NYT: Armed Sheriff’s Deputy ‘Never Went In’ During Florida Shooting; Has Since Resigned


Curiouser and curiouser.

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  1. Well, DOESN’T he have a Right to go home safe at the end of his shift?

    Jeez, whaddaya want?

  2. JohnnyParatrooper

    Trump banning ARs for sale to 21 year olds buys us another 4 or 5 years of protection from the Commies in the Marxist Camps.

  3. You don’t need a gun. The Police will protect you.

  4. rolanddeshain

    Some Sheriff’s deputies are good at bullying average citizens, bt run like scared rabbits when the shit hits the fan. He should be forced to wear a yellow stripe down he back for the rest of his life. As a fireaerms trainer, I always stress to my students that you cannot rely on the police. They have no duty to protect you, according to the Supreme Court, Was v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. Dec. 21, 1981)

  5. Failure of leadership. Israel should resign and forfeit all retirement benefits.

  6. in my 31 yrs as a fireman medic in so kali i have to say……fuck cops. biggest criminal gang out there

  7. Glad the officer made it home safe that night. His training kicked in. I’m sure if he had a safe shot from his position of cover, he would have engaged.

  8. Centurion_Cornelius

    “The Sheriff also noted that his office was involved in 23 calls regarding suspect Nikolas Cruz and his brother, and has placed BSO Col. Jack Dale and deputies Edward Easton and Guntis Treijis on restrictive duty as investigators look into whether more could have been done to prevent the shooting.

    “Some of the calls we responded out and met with his mother,” said Israel.

    “I’ve restricted two of our deputies as we dig deeper into this, take statements and make a decision to see whether or not they could have done more, should’ve done more,” said Israel.

    ASS-COVERING EXTRAORDINAIRE! Hell! He outta issue himself a medal for that alone (sarc)

    Alternate link to this story for those who have “run out” of free reads at the toilet-paper NYT:

    • I am surprised that they didn’t give the officer at the school a medal. That’s been done before.

    • So glad the Sheriff is investigating his operation. Wouldn’t be right for a neutral third party to do it.

  9. File this in the FWIW drawer:

    In a past life, as a hostage rescue team member, we always trained to do whatever was necessary to save people, no matter what danger we were placed in. In short, we moved to the sound of the guns. And, IMHO, that’s the way it should be for civilian police responding to mass shooter emergencies. Get in there, stop the bad guy(s), and save some lives. If a cop gets shot, oh fucking well….it’s what he/she signed on for.

    My how times change…remember Columbine? The school was SURROUNDED by deployed LEO’s using their vehicles for cover while shooting was still going on and nobody went in. They explained it as, “we have to secure the scene first”. That’s right up there with shooting a mother holding a baby in the north Idaho woods or roasting a bunch of kids in Texas to me. Chicken Shit No Balls Yellow Cock Suckers.

    I remember watching it on the tube as it went down totally incredulous and screaming at the TV, “GET IN THERE!! THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE FUCKING PAID FOR!!!!” DROVE ME FUCKING NUTS at the time. My kids thought I popped a gasket or something…the inaction at Columbine by LEO was cowardly shit. In retrospect, not a ONE of them were disciplined OR prosecuted for malfeasance (which they should have been, IMHO),

    So fast forward to Florida….now we got a school resource officer with a Glock (probably), 3 mags, and a Level III vest (if he was wearing it), who’s got about 2 range sessions a year under his belt, ready for retirement (they’re allowing him to retire upon execution of his resignation), not in the greatest physical shape (probably couldn’t hack a stress fire or obstacle course – that’s why they PUT THEM IN HIGH SCHOOLS) and they’re making out like he’s a coward? He’d have probably vapor locked trying to enter and pie the first room.

    Give. Me. A. Fucking. Break.

    Why? I’m no fan of what has morphed from ‘peace officers’ to ‘wannabe operators’ that is too often seen today. However, it’d be nice if they’d stay consistent. SCOTUS famously ruled that police have NO DUTY to protect individuals; only the ‘public at large.’ (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warren_v._District_of_Columbia ) They cannot be prosecuted for not responding to emergencies. That’s one reason we’re all on our own during home invasions or other attacks. So what’s this department’s beef? He simply followed the SCOTUS protocol, and by ‘investigating’ him, they’re actually violating precedent.

