s their solution. They say they will not change their lives and get more involved in the community. Jewess retard class prez whines that she was supposed to be planning prom, completely missing Anderson’s prompt to say she’s known about this gun control issue previously from growing up in a world full of shootings.

  8. Great post.

    In a perfect world, we could keep flinging anything and everything into space, along with the billions and billions that go up in smoke to make it happen, BUT – considering we will have TRILLION dollar deficits for the foreseeable future, at what point should we be storing up rice and grains?

    I watched that launch and loved every second of it. I wish like hell we could keep it going forever.

    I think that $100,000 car is a metaphor worth considering over a fire, and a good quantity of bourbon.

    Again, great post.

  9. Until SpaceX is “blessed” with organized labor and its stock is publically traded, we’re talking apples and oranges. There’s been some discussion on YT about the display during the Falcon Heavy launch. All those kids looked like they were at a rave or something. It raised a red flag for me. Elon has a very pliable workforce at the moment, but when they get to the point that they don’t want to go where they’re told every few weeks, either they’ll get canned or be on a path to burn-out. SpaceX is vertically integrated. They produce as much as they can in-house. LockMart and Boing use the old horizontal model of having as large a supply chain as possible so they maximize the amount of congress-critters with their thumbs in the pie.
    It costs more because there needs to be more to spread around.
    I’d just like to know how it’s cheaper to use 9 engines per booster, than 2 each RD-180’s or RS-68’s.

    • You answered your own question: fewer palms to grease.
      Musk only had to pay for the rockets, he didn’t have to pay protection money to 536 guys who were concerned in case his shop “caught fire, or something…”

      • Mush just gets his capital from his CIA cut-out friends in SiliCON valley (Goolag etc.). Once SpaceX loses the training wheels, there won’t be much of a cost difference. Oh yeah, there won’t be any moar corruption in DC /s. Why hasn’t SpaceX gone into a months-long standdown after the unverified failure that lost Zuma? All they said was “it wasn’t us” and continued full speed ahead. I’m sure that doesn’t inspire confidence with the Air Force.
        LockMart did Bill Clinton a solid when they agreed to buy RD-180’s after the collapse of the Soviet Onion (and kept Russian rocket scientists in Russia). I guess no good deed really goes unpunished. And why isn’t anyone crying about Orbital/ATK using RD-181’s?
        And the point I was making about the shit show on the Heavy launch day was to ask a question about what our “healthcare professionals” today prescribe for people under stress and feeling “generally unhappy”. SSRI’s anyone?

  10. Mountain Cracker

    The days of a United States with a common societal goal (set by a democrat no less!) enabling us to reach the crowning achievement of White European culture are long gone. Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, even Skylab and the flaccid Space Shuttle programs are remnants of a bygone era. Private enterprise is the ONLY possible way to reach further into the stars. I’ll never forget the first black space shuttle crew member. The media bitched that his launch was so late at night PURPOSEFULLY…guffaw…so as to diminish his role.

    Well my new slogan for the 21st century is “Triggered by Niggers”(TM) and unless we can find a way to use them (along with Moslems, Jews and Mexicans) for solid rocket fuel, they should be excluded from any private programs so as to avoid their being minimized and bitching about the time of day of the flight. (You heard the one about the African rocket to the sun right?
    They wuz kangs after all.)

    Like my old man used to say with half-drunken clairvoyance, “you give ’em a new dollar and they bitch about it.” He would know, he worked around niggers for 30 years. Between them and his disappointment in me I don’t blame him for drinking. But he was, after all, an impossible to please baby-boomer. (Dad also astutely noted that Jesse Jackson looks like a catfish, and referred to him as such until he died, and the tradition lives on.) “We love you Catfish!” Sorry what were we talking about?

  11. Centurion_Cornelius

    In my youth, afore I got my “Greetins” letter from Unka Sam, I worked swing shifts at a defense plant (Borg-Warner) that made the cryogenic pumps for the LOX delivery in the Saturn rocket program. Worked to the “millionth” of an inch. The theft, rapine, and embezzlement of taxpayer funds was astounding and exponential. But, it did put on one hellava show! Looks like we can do it better and much cheaper now, if that matters…

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