    Rant over.

    • DTG, the dumping ground for worthless Slugs like the coward deputy that you can’t fire, are School Resource Officer, Property and Evidence and Civil Division.

    • Come on, DTG, surely you know how this works.

      Doesn’t matter if it’s cops, soldiers, the moolitia, or the tough talkers here.

      When the bullets start flying for real most people freeze up completely. Just a few actually unclench enough to even piss/shit themselves. It’s a very tiny percentage who actually do something constructive. And even when it’s necessary it’s a fractional percent who even rack up a body count beyond 1 in their entire career as a paid gun.

      • Yes, I do. That’s why, when I was in the hostage rescue business, we trained, trained, trained, trained, and trained some more until our reactions were automatic. Then, our leaders would put us in very distracting situations to do what they now call, ‘stress inoculation’ and train us more until we could perform no matter the distraction or perceived danger to ourselves.

        So, no matter how much of shit bird the School Resource Officer was/is, I take extreme exception to his own people hanging him out to dry when, if his training records are ever released UN-doctored, we’ll find that his ‘training’ consisted of 50 rounds at 25 meters a couple times a year…if that. Then again, you see that go on among so-called, ‘patriot groups’ a lot these days, but I digress.

        The good news is that when they sacrifice their own to the god of media, you can bet there’s some underlying acid eating away at the foundation of morale, loyalty, and willingness to ‘go after’ people.

        • All your comments on this subject have them by the short curly hairs, DTG.

          Experience and honesty beat hubris every time.


  10. Nothing worse then a cop, who’s a coward! NOTHING, I am sick to my stomach.


  11. The Leftist narrative on this is “This proves the ‘good guy with a gun’ theory is completely wrong. Even an armed professional couldn’t do anything about it.”

    That’s the angle you will see everywhere.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      Almost like they learned from our previous arguments.

      And then had their counter narrative ready.

  12. Not surprised. Not after they waited hours in Orlando.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      Took two hours to clear a building with 4 rooms and 4 bathrooms.

      They went in through the wall…

      I literally spent 3 days clearing mines from fields in North East Baghdad once.
      My Air Force K-9 sergeant took his life on that mission.

      On another mission I cleared 70 houses with ONE other Paratrooper in 4 hours.

      The police are a disappointment

    • The designated armed man didn’t “go in” because he didn’t have a dog in that fight. Allow school employees to carry their weapons at work. They are already “in” and they are many, and “they have a dog in that fight.”

      Not “arm teachers”. Simply allow school employees to arm themselves.
      The right ones will do it. The others would rather die. Literally.

  13. “He had no dog in that fight.” (authentic American proverb)

    Let’s see who might do better, because they DO “have a dog in that fight”:

    The Cafeteria-Lady. The Assistant to the Librarian. The guy who mows the grass. The Acting Principal. The Reading Teacher. The all-purpose tutor. The Office-Lady. The Music Teacher. And THEY wouldn’t have to “go in”. They are already THERE. Also, they wouldn’t charge extra for carrying a gun.

    • BlueMntCeltic

      I’ve spent most of the night with a group of teachers who couldn’t believe that I advocated for armed teachers and that furthermore they claimed they cared and when I called them on that, that they didn’t care enough, I was admonished not to belittle them………..so don’t count on the above list, although I agree with you that they should want to defend themselves….they don’t want to and see no moral obligation to protect their kids.


        True that. One has to get into the mindset of those in the “Public Education” genre. Most, but not all of the male teachers are scared rabbits. Most, but not all of the females are nut-busting, man-hating, Hillary-worshiping harpies who hate firearms and the idea of anyone possessing a firearm in their precious La-La Land of public school.
        They also fall back on the police administrator Mandarin Class who routinely give talks to these “educators” and civic groups on how dangerous it is for someone to carry an handgun because: “statistics show” the criminals will take it away from you and shoot you with it. I am not making this up.

      • I had a conversation with a teacher on social media. She flat out stated that the job of a teacher is to teach the children and that it was not her job to protect them. It was the job of the government to have security professional at the school and she should be left to care for the kids not shoot bad guys.
        It never occured to her that shooting the bad guy WAS caring for the children..

  14. Open borders, sanctuary cities/states, carte blanche for Antifa/BLM, a totally politicized, militarized, trigger-happy police force, a totally lawless FBI/ Deep State backed by corrupt, Leftist “Judges” – and they want us to give up our AR-15’s/Semi-Autos.

    No. Not now, not ever. This country is disintegrating by the hour. Look to your own.

    • How about someone putting a meme together with Cruz in the picture wearing a blue jacket with FBI on it and the words, “I wanted to be a professional school shooter, and the FBI gave me the job”>

  15. What do Sheriff Joe Lombardo of Clark County Nevada and Sheriff Scott Israel of Broward County Florida have in common ???
    A Masters Degree in stupidity.

  16. rolanddeshain

    Warren v. D of C. Sorry!

  17. ha ha ha

    cops who needs ’em?

  18. I thought the cops acted quite bravely. Those kids totally knew who was boss when they were marched along at gunpoint.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      So true.

      We weren’t even allowed to point guns at EPW in Baghdad.

      “Too Aggressive” Coming straight from West Point Fags.

      But School Kids are open season.


        “…coming straight from West Point Fags.” Thank you, soldier. I see it has not changed from when I was in, years ago. I did not much care for some officers. Some I really liked. The Ring Knockers I detested.

      • wendystringer48088

        EPW = Enemy Prisoners of War?
        Maybe they were concerned of an accidental / negligent discharge killing one of the prisoners and all the bad stuff that would bring.
        I would hope that you had methods to employ against those who were obstinate and trying to cause disruption and other forms of trouble.
        I am thinking the theory some people are taught is along the lines of “a stranger is a friend you haven’t gotten to know yet.” That if you are nice to the enemy they will come to see you as a friend and won’t want to kill you anymore when you finally release them.
        Maybe works for conscripts who just happened to be wearing the wrong side’s uniform but didn’t want to be there in the first place but not for the thoroughly indoctrinated hard core and sociopathic killers.

  19. Freeillinois

    There has been questions of what happened to the sheriffs Deputy during the shooting and now we know. He hid why the children were killed. Phucking piece of $hit

    We are to be disarm because of this act of cowardice ?

  20. Are LEO’s obligated to protect people? If they aren’t, does the same apply to a SRO?

  21. I remember a few years back of some kind of investigation
    where the Broward County Sheriffs where discovered to hide
    and lower the actual crime stats in 2005:

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  23. Well to be fair, Malcolm in the middle was in a closet with some other kids and had the time and presence of mind to interview one of the girls while the shooting was going on as well. She of course made a point of telling us in the interview that she at one time wanted to be a junior NRA member and shoot in competition, but after this she does not even want a gun in her home.
    So Officer Safety was probably just thinking, the shooting is over so no need for me to go inside and …you know risk something.

    Now on a serious note. One of the kids interviewed early on mentioned that the school had been told that there was going to be an active shooter drill and that there would be blanks fired. Then he says on camera that the kids all thought that this was the drill and that the shots were blanks. So maybe the officer didn’t go inside because he didn’t want to screw up the drill, and maybe young reporter in training conducted the interview because all the kids thought that it was a drill…

    This thing stinks to high heaven.

  24. Freeillinois

    The NRA is bragging about their support of the NICS / Brady Bill and how it will keep us safe. Dana Loesch gave a speech at CPAC about how great the NICS works,
    We gun owners fought against that BS law for years so are we supposed to support it now?
    Our we to completely ignore the History of the Founding Fathers and the influence of Cesare Baccaria. The view that an armed society is a civil society or the need of a checks and balance between the good guys and the bad guys, hell we used to buy guns through the mail So now we kiss the ring of the NRA and their compromise.

    What the hell ever happened to no compromise?
    What ever happened to our God given rights ? or our they now the rights of the state.
    Am I the only one that remembers these things or what?

    Sandy hook is about to come apart at the seams. People are now wanting to come forward with the truth. It was a drill reported as a live event

    • lastmanstanding

      Re Sandy Hoax…can you supply links, etc. as to where you came across that info?

      This would be a block buster to hammer the shit out of gub.

        • When you watch old Wolfgangs videos about the condition of the school and he shows the crime scene photos he leaps a LOT to conclusions. There are some things in those photos that do warrant some questions, but his assertions that “no school would ever let itself get to this condition and allow kids in it” thats just plain wrong. Inner city schools get far more run down and dilapidated all the time and they have kids in the every day. He is making the assertions to put forth the idea that the school was actually closed down and not in use, but there is nothing in those photos that suggests to me that kids could not have been using that school. The building was built in the 50’s and had been flooded the summer before the shooting of course its going to be run down and old.
          It is odd that a suburban white upper middle class neighborhood allowed its schools to get so far into disrepair I give him that.
          He also makes some conclusions that because there are no Christmas decorations in the school that its indicative of it not being occupied during the shooting which took place in December. Well its a school in a progressive liberal area of course they will not allow Christmas decorations to be put up because it might offend someone.

          Any question about the Sandy Hook shooting “conspiracy” has to begin with “How would you get so many people to willingly go along with this and keep quite?”
          It makes no sense that you could take a school that was closed down for asbestos remediation and put kids inside of it for a short period of time and not have someone bring that up. That information would get out and parents who didnt get the memo would speak up.
          Thats not to say that there are no questions about the case that we should be asking. There are a lot, there are some odd things going on there and again we saw the media at work driving the narrative from minute one about assault weapons even though he didnt actually use one in the shooting.
          As with all conspiracy theories you have to carefully sift the information and maintain a level of skepticism because there are agents at work that churn out nonsense that is completely illogical and actively promote and disburse that disinformation to muddy the water and discredit the actual real questions.

  25. What more truth do the lemmings need about the worthless pigs? They have the laws stacked in their favor (pig bill of rights/ elitist class), ill-gotten golden parachute pensions paid by the slaves class taxpayers, a holier than thou culture and now proof of cowardice. Oathbreaker pieces of shit.


    This act of cowardice by the BSO SRO, coupled with the stammering performance of “Sheriff Israel” will go a long way to dilute the position of those who want to take it all away from us. Picture, if you will, a public high school with an armed LEO and procedures in place. Then a lunatic ex-student who is a known maniac to the Famous But Incompetent, the high school administration, and those who “serve and protect” Broward County, walks into the school and shoots all those students and teachers with impunity.
    This cannot be effectively explained away by the Marxist/Collectivist/SJW community, no matter how many “bereaved parents” or other crisis actors are paraded in front of the CNN cameras. Look how quickly the canned narrative of the Las Vegas false flag fell apart. We here saw it in the expression on the face of the Clark County Sheriff as he stood silently and awkwardly next to his FBI handlers. Mark my words, this will fade over time. There are more and more holes appearing in the fabric of lies the Leviathan and the MSM are weaving.

  27. So … Deputy Dawg, who likely chose to not engage the shooter, was a 32-yr LE veteran. Run the numbers. 32+21, means this guy was 53 years old. As you observe your streets, boys and girls, how many 53-yo coppers do you see that look like warriors? How many other 53-yo people that you observe, could be classed, on your first impression, as warriors? Not many, huh.

    I won’t speculate more about Deputy Dawg. But your observations of other 53-yo people that you see everyday, probably will tell you something. In this guy’s case, decades of feeding on the public tit messed up both his body and his mind. Badge-less people have similar afflictions.

    If there is one thing that people can learn from this news story, it is to steel yourself to be not like that Deputy Dawg. Coming into late middle age is no excuse for letting your bod be a disgrace to your Creator. Advancing age is no excuse to avoid learning best ways to kill those who are a threat to your lifestyle. Those Other Folks who want to kill you and your beliefs are not going to ever let up. You can’t let up, either. Be harder than them.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      You would think a 53 year old security service member with 31 years would have made his peace with God.

      Prompting him to potentially sacrifice himself even more willingly.

    • I think I read somewhere that he was 66…

    • wendystringer48088

      I for one will give the School Resource Officer a break. When it came down to it, he froze. Lots of people do. It’s a natural reaction.
      Sometimes people need a smack upside the head or a kick in the seat of the pants to break them out of it.
      Outside of the kind of training where you have to keep fighting back against people who are beating you up and won’t let up (being “jumped into” a gang, fighting all the other black belts in the school to earn your black belt, etc.) I really don’t know how to try to prepare for that.
      Other than that, I would say it comes down to mindset. You have to get angry. Angry enough that you don’t care about anything other than stopping the bad guy.
      And if you die trying, so what? Better to die a hero trying to stop a bad guy than die 20 or 30 years later in a rest home with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s I figure.

      • How many years had that deputy wandered around that school just in case a murderer would show up? That does something to one’s mind.

        I have seen American soldiers “guarding” an ammunition dump in a foreign country — walking around asleep.

        I have failed to act in a combat situation in Viet Nam for the same reason — I was walking around asleep.

        Who’s awake at school? Teachers. Yard-men. Office assistants. Cafeteria ladies. Teachers’ aides. The Librarian.

        Let them carry weapons at work, if they want to. They don’t have to “go in”. They are already in. They have the precious children in their sight. And there are many, many of them. Furthermore, it wouldn’t cost the school district anything.

    • The out of shape coach shielded kids with his body and died for it.
      He was a concealed carry guy but didnt have his gun. He was willing to die to save kids and he did the only thing he could do because he was emasculated by the legal decrees.
      I dont say this to shit on your admonishment to train and harden our bodies, I mention it to say that even the physically soft when possessing the WILL to fight can.
      The mind drives the body and we must harden it as much if not more than our physical form.
      Hit the gym by all means, but get your head around the idea that you WILL need to kill and you more than likely are going to give your life before we see this through.
      I am not saying I am completely there on either front but I work on it.

    • You pack much wisdom and inspiration into a few short paragraphs. Good writing. Great message.

    • I am just the 53yo you describe. I will not let my temple become dilapidated. I don’t have the reflexes I once had, but what I lack in youth, I make up in just being meaner than the other guy. DTOM

    • No worries, Pat… none of the rugmunching, man and gun hating bitches would ever dream of volunteering to pack heat, much less to go in harm’s way to protect “the chiiiildren” they are merely supposed to brainwash and make stupid.


        Word. I have dealt with legions of them. If you read Fortschen’s novella DIES IRAE, you will get the picture of the typical Amerikan Feminazi teacher.

  28. Luther Stubbs

    FWIW, we had a crisis training at our school and the ex cop now private contractor told us clearly that even if you have a cop who happens to be driving by when your 911 call goes out, he will not enter the school until backup arrives. This guys actions fits this policy as much as it sucks. The trainer told us expect to be on your own for long minutes

  29. wendystringer48088

    Just thought I would put this here in case you need to explain things to someone.
    6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isn’t Coming To Your Side On Gun Control
    There are several reasons Second Amendment advocates aren’t running to your side of the argument, and it might not be the ones you think.


  30. Good link, Wendy.

  31. Easy Enough to say that Deputy Dumbshit was a ‘Coward’, but I’d venture to say it was more a case of “Institutional Cowardice” of the Department; the ‘Policy’ for an Event like this would likely instruct a Lone Officer to await Backup, so unless the Shooter was within his Line of Sight, Not Engaging the Criminal was “Correct”.
    This flows from the Legal Fact that the po-Lice have NO OBLIGATION to Aid any particular Citizen. The Obverse to this (de facto, not de jure) is that the po-Lice are Hardly Ever held ‘Responsible’ for Murdering a Citizen by ‘Mistake’, even if it is On Video.
    Until this Changes, there is No Reason for the People to ‘Respect’ so-called ‘Law Enforcement’.

